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Money does not happen much. Always we find, what to spend it, and always looking for ways to get a greater number of these coveted tools to improve their lives. Of course, money - not a panacea for many, many troubles in life. But when they are, somehow live better and breathe more freely.

But, unfortunately, even the reward of the most qualified and hard work is often insufficient to maintain a comfortable existence. Or, for some reason, the money just do not stay in our house, and melt in his eyes, leaving unclear where and how is unknown. Someone refers to the fact of these things as a given, someone is trying to make more money, someone starts hard to save, and who is looking for other explanations and ways to improve the material well.

By the way, the Eastern teaching Feng Shui believes that this situation can be explained by improper organization of living space. Equipping your home is based on specific rules (according to the philosophy of feng shui), you get to bring money home, and to ensure that they are not out of it "flowed." Let us learn how to do it.

Zone of influence

According to the teachings of feng shui, our whole house can be divided into zones of influence. Each of these areas is "responsible" for a certain sphere of life. The tool with which you can determine the location of zones of influence in the house, called the bagua grid. The grid is a regular rectangle divided into nine equal parts. By the way, all zones correspond to the impact of certain aspects of the world:

  1. Health area - center of the grid;
  2. Glory Zone - the upper central sector (South);
  3. Career Zone - lower central sector (North);
  4. Creativity Zone - right middle sector (West);
  5. Area Families - left middle sector (East);
  6. Love Zone - the top right-hand corner (South-West);
  7. Helpers area - lower right corner (North-West);
  8. The zone of Wisdom - the lower left corner (North-East);
  9. Wealth zone - the upper left corner (south-east).

It is the last area in the teachings of feng shui, and is responsible for the money. To determine the location of the zone in your house, it is necessary to draw the plan and draw a grid Bagua. Then you determine how your apartment (house) is located relative to the cardinal, and Bagua grid is applied on the house plan, aligning the sides of the world on the plane and on the grid.

By the way, with the help of this grid can identify the location of the zones of influence of feng shui is not only for the whole apartment, but also for each individual room. Once you know where your home is a zone that is responsible for wealth, you can proceed to its organization.

Area Wealth

To attract money into the house to help the correct arrangement of the zone. That is, you need to activate the zone of Wealth, she began to effectively "work". Each zone of influence in the home match certain colors and elements. For an area of ​​Wealth is a green and lilac flowers and trees (v). Activation area also contribute to the purple and gold colors. Therefore, green, purple and gold trims and interior can help you to strengthen this area. With regard to the elements, there is help wooden furniture, indoor plants, as well as images (pictures, photos, drawings, statues) trees.

The most effective element of the element of wood in Feng Shui is considered to be an ordinary houseplant jade tree, which is also called money tree. So, having decided to get rich, you should certainly make the flower room and place it in the zone of wealth. However, any other houseplants also be able to activate this area, as well as supporting elements of its elements - water.

Water in Feng Shuya refers to the elements, reinforcing the impact of the elements of the tree. This is understandable: if the tree is watered, it will grow better. So any water "signs" in the area of ​​wealth will not be superfluous. This can be anything from an aquarium and indoor water fountain with this, to images of water on the drawings and photographs. However, to attract money into your home will not only correct registration area of ​​Wealth, and talismans that the teachings of feng shui is given considerable attention and is attributed to a great force.

 Money Feng Shui

Mascots wealth

Feng Shui masters recommend to be sure to use the special charms (ritual symbols) conducive to attracting money and augmentation of wealth. It is best to have these talismans in the area of ​​wealth. However, even in the presence of the other zones will help solve your financial problems. The most powerful talismans according to the teachings of feng shui - an aquarium with fish (golden) bowl wealth trehlapy toad (frog), Hott.

Goldfish in an aquarium

Aquarium fish generally harmonizes all the space of your home, and if it is to settle in the goldfish, he will "work" as a talisman of wealth. However, there are some nuances. First, the water in the tank should always be clean, because the muddy water just has the opposite effect: the money will go out of the house. Second, the size of the aquarium, it is desirable to select the average, as a small or too large aquarium will prevent the achievement of your goals. And, thirdly, it is necessary to comply with numerical and color ratio of fish in an aquarium. Talismans in your aquarium should be exactly nine: eight gold and one black. If you want to keep more fish, their number must be a multiple of nine.

If due to some reason, you are not able to have a real aquarium, limit his image. This can be a large colorful poster panels (embroidered, cobbled together, made of paper or fabric) or screen saver on the computer depicting an aquarium with goldfish. Only in this case, do not forget about the number of fish, and coloring.

A frog with three legs

Another common symbol of abundance. This talisman usually complement one another symbol of wealth - coins. Therefore trehlapy frog charms are usually held in the mouth of one or three coins. Sometimes such talismans made no coins, but with a cut in the mouth, so there you can insert any real coins. The more like a frog amphibian present, the greater is considered to be the mascot. However, the best symbol is a metal frog golden color, and ideally - or gold plated brass. The important point. To attract money into the house, you need to have this talisman back to the front door. The most suitable place for him - living room, but in any case - a bathroom or toilet.

Bowl wealth

Talisman, which you can make yourself. To do this, take a metal vase or bowl present (round and squat) and fill it with the necessary items:

  • Nine Chinese coins strung on a red ribbon and placed in a red bag or pouch.
  • Real money (banknotes and coins), the amount of which shall be equal to 988. There may be various options. For example, nine rubles (dollars) and eighty-eight cents (cents) or even 988 rubles (any other currency). This money must also be put in a red bag.
  • Presented sprig of indoor or garden plants from wealthy homes. If you have a successful family or friends, just ask them to give you a souvenir, but in any case, do not take it without asking. Sprig is necessary to dry and also put in a red bag. The alternative branches will be a handful of earth (from the garden or a flower pot).

However, these three small pouches will be filled bowl of wealth, and it should be filled to the brim. Therefore fill any remaining space in her precious or semiprecious stones: amethyst, turquoise, amber, malachite, coral and so on. Today, you can easily purchase beads, made of similar stones. But even if such an opportunity you do not, then just add in a vase all jewelry that are available in your home. The main thing - to fill the cup to the brim. And that was quite feasible task, just take the capacity of the small size.

This talisman must be in the room where strangers rarely. So the best place for it - sleeping. And you need to put the bowl so that the owner of the room saw it all the time. And the best positioned in the area of ​​Wealth Mascot (south-eastern part of the bedroom).


In another way, this is called the Laughing Buddha mascot. He represents well-being, prosperity and carefree. Sometimes Hotteya portrayed sitting on trehlapy frog, which, in turn, increases the power of the talisman. This mascot is also considered one of the most powerful characters in raising money. Place it at any living room (in the area of ​​Wealth) or place in that part of the apartment where the zone is located on the general plan of the house.

 money for Feng Shui

Keeping money

Here you have used every opportunity to raise money in the house, and now you need to take care of their storage, because keeping money in accordance with the teachings of Feng Shui should be also according to certain rules. Firstly, purse, which is constantly kept your money. Choose a purse, respectively, should be the color of your element. Identify it can be the last digit of the year of birth: zero and one - metal, two and three - the water, four and five - a tree, a six and seven - fire, eight and nine - land. These verses corresponding color:

  • Fire - red, burgundy, orange;
  • Water - blue, purple, black;
  • The Earth - green, brown, sand;
  • Metal - gray, white, silver.

Keep the money in your wallet must be carefully, making sure that the bill does not bend or hesitated. Himself purse must be an integer (with no gaps, and torn lining of broken metal parts) and work (with a working zippers, buttons and other fasteners). And it would be good to put in a purse mirror feng shui to help multiply reflected in its bill.

If you have a habit of storing cash in the house, use this for the red box or boxes. You can make (or buy) and a special banknotnitsu decorated with golden characters "wealth". And, you can keep the money in an envelope, on which the characters are also shown. By the way, today you can buy ready-made envelopes with different characters for the purpose of storage of money. So, if you collect money for the return of the debt, then store them in an envelope, "justice", and money for a gift - an envelope "best wishes." And do not keep cash at home "rainy day" - according to the teachings of feng shui in this case, such a day must come.

And the main thing - a positive attitude toward money. Let their lack of will for you is not a problem, but rather an incentive. And collect, spend, give and give the money you need without regret, and only with a pure heart! Easy money comes only in the house where they are not the meaning of life, but only one of the possibilities to improve it.

 Feng Shui: the money in your home

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