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  • How to find a magical zone of family and love in the apartment
  • How to attract love into the house
  • Talismans of love: how to decorate a room
  • What can not be kept in the bedroom

You want to realize all their erotic fantasies unfulfilled love and passion? Professional designers, who are experts in Feng Shui will tell you which items interfere tune in love, and which, on the contrary, contribute to an active sex. You will also learn how to turn your bedroom from the usual place for a holiday in the area of ​​love. And this will help the magic power of feng shui.

How to find a magical zone of family and love in the apartment

You have decided to build an apartment in accordance with all the rules of feng shui? The first thing you should know where the zone of love. So, there are two options to determine its location. The first - call a professional who will make the necessary calculations after inspection of property. Second - to do everything yourself.

According to experts of feng shui, the zone of love in the south-west. To determine the place, where there will be a bedroom, you'll need a compass and a plan of the apartment. You can use the extract of BTI, where the pencil mark all directions.

What if love is the zone of the wall from the neighbors? Do not knock the wall, citing your love to the east. In this case, Feng Shui is allowed to shift slightly to the right place or the right. Poor, if the zone coincides with the pantry. But there is a way out. Simply place where symbols of love to the universe to speed up work in this direction. Mascots will work a little weaker, but still bring happiness and good fortune in family relationships. After that, you need to define the same principle place should be placed in the bedroom bed.

How to attract love into the house

This option fits the fair sex, who do not have the second half. Having done all of the rules of Feng Shui, you can activate the work of the universe to find her prince on a white horse faster. Plus, a man will have all the advantages, which you only dreamed of.

So, the first thing you have to remove all the unnecessary things from the place where will be located the zone of love. Note that there should be of wood, iron and water. So even move the flowers. According to feng shui master, responsible for the love of fire element. Unfortunately, it does not fit with the others.

Next - the preparation and the search for the right materials feng shui. To occurred activation zone of love, should lay out a song from the beautiful stones. Light the magical power they can with the help of a silk red ribbon, which will strengthen the positive effects. You will also need a large stone, which is the basis for the ritual. By choosing it, be careful and attentive. It should not be sharp, too small or dirty. Feng Shui does not tolerate such things.

In the corner of the room should put some cushions in the form of heart. So you will be able to strengthen their love and activate the place where will be located the zone of love and marriage. Only they should be either red or pink. Otherwise, there will be no benefit. In the absence of these or you can cut paper or cardboard heart of vibrant colors. Next, you can arrange your photos together.

You can use any elements that represent feng shui for love: chocolate, candy, tray of strawberries, red candles and so the list goes on. You like to call upon the universe to pay attention to such a romantic couple, ask for help. But put only an even number of things, there are two glasses, mandarin, etc. Pairing - the basis of success.

To begin the ritual to attract love to be at the full moon. So, light the candles and begin to think about your loved one. Imagine his face, his voice, demeanor. If you do not have a lover, and you just need to find a soul mate, you can use a picture from a magazine. Do not be confused Feng Shui with witchcraft, putting in a cent of your former image of a young man. Or a man who already has a girlfriend or wife. This not only does not work, but also to play against you. In the future this the fair sex is difficult to find a soul mate, because the universe will continue to return to the past. Ie, you will again repeat its mistakes.

 feng shui area of ​​love

Talismans of love: how to decorate a room

  • Linens

The first step in the regeneration of a berth, where should live love, is to purchase a luxury bed linen. For the summer an ideal option would be a set of natural silk. And for the cold season will approach cotton underwear. Colour is very important, especially if you believe in the magic power of feng shui. It is better to give preference to shades of red. Pick matching decorative pillows that can be used during sex games.

  • Amulet of luck

Amulet that master of feng shui is used to attract good luck, you can either hang on the wall or put under the mattress. This is not a mandatory part of, but its presence is very much welcome. So, for example, it will help you not only in intimate terms, but also emotionally. Typically, families stop swearing at them comes idyll and peace in the relationship. Plus, the fair sex, who dream to have children, pregnant quickly.

  • Vases

According to the rules of feng shui, the vase should be red or pink. In no case do not buy things dark colors as black, for example, pushes luck and brings sorrow. You can also buy a regular crystal - it is good for a couple of acts. The important role played by the shape of the product. Well, if the vase is slightly elongated (with a narrow neck and wide bottom). Thus, this item will accumulate positive energy in the bedroom. Inside you can put beautiful stones, glass beads, candy, coins.

Please note: The vase is intended to neither dry nor flowers. In the first case, you are violating the basic rule of feng shui - no dead plants and animals in the house should not be. In the second you have to pour water in a bowl, and it is strictly forbidden, as already mentioned.

  • Paintings

Activate positive energy is possible by means of beautiful images - talking about it, not only experts in feng shui, and psychologists. The bedroom at the head of the newlyweds should hang the picture painted by a professional artist. Pictures of landscapes and computer sketches, which are usually sold in the markets and in the transitions, not worth buying. They have no soul, and, consequently, positive energy. It will be a kind of homemade vampire who will pull you out of all the juices. It is better to overpay a couple of hundred, but buy a work of art.

So, now that relates directly to the image. Well, if the artist has depicted peonies - a symbol of heavenly love and passion. This option is suitable for honeymooners who just got married. The next year should change the pattern. And if marriage is happy, then the picture should give another couple who recently got married.

If you leave it hanging on the wall (or uncheck the cabinet), such disregard for the rules of Feng Shui will lead to bad consequences, including the destruction of marriage. Be sure to follow the betrayal of one of the partners (spiritual or physical), bad attitude, etc. Replace the image better in the storks or roses. These are the characters that will help you get children and finances. Plus, thanks to them, your pair of love will always be present.

By the way, to buy all of the above items (statues, pictures, images, candles, etc) is best in specialized stores. They initially charged with positive energy, because their masters do exactly the same as the founders of feng shui.

  • Music Love

Creating favorable conditions for intimacy, take care of the background of your love, that is about the music. Of course, you can have sex, and in silence, to the accompaniment of barking dogs in the yard or a neighbor's car alarm howling. Feng Shui experts recommend to choose for the bedroom positive music without words, but with a clear rhythm.

Any sound effects, whether it is running a TV, mobile phone or computer, completely unnecessary during intimacy. Therefore it is better to turn them off beforehand, otherwise they will interfere and distract you from the partner. By the way, I noticed that violent games cause sexual thirst. It is useful to be prepared in advance and put on the table in the bedroom with a carafe of juice or water, so you do not have to run at a time in the kitchen. What you may need in the moment of intimacy? Think about all the details. All right keep in the bedroom at hand.

  • Aromatherapy

Stimulating and tonic, natural essential oils can help create an atmosphere of sensuality and passion. Aromas of aphrodisiacs (muscat or sandalwood) will give you a completely new and incomparable sensations and vivid emotions. Arrange the bedroom beautiful scented candles or sticks, which smells great stimulate libido. Spicing up sex can be and with a few drops of your favorite perfume deposited on the bedding. But do not get too carried away flavors, or odors may cause irritation.

 Zone love feng shui

What can not be kept in the bedroom

As mentioned above, in the holy of holies not store wooden things. Poor affect the relationship partner and the water element. Fortunately, it is known to many of the fair sex who are fond of feng shui. But many beauty forget that in the bedroom should be colors. Climbing plants interfere activate the zone of love. They seem to be jealous of a woman and kicked the men out of the house.

According to the rules of Feng Shui, you can place the flowers on the balcony or in the north-eastern part of the property. In this case, they will bring good luck. The main thing - time to water them, and transplanted to feed. And do not forget that flowers feel your emotions, so approach them only happy.

 Area of ​​love Feng Shui: how to arrange the bedroom