feng shui bedroom


  • Prepare the room for change
  • We determine the furniture
  • Set Bed
  • Additional interior items

What place in the house most comfortable and attractive? Of course, a bedroom. Here we sleep, so - spend a third of their entire lives. This room has a special power, it soothes and relaxes and adjusts to the desired thought. After all, before going to bed, lying in bed comfortable, we often make the right decisions, which, in the light of day for some reason did not come to mind.

In order to become a bedroom for you a place where all "becomes a full circle," where fast asleep and all problems fade into the background, it is necessary to approach to its design. Here you will be advice of feng shui. So, let us try to understand all the intricacies of this ancient teachings and create a feng shui bedroom.

Prepare the room for change

First, you need to spend in the room spring cleaning, or even better - to make light cosmetic repairs. Repaint the walls, wash the windows, get rid of unnecessary things. If the ceiling in the bedroom, "decorate" the complex structure - remove them. Or at least hide a flat ceiling.

Ideally, the bedroom door should not "look" at the door of the other room. Such an arrangement can lead to quarrels and scandals in the family. It is understood that breaking openings and make alterations to rooms, not all agree. And here comes to the aid of the usual curtain, such as bamboo or beads.

Wash chandelier and sconce above the bed. Dirty things are not allowed in the bedroom - depends on your financial well-being. If you have no time regularly leads the room in order, discard the cumbersome lampshades and prefer simple designs.

Be sure to take the time Safes - audit held there. Surely you have The old linens stored "for a rainy day," or things that you no longer wear, but do not dare throw. Gather the courage to throw all this stuff! He did not improve material prosperity, and the whole atmosphere in the house.

 Feng Shui for bedroom

We determine the furniture

If the bedroom has bedside tables, pay attention to their height. They should be flush with the bed or below it. Only thus enabling energy waves can provide you with a full and restful sleep. Remove excess items from the cabinets, ideally (in the philosophy of feng shui) All surfaces should be completely empty.

By the way, furniture for the bedroom is best to choose with rounded edges. Sharp corners stir up the situation, do not make the atmosphere soothing and torn and the rough. In the bedroom there should be no electrical appliances: cell phones, speakers from the music center and even the need to remove the TV. They tune in to prevent a good rest. I do not need to bring a laptop in bed - insomnia in this case ensured.

Set Bed

Particular attention should be paid to location, bed. It is important not only in the room in which it stands, but in what direction deployed its base.

  • The most successful arrangement of the bed - the headboard to the wall so that both sides it was free approach;
  • You can not sleep with his feet toward the door. Even if you can not rearrange the bed, cut off from the doorway light screen;
  • Do not let the bed reflected in a mirror. This can lead to the fact that your spouse will be the mistress. And making love, you will not be able to fully relax, feeling the presence in the room of strangers;
  • Single bed mattress should be shared, even if you sleep on two beds shifted. Otherwise, a happy family life, you will not wait;
  • The headboard is the window? In this case, all energy flows entering the room will immediately fall on you. And it is no good will not. If you can not rearrange the bed, put on the windowsill vase with fresh flowers or crystal;
  • Gross violation of the principles of feng shui - to set the bed (headboard) wall adjacent to the bath or toilet.

 feng shui in the bedroom

Additional interior items

Bedroom of feng shui involves competent distribution of all of the furniture and interior. Here, every detail is important. Firstly, in the windows should not be anything other than fresh flowers and crystals. Lately it has become fashionable to decorate the room with artificial ivy vine branches - this can not be done! Artificial flowers are dead energy.

Second, set in the bedroom a small fountain. Water is the cleaning element, whereby all the negative energy is transformed into neutral. But aquariums and paintings with sea views are not allowed. "Big" water only brings doubt and anxiety. Third, make sure that the doors do not creak and clapping from the slightest draft. These sounds are a source of negative energy.

If you recently got married, is to issue a bedroom in red and cherry color. It is these colors evoke the passion, keep happiness in the family, as well as accompany the conception of the child. When the family relationship is stable, it is necessary to design the interior in soft pastel colors. But the attraction of the red shades of the same is allowed, so the passion and love never ceases.

Harmonious look beige and sand color, turquoise and lilac. They act as a sedative, to have a leisurely conversation and deep sleep. It is undesirable to use in the interior dark, saturated colors too - they will "put pressure" on the consciousness and create tension in the air. If you are still alone, get to decorate the bedrooms paired objects. For example, two lamps above the bed, two bedside tables, two padded stools, two candlesticks. Single obstructs the emergence of the pair.

Art lovers should take into account that the bedroom feng shui suitable for portraits or still lifes of children. Landscape with the image of autumn decorating the room is not recommended, as this time of year is associated with aging and fading. Be very careful with mirrors! If the mirrored closet door, then at night they should be easy to close the shutters. It is believed that during sleep our subconscious mind leaves the body and attends the parallel worlds, including through the looking glass.

Do things rationally, intelligently place the furniture, come to the arrangement of bedrooms with imagination and good humor. Of course, we should not rush into extremes and put the bed in the middle of the room, turning it diagonally. It is much easier to use screens and light curtains. And the most important rule - do not let in the marital bedroom strangers. This also applies to domestic workers. Let it puts things in order in all areas, and cleaning the bedroom - it is your personal responsibility. After all, you do not need other people's negative emotions, does not it?

 Feng Shui bedroom: a fashionable trend or finding harmony?

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 Tree and Feng Shui

Feng Shui means "wind and water", where the wind - a rotating celestial chi energy, and water - a stream of water on Earth, which obtachivaya any breed gradually flatten it and give perfect shape. On how strong the wind and the flow depend on how deep our joys and sorrows, the intensity of happiness or misfortune. Feng Shui is a system that defines and coordinates the flow of energy in time and space, so any new facility should be planned on the basis that he will stand for a very long time, but in this case those who are in it people can derive maximum benefit.

We put on the Christmas tree Feng Shui

Forest beauty can be set according to the recommendations of Feng Shui. To the left of the entrance tree will help strengthen family relationships and the right - give your kids more happy days. Christmas tree at the far right will ignite the passion and newness return your sexual relationship. But it is better that the marriage bed stood at the far right, then sex will always be bright, and placed over the bed a bunch of spruce branches, you will only increase energy. Christmas tree in the left corner, decorated with coins or pieces of yellow foil will help to increase the welfare and red ribbons, entwined around the tree, a force acts coins. If herringbone crosspiece is not on, then in a vessel with water or sand can be omitted coins that need to wrap red foil or paper.

And putting the Christmas tree right in front of you the whole year will feel a strong personality, moving tree just left you to attract new people and creative success.

Corporate Christmas tree should always put the front of the door - then the whole company will be a success, and every single employee will move up the career ladder. This option is suitable for home - if career growth in the coming year is a priority.

Christmas tree in the center, around which so easy to dance and led dances - will help to some extent to carry out all your wishes, so feel free to place the tree in the middle of the room and all the fun New Year's Eve, and the desire to be carried out uniformly throughout the year.

Right to decorate the Christmas tree, too, art

As soon as we register the green beauty from the cold in the house, it just appears a special mood of comfort, the smell of resin and pine needles spread everywhere, giving holiday and something else that just frost understand. But why the tree and not a tree or other object became a symbol of the New Year? The simple answer - it is convenient to dress up as branches grow from the bottom.

If we look at the tree in terms of Feng Shui, it is the only tree middle band, which has the shape of a triangle, which is the ancient Chinese tradition is a symbol of fire. And esoteric agree that human thoughts that have passed the baptism of fire, will materialize. Is that why most of divination and magic rituals are performed by candlelight or around the campfire. The needles on the tree strengthen its magical influence, as any thorns on the plants are an excellent guide the energy of Mars. Therefore, writing a letter to Santa Claus, do not forget to dictate to him and his fur-tree - that wish come true, because the Christmas tree is the most reliable way to contact the Contractor desires.

Not by chance and selection of Christmas decorations - sweets, cakes, coins, figurines of angels and nuts in a gilded foil. ... All this represents a beautiful and happy life, which is true guard guardian angels, and glass Christmas balls - nothing else, as a symbol of Mother Earth so in addition to sweets and cakes, decorate their Christmas tree balls and more. All toys are recommended to hang over the red yarn or ribbon, to further enhance the ability to materialize the desires of Christmas trees.

And you can put under the tree trunk desires, in which every family member can lower their wishes written on paper. After the end of the Christmas celebrations this chest pose in front of mirror, and at the end of the year filled with fresh desires. By the way, you can check how well the Department of dreams, just by reading each of them. And often it turns out that the big and serious desire to come true, and the immediate or unnecessary ignored celestial chancellery.

And a few words about the star that traditionally adorn the top of the tree. It is not the Soviet symbol, the star, which is known to the Magi the birth of Jesus.

 Tree and Feng Shui

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