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If you believe the teachings of Feng Shui, the mirror is the most versatile tool for cleaning the premises of negative energy. The Chinese have used it and when you want to change some aspect of life. However, for the mascot acted, it must be the right place and to learn to use.

Mirror - a very powerful tool, which can work for good, and to bear the damage. Today we will talk about these aspects of the philosophy of feng shui. Tell us how to use a mirror mascot, to achieve the desired effect.

Bagua Mirror

The main purpose of this tool - to reflect and adjust. Its form is not so important, it is not critical. However, the Chinese themselves prefer mirror octagonal shape - Bagua. As a rule, bagua mirror is placed in a special painted lining around which depicts trigrams. It can be placed both inside and outside the building.

The Chinese use the mascot solely to protect their homes from negative forms. It should be noted that the Bagua mirror is credited with very powerful protective properties. Therefore, it is strictly forbidden to the windows, and the house of his neighbor, otherwise you can cause them irreparable harm. Before you dare to use a mirror with pakua outer sides of the building, it is necessary to make clear that it is not reflected in the door or window of your neighbors opposing the building. Otherwise, the mirror must be removed immediately.

It is impossible to bring into your life positive energy, provided that harm other people. Always keep in mind the simple truth - we attract to yourself exactly what we give, and in the form of augmentation. So let the good - it will definitely come back to us, bring evil - life put in a situation where the negative energy will take place in a circle like a boomerang.

Properties mirrors

Indoor mirrors serve a variety of purposes. In the teachings of Feng Shui, they have the ability to reflect, to attract and redistribute the energy Qi. They also afford to adjust the shape of the room, visually increasing the reflection of a nonexistent zone of Bagua and expanding space.

Corrective properties of mirrors can consider the following example. Nature of Qi energy is such that it is attracted to water and moving water behind. Therefore it is not recommended to keep the doors bathroom and toilet open, otherwise all the positive energy and good luck to literally go down the drain. There is no better way than a large mirror the size of a door, which hung on both sides of the door bathrooms.

In the first case, the mirror does not let the negative energy of the bath and the toilet in our home, and the second - the mirror reflects the energy of qi, not letting her leave the house. However, in the Russian conditions often encountered a situation where the toilet is located directly opposite the front door or a door leading to another room.

Remember, the mirror opposite the entrance door, especially if it is large, is contraindicated! It will simply reflect chi energy back to the street. In this case, the best option would be a small mirror hung on the outside and the inside of the toilet door. This mirror should be at the level of the navel of the main member of your family. Specialists of feng shui say the positive effect of this tool.

The rule applies to all doors in the house. The mirror opposite the door will reflect all that is good, that he would try to get inside. Use this technique should be exclusively for defensive purposes. Visually mirror helps to increase the space surrounding the person. This optical reception feng shui can only be used if you truly believe in his action.

In no case do not use in his home mirror tiles - it is a symbolic cut in pieces all that it reflects, including humans. Thus, the "broken" man and his environment. The optimum size of the mirror must be such that all members of the family were reflected in its entirety - from head to toe. Even better, a little above the head is the space reserved for potential growth.

 Mirror Feng Shui

Rules of placing mirrors in different parts of the house

Never place a mirror in front of windows or doors, otherwise fertile Qi will not stay in your home, it is as if a draft to claim back on the street. And with it will fly away success and well-being of your family. It is not recommended to hang it in the bedroom. If it is you just vital, try to do everything to make it in any case did not reflect the bed and sleeping on her people. The mirror in the bedroom draws a lot of energy and a very negative impact on human health and relationships.

You can significantly improve the atmosphere in the house, right by placing a mirror in the hallway. Small and cramped hallway instantly running on the limited resources of the family. One should not, opening the door provided in the cavern, where it is impossible to turn around. The room should be spacious hallway and filled with light. In order to optically widen the space and needed the help of mirrors placed on Feng Shui. It is best to place the talisman on the side of the door - on the left side.

Acceptable use of mirrors in the living room. If you are lucky enough to own the beautiful scenery outside the window - hang a mirror on the wall, is matched with a window so that it reflected at an angle of the street. You should not hang a mirror opposite the kitchen stove. Otherwise, the hostess will experience severe fatigue during cooking. The best option - to hang it in front of the table where all family members gather. The mirror will be double the amount of food and increase prosperity of your family.

We have already mentioned that mirrors the philosophy of feng shui can redistribute the energy in space, directing it to flow in the required direction. Example: Your kitchen is located opposite the entrance door, and the corridor leading to the living room and the living room, go right. With this arrangement of rooms, hang a large mirror on the left wall, conjugated to the front door so that it reflects the hallway leading into the living room. This way you will be able to redirect the flow of Qi energy in the direction of living rooms.

 feng shui mirror

Safety first

Each mirror is the carrier of the double of the person who it is constantly reflected. In fact - a mirror in which we regularly look, this is our double, our second "I". It is unwittingly part of our soul. For this reason, bad positioning the piece of furniture in the bedroom, especially in front of the bed. The human soul as it leaves him with the strength and health.

Broken Mirror also carries negative energy in the house, because with it the soul of man shatters into pieces. However, it is possible to avoid troubles. Feng Shui offers one sure way: carefully remove the parts, rinse them thoroughly under running water and take them to the trash. Water washes away the information about the person. Never try to glue the broken mirror, and do not use the mirror cracked, dispose of it without pity.

Mirrors should be regularly cleaned and washed, because they are harvested from the surrounding space diverse information, including negative. Negative information becomes a kind of battery, which is a sad mood, scandals and quarrels. Even if your mirror is positioned according to the rules of feng shui, but it is a layer of dust, it becomes a source of troubles and poisoning the lives of all family members.

We hope, with our help you can find out how to deal with mirrors in your home. Than their less around you, the better. Use this powerful tool only if you have no other way to solve the problem.

 Mirror on Feng Shui: attract positive energy into the house

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 Feng Shui Money

To begin with, what is Feng Shui? The ancient science of energy and space, has a long history. Orientation methods of feng shui is focused on creating harmony in personal space man, which is vital to attract the energy of qi - the energy of good luck.

Starting work best with the basics, namely a magic octagon bagua - a regular octagon, each side of which carries a certain trigram. According to ancient teachings that occur in life events and situations are divided into 9 categories, united in a certain order. The generalized order of the categories and the resulting Bagua.

 Feng Shui for the money

For each of the nine parts defined by their compass direction, its trigram, color and natural elements. Fundamentals of Feng Shui stipulate that the magic octagon should be imposed on the plan of your home, ranging from houses, apartments and finishing with a separate bathroom. With this method identifies the specific sector of the Bagua. In order to achieve specific objectives must be clearly focused in the relevant sectors and to know how to properly activate.

To determine where your house is located on the science of feng shui area of ​​money, you need a compass, a grid Bagua and scaled floor plan. Divide the room into nine relatively equal parts - the central and eight pieces of light around the center. The centerpiece is responsible for creativity and health residents of the house, the eastern part - for the family, the northeast - for the knowledge and wisdom, the northern - in his career, northwest - for traveling and the help of friends and patrons, West - for the children, Southwestern - for love and marriage, the southern - for glory, and finally, according to feng shui area of ​​money and wealth determines the southeastern part of the premises. After working skills octagon bagua, you will gradually be able to use it to separate rooms.

Colors and elements of the zone of wealth

So, with the direction of the zone of wealth we have already decided - that's southeast. This area should be in harmony with its primary colors - purple and green. The main element of the area is considered to be a tree.

This sector is working on feng shui to attract money and everything connected with them, including the government. It's no secret that the money gives man power, independence and freedom. Depending on the circumstances and the appropriateness of specific items in the zone should be placed aquarium with fish, a decorative fountain or tree with rounded leaves that resemble coins. Do not forget that for the growth of trees require light, so provide good coverage in the area of ​​wealth. If your tree is growing, accordingly will grow and incomes.

Profitable sector of your apartment must be cleared of debris in the form of unnecessary items and unnecessary things. They are bound to slow down the flow of money in your home.

Area wealth should be marked by the presence of symbols of abundance. To in accordance with feng shui money went to your house, the sector wealth should "know" about your plans to raise revenues, namely activators have the zone of wealth. We talk about them in more detail.

Activator - water

Chinese natural philosophy states that the control element area southeast is a tree. For the growth of the tree, first of all, need water, so the water element to be introduced into the zone on a priority basis. Options can be very different, ranging from bowls with water and finishing with an aquarium with live fish.

Clean water - the key to success. Stagnant, dirty water, instead of working on the feng shui to attract money, will bring financial problems. If your tank suddenly die one or two fish, you just replace them immediately with new ones. It is believed that through their death prevented disaster.
Excesses in feng shui is not always welcome. Water - it is a powerful element that requires careful use. You should not start a huge aquarium, otherwise a lot of water can "fill in" Tree of wealth.

Alternatively, the element of water can carry a landscape or a picture of a water. In feng shui symbolism is important.

Activator - plant

 Feng Shui to attract money

Money tree - Sakura

More potent activator than a healthy plant, you have the zone of Wealth will not find. Preferably, it was the so called "money" tree. However, the financial well-being helps to achieve not only living plants, but also an artificial tree, which consists of symbolic elements and symbolizes wealth.

If in the southeastern zone settled cactus, the feng shui for money will act absolutely on the contrary. His cactus spines spreading negative energy and will scare away the money.
Watch out for your plants, so they always had a rich and healthy. The slightest signs of wilting must be adjusted or replaced to the new plant.

Activator - moving object

Moving items considered traditional enrgoaktivizatorami and can make money just "spinning" around you and settle into your home. "Music of the Wind", mobiles, waving flags of the universe will give signals about your desire to attract wealth and prosperity.

Recipes Using feng shui for the money, take on arms all their imagination to come up with symbolic images of growth welfare. Even ordinary green paper squares located in the area of ​​wealth, are able to work for your benefit.

How to activate a zone of wealth?

Revitalization zone wealth according to the rules of feng shui promotes good lighting, for this reason, in the southeastern area to place the miniature light sources or special candles that light the need to regularly.

Making the hall is also important. Near the front door, you can place special items that will ensure a steady flow of money power prosperity in your home.

When adjusting the conditions in the home in accordance with the theory of accommodation areas, proper use energoaktivatorov area, perform certain rituals, feng shui money in your home will be significantly longer and you will be able to protect themselves from unexpected financial losses.

The gods of wealth

Chinese philosophy and the philosophy of feng shui full communion with the various gods, symbolic images which also help a person to increase their wealth.

God of Wealth with the ingot in the hands of help in the matter of monetary success of males, and the goddess of wealth - women tending to business success.

 Feng Shui to attract money

Goddess of wealth

God Tua ne Kong - another representative of the great cohort, which helps to solve with the help of feng shui how to attract money.

 Feng Shui How to Attract Money

God Tua ne Kong

The great Chinese general Guan Hun won great glory, which grew over time into a religious cult. Guan Hun received the status of the god of wealth and war. In addition, he is considered the protector of businessmen and politicians, which should be placed behind the figure of the deity of the workplace, so that they always supported influential people.

 feng shui money area

Guan Hun

Other activators symbols of wealth

We have listed the main areas of wealth activators - green items, water plants, "the music of wind" and other moving objects. However, you can use other potent symbols of the prosperity that will find its rightful place in the designated area.

For example, "8 symbols of happiness" in life is to attract its owner not only wealth, but also luck and perfection. A vase wealth will very auspicious symbol for harmony and infinite peace of the house. Be sure to put in a vase, coins, paper money or gold bullion.
In the area of ​​wealth can be used and special charms, activating useful energy. For example, a symbolic gold bar will work for the prosperity and the prosperity of your home. Figurine "landlord" will protect and increase their savings.

 Feng Shui How to Attract Money

Vase Wealth

From ancient times, ships served as a symbol of abundance, brought by the winds on the water. With the ship in the house so that his nose had been deployed in the side of the house, you can bring material well-being, wealth and safety. The boat can be folded coins or banknotes.

 Feng Shui for money and good luck


Another reliable talisman statuette is trehlapy money toad sitting on the bars, as well as Chinese coins. Coins are usually taken in multiples of three, and tied a red ribbon - a talisman has a wonderful effect. It helps to keep the wealth of unchangeable coin Nanbu.

 Feng Shui to attract money and good luck in the house

Money Toad

Fabulous wealth promises money to its owner a red cloth, which depicts the character of wealth.

 feng shui how to attract money and luck

Currency napkin

No less valid in the area of ​​money symbol - a cat. Wooden cat in the southeastern area take care of your prosperity.

 feng shui area of ​​money and wealth

Money cat

Yang energy generates bat, whose character carries the house of happiness, longevity and prosperity.

 feng shui money and fame


Drakonocherepaha represented as a creature with the head of the dragon and the body of a turtle, which sits on gold coins and bars, a symbol of longevity and monetary success.

 how to attract money for Feng Shui


One of the happy fish in China is considered to be the gold Arovana, bringing prosperity and wealth. The same glory and enjoys the image of an elephant with a toad.

 feng shui to attract good luck, wealth and money

Gold Arovana

We have disclosed to you the theoretical knowledge of feng shui how to attract money into the house. You needed to practice the valuable advice, time-tested, and their own experience to ensure value for money philosophy power.

 Work to attract money from the ancient science of Feng Shui

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