Feng Shui colors

If you are in your life guided by the philosophy of the rules of feng shui, it means looking for harmony. Or try this harmony to create his own. Well, anyway, you are in the nearby surrounding area. This means that your home and you will be equip by the rules of this ancient teaching. But a person's home - it's not only the geometry of rooms and furnishings. It is also a color palette, which one chooses at its discretion. Discretion, in turn, depends on what you are guided, creating residential interiors: own tastes (or tastes of the designer), the laws of style or something else.

That this "something else" and could become the eastern teachings of Feng Shui. According to the rules of the teachings of feng shui colors are or "yin" or "yang". And the most correct energy in the house where between "yin" and "yang" harmony reigns. Therefore, the use of color harmony to achieve this very easily. We just need to know what kind of power carries a particular color and the right to dispose of this knowledge.

The color value according to the teachings of Feng Shui

Red is considered the most powerful color that stimulates vital energy, inspires and excites. In the East, it symbolizes prosperity and happiness. At the same time it is the color of passion and anger, which can cause havoc in your life. Therefore, use this color should be thoughtfully and carefully, applying for registration of only those facilities that are associated with activity and energy.

  1. Orange inspires and has to communicate, stimulates the mind. Therefore, for those rooms where people meet, talk and engage in intellectual work.
  2. The yellow color symbolizes optimism and positivity. It is the color of the sun, which is able to revive the darkest and the darkest corners of the house. It is also believed that the yellow color leads to the attainment of wisdom.
  3. Green symbolizes spring, rebirth and the beginning of life - it is the color of nature. Green relieves stress and anxiety, it gives a sense of peace and harmony. In the teachings of Feng Shui, this is the color of peace.
  4. The golden color, like yellow, creates an optimistic mood, but is the color with a strong energy as draws respect and reverence. In combination with the red symbolizes wealth and good fortune.
  5. The blue color symbolizes the calm and poise. He has to rest and relax. In addition, the blue color makes a person to believe in a better future. You understand that this color is appropriate where people relax and maybe think about the future.
  6. Blue is the color of justice and the fulfillment of dreams. However, an excess of color in the interior can cause a feeling of uncertainty, discomfort and pressure.
  7. Purple symbolizes spirituality and high ideals, dreams and inspiration creates, produces a creative mood, the feeling of being something mystical and miraculous.
  8. White symbolizes the mind, purity and innocence. It is associated with virtue and divinity, power cleans and adds the ease of everyday life. The white color is good to use in poorly lit rooms, as well as, where appropriate sense of purity and freshness.
  9. Black - the color of perfection and formality, prestige and sophistication. The use of color in the interior of this helps to create a focused and businesslike atmosphere.

As you know, the yin and yang - two opposites that are just connecting the whole, complete and harmonious. Therefore, using the colors in the interior of feng shui, you should also know that yang - a positive, light and heat. Colors "yang": orange, yellow, red, and black. "Yin" (feminine) - is negative (oh, how unfair!), Cold and darkness. Colors "yin": blue, white and green. Purple may have more or less energy, depending on what color it has more red violet - a "yang" blue violet - a "yin."

According to the rules of feng shui color of yin and yang must be used together: the only way to be achieved harmony. Let's look at an example, as recommended by Feng Shui consultants to choose the color scheme of the different rooms.

 color in the interior on feng shui

Color room feng shui

The living room is the largest room in the house. If its purpose is to receive visitors, there is a need red, yellow and orange colors, which must be neutralized calm shades of green or blue or white. If the room is designed for a family holiday, its main colors - green and gold.

Bedroom. The bedroom must be a sense of comfort and peace. Its colors: light blue, soft shades of blue, muted green, combined with bright touches of red and yellow.

The kitchen should be the "warm" color scheme in place in the house. Make it so it will enable all shades of yellow, red and orange. To control the appetite to help various items (dishes, tablecloths) dark blue or green.

The most suitable colors for the bathroom (according to the rules of feng shui) - all pastel shades of warm or cool colors: peach instead of orange, milk salad instead of green, soft blue instead of blue, pink instead of red. A striking contrast muted yin or yang in the bathroom should be separate elements: towels, pad feet, bathing accessories.

Colors for a child's room, of course, you can choose according to the rules of feng shui, but it is better to focus on the character and temperament of the child. For example, in any case can not be used in interior design red excitable child, and blue - for children and inert phlegmatic. For room schoolboy better to use the same colors that are suitable for processing cabinet: brown, green, terracotta, and for babies - blue, white, peach, pink, pale lilac.

However, very often in the interior of your favorite colors and Feng Shui concepts are incompatible. Then here it is better to listen to your inner voice, or rather feeling. After all, feng shui - does not guide on the interior design. In your home it should be convenient and comfortable for you. Experiment with color and find a happy medium. So you reach harmony, and it is to this very doctrine and seeks to feng shui.

 The colors of feng shui - a palette of Eastern philosophy

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 how to attract good luck into your life


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  • Feng Shui Tools
  • How it works?

Few, perhaps, those people who believe that they are all happy in their lives, and the full measure of the fate measured out to them and good luck, money, and happiness. And - we are sure! - Absolutely no such people who do not want to learn how to attract good luck into your life. There is a very interesting method by which you can attract money and luck, and this method is called feng shui.

It is unlikely that such a system as a mystical feng shui would appear today. Modern humans did not before, to think about the relationship of various life phenomena. Most of us are working hard all day, and if we have, and there is free time, our brain is still busy: we read a book, get information, looking at the TV and surf the Internet. Downloading your brain a constant flow of information, we completely lose sight of the world around us.

But many thousands of years ago, when nothing distracted by philosophical speculation, Chinese scientists elders, it was observed that the surroundings can influence a person's life. Over time, the disparate views of the Chinese sages were formed into a coherent system - feng shui, which has been successfully used in our day to attract more luck and money.

Harmonisation of energy

The system of Feng Shui offers his interpretation of the arrangement of the world and all that it takes. The basic concept and the cornerstone of this esoteric system - that's what everyone in the surrounding area there are various manifestations of life-giving energy of Qi.

If the space of the house is enough Qi energy and she is in a balanced state, the people there are experiencing emotional lift, almost sick, in the affairs of their good fortune. In such a house I feel great plants, active and cheerful pets. If not, you have to engage seriously in his dwelling. In order to increase flows into a flow of energy, and there he was to harmonize, in feng shui for good luck, there are special techniques that are tested for thousands of years. The main objective of Feng Shui - is to attract good luck in all spheres of life ...

In order to fully explore the wise system and become an expert, could take years, is so voluminous that knowledge, but in order to bring energy order in your own apartment, you will need to know the basic, the most important aspects. These include the famous doctrine of the "eight life aspirations." This doctrine states that all the space has eight major areas, which are arranged according to the cardinal. For its practical application, use the octagon bagua, that is on them and points. Each side of the octagon represents one of the areas of human life.

For example, north - career, northwest - assistants West - children, the southwest - the marriage, the South - fame, south-east - money and wealth, the East - the family, the north-east - knowledge center - health. Tips Feng Shui for luck to come down to activate the energy in one of the sectors of the octagon, or, if necessary, all at once. At the beginning of work on the space of their own homes octagon with sectors impose on the plan of the apartment or house and determine vital areas. Then it becomes clear what part of the apartment corresponds to one or another side of life.

 how to attract money and good luck in your life

Feng Shui Tools

The concept of success in life is multifaceted and often looks at it from different people are not the same. With some luck - it is to build a successful career, for others - a meeting with your partner, for someone that decision serious health problems. Therefore, everyone should select the sector and engage them using the tools of Feng Shui.

Luck in love

If you is not got love life, it is necessary to work on the southwest sector. Activating this zone will contribute articles or images that symbolize a couple, for example, a statuette with a pair of doves, a pair of identical pillows on the couch or bed, the picture of a couple in love, two identical lamp or candlestick.

In addition, there is a special Chinese character, which promotes good luck in love - is a touching pair of mandarin ducks. They are associated with romantic love, loyalty and a strong family. Ducks do not have to clean up when your luck and the pair found. They will faithfully preserve this union for a long time.

There is a caveat regarding this sector of the apartment - it is better to give in the area of ​​love and marriage from the images that symbolize loneliness.

Success in financial matters

When luck turns on issues which are associated with money and financial success, it means that it's time to pay attention to the south-eastern sector of housing. Water increases the energy of this sector, and if you have a home aquarium with fish, the most appropriate place for them - it's southeast. In this part of the apartment you can put a fountain with flowing water or a beautiful painting of a sea or river water surface.

When choosing a picture, you should not choose a raging sea or mountain waterfall. This powerful energy of water can play a cruel joke and will be conditional "wash" the cash flow, which should enter into the apartment. Well affect the money luck Chinese characters: three-legged toad, cheerful old man Hott, coins tied with red ribbon. Their appearance in the right place promotes growth in earnings and cash flow into your house deep river.

Especially popular in the modern world uses money tree, it can be found in the office and in a cozy apartment. It also symbolizes prosperity. Only it is necessary to make sure that the plant was healthy and growing well, so that it positively affects the level of well-being. If the tree is green, the money will be attracted to you; but if it leaves begin to wither and fall off, it is just the same "fly away" from you and your money.

In order to attract into your life good money, it is important that the sector was brightly lit, which is responsible for wealth. Experts in feng shui also recommend repair all leaking faucets, symbolizing subconsciously switched out of the house money.

Career rise

If the work had a complete standstill, the authorities did not notice and career development can only dream of, it must be taken for the northern sector of the home, responsible for career success.

Oddly enough, but for success in their careers it recommended turtle. It does not mean, as one might think, according to our usual notions that all will go a snail's pace, and vice versa - the turtle symbolizes heavenly support, wisdom and protection. In matters of career, it will not be superfluous. If possible, the turtle should be positioned so that she was behind you - so it will protect a person from behind, in the most vulnerable part.

Northern sector can also strengthen the various figures of metal or glass. Especially well it worked glass pyramid, symbolizing goals and achieving them. Under the pyramid, you can put the money - it may just be a coin - and then you will attach special energy his goal to make a career and get a good salary. Do not be amiss in this area is all that is connected with water: fountains, aquariums, images of fish, rivers and seas. You can picture the story, which is dominated by money. And the music of the wind will contribute to revitalization of life in this area.

Good luck charm in feng shui

You always have to remember that Feng Shuya important symbols, and sometimes need to connect the creative imagination to express the true essence of the necessary changes. You can use for their own purposes, and traditional Chinese mascots.

In addition to the impact of using talismans into separate spheres of life, according to experts of feng shui can affect the fate, or a total success. In this case, can miraculously change lives. All of a sudden begins to emerge successfully: increasing incomes, children listen in marital relations - mutual understanding; and events in general, do not cease to please.

There are special symbols that are responsible for the overall success. This is a famous Chinese dragon, symbolizing the change for the better, and its appearance attracts a lot of luck. The best place for him in the house - it's eastern sector. The famous symbol of good luck - a sailboat, where luck comes in the home. Only it is important to arrange to bow pointed into the house, and not for the door. To make the impact more powerful sailboat on its deck is placed a few coins.

In order to strengthen the zone of Fame recommended sink that attracts fame and popularity, and with them, and prosperity. Also it strengthens the zone of Fame red triangle, conjures fire. But dried gourd as a symbol of good luck and health. If she is in the house, which means that it will attend the holy and it will bring to the welfare, peace and understanding.

Character double luck, if it is placed in the bedroom, will help harmonize relations or find true love in life. It is the most powerful symbol of family happiness to him with great respect in the east and are recommended to be worn in the form of gold jewelry.

A natural question arises for all who wish to try to apply this knowledge in practice. Where do we get all of these symbols and talismans that will leave your luck? Mascots are sold in specialty stores where you can also learn about their use and purchase books, various directories on the system of feng shui.

 how to attract good luck into your life right

How it works?

One well-known master of Feng Shui asked: How does it work? He replied: "I do not know how, but I know that it works." For this reason, all who are just starting to practice feng shui, and is certainly more important than trust this ancient wisdom that you can not always comprehend. Simply consider this knowledge a little miracle that actually exists, and proof of this - changes that casually start to happen in life.

No wonder Feng Shui is considered to be the art of harmonious life and art are known to have mastered not once. Regular practice - that can give the desired result, and good luck to see such persistence, she hurried into your home, bringing happiness, money and success in all spheres of life.

 Feng Shui: how to attract good luck into your life

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