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Today, there is not, perhaps, a man who does not know what is Feng Shui. This ancient Chinese teaching about energy cooperation of the world and man. According to him, furnished the most comfortable place of its existence, we attract into your life good luck. An ancient Chinese proverb says: "If you want to change your life, change in their home twenty-seven subjects."

The art of Feng Shui combines elements of good taste, common sense and mysticism. According to this doctrine, in the world there is a force that connects people with the environment. With this art and you can make their life prosperous and happy, and the workplace become a source of success and prosperity. For this you need to organize a feng shui desktop. Because properly arranging the workplace can improve their performance, facilitate their work, increase the amount of work that will lead to prosperity and well-being.

Color workplace

One of the most important elements on which to consider when making out the workplace is its color scheme. Each color in accordance with feng shui reflects a certain kind of energy. Color affects our health and the effect on our mood.

It is not necessary to use in the workplace gray, black and white colors. They did not harmonious. Gray is the only kind of black, which is in accordance with the teachings of the Chinese is not a color at all. Black we see only when the surface does not reflect but absorbs light only. White is the color of a neutral and, therefore, carries no energy.

Do not use in the workplace is too bright colors, because their diversity adversely affects the body. Motley, bright colors only at first attracted attention. Being constantly in such a situation quite tiring.

Making the workplace, follow literally the principle of the "golden" middle. Beige, yellow, light orange color, shade coffee with milk, golden tones and a warm shade of red, the color of young greens soothing, gentle olive will create you a sense of joy and security. Particular with the color, you can choose the direction, because it is in feng shui is very important.

 Feng Shui on your desktop

Direction and position

Location desktop Feng Shui is very important. It should be located as far as possible from the door on a diagonal. You can not sit back to the door. The Chinese say that those who are sitting with his back to the door, attract bad luck and trouble. It should be borne in mind that the details that seem insignificant to us, for example, a table with sharp corners, sharp light, uncomfortable chair pumped energy.

When planning a workstation, you need to put the right desk. Direction east is favorable for start-ups - you will be helping the energy of the rising sun. Northwest is favorable to those who aspire to leadership, looking for responsible positions. Creative energy attracts the south-east and to the west a sustainable business is good. Strictly southern same direction can cause stress and tension.

Your desktop should stand so that it is clearly visible from the front door. It should not obscure the massive variety of items - cabinets, chairs, safes. It is believed that luck can bypass your side, if you will not be visible from the front door. The workplace is also important to create a favorable atmosphere. Correct the equipped workplace - Feng Shui on your desktop - is the key to health, mental and emotional balance. It is not necessary to squeeze her desk in the corner squeezed, and even more so between the cabinets.

One of the cornerstones of the theory of the principles of feng shui is the principle of the five elements. Fire, earth, metal, water and wood are present in all things, not excluding man. These basic elements can form a cosiness and harmony, supporting each other, or destroy. And then in the house and everything in life goes awry. All items other than land, meet their side of light, color, animals, seasons, trends, materials and shapes.

All hanging over the workplace design can be a source of disease and failure. Remove the rack and panel for all computer cables and telephone wires. All lying in full view wires and cables mean an outflow of money.

You can not have a private work area so that it is opposite the door, especially if it opens into the room, because in this case you will have to attack the strong flow of energy, which is bad for health.

Do not sit with his back to the door, because it is very disturbing and uncomfortable position. According to Feng Shui it is called "knife in the back." With this arrangement, it is believed that you can substitute, betray or bypass while advancing through the ranks. If you sit in a different way is not possible, you need to put on the table a mirror so you can see the front door.

Do not sit with his back to the window. Thus, you are depriving yourself of the support of its own employees and influential persons. Furthermore, in this case, even the most brilliant of your projects will fail. It is better to sit with his back to the wall. If this is not possible, close the curtains. Take better to face the door, but diagonally, and not vice versa.


The quality of the work will affect any physical discomfort. You should be able to freely come to your desk, and at the table in front of him must necessarily be free space. It symbolizes the prospects and opportunities. Otherwise, you expect difficulties.

If the room where you are working directly in front of you is a partition, then hang on it a picture of a blossoming valley or lake. This will visually expand the space in front of him, and hence its future. If you are in a crowded room or by the nature of the work you have to take a large number of visitors, you can get tired of them. In order to protect their personal space, put it on the desktop any of your favorite thing.

The most unfavorable workplace is located at the door. It does not matter what the title of this man - the ratio of outsiders to it will always be less deferential. Such employees more tired of the fuss, because it is constantly tested by people and visitors distract your questions. If a workplace transfer to the passage can not be put on the table some large or bright object.

If the room where you work, a lot of cabinets and racks with working documentation, review it, throwing all unnecessary and obsolete. And that is rarely used, store it in the back room. Goals and cluttered cabinets and shelves mean the inability to perceive the new, limiting your professional growth. Good lighting workplace is an excellent way to attract positive energy.

Desk of feng shui requires additional lighting, which will provide a table lamp. The light should be either directly overhead, or from broken, usually left arm. If you work at a computer, the direction light should fall on the keyboard. Sunlight, especially on a bright day can interfere with work, so you should use curtains or blinds. However, the artificial light to go completely worth it.

 Desktop for feng shui

Equips table

If the far-left side of the desktop to place a metal object or a table lamp, then you are to attract financial success.

If you put in front of your desktop picture on some prestigious conference or a meeting, so you activate your career luck. Zone of the far right of the desktop is responsible for your personal and family relationships. And if in this area there is a problem, put the figure there is a steam room. Equipping your desktop, it is important to avoid clutter and confusion.

In the room with stale air can not be good feng shui. Good luck ever leave the room in which tobacco smoke hanging haphazardly piled business papers, teaching furniture, dusty windows where dirty curtains.

We can not allow the desktop clutter - Always keep it clean and tidy. Where the disorder, there is a continuous stream of positive energy, and hence will not be health and good luck. Have not fit on the table is the place papers in the trash. This will help you to effectively deal with the immediate problems.

Location of items under the table it is important to not less than it. It is not necessary to clutter up the excess wire, boxes and indoor shoes space underfoot. The feeling of tightness in the legs leads to the same sensation in the head. And then you will miss the "flight of thought."

 Feng Shui your desktop, or how to increase the efficiency of

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 feng shui area

You know that the cardinal influence on living organisms? For example, the moss on the trunks of trees growing thick on the north side. The southern slope of the anthill flatter than the north. Gulls nest on the western shores of the islands. A sunflower follows the sun, turning her head from east to west. Our house, according to the teachings of feng shui - it is also a living organism. And the cardinal it defines feng shui areas that have an impact on our lives.

Sometimes there is the impression that this ancient doctrine contains elements of magic, and sometimes that's all it is logical and rational. Try to understand what more the teachings of feng shui areas - magic or common sense?

What is the area of ​​Feng Shui and the Bagua grid

Feng Shui teaches us to achieve harmony with the environment, which, in turn, can influence the course of our lives. According to the teachings of feng shui everything that happens in a person's life can be divided into nine categories. This is exactly what is its meaning and life itself. What kind of category? Way, love, family, wealth, health, prosperity, creativity, friends, inside knowledge and glory.

All of these categories form a coherent and orderly whole. The way we organize owl living space, depends on the harmony (or disharmony) of all components of our lives. It turns out that our house can be divided into zones, which affect one or the other aspect of life. But knowing exactly where in the building are located and how the zone of influence on our lives, we can try to correct them.

The tool with which defined the zone of influence in our house called the bagua grid. It's a magic octagon lined with multi-colored on a sector (zone), linked to the cardinal. Bagua grid helps to determine which part of the house has an impact on a particular area of ​​life. By the way, the grid Bagua, in a simplified form - a rectangle, consisting of nine squares, which are distributed (the cardinal) area of ​​feng shui.

What impact zone of feng shui

  1. Zone of the life and career. This area affects all that allows you to earn a living. The zone path determines your ability to new beginnings and spiritual development, as well as attitude towards life as such. This area - the symbol of the dynamics of the events in your life, and their number
  2. The zone of love and marriage. Well, what to say? Depending on exactly how this area is organized in your home, you will be loved or hated, married or single, happy or unhappy in marriage, desire or unclaimed in bed. In any case (only according to the rules of feng shui), this area has an impact on the love relationship.
  3. Family Zone, or as it is called "zone of Elders." This refers to your big family - the parents (and more ancient ancestors), sisters and brothers, aunts and uncles. I agree that they can not exert influence on your life. And, according to psychologists, this is the base from which people (consciously or unconsciously) draws its vitality. So your spiritual and material heritage, relationships with parents and relatives are directly dependent on the organization of this zone.
  4. Wealth Zone (Gifts of Fortune, Prosperity). The right (or wrong) the organization of this zone defines prosperity in the house (by the way, not only the material) and, of course, filling your wallet.
  5. Health Zone. It makes no sense to argue with the fact that good health is one of the main conditions for a happy life. Therefore, this area is directly related to our life force.
  6. Zone Assistants. Determines the number of people willing to help (disinterested and free of charge), as well as your ability to such actions. And in general well-being in this region promises you timely assistance not only from friends and relatives, but also from complete strangers and even from the authorities (wow!).
  7. Creativity Zone. Does your creative abilities and capabilities. It is the proper organization to help you achieve success, start (and finish) new projects, to raise children (yes, this is also the fruit of your creation!).
  8. Zone inside knowledge (contemplation or intuition). It will provide you with all the conditions for the cultivation of intuitive thinking, awareness of the meaning of life. Furthermore, this zone affects the progress in the development of learning and intelligence.
  9. Area Illumination (Glory) is responsible for the power of your self-realization, expression of individuality and recognize around your originality and uniqueness. Such Thank meant - thank you recognition as a person.

Here are nine main areas of influence in your home. How do we determine where and what area is?

 areas of feng shui

How to define the zone of influence

Location in the house of each zone of feng shui can be determined by the grid Bagua and compass. If you do not have a compass (and it most likely is not), then just look at which side of your windows sits or stands sun. And remembering school geography, determine where in your home North, South, East and West.

Now you will need a plan of an apartment or house in which you live. Get it not so difficult. If you live in your own home, then this plan is available for certain documents to it. If you live in an apartment a standard layout, it can easily find a plan of omniscient Internet. In the end, this plan can simply draw on a piece of paper into the cell tetrad (it's easier to calculate all Metro-centimeters). Now take the grid Bagua, which can also draw yourself or download from the Internet, and place it on the plan of your home. Align the sides of the world on the plane and on the grid, but we will just see how feng shui areas are located in the house.

Of course, just about everything at first glance. In fact, you can trap some surprises. Firstly, the apartment may not be the right rectangle, and a complex figure with protruding or missing corners. Therefore, some zones of influence in your home can easily "escape" to the neighbors or the stairwell. Second, most influential sector may well be located, for example, on the balcony, in the hallway or in the toilet (in the bathroom). And third, you may find that the layout of your house just completely is unfavorable in terms of Feng Shui. What to do?

Remember, we talked about the magical properties of feng shui? So it's time to use these properties to adjust the zones of influence in your home.

How to correct and enhance the zone of influence

If any zone of influence in your home is simply not available, the experts advise Feng Shui Bagua grid overlay to plan and identify the main room is in it all areas of feng shui. If the functionality of the premises poorly correlated with the appointment zone of influence, then this trouble, too, can be easily remedied. And the thing that activate or zones of influence can be adjusted with the help of elementary mascots, colors, light, furniture arrangement and symbols key elements (wood, water, etc.).

  1. Area wealth - southeast. To activate the zone you want to use purple and green flowers, trees and water (aquarium, fountain, waterfall). Mascots area of ​​wealth - a sailboat, "floating" in the home (ie, stern towards the door), Chinese coins or Crassula room, called the money tree.
  2. Glory Zone - south. Its color - red, element - fire (fire, candles, oil burner), talismans - the pyramid, phoenix, twisted shell, elephant.
  3. Zone love - the south-west. Element - earth (eg, flower pots), color - brick and terracotta. Talisman - a pair of ducks or pigeons, a couple of dolphins figurine kissing boy and a girl, two pillows, two candles, two crystal balls, fresh flowers, chocolates, hearts.
  4. Zone creativity - west. For its activation is needed and the white metal (gold, silver) color. The element - metal. Mascots - the music of the wind, children figurines, bells, shells, horseshoe, house plants with round leaves.
  5. Zone assistants - northwest. Favorable colors - yellow, white, gold, silver. Mascots - horseshoe, metal bell, crystals, photos of parents, exotic landscapes.
  6. Career Zone - north. Colors for activation - white, blue, black. The elements - water. Mascots - fish, turtles, Chinese coins, mirrors.
  7. Area of ​​knowledge - the north-east. Favorable colors - sand, orange, yellow. Mascots - books, globe, crystal snake house plants with pointed leaves.
  8. Area family - east. Its colors - green, blue, brown. Mascots - family photos, bamboo, dragon, flute, images of water.
  9. Health - center of the house. The colors of this area - orange, yellow, sand. Talisman - a monkey, heron, turtle, bamboo.

That such colors and mascots can be corrected zone of feng shui. Simply add to something that will help strengthen the zone of influence. And the most important condition for the zone of influence really affects your life - no trash, debris and dirt. Only clean and empty room energy will circulate freely, attracting into your home well-being and prosperity. If you do it right (as advised to the teachings of feng shui), will soon come into your life changes for the better. The main thing - to believe in it!

 Feng Shui: a zone of influence in your home

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