how to decorate the kitchen on Feng Shui

Ah, the kitchen! Especially not like anything else in our house. And for us, hostesses, guardians and nurses, and even sacred. For the kitchen we not only prepare and commit a certain mystery, understandable only to us, but valued by all people in the household. And therefore, we strive to make your kitchen the most-most - the most beautiful, most comfortable, most comfortable and most correct. By the way the last good tool would be the knowledge of how to arrange the kitchen on Feng Shui. It is not for nothing that this Eastern philosophy teaches us harmony with the environment. A harmonious space of our kitchen - is not that right?

But, alas, modern home difficult to adjust to the requirements of Feng Shui. Disposition of the standard, "move" cuisine in a favorable zone is practically impossible to move a window in it - too. Is that - a door or the stove, sometimes sink. That's all. Therefore, it remains to us "harmonize" the kitchen space through the basic rules so manipulation with furniture and appliances. Let's look at the basic rules and some peculiarities how to be undeveloped kitchen on Feng Shui.

Basic Rules

Such rules a bit. Some adhere to almost impossible, but the performance of other depends on our efforts. So maybe if you can not perform a single rule, it is necessary to strictly follow the other, had never broken? For example, the first basic rule is that the kitchen should be completely isolated from the rest of the living space of our house. Well, if you have the kitchen door - closed and everything is in order. And if the kitchen combined with the dining room, or as it is now fashionable in general is part of the studios?

Here we have only one thing: always follow the second main rule - the cleanliness of the kitchen. Well, at the expense of the purity of a feng shui can not argue: in the kitchen really needs to be clean. It is in our power? Yes! So even if we are weakened after the working day, but strive to follow the rules of feng shui, the cleanliness of the kitchen "take out, so positive." What do you think? Harmony is difficult to achieve! But it is possible? So, I understand about the isolation and purity, turn to the recommendations on planning.

 feng shui kitchen

Disposition of the kitchen in the house

Kitchen of feng shui - the almost complete contradiction to all design trends and modern architectural solutions. There is something fundamentally change is difficult, but you can use the "corrective" tricks.

  1. The most favorable position of the kitchen - the southern and eastern part of the house, but not the center of the home. As a trick you can use a grid Bagua, not for the whole apartment (house), and for each individual room.
  2. The kitchen should not be visible from the front door. Kitchen should not coexist with a bathroom, because the flowing water - a symbol of wealth leaking. In this neighborhood solution will be kept behind closed doors.
  3. But the union kitchen with dining area for Feng Shui is quite acceptable. So if you have planned or replanned the kitchen that way, then remember the isolation rule and hold a closed door in the dining room.
  4. Kitchen should not be passing. But this is true only for apartments in older homes or private homes and cottages. In the houses of the old layout in the kitchen are often located "back door", and in private homes - access to the garden. There is only one solution - do not use this output, remove all, or separate wall (furniture).
  5. View from the window. It must bring only positive emotions. What to do if you have views from a wall or corner of the house next door, on the roofs of the lower buildings, the parking lot and other unsightly "landscape"? Try positioned opposite the window or above the window glass or any other highly reflective surface. This will "return" through the window of the incoming negative energy.

  The internal layout of the kitchen

Properly planned kitchen on Feng Shui - a spacious kitchen. Yes ... Many of us only sigh heavily at the same time. But hey despair. After all, a spacious kitchen - it does not mean much. Spacious - meaning no cluttered, allowing it to move freely. Therefore it is necessary only to relate dimensions of the kitchen with the number and size of kitchen furniture and appliances.

According to the rules of feng shui the window should not be placed in front of the kitchen door. Thus part of the window once the energy comes through the door. If you this is the case, then you need the ceiling of the door to the window to reach a scarlet thread, and on the way "energy flow" hang a crystal. Red thread will unite into one window and the door, and the crystal will dissipate incoming energy.

Protruding corners in the kitchen. This is another "headache" feng shui experts. That they should not be, and that's it. And what to do if they are, and even sent directly to the fridge or on the table? Here again come to the aid of a mirror. Well, for fans of indoor plants projecting angle is an excellent choice of creating a green wall of climbing plants. It is said that such a decision is not contrary to the rules of feng shui, but the angle is ideally decorates.

Having dealt with the walls, windows and doors, to look at the "insides" of our cuisine. What it is we usually filled? Furniture and household appliances. And, as it turns out, according to feng shui kitchen should be strictly ordered content. There are also certain rules.


From furniture main dining table is here. As it should be placed in the kitchen or in the dining room? Favored. This means that the dining table should not be between the door and the window - on the power line voltage (oh, this line!). But! If we already have stretched red thread, and put the crystal, the voltage is to some extent removed. So, if for no other table space, leave it here. What should be the table? Preferably without corners. Considering that a round or oval table actually will be more spacious, it is to choose a model.

  • Cabinets and shelves

    This is where feng shui completely deprives us of the possibility of some stylistic solutions (kitchen in the style of Provence, for example). Because feng shui kitchen means just hidden crockery and cutlery. No open shelves and a tightly closed cabinet doors. Moreover, for them - no junk and dirt!

  • Washing

    It can be located in any part of the kitchen, but always in the distance from the plate (otherwise conflict elements turns out). Allow such a conflict will not only spatial removal, but "spontaneous" barrier. If you dissolve in different directions sink and stove does not work, share them with something wooden. And make sure that the taps in the sink did not flow - the well-being will flow away! And as for the plate generally a separate conversation.  kitchen on Feng Shui

White goods

  • Stove in the kitchen lady

    We all run around and Werth. And she just puffed heat and indulgent treats us ready-made meals. Yes, it really is the energy center of the kitchen. Therefore, it should be placed so that you are standing at the stove could see the entrance to the kitchen. If this is not possible, over the stove should hang something reflective: a brilliant tray, polished hood, mirror shelf. It is desirable that the plate was with four burners, located away from the windows, the south wall was not clamped in the corner.

  • Fridge, on the contrary, in any case, do not position the south

    The fact that the south ruled by the element of fire, and a refrigerator come into conflict with it. And such a conflict would break all the harmony of internal space cuisine. The most suitable location for the refrigerator - southeast or southwest. According to the teachings of feng shui is the placement of a beneficial effect on your family's material condition and its psychological atmosphere.

  • Other home appliances

    Firstly, it is not necessary to put it on display. Mixers, blenders, grinder, juicer and other small (and not so small) appliances hide in the closet. So they will not clutter up the kitchen and did not hinder the free circulation of the statute of positive energy. Dishwasher or washing machine to locate next to a stove, microwave and oven: do not forget about the conflict of the elements.

In general, it has all the basic principles. One need only add that feng shui kitchen also means good lighting in the room (both natural and artificial), the use of bright colors in the decoration and cleanliness, purity and cleanliness. Well, let's try to achieve harmony?

 How to make the kitchen on Feng Shui? We strive for harmony