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  • How to make a map of desires?
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Dreaming, as you know, is not harmful. And even useful! You know that if something very much want to, then it will happen! By the way, in psychology there is a reception planned visualization. For example, you want to be sure that something happened, it means you need to imagine how it will happen. Present in paints, in the people, in action. Thus, subconsciously you are "programming" themselves to certain things that necessarily lead to the accomplishment of his plan.

Incidentally, a similar technique is used visualization conceived and practice the teachings of feng shui east. However, feng shui masters have gone further mental images. They offer us a special tool that will help in achieving the goals and certainly contribute to an embodiment in the life of your dreams. This tool is called Dreamboard on Feng Shui. What is this map and how it "works"? Let's face it.

What Dreamboard of feng shui?

Dreamboard - this is your promise of the universe. Map helps to "revive" a mental image and constantly reminds conceived without giving to distract from the intended target. This tool is not nothing but a picture of your desires and aspirations through a variety of images. Pictures directly or indirectly illustrate what you seek, and how to draw a picture of a dream come true.

Do you want to buy a new car, choose a picture of the same (or any) of the vehicle. Do you want to spend a holiday on the shores of the warm sea, choose the scenery, your idea of ​​showing the places where you are going to relax. Do you want to get married, choose the wedding photos (alas, not yet own).

At the heart of Dreamboard - known bagua grid that divides the conventional living space into zones of influence. Bagua grid is linked to the cardinal, and the zone of influence are located strictly in accordance with them:

  1. North - Career Zone;
  2. South - Zone Glory;
  3. East - Family Zone;
  4. West - Children and Creativity area;
  5. South-east - Wealth Zone;
  6. Southwest - zone of love and marriage;
  7. Northeast - Area of ​​Knowledge and Wisdom;
  8. Northwest - Zone friends and helpers;
  9. Center - Health Zone.

Therefore, all your dreams are to a certain area of ​​life, for which the "responsible" or that the zone of influence of feng shui. A map of desires on which the image is located in the zones of influence, reflects these aspirations.

 how to make a map of the desires of feng shui

How to make a map of desires?

Dreamboard on feng shui - a tool that can be easily (and should) do with their hands. To produce such a card, you will need quite a bit:

  • thick paper (sheet of drawing paper, a piece from a roll of wallpaper or poster, flipped upside down);
  • magazines, from which you can cut out the image (or downloaded from the Internet and printed on a color printer pictures);
  • glue or double sided tape (a paper clip or a button);
  • scissors, colored markers or crayons.

First you need to make preparation: paper raschertit nine squares that correspond to the zones of influence of the grid Bagua:

  • Center - Health Sector;
  • The mean square of the top row - the sector of Fame;
  • To the left of him - family sector;
  • To his right - a sector of Creativity;
  • The upper left square - sector wealth;
  • The upper right quadrant - the sector of Love;
  • The mean square of the bottom row - Career sector;
  • Left bottom row of the square - the knowledge sector;
  • Right quadrant of the bottom row - sector Assistants.

Then pick up the image for each sector of the map. Pictures choose only the bright, clear and extremely positive, such that from them uplifting. Do not forget that your chosen picture must depict your dream.

  1. For the center of the map (Health Zone), select your picture - the very best in your opinion. It is desirable that on this picture you smiling, looked happy and contented life.
  2. The zone of Fame you need images that symbolize success and recognition: Award diplomas, trophies, diplomas and medals podium, bouquets of flowers, laurel wreath, the royal crown.
  3. In the area of ​​wealth you will need to post pictures with symbols of wealth: a purse, jewelry, luxury apartments, stacks of money, a car.
  4. Love in the sector will need to put photos of couples (or even your own photos with the elect), wedding pictures, pictures of hearts and wedding rings.
  5. Sector family must complete a picture or photo of a happy couple or a photo of your own family, pets, your home.
  6. Sector Creativity select images of children (the fruit of life creativity), the portraits of your favorite artists, painters and musicians. And maybe - photos of your own creations: embroidery, sculptures, drawings.
  7. In the sector of career needed images that symbolize your career achievements: office boss, subjects related to your work, the stairs leading up.
  8. Sector knowledge label images of certificates, diplomas, books, library shelves, classroom or his alma mater.
  9. For the sector assistants need photos of your friends, idols, teachers. And since this area is also the area of ​​travel, then choose a photo for her sights, and the places in which you would like to visit.

By the way, all of the above - only recommendations, and certainly not a guide to action. Choose pictures that themselves consider most appropriate. Just think well, what area should accommodate the image of your dreams.

In addition to images you will need to select or compose a motto. In scientific terms this is called with positive affirmations. For example: "Dreams come true! "Or" road by walking "or" Who does not risk, that does not win! ". Which phrase will help you to move purposefully through life mood for decisive actions and will install to the subconscious? Write it in the title of the card desires or place so that looking at the map, you will definitely have to have it to read and pronounce mentally.

Glue the pictures on the squares of the respective sectors and the map, hang in a prominent place. Ideally Dreamboard should be placed in your bedroom. And the best place for it - in front of the bed. To wake up, you've seen your first card with the wishes visualized. New day - new strength and new opportunities to achieve his plan. By the way, as experience shows, that card works best wishes, which is made on the growing moon.

How does Dreamboard

Just make a map and see her, of course, a good thing. But do not be limited to one contemplation. To make the card work effectively, and you need to work. Take a few minutes a day of your dreams, is located comfortably and dream for your pleasure (and usefully). Imagine yourself a happy, beautiful young bride or mom holding a baby. Dream, what will be your new car or apartment. Think about how great you will go on a trip.

The main thing is not just to dream and imagine everything in detail: until the color of clothing, sounds and smells. If you present yourself to the registrar, the veil feel a light touch, hear the rustle of silk wedding dress and the sound of Mendelssohn's march, feel the fragrance of flowers in the wedding bouquet. Dreaming about a new car? Imagine it: the color, the upholstery in the cabin, rumbling engine. Obsessed with the desire to become a mom? Think about what kind of clothes you choose for yourself pregnant, what your baby stroller buy and how you will walk with him, bathe him and kissing the little heels and toes.

Always dreamed of! In any free moment, try to visualize your dream and believe it - a dream come true!

 Dreamboard of feng shui, or dreams come true!

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 Wallet Feng Shui


  • Red - the color of victory
  • What and how to keep in your wallet
  • Useful tips on feng shui

Have you to complain about the "transience" banknotes, regardless of their merits? I'm sure many women do not just bred hands in disbelief, not finding the required amount in the purse. "It seems like just yesterday (recently) filled up the" bank, "and today it remained a mere penny! "- Exclaim lady, looking almost empty the bowels of the purse. This is not surprising, because surely they have even heard of the sciences, with which you can increase the flow of money and increase their power. For example, the color of the purse on feng shui - a fairly popular hobby now - plays an important role in raising money.

Some may disagree, arguing that this doctrine is not mentioned specifically about the purses, but experienced followers of feng shui are able to apply its principles in modern life and, in particular, in relation to the objects of the present articles. So, listening to the advice of the doctrine concerning the usual accessory for the storage of money, you can improve their shaky financial situation. The main thing is to choose the right this is the purse, that is not to be mistaken with its size, color and content, as well as the material from which it is made. So what should be your wallet?

Red - the color of victory

To choose the right color of the purse, you need to focus on the element to which you belong (it is determined by year of birth), or more precisely, on its characteristic color. So, if your element - "Fire", then feel free to purchase a purse, which is present in the colors red, burgundy and scarlet color, and if the "Tree", the brown or green.

There are also common to all the color gamut inherent in the elements responsible for the welfare and well-being. This is the poem "Earth" and "Metal", focusing on who can buy purses yellow, beige, orange and gold tones, as well as white, silver and gray colors. But accessories black, blue, purple and blue hues are best avoided, of course, if you do not belong to the element "water". Otherwise, and will throw up your hands in disbelief and wonder where your money is running out?

By the way - on purses, dyed red. According to the teachings of Feng Shui, the colors can enhance any action. You can give an example. In what color you stop you look before: a red, green or white? Of course, the first of them. And this is not a random choice of our eyes, because the people appearing on the light, above all, sees the blood, the color of which voice is needed.

Paper bills, no matter how strange it may seem, too, have the ability to "see" and also "prefer" red. It adds that in China, this is the color of victory, and by choosing a purse of colors, you're sure to be able to win over your financial problems.

Loved the size of the purse

Of great importance when selecting "storage" for the money is and its size. The most optimal for ladies' purses Feng Shui is the length from eighteen to twenty centimeters. At this size, there is no need to put the purse bills, and they will "feel" themselves quite at ease and comfortable.

I must say that the teachings of Feng Shui is the concept of imperial sizes: a segment length of 43 cm 2, divided into 8 parts, each of which has its own characteristic. And the money you are not "turned" at least one of the faces of the purse should be equal to the size of the Imperial. For example, if one of the parties is at least 2, 7 and no more than 4, 05 cm, offers six successes, and the length of the edge 4, 05 to 5, 4 centimeters give happiness to the owner of abundance. From the wallet purchase, one side of which a length of 5, 4 and 10, 8 and 10 cm, 8 to 16 cm 2, should be abandoned because the segments of such dimensions can bring only failure and loss.

 color purse on feng shui

Only natural materials

Choosing a purse, pay attention and the material of which it is made. Following hair Shui, prefer natural basis that can provide a clear path of monetary power. The best option - a purse made of genuine leather, as well as ladies' purses made of suede and fabric.

It will not be superfluous if the appearance of the accessory will distract attention from your notes, which means that no one can rob you of energy. This purse made of artificial leather should be avoided, precisely because it is not a "conductor" of energy and closes the front of her "door" leading to your cash.

What and how to keep in your wallet

First of all, it should be kept in a purse those items for which it is, in fact, is: paper notes of different denominations. Treat them with the greatest possible care is necessary, putting each of them "face" upwards, and in ascending order. Be sure to watch out for, so that the bill did not hesitated, and their edges are curled. And try to keep your wallet is never empty, as they say, money - money.

For credit cards in your wallet should always be a place, but checks a shopping list and other "reminder" Feng Shui tips with your capital is not stored, so as not to drown out the power source coming from the cuts. Do not keep next to money and pictures of loved ones, because the photo - it's different elements and mixing them carries a negative charge.

To attract and retain the money, the ancient science also recommends wearing a purse image hexagrams, grapes, mint or green tea leaves, happy to have a coin or a mirror of the imperial size. Bring the desired financial impact, and tied with a red ribbon Chinese coin and banknote denominations of one dollar.

Finally, a few useful tips on feng shui

  • Keep your money only in big purses and direct, as bills do not like when they are folded and crumple.
  • Regularly clean your lady's purse from unnecessary things, remember that unnecessary items in it impedes the flow of fresh energy of money.
  • Write on a piece of red phrase "My wallet is always full of money" and put it in the purse. This mascot will never be over. And if you save up money for the purchase of a thing, keep your purse in her image, for example, a picture with a view of the snow-white yacht or a photo of the car.

If you recently bought a purse does not meet the rules of Feng Shui, but to part with him, you can not, keep the bulk of your money at home, in the "money box". It is not difficult to produce, but use only organic materials (wood or cardboard). If you want to "dress" the product into a new fabric for the color that matches your element. Keep "box" the best room, located on the southeast side of the apartment or house.

 Purse feng shui - live richly!