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  • Money Tree as a mascot
  • Live Money Tree
  • Artificial money tree
  • Money tree and a zone of wealth

When it comes to the financial well-being, people are willing to believe anything, as long as it is "anything" has helped them get rich. It does not matter whether we are experiencing financial difficulties, or just have us think so. A lot of money, as we know, does not happen. That's why it has recently become so popular eastern teachings of Feng Shui, which we guarantee fulfillment of almost all desires nor subject to certain rules.

For example, there is this teaching the concept of zones of influence and talismans that these zones are activated. And if you're in your home to correctly identify the zone of wealth and set up an appropriate mascot, the money will flow to you the river. Well, unless they shall run, it means that you have done wrong. Money tree feng shui considers one of the most powerful talismans of wealth. So use this as you can not only living flower, but also made manually artificial money tree. But how to get this talisman to work according to the rules of this ancient teaching, we are with you and we will try to find out.

Money Tree as a mascot

Zones of influence in each house are arranged according to the sides and the light in sequence, which is defined by grid Bagua. Moreover, these zones can be defined as around the home, and in each room. But not enough to find the exact location of each influential area. It is necessary to strengthen these areas. In the teachings of Feng Shui zone of influence are activated by means of color, natural elements and talismans.

Talisman of the teachings of feng shui - a kind of symbol. Interestingly, the talisman of wealth able to activate not only the same name of the zone, and the zone responsible for your spiritual and cultural life, happiness and love. But if you are determined to use the magical power of the talisman of wealth to improve their financial situation, it is desirable to use the money tree. Tree - a living substance that is able to grow and develop. Therefore, money tree feng shui will also contribute to the growth of your financial well-being and development of the rich spiritual world and the rich cultural life.

Before seriously deal with the activation zone of wealth, answer a few simple questions.

  • Is it true that you are willing to get rich?
  • Do you know why you need the money?
  • If so, how much?
  • Are you sure that the money will be able to improve your life?
  • If so, in what way?

If you can not answer these questions, no charms will not help you get rich. Well, if you answered all the questions and determined to get rich, then choose a money tree and follow the rules of Feng Shui.

 Feng shui money tree

Live Money Tree

As we have said, a money tree feng shui can be live or artificial. Live Money Tree - it is widely known houseplant Crassula, in Latin «Crassula». This unpretentious succulent, with a tree trunk and a small fleshy leaves. The plant can not be called spectacular, but it looks very stylish and resembles a Japanese bonsai. In the care of Crassula undemanding, but likes a well-lit room. Incidentally, the last factor is important for the area of ​​wealth, which must also be well illuminated.

So for those who love indoor plants, jade tree will be most appropriate mascot wealth. Keep in mind that your money tree in any case you should not be given. It is best to buy or steal quietly broke off a twig somewhere at a party. By the way, you can not just break off a twig, but even a single piece of paper, which will soon take root. And even if you strongly suggest take Jade gift, give as a gift from a money tree not only will not help to get rich, but even become antitalismanom and can bring bad luck, and the one who gave it, and the one who received the gift.

To have your live mascot in full force, it has to be healthy, well-groomed and beautiful. So do not forget about the rules of care for plants of this kind, and the very tree from time to time to turn the light source by different parties. Then your money tree will form a smooth and beautiful krona. Incidentally, the crown may be formed by fixing another neodrevesnevshie threads at different angles. For this tie them to a wooden peg, to draw the main wellbore or, alternatively, move away from it by means of spacers.

To enhance the magical properties of a living tree in a pot of money, you can bury the real coin, and crown decorate red ribbons. By the way, the coins can also be hung on the branches of Jade. She will definitely be a talisman of wealth and bring you good luck.

Artificial money tree

As a talisman of wealth in Feng Shui is not only used live Crassula but artificial monetary tree. Such ready mascot can be purchased at specialty store, but you can make it yourself. Incidentally, it is considered that personally made money tree has more energy and is sure to bring good luck.

To coin trees you need only stand, which can be attached to the wire and Chinese coin with a square hole in the middle. But if you buy such a coin you can not, use common coins that are pre-Wash and clean, so that they shone like gold. Coins you'll need at least a hundred, each branch of the tree of money should not be less than ten, and branches themselves must also be at least ten.

So, prepare for the production of tree stand (this can be a jar of cream or any other container filled with plaster or foam). Ten pieces of wire, twist the base and secure it in the stand. Now, create a trunk and crown your money tree, and then hang on its branches coins and decorate it with red ribbons, beads, or beads.

Despite the fact that your monetary artificial tree, for him, too, need to care for and treat him as a living plant. Of course, artificial money tree watering is not necessary, but can be placed next to it indoor fountain, aquarium or a picture of water. Also, it is necessary to put in a well lit place and watch, that in the tree does not accumulate dust.

 money tree feng shui

Money tree and a zone of wealth

As you know, live or artificial money tree feng shui should intensify the zone of wealth. So you can put it in the room, which coincides with the zone or in the place of a separate room, where there is a zone of wealth. And this zone is located in the south-eastern part of your home or a specific room.

When you define a zone of wealth, it must also be issued in accordance with the teachings of Feng Shui. For example, in this area should not be any very old or unnecessary items. Zone itself or the corresponding room should be decorated in blue, green or blue tones. Under a pot of money tree is necessary to lay a red cloth, and put her money bill. Well, of course also need to decorate the tree with red ribbons.

Now you just have to take care of your money tree and wait for the mascot of feng shui show their magical powers. And it certainly will happen, provided that you did everything correctly. Good luck!

 Money tree feng shui - a talisman of wealth and good fortune

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 feng shui apartments apartment number


  • Magic numbers, names and symbols
  • Apartment number of feng shui. Explanation of numbers

Have you pay attention to how to change your mental attitude, one has only to cross the threshold of his apartment? If you did not notice, you try to observe the process, and you will realize that this fact actually "takes place to be." Feng Shui defines our house (environment) as a living organism, acting as a mediator between man and the cosmos.

It is no accident our ancestors so serious about everything that came to their place of residence. For example, in ancient India constructed in the city in terms of repeated human body - a symbol of the harmonic structure of the universe. No less famous and settlements of the Urals, in terms of a zodiacal circle. Some parts of this ancient concept of the relationship to the world have come to the present day. For example, we equip our beds so that the head "looked" to the north, or put in disadvantaged areas flowers ...

Magic numbers, names and symbols

We have many times per day open and close doors of our house, but do not ask ourselves: what does it represent? Let's look closely - the door consists of one or two wings, which keep on hinges. It is like a sentinel guarding the inner world from outer space, and at the same time - a kind of barometer of the mood of the incoming signaling or vice versa, leaving a man. On the front door they were judged on how they are the owners of the surrounding world, for internal doors - the relation of people to each other.

In ancient times believed that the crooked and ever slam the door on which hangs crooked number, constitutes a violation of peace and harmony in the family, and can bring their owners a terrible disaster. It is no coincidence front doors of the rich houses were decorated with tribal symbols and the church gates and doors are decorated with sculptures and carvings patterned, whimsical wreath that symbolizes the intricacies of human lives.

In England, for example, is still alive the tradition of "empower" living quarters - and mansions, and model building - poetic names. The British called their home field Flower, Poplar stables, yards herons and so on. Today the doors of Russian homes and apartments "decorates" just a number, in the form of various figures. And at first glance, they are nothing to say, and do not mean anything, except the serial number property. But only at first glance, because there is a different interpretation of the numbers. So, Pythagoras saw in each independent entity having certain qualities and personality.

The famous mathematician believed that each number is associated with a certain planet, conductor which it is. He defined this relationship by adding the number of complex numbers, which were summed up as long as the result does not go the simple number - the conductor of one of the planets. For example, the number 168 has been represented as a 1 + 6 + 8 = 15 = 1 + 5 = 6. Let's try to define the relationship of our own apartment rooms and home interior atmosphere of a numerological systems, such as feng shui.

 room apartment on Feng Shui

Apartment number of feng shui. Explanation of numbers

  • The number 1 and feng shui

Experiencing the solar influence, it symbolizes creative energy and vitality. Designated place it helps a person to express themselves, to attract attention to his person, and stand out from the crowd. Accommodation at number 1 will be comfortable for the artists, actors, writers, poets and journalists. In other words, for people who have personal position, and called to talk about the life of his contemporaries.

For the home environment are important different lighting, attracting the attention of others. Blossom Feng Shui prefers bright shades of orange and red tones. The atmosphere is a little reminiscent of a beach vacation: light-hearted and open.

  • Number 2 on the feng shui

On this number affects the moon, and symbolizes the deuce intuition and contemplation. In this place comfortable for those who are working educator, nurse (engaged with small children), working in catering or clean rivers and canals. The first place belongs to the apartment at a mirror and bathroom. Interior - is a dairy and soft cream shades, but there are no superfluous and emerald-green color.

Imbalance and unstable mentality of residents of the house number 2 can trigger mental illness and tantrums. These people (if the process is not running) need to be shut down in the bathroom, empty the water and spend some alone. This will help them to recover.

  • The number 3 in numerology, feng shui

It is influenced by Mars and is a symbol of the will. This site requires action, make quick decisions, and does not accept many thoughts. Sometimes you may feel like you have in something of a fire or operative, in the other case - by a locksmith or carpenter. And it's not bad, because the home is not there a reason to call you a bum, the more that things will soon appear: an urgent need to repair the water line or to fix a table and chairs.

The apartment number 3, you will constantly feel the need to work. But you lazy contraindicated and can cause serious diseases - so you will prove unused energy. By the active color of this apartment includes all existing shades of red, and the most comfortable place is a toilet room and a hallway.

  • The number 4 of feng shui

It is under the influence of Mercury and symbolizes contacts. The atmosphere of the apartment will require you to eloquence: the main burden here falls on the telephone, and your ability to think. Sometimes you will even be "converted" to the dispatcher or a stockbroker. Your cross on feng shui - shaking hands or beating of the hands, it depends on whether you are honest. Do not lie and do not try to enter the surrounding confusion, remember a simple truth: what is hello, so is the answer.

Interior home number 4 will be comfortable and cozy, if you run it in blue, gray and shades of blue and yellow colors. In the first place - devices, "delivering" you different information.

 Feng Shui room apartments

  • Number 5 on numerology feng shui (the symbol of the extension)

Influences Jupiter. In such a house and pulls to do something big, like politics or science, so extensive library does not hurt. In any case, this is the cause that unites people on the basis of uniform for all ideas. Maybe we are talking about the spiritual unification of the church, for example.

The owner of the apartment number 5 will probably want to go somewhere far away, even abroad. Advantageously purple color and decorate a house, you can use the bronze ware, globe and telescope. Just do not let your anger at will, even if you really want to fire up - it can negatively affect your liver.

  • Number 6

According to feng shui, it is under the influence of Venus. This apartment has everything to rest, love and comfort. It would not be superfluous and revelry with friends for happy songs, because hosted here are kind and warm-hearted people. They see the good taste in everything they prepare delicious and many things to make his home with his own hands, so there is always cozy and warm. In the worst case, guests will face obese brawlers. Yes, and they have appropriate housing: dominated by large carpets and sofas.

The colors in the apartment number 6, feng shui, "flaunt" warm body and brownish hues. Here you can often see pet (cat or dog). Sometimes the owners want to relax in nature, so it is not surprising abundance of flowers.

  • Feng Shui and numerology number 7

This number falls under the influence of Saturn. Yes, there is not easy to live: you pursue endless cold or stifling heat, hunger, restrictions and compelling circumstances. However, the best place for learning skills, learn a trade, or savings, you will not find. But the owner of the apartment number 7, feng shui advises to think more often about your life, otherwise it runs the risk of problems with the musculoskeletal system (osteochondrosis, salt deposits, etc.). The favorite in the interior is dark blue.

  • Number 8 on feng shui

It affects Uranus. It symbolizes freedom, surprise, mutual. It is a place where there are true friends and gain new comrades always lucky in any new initiatives and inventions. There will be comfortable glassblowers, astrologers and clairvoyants, as well as those who are "friends" with the abnormal phenomena, and innovative technologies.

But people with a rational mind, adherents of materialism and pragmatism, the number of apartments face collapsed plans, damaged nerves and confusion. Residence No. 8 requires a well-washed windows, caution with electricity. It should prevail all the colors of the rainbow and sky-blue shades of the interior.

  • According to Feng Shui number 9

He is feeling the effects of Neptune. Life here is not as easy call, unless you belong to a group of oil workers, sailors and psychics, musicians and priests. The owner threatened misfortune, water-related pathological dependence on alcohol and tobacco, the constant search for vanishing at the worst possible thing and, as a consequence, the sleepless nights shattered psyche. At number 9, you have to be careful with poisonous substances. But the study of the realities of the invisible world we can not hurt you.

 Apartment number of feng shui

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