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Here's how you think, what kind of thing in his life, a woman finds the most necessary? Most of us can hardly imagine life without a mirror. How to say Mayakovsky, a woman and a mirror - twin sisters! In addition, the mirrors have always been connected with various legends and superstitions. No mirror can not do any one or a mystical fairy tale story. Here and in the eastern philosophical teachings of feng shui mirror is given an important role.

As you know, Feng Shui - is the study of the harmonization of the rules of their own living space. And who of us would want to live in a harmonious environment? That is why many people try to adhere to the rules of feng shui, furnished their homes and choosing interior. No exception and the mirror, especially if it is in the bedroom, the place where a person spends a third of his life. So what is the attitude of Feng Shui to the mirrors? What is their role in our lives? Do you place a mirror in the bedroom, and if so, what kind? Let's try to understand.

Magic mirror on Feng Shui

Let us first find out what kind of role in the life of man is withdrawn mirrors masters of feng shui? Generally pleased with feng shui mirrors and welcomes their presence in the house. However, with some reservations. The main feature of the mirror - to reflect. So you need to make this magical item to reflect the flow of negative and positive energy so that it went only for the benefit of the inhabitants of the house. Therefore, in feng shui, and there was a number of rules that mirror should have a positive impact on the house and its occupants.

It is believed that every house have to have a large mirror so that the person can there be fully reflected. How to find followers of feng shui, a reflection of the individual parts of the body does not give a person the opportunity to evaluate yourself as a whole. And it is difficult not to agree. It actually associates perceive our image in full growth, and not just the face, legs or torso.

Therefore, the mirror image of a full-length gives a person not only to behold itself as it sees others, but to generate and reflect their common inner strength. It is particularly important that the mirror image was free space over the top man. This, according to the teachings of Feng Shui provides opportunities for spiritual, financial and career growth.

With respect to other reflections in mirrors, it should be only a nice looking objects and images that initially carry a positive energy. Better yet, buy talismans feng shui and put or hang out in front of the mirror. Then the power of talismans to multiply their mirror image.

With regard to the location of mirrors in the house, feng shui admits his presence in any room in the house, but not in the bedroom. On the mirror in the master bedroom Feng Shui impose strict taboo. And there is a clear explanation.

 a mirror in the bedroom feng shui

The ban on the mirror in the bedroom

As you know, the main magical ability to mirror - to reflect and multiply the power of reflection. Thus, if the kitchen mirror reflects the table for family meals that take place, it will increase the prosperity of the family. Hanging in the bathroom mirror gives the person an opportunity in the morning, he saw his reflection, to restore harmony between the physical and spiritual principle. It would seem that for the bedroom this rule should apply. But no!

The fact that in this room, the most time is spent in the sleep state. Meanwhile, according to the teachings of feng shui, the Chinese, the person gets rid of the unfavorable energy Qi. Reflected by the mirror, this energy is doubled, resulting in a very undesirable consequences. The overabundance of Qi can cause a quarrel between people who sleep in this room. First, these effects begin to appear in minor quarrels and misunderstanding, and ultimately could lead to a real hatred.

Therefore, the mirror in the marital bedroom is considered a catalyst for family quarrels and discord. If the mirror is in the bedroom, where lives only one tenant, the adverse Qi will gradually erode the peace of mind of this man. In addition, bad energy, enhanced mirror image, can make a person vulnerable to disease and disrupt the harmony between the physical and spiritual principle.

There is another reason for the ban on the mirror in the bedroom. Reflected in the mirror a couple ceases to be a couple. So people violate tandem multiplied in the mirror, and the like give the green light to each other for adyultera. That is, they seem programmed on your appearance in their lives of other members of their loving union.

Nevertheless, strict taboo on Feng Shui and established secular tradition can easily come to a compromise. That is the prohibition of the ancient doctrine is quite possible to get around smoothly: place a mirror in the bedroom, but at the same time to avoid adverse effects. How to do it?

Resolution on the mirror in the bedroom

Do not invented by us that any rule has its exceptions. And if something you really want, but you can not, it is still possible. Here and here. So if you have a vital in the bedroom mirror, but you are afraid to violate the laws of Feng Shui, it is simply a compromise. The main thing on which you need to make a start in this task - the mirror reflects and multiplies the negative energy emanating from a sleeping man. And the key word here is "sleeping"!

That is, you only need to place a mirror so that the sleeping people in it are not reflected! That is, you may well put a mirror on the dressing table, hang it on the door of the wardrobe, or even on the wall, but with one condition. Bed and occupant (people) in any case should not be visible in the mirror. Or let us say otherwise. While in bed, you do not need to see his reflection in the mirror.

And if you are a follower of the teachings of Feng Shui, you have to give up, first of all, from the mirrored ceiling in the bedroom. The second taboo - mirrored cabinet doors. However, if the rack is so that the bed is not reflected in it, feel free to equip it mirrored doors. Another option is the ability to neutralize the mirrors reflect and multiply the bad energy - just hang it or fence off the bed at night.

Strictly speaking, this is rational, not only in terms of feng shui, but modern science. Therapists believe that flickering in the dark of night mirror glass can cause suddenly awakened human stress. You know that at night, even without a mirror can prividetsya anything, let alone in the mirror at all mereschatsya nightmares, causing shock and numbness. It is from this point of view mirrors are contraindicated in children's bedroom.

But, as we have said, the ban applies only to those mirrors, which reflect the sleeping people. So, having the opportunity to place a mirror so that it could not be seen from the bed, do not give up this traditional bedroom interior. Because we all know one very valuable feature mirror - visually expand the space. By the way, this technique is welcomed not only in interior design, but in the teachings and feng shui.

 proper mirror in the bedroom feng shui

Useful tips

How to find an opportunity to place a mirror in the bedroom, that does not contradict the requirements of feng shui, we understand. But harmony laws of the ancient teachings and modern interior design trends will not prevent a few simple tips.

  • The mirror, which you place in the bedroom (and indeed in his house) must be framed. The frame on the mirror will not allow to disperse the reflected energy is chaotic, and help guide her.
  • All mirrors in your house should be necessarily and always clean. The energy, which are the mirror repeater will also be clean and wholesome.
  • In the bedroom, or in any other room mirror must not be positioned opposite the door or window. Otherwise, the positive energy will simply flow away from your home.
  • Never store a mirror cracked and chipped. Such a mirror literally turn into a curve, and no good, as you know, in a distorting mirror is not reflected.

And most importantly - believe in good and think positive. After all, the idea is material no less than all that surrounds us. In addition, positive thoughts carry the right message and a clean, creative energy. And it was her we have lacked in life.

 Feng Shui mirrors in the bedroom by the rules of the ancient teachings

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