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Have you ever thought about why some people are so easy to achieve rapid success in all their endeavors? What is it - good will of fate or good luck? Or maybe they had the good fortune to be born "in a shirt" or "with a silver spoon in his mouth", as they say about Lucky?

The role of the event in our life's achievements, of course, can not be completely ruled out. However, there is such a thing as a visualization of desires. According to the observations some researchers, people who have tried to paint on paper or another their dreams, the result sought, if not complete their implementation, then certainly - the main part.

For example, many young girls present themselves princesses in chic dresses similar pattern is not uncommon in children each album. As a result, almost all of them a chance to get that marry. Indeed, this event is filled with the corresponding attributes, the girl felt like a king: a stunning dress befitting the occasion of the car, everyone's attention, and of course, the groom himself as Prince Charming.

And here's another example of this visualization, although it also depends on the instincts. Girls often play the daughters and mothers, and reached a certain age and position, then really take on the maternal status. But all of these options work as if on a subconscious level, when the effect of childhood opportunities to clear the formation of the desired goals yet.

And what could happen if we, as adults it is, try to visualize their current needs with a view to their real satisfaction? To do this, many psychologists practicing psychics and offer as a kind of anger management do their treasure map (desire). This person should fulfill the task by analyzing their own thoughts, ideas and opportunities. With this visualization role treasure perform both material and immaterial desires: career growth, financial well-being, family and children, decent standard of living and so on.

The power of thought

To move to practical advice about how should look like a treasure map, and what it takes to make it right, is to emphasize the importance of positive thinking in the life of any person. If you're willing to argue with the theory of Karl Marx that being determines consciousness, and think the primary is still not living conditions, and the thoughts that have contributed to them, then you will agree with this sentence: "The beauty of the world is in the eye of the beholder." It is impossible not to recall here the great Roerich and saying: "If all the people on the ground at the same time a few minutes to think about the good, somewhere in the world there would be no evil."

Indeed, the power of thought sometimes does wonderful things, but rarely someone comes to mind to think about it carefully. But as often happens, our great surprise when real life events confirm such a philosophy, because all that we are in the world through their thoughts, finds an echo in the universe.

So before you pick up a pencil and paper to figure helped to visualize your dreams and desires, you need to imagine them and think only in a positive direction. For example, you can not mentally say phrases like: "I want to, but I can not find a job" - you need to say otherwise: "I definitely find myself case for the soul and mind."

Of great importance is the emotional coloring to express desires, because when we are about something we think, then triggers the execution of this. The same applies to thoughts about health instead phrases like: "I'm tired of frequent illness" should be talking about how nice to be healthy. And later in the same vein. Well, if you think you will have a treasure map a specific plan, so that nothing is missed and not forgotten. It will help to create just one version of it, which will fully meet all your needs and desires.

 how to draw a treasure map

Practical advice

How did people make such magical visualization? This process can be compared with those in the childhood many of us have tried to make a collage by cutting out images from the pages of magazines and pasting them in an album. This means that when you will have the task of making a treasure map, a set of the necessary tools and materials will look like this:

  • drawing paper or a sheet of thick paper;
  • button to secure it to the wall;
  • glue or adhesive tape;
  • personal and, most importantly, successful photos;
  • magazines, brochures with bright pictures;
  • scissors;
  • pencils, crayons, paints and so on;
  • good music;
  • a positive attitude and sea fantasy.

Of course, you can choose to create a map of desire and a more modern way, for example, use computer graphics programs. But in the creative process and important game time children's associations, because they also contribute to the creation of positive thoughts and images. By the way, if you have a child, and let him take part in such an interesting case - he will be happy, and the concentration of good energy will be even higher.

Imagine what a treasure map - a life that you would like to have at the moment. Now that you are the magician, who with the help of a wonderful stick (in this case - pencils and paints) to turn the dream into reality.

Sector treasure map

So, let the room will be filled with music, and you grab a pair of scissors and cut out of magazines or advertising leaflets lot of photos and pictures that are in your presentation of evidence of the success and prosperity, health and beauty, joy and pleasure. In the middle of drawing paper or a sheet of thick paper, place your personal photo on which you look particularly impressive. Do not forget to entitle the future creation, for example: "I am grateful for all the treasures of the world depicted on this map, and what they have come into my life, to give happiness to me and my loved ones." This affirmation will serve a protective talisman against when desires are fulfilled, but do not go good.

Before making a treasure map for the content of visual information necessary to divide it into sectors, because each of them is responsible for a certain desire or "treasure." For example:

  • Information southeastern sector symbolizes abundance, prosperity and financial well-being;
  • challenge is the emergence of the South of luck in life, inspiration, glory;
  • Southwest contributes to the development of personal relationships, love and marriage;
  • eastern sector is responsible for the family and social ties;
  • under your photo in the center is the sector of health and harmony;
  • Western division is responsible for new initiatives and creativity;
  • in the northeast, draw or glue the finished image, which means knowledge, wisdom, and spiritual values;
  • Pictures of the northern sector will symbolize a successful career and choosing the right course of life;
  • Northwest is responsible for the presence of true friends, good mates, wise mentors, as well as opening up new ways of understanding the world.

Do not forget that eight sectors must be connected to a central, because that is where you are, or rather personifying your picture, which is the source of a harmonious connection and interaction of all the goals and desires of the map.

Why is it necessary to do so, it has to comply with a certain order to properly create a treasure map? Why not just stick all drawings, pictures and images, it's also entirely consistent with the task of visualization? If you notice this very idea has its roots in ancient Chinese philosophy of feng shui. She canons everything in the world is subject to a specific sequence, and the disorder interferes with the energy flows freely move in one direction or another light. It was then that the energy waves were heading in your direction, and you want to save the above procedure for creating a treasure map.

 how to make a treasure map

Drawings on the map and captions

Now that you've mastered the division into sectors, begin to fill in each of them the appropriate picture. If ready-made for the reflection of a problem is not enough, you can make a drawing of his own, even if you have no ability of the artist. After all, the picture quality does not matter - the main thing is, what kind of thoughts and desires, you invest in it.

  • In the sector, responsible for the health, in addition to your main picture, you can draw a silhouette of beautiful woman's body and sign this picture as follows: "I have the body of a goddess, I feel great! "
  • Where there is a zone of wealth, relevant pictures with cars, houses, jewelry, bank notes, etc. The inscription under the sector should reflect the fact that these desires are attainable, for example: "I bought a new apartment in ...... .. (specify any date in the foreseeable future)," "I opened a bank account in ....... (insert large amount of) "and so on.
  • The sector is responsible for a career, decorate pictures that characterize a desired job. If you want to take in the future post of the head, get the desired picture and sign "I am the president of the company ...... (specify)." Be sure to write the specific dates, amounts and names, it is only because visualization is complete treasure map and start to work correctly.
  • In the area of ​​family and kinship, place the image corresponding to your understanding of the strong unit of society. Suit family photographs from the archives of your parents, especially depicting the happy moments as well as photos of your children and spouse. Or try to draw a picture on the theme: "Mom, Dad, I - a great, happy, loving family."
  • In the sector of love and relationships, place a beautiful image of a representative of a strong half of mankind and write something like: "A man of my dreams - a loving and faithful husband, a wonderful father and a successful man."

All you need to make a treasure map in accordance with this principle. Do not worry if not all sectors will be filled, because you have a long life ahead, and it certainly will be a place for new goals and desires that occupy space or replace those visualizations that fulfilled or are no longer current.

Additional recommendations

Psychics recommend starting the process of creating a map of desires, when the moon is in the growth phase or the full moon. It is said that this will make a particularly strong visualization. Hang a personal collage should be in a prominent place for you. However, foreign bad attitudes can not touch it, because they destroy the positive component of your creation, and it can create chaotic, "frightened" the flow of energy. Therefore, if your environment there are people who treasure map perceived skeptical or even negative, put it in a place inaccessible to them.

It is best if this visualization will hang in your bedroom, because there she will be the first object, which you see in the morning, and the last seen you before bedtime. Dreamboard also should not be composed of threats, weapons, negative and gloomy scenes. After all, the purpose of its creation must be good, joy and love. Therefore, there is room only for the bright and colorful pictures.

Every person has its own personal desires and dreams, but sometimes it is very difficult to put into words, or clear images, and it is this ephemeral prevent their implementation. To learn how to properly formulate goals and ways to achieve them, and there is a treasure map. It's a method of creating your own reality, the future life of the program, which is using the power of your mind will be a powerful message to the Universe.

But do not forget that only the material component of desire will not benefit. According to Feng Shui, a person who is rich in spirit, deserves financial wealth. So be sure to try to make your treasure map there was a place for spiritual values ​​and needs. In other words, be worthy of their desires to reaching them, do not give up and do not sicken.

 Treasure map: how to visualize their desires

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