how to get rid of the smell of cat urine


  • Available funds
  • Tips experienced

Cats - being neat. Only here the concept of cleanliness, hygiene and cleanliness we have with them in some way different. For example, these scrupulous hygiene animals refuse to go to crap (by themselves!) Tray. Or do not tolerate in his house of another smell. Or strive available means to designate the ownership of a certain territory. Here's to these (and some other) reason cats living in the house with a man, sometimes write in a completely unexpected place for us. And so labeled smell cat urine we are nooks, carpets, upholstered furniture, and sometimes (oh, horror!) Our clothes and shoes.

The most sensible thing, of course, try to re-animal. However, the reason for such behavior often becomes bad education, or even a bad character and instincts. Therefore, such a trouble can be expected, even the owners of well-bred cats. And of course, if such a surprise to the owners of stands unique task, which will require an ambiguous decision. How to get rid of the smell of cat urine? Let's try to find the answer to this question.

Available funds

To begin with, there is always at hand. Each house will be found, if not all, then at least part of these funds:

  • potassium permanganate (potassium permanganate)
  • vinegar essence;
  • Hydrogen peroxide (gidroperita tablets)
  • alcohol (plain vodka)
  • baking soda,
  • iodine,
  • bleach (chlorine bleach)
  • laundry soap.

How to use these tools? Say at once that they help only in case of emergency measures, that is, on the heels of feline outrage. Inveterate smell bring these home remedies virtually impossible. So ...

  • Permanganic acid

Of potassium permanganate powder make weak (pale pink) solution by diluting it in warm water. This solution was washed soiled place. However, for cleaning upholstery and carpets potassium permanganate can not be used because it leaves dark marks on fabrics and porous materials.

  • Vinegar

It leaves no traces. It has a very strong odor that can simply kill the smell of cat urine. A solution of vinegar and place process, soiled cat. At the same time, you can add vinegar to the water when washing clothes and washed out with a solution of acetic upholstery and carpeting. Another advantage of this means - the smell of vinegar intolerance by the cats. So treated with a solution of acetic places they try to avoid.

  • Alcohol

The smell of alcohol also can not stand cats. In addition, the vodka helps to neutralize the smell of cat urine. So, as a means of rapid and antigadina an alcohol and vodka.

  • Iodine

Acts like alcohol and vinegar, daring favored by cats from under the toilet seats. The sharp smell of iodine interrupts smell cat urine and neutralizes it.

  • Peroxide vodor Oh yeah

Destroys organic matter and is able to "kill" the smell of cat urine. However, a strong disinfectant properties of this chemical compound adversely affect not only the traces of the cat's disgrace, but on any surface. Therefore, it should be treated with extreme caution.

  • Baking soda

Another chemical compound that has been used successfully to combat the smell of cat urine. From soda prepare watery gruel and applied it to the stained seats in the house, upholstered furniture, and clothing. When the paste dries, it remains of scrub brush or clean with a vacuum cleaner.

  • Laundry soap

The strong alkaline agent, is safe for all surfaces. Very handy for cleaning fabrics and carpets that first lather, then rinse thoroughly.

  • Chlorine

Aggressive chemical elements contained in many products for cleaning and laundry. It destroys crystals cat urine and eliminates odors. However, the smell of chlorine is able to permanently stay in the carpets and fabrics, and the chlorine is also dangerous to many surfaces, and to treat him too, need to be very careful.

As you can see, in every house there are tools available to help get rid of the smell of cat urine. Just remember that they only need to handle the pre-washed surface. If the urine is a long stay on the floor, time to flow into the cracks of wood, linoleum or leak under the sink in into the porous surface of the cement, fabrics and carpet, these funds can be, so to speak, thin.

 how to get rid of the smell of cat urine properly

Tips experienced

Experienced cat owners who have faced the need to get rid of the smell of cat urine has its own experience in combating this scourge. As they say "experienced" about this issue?

Inveterate smell of urine in the stairwell (as experience shows) you can destroy multiple treatment crap places bleach. Such places must first be thoroughly cleaned, and then sleep with bleach and leave for a while. You can also get rid of the stale smell of urine that comes from the cement floor under the bathroom or on the balcony. Another original method of deodorizing concrete surfaces - brushing them several layers of oil paint. Naturally, after preliminary washing and treating with chlorine, hydrogen peroxide or vinegar.

But as the advice of an experienced cat owners to clean upholstered furniture, which the cat pee. First, you need to wet the stain with a solution of vinegar, one part vinegar to four parts water. The fabric should be thoroughly wet paper towels and sprinkle baking soda. Ten minutes later stained place should be treated with a solution of one tablespoon of dishwashing liquid and five tablespoons (100 ml) of hydrogen peroxide. This mixture should be rubbed into the sprinkled soda stain, allow to dry and thoroughly vacuumed. Incidentally, this is one example of the combined application of available funds. It is said that after this treatment stained cat furniture is no longer smells.

In pet stores and in the departments of household chemicals can also find effective means to eliminate the smell of cat urine. Among them are specifically designed for this purpose and selected empirically. So, we get rid of the smell of cat urine purchase-ready means that you want to use according to instructions. Effective means experienced koshkovladeltsy note the following:

  • BOS - liquid stain remover;
  • Odorgon - Universal shredder odors;
  • Nioynonno - secure shredder odors with biological nature;
  • Orange-Oxy - a universal remedy for chronic destruction of any organic odors.
  • Natures Miracl - a special spray to eliminate the smell of cat labels.

 how to get rid of the smell of cat urine on their own

However, you can try any odor shredders (special or universal) and choose the most suitable. Although not always even the most powerful tools are effective. For example, very difficult to bring the smell of cat urine from the filthy shoes. If you can not completely wash and rinse shoes, then it will have to throw away, as even the smallest remnants of urine under the influence of moisture will again begin to publish an unpleasant odor. But this is only a small sacrifice that a person brings to the altar of his love for cats.

In general, you need to properly educate their pets and to monitor the cleanliness of the tray designed for the toilet of your cat. If this trouble happens, it is advisable to take emergency measures. Therefore, we must not only know how to get rid of the smell of cat urine, but also have special tools at the ready. So, just in case.

 How to get rid of the smell of cat urine? Choose the means and methods

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 How to choose linens


  • Recommendations regarding the selection of fabrics
  • Bedding based on cotton
  • Bedding based on other materials
  • Design of bed linen and size

All girls dream of a wedding. White dress, a sea of ​​flowers, champagne, amazing gifts and a real family life. And then there comes a different time, there are a few other interests. After all, how newly made wife will be able to equip their family nest, largely depends on the future life. This article is not advice on the topic of building a marital relationship, because this written tons of books.

Moreover, in practice, little tips outsiders who have helped, because of all the difficult situations have to find a way out on their own. In this way, and acquired valuable experience, which you can then share with their friends, children and even grandchildren. It's about a trifle, in particular that, for example, how to choose linens. It falls into the category of essential things in family life and, therefore, part of a wave of many young women.

Recommendations regarding the selection of fabrics

Regarding the choice of material, there are some valuable tips. After all, to the fabric of bed linen need to pay attention in the first place. While many young and inexperienced hostess first look at the colors, and only when you must lie on the acquired bundled understand that expecting another. So, picking up a package from the bed, read the indicated characteristics on it. The most comfortable sleep is a natural linen fabric. It will allow your body to "breathe" and does not cause allergies.

If possible, choosing clothes, you should touch the material to hold it on hand to see whether enough it is soft and smooth for you. Perhaps you want to buy the kit from the effect of starched bed as a child - then you need to look harder tissue. It does not interfere with a sniff as underwear. On its quality in the first place, says the absence of unpleasant smell of paint. A really good kit should smell like textiles, not chemistry.

To the right approach to the question of how to choose the linen, you need to understand what materials it can be manufactured. It is important to know that the very word "calico", "satin" and so on do not indicate the structure of the tissue. They are called the only way to weave. A fabric produced from bamboo, silk, cotton, linen and synthetics. And then, according to the technology used, they get to see the title. Because the best are natural materials that will be discussed in the article it is about them.

Linens, like everything that surrounds us today, has its own category. They are defined by and quality used in the manufacture of fabrics. The cheapest sets shtsya calico. I must say that, in addition to low cost, such underwear longer anything good can not boast. It has a short service life and is subject to deformation during washing. The average price segment is presented mainly sets of cotton fabrics a good wear resistance. When sewing expensive linen used luxury materials and original technology of image. This will be discussed further.

 linens how to choose

Bedding based on cotton

Calico - cotton fabric, which is made of plain weave technology. The history of its origin goes back to antiquity. Linen of calico practical, durable and, most importantly, does not require special care. It has come to us from Central Asia and Persia in the early sixteenth century, but at that time his properties were not appreciated. Previously, this fabric is made of bleached and then dyed her and complementary embroidered by hand.

Calico is dvuhlitsevoy material that is the same on both sides. This is achieved by special technology weave, which provides the fabric extraordinary smoothness and opacity, as well as high strength and lightness. In addition, a bed of coarse calico little wrinkled, well washed and ironed. Given the fact that the vast majority of manufacturers make this one hundred percent cotton fabric, linen out of it it is also environmentally friendly, allowing your skin to "breathe". Therefore, if you value practicality and simplicity of bedding, as well as love, that it is opaque, stop your choice on the set of calico.

Satin - fabric, wherein the brilliant and dense surface. Its manufacturing technology is used double weave. Bright satin shine and smoothness emphasizes dense twisting yarns. Produce high quality of its cotton and its external characteristics satin is sometimes difficult to distinguish from silk. The story of this kind of tissue has its origins in medieval China. It is made in those days by hand and was expensive.

To date, the bed of satin is optimal in terms of price and quality. Among the lasting durability and good-quality materials leading place takes this kind of fabric, linen because of it permanently retain its original appearance and characteristics even after numerous washings, as it does not "sit" and does not fade. Satin can also be attributed to the "breathable" fabrics, and, most importantly, it is often not necessary, and stroke, as he almost crumpled. If you like bright, light and smooth linen, which also do not need ironing, you can safely choose a bed of satin. That's your bedroom will always be elegant and aesthetic.

Percale also relates to a cotton cloth, and production technology uses the same plain weave, but also the sizing method. But it is available without decoration, as a technical material. By their smooth percale and sateen gives calico, but the characteristics of its wear resistance (due to sizing) is very high. This is evidenced by the fact that it found its use in the manufacture of parachutes. Percale and is made of natural high-quality cotton. If you value practicality and high wear, linens select this type of fabric, and it will not disappoint you.

Ranfons - tissue has an increased ability to absorb moisture. It is distinguished by very high density of weaving cotton yarn. In the past few years ranfons holds a leading position in the production of bed linen, and for good reason. The apparent advantage of this fabric is its ability to maintain its temperature, so you do not threaten to go to bed in the cold winter night or wake up sweaty hot summer morning. Ranfons also relates to fabrics of cotton and, therefore, has excellent consumer characteristics. This fabric is not deformed by numerous washing, and its image is always brighter and smooth. And if you prefer a deep and comfortable sleep, choose a bed of ranfonsa.

Bedding based on other materials

Silk - the fabric is very soft, thin and soft. Everyone knows that he came to us from China. Because of triangular cross-section of its constituent yarns, silk has the property to reflect light like a prism. That's what caused the brightest shine fabrics and beautiful play. It is hypoallergenic and has the ability of thermoregulation. Therefore, in the hot night of the sheet of silk is pleasantly cools your body, and in winter you get warm quickly in such a bed.

However, it should be noted that this tissue, despite good consumer characteristics, requires a delicate relationship. Features of operation of bed linen from silk printed on the package, so do not be lazy to read them before making a final choice. Of course, silk is able to create in your bedroom exquisite unique atmosphere of romance and passion.

Len - fabric is thin, durable and reliable. It is probably the most ancient history, since the first appeared in Egypt. Bed linen from flax also has the ability of thermoregulation, it perfectly absorbs moisture and is resistant to wear and tear. Perhaps the only drawback of this fabric is that its hard to iron. But the price of such sets of underwear is very high, and so we, in contrast to Europe, the bed linen is not easy to meet in stores. But if you want to give your bedroom a respectable status and appearance, the county - the perfect choice.

The fabric of bamboo fiber, which has recently appeared on our market, has already gained popularity among the population. After linens her bright, soft and durable. Set of bamboo - a very good choice. As this material is able to retain heat in winter and cool in summer, it is very pleasant to the touch and has antibacterial properties. Bamboo fabric absorbs moisture, but if you want to choose a set because of it, then pay attention to the peculiarities of its washing, drying and ironing.

In addition to these tissues, there are many others. Bed of poplin is certainly beautiful, but she has a transverse scar tissue. Jacquard underwear looks great, although it is expensive due to the fact that the figure on the invoice and it is felt by hand. Satin, silk weaving is two kinds of yarns, therefore has a bright glossy shine. As you can see, the range of bed linen is very wide and you can only choose based on your own tastes and wallet.

 How to choose linens

Design of bed linen and size

Of course, the materials of construction for the modern bedroom suites - a key issue. But we women, attach great importance to and has the look of our bed in the general concept of design solutions bathroom. Much depends on how we plan to spend the night - just catch up on sleep or enjoy a sensual and passionate feelings in the arms of the man she loved. Therefore it is necessary to give due attention to the choice of colors in the range of models offered.

To begin to address the Council of psychologists who believe that the intimate life of a young couple depends on a properly sized laundry. For example, a red satin bed making very passionate night together, but use it constantly is not recommended, because the main task of any underwear - give moral and physical rest. Therefore, reserving sets this and other saturated colors for special occasions, and for daily use is better to choose low-key pastel shades, such as light green, pale yellow, blue and so on. According to psychologists, pink tone a beneficial effect on the emotional state and help create a pleasant romantic relationship.

Classic white color has always been a symbol of purity and innocence, but the black is full of his antagonist. Keep this in mind when choosing a bed. By the way, is resting on a white linen, you can make your dream most complete. We know the effect of colors on human health. Blue colors calms the nervous system and, as experts say, helps fight colds, red underwear is contraindicated for people with vascular dystonia of hypertensive type (high blood pressure). If you are prone to migraines, select a bed to sleep pale green. Want to lose weight and to exert a lot of effort? Then avoid juicy orange shades - they stimulate appetite.

As for the pictures on your bed linen, the large flowers and forms contribute to the rapid in the loving plan of the night. If your plans to calm the already bright and passionate relationship, soothing pastel linen or fine pattern is just perfect for this purpose. Remember that the kits with geometric designs are best for a good sleep after a hard day's work.

If you want to choose underwear as a gift to a friend, then define who he is by nature. Individuals will enjoy a romantic bed linen in small and large flower trimmed with frills and ryushechek. People energetic, strong-willed and determined, you can present vivid sets in oriental style. If your close friend has the status of a business woman to please her and give a chic jacquard set of plain warm colors or unusual patterns.

To know how to choose the right bed linen, you need to understand and its size, as a duvet cover, sheet and pillowcases included in the kit may be presented in several different ways. It depends on the manufacturer, because different countries their views on the standard. When it comes to the popular two bedroom set, it can have several types:

  • duvet cover with dimensions 180h210 (215) 200h220 cm;
  • a sheet with the dimensions 175h210 (215), 210h230, 240h260 cm;
  • pillowcases with sizes 70x70, 50x70, 60x60 cm.

Lingerie complete a double "euro" has other dimensions:

  • duvet cover 205h225 or 225h245 cm;
  • sheet 240h280 cm;
  • pillowcases 70x70 or 50x70 cm.

A family-run set of "euro" is characterized by the presence of two double duvet cover with a width of 150 cm and a length of 210 cm each. In addition to these, there are other types of bed linen, for example, one and a half or baby. They have their dimensions. Therefore, choosing a set, pay attention to all of its characteristics, because they can not match your existing pillows and blankets, as well as the bed itself.

If linens are all more or less clear, then we must not forget that the young woman should be able to choose the right home, and clothing, as beautifully laid by the bed must comply with, for example, a good pajama set, seductive negligee or the original gown. And do not be premature to say that they all look the same. Maybe you just understand them well enough. By the way, I must say, at the home of each family should have a few gowns.

Terry cloth bathrobe designed to warm you with its gentle warmth of the morning and dipped into his arms after the evening shower. Satin - great clothes for the house, it can help to create the atmosphere to which you aspire, and the perfect accompaniment to your chosen bed. Current models look very nice and sexy and flirtatious lace insert on light short robe just bring to mind your favorite. Armed with this knowledge, you will surely be able to show all his skill and talent to bring to your bedroom is the mood that will be a good rest, or create a romantic mood.

 How to choose linens: young hostess tips