how to stroke men's shirt

The ideal man must be in a perfectly ironed shirt. But your ideal man? Well, anyway, you will surely seek to ensure that he looked (or nearly so). So, for the wardrobe and make sure it (where did they without us, carefully!), But the pants a shirt washed and ironed. So if you have to wash the modern housewife is no problem (thanks to technical progress!), Then the process of ironing, as yet, alas, is not automated. Therefore, this work is one of the most labor-intensive and "time-consuming". And when it comes to ironing men's shirts, it becomes clear that the occupation is not the easiest, of course, if you do not know how to iron men's shirts.

It turns out that without a specific skill is not easy. Therefore, if you are reading this, most likely, a skill that has not yet purchased and are only going to learn how to iron men's shirts. So let us now to discuss this burning issue and not leave the slightest chance of folds, creases, burns or other hazards.

A few basic rules

How to stroke men's shirt? First of all, you need to stick to the major (gold) rules.

  1. To facilitate the process of ironing a shirt, it is best to dry in an upright position on the hanger (hanger).
  2. Men's shirts should be ironed still wet, either do not let things dry out completely, or moisten it with an atomizer. In the second method of moisture, after the "spray" put the shirt on time, in a plastic bag (if it is evenly moistened).
  3. It is necessary to establish the optimal mode for each type of ironing fabric, not to singe and, moreover, do not burn the shirt. Cotton polyester - one hundred and ten degrees (can be steam) zhatye tissue - a hundred and ten degrees without steam, viscose - a hundred and twenty degrees (with steam, but without wetting), pure cotton - one hundred and fifty degrees stripping cotton with flax - one hundred or even two hundred eighty degrees, flax - from two hundred to two hundred and thirty degrees (with a lot of steam and heavy pressure).
  4. Shirts, dark and shiny fabrics should be ironed inside out to avoid shiny strips (las) or tarnish cloth.

But you will agree that knowledge of the basic rules to achieve the ideal result inadequate. But we are committed to the ideal? Therefore, we must also prepare for this important process, not to be distracted by trivialities. So, in addition to working mood should be even and properly prepared working place and tools.

Tools for a perfect result

What we need to do? Naturally, the very shirt (well, this should be no problem) and then, with the help of which we will hold it in a perfectly ironed state:

  • iron with non-stick coating, temperature regulation and steaming mode (however, even the most simple and cheap irons today meet this requirement);
  • ironing board, in which the iron men's shirts is much more convenient than on a table covered with a towel or sheet (though in the latter case, in principle, the ideal is achievable);
  • ironing board for sleeves (if it is - well, if not - also not a problem, we can cope without it);
  • atomizer, which is required in the event that the iron does not have a mode stripping or strongly overdried tissue.

However, all of the above - it is the perfect set for ironing, not only shirts, but also any other clothes. But if you are used to working a little differently (for example, no ironing board or spray gun), it's okay. If you know how to stroke men's shirt, that is the order of the work, the result will make you happy anyway.

 how to iron a shirt

Operating procedure

Opinions on how to iron men's shirts, diverge. Some housewives prefer to first ironed back, while others advise to start ironing the small details. The first option will suit most likely for very experienced hostesses. But those who are just mastering the ironing equipment it is better to try the second option. With a lack of experience in this procedure works will achieve virtually ideal result without much difficulty. Because, starting to iron a shirt from the back, there is a risk at the end of neproglazhennoe product or, on the contrary, a shirt with smoothed folds and the audience.

Therefore, the procedure works perfectly ironed shirts for the following: the collar, sleeves, cuffs, back, shelves. Such a sequence would allow stroke a man's shirt so as not to mash in the process already ironed parts. Let us consider each step in detail.

Collar. First, pat the wrong side of the collar. We do this by starting from the corner and going to the middle of the goal. Then turn over collar and just iron it on the front side (remember the rule about the shirt of dark and shiny fabrics!). In no case do not otglazhivayte collar Bend! The result of such a blunder will be almost impossible to correct.

Then pat the sleeve. How to stroke men's shirt with long sleeves? Start otglazhivat long sleeve cuffs need to (a smaller part). The cuffs and collar as a pat: first, from the inside, then the face. When the collar is double, then pat it unfold without folds on both sides. Then add up the cuff to the desired width (loops must be the same!) And only then smoothed along the fold. After cuff proglazheny stroking sleeve. Attention! Shooter on the sleeves should not be - it is (oddly enough) is ugly! To smoothen the sleeve without hands, put it on the board and smooth from the center to the edges. When it comes to the region, raising the sleeve, unfold and fold so that the edge at the center. Again iron in the center and all - exactly sleeve ironed without any creasing. The same procedure was repeated and a second sleeve.

The backrest. This is the "unproblematic" part of the shirt. Stroke it easy and simple as a sheet: it is not necessary to control the buttons and folds. The only condition for a perfectly ironed back - well the pressed joints between the backrest and shelves. Under the rules of the back of a man's shirt to stroke start from one side seam to the other (from right to left). First, iron the seam, and then back (upwards along the seam). Then unwrap the shirt and iron yoke and middle back. After this, still unfolding shirt and stroked the second part of the flirt once again the middle of the back and the second seam.

Shelves. We start with shelves with buttons. Gently decompose this part of the shirt, iron yoke (if any) and the top. Moving shirt otglazhivaem the rest of the shelves (not forgetting the space around the buttons). Also, pat and a second shelf shirt. In fact, at this - everything. But if something seemed too difficult, try another option.

Iron a shirt from the back

How to iron a shirt, starting from the back? Observe all basic rules otglazhivaniya parts shirts, just change the order of work.

Unbuttoned all the buttons, spread the shirt on the ironing surface and level so that there are no creases. Throwing shelves in hand, begin to stroke the back from the inside, and then move on to the sleeves, shelves and otglazhivaem least pat collar.

Another embodiment of the operating sequence: first - one of the sleeves, and then the adjoining shelf, a back, a second shelf, the second sleeve collar. Try all possible options and to determine how to iron a shirt that was not only correct and effective, but also convenient for you.

We are all very individual, even as it is washed or ironed. The main thing - result! And how to iron a shirt for best results - you decide. One is willing to start from the back, the other with a collar, sleeves with others. Which option you choose? And maybe you come up with their own way of perfect otglazhivaniya shirts? Try it, because the place of creativity is everywhere! But the ideal that, in this case, it is achievable.

 How to stroke men's shirt? We aspire to the ideal

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 Kettle can decorate the kitchen

Naturally, any more or less responsible mistress seeks not only to support his apartment in order and cleanliness, but also feasible to decorate the space. And often in regard to improving the interior room or in the nursery, she can rely on the other members of his family. But when you make food aid nowhere to wait. And so these are often the most important in all aspects of the room apartments remained without special attention. Rather, they are usually quite clean and tidy, but quite similar to the neighborhood, completely unoriginal, cluttered with typical pieces of furniture, the conventional techniques, and so on ...

And always a woman wants to do something about this state of affairs, giving the kitchen a favorable and original appearance. However, the desire is almost never translated into reality. And while options for decorating the space, there are many today. So, for example, an electric kettle can become part of the decor! Of course, we are not talking about the usual kettle, and the original design of household appliances, which produced relatively small quantities, as it is not for everyone. So what is today the original teapots to using them to give the original look of the apartment?

Firstly, it should be noted those models that stand out for their striking design. They literally attract views, as they have, for example, pink or light green color. Of course, against the background of the usual things in the kitchen, this technique looks very attractive. And if the tea is still light up when the water is heated, it will generally be one of the key design elements of the room, despite its relatively small size. Secondly, to the same bright enough solutions include appliances with some drawings. So, for example, there are models decorated with painted flowers or branches of unfamiliar plants. This is the more modest and conservative, but no less stylish interior.

Thirdly, there are those kettles, which, although still functional and useful, in general do not look like simple and familiar devices. Such kitchen utensils can capture the imagination of the layman. However, they are not necessarily immediately evident, but as soon as they fall look any guest, they will attract attention to for a long time. So, for example, the market today there are transparent pots, you can see firsthand how to boil water, and so on.

 Tea can decorate the kitchen!

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