the bride's bouquet

It will, of course, not of the bridegroom and of the bride's wedding bouquet. It has long been an integral part of the wedding party were flowers. And the most important thing was, of course, the bride's bouquet. In history there is no precise mention of where this tradition is born, but we know that the flowers were a symbol and optional accessory at a wedding.

So the ancient pagans bride adorned wreath of odorous flowers, according to legend thereby scaring off evil spirits. Tradition Greek meant wearing ivy which symbolizes eternal love. In Spain, an essential attribute of citrus plants were twigs that was to bring happiness and eternal love young. In Russia, even before the adoption of Christianity existed wedding bouquets. Kind of looked more like our modern broom, but the most important thing is the belief that he possessed magical properties that protect against all the ills of the newlyweds.

Its classic modern look bridal bouquet bride bought not so long ago, in the 18-20 centuries.

Wedding bridal bouquet is one of the most important parts of the image of a girl who has to blend in perfectly with her hair, makeup, nail polish, and of course, clothes. That outfit, whether it is a magnificent ball gown, seductive narrowed "Godet" or pantsuit, defines the style of the bride's bouquet.

But how not to get lost in such abundance of floral art and get exactly the bride's bouquet, which dreamed of? Let's try to figure it out.

 wedding bouquets for the bride photo

Pick up the bridal bouquet to the style of dress

So, ballroom wedding dresses and dresses A-silhouette obrazngoo most suitable bunch of classic round shape. He repeats silhouette dress, and thanks to its small size and restraint will make the image of the bride more additions and less cumbersome.

For a more refined and narrowed dress "Godet" or "fish", suitable elongated bunches that resemble in shape with flowing drop ends or long stern legs tied bouquet with beautiful ribbon. Note that this bunch of the same balance to the image of the bride.

For the brave women who have chosen a wedding dress pants suit, the bride's bouquet should be equally stunning and bold, and give the image of a bright accent. Fortunately nowadays choice extravagant floral compositions just great. From creating wedding flowers bridal bouquet in the form of baskets, couplings, fans, handbags, and more, he wants a bride. Here it is the main riot of imagination.

Bridal bouquet is best to choose when to choose a dress and come up with the overall style of celebration. For starters, you can search for the most wedding bouquets for brides, photos which can be viewed on the internet or specialized magazines. And, already having an idea about the desired bouquet, to go to a specialist. Or, in the cabin, together with the florist decide on the concept of the bouquet.

This selection of the bride's bouquet can take more than an hour. But it's worth it. Do not forget when choosing a wedding the bride's bouquet and the pore, the wedding celebration.

 Wedding bridal bouquet

Wedding bridal bouquet of season

It's no secret that the favorite time of weddings for honeymooners is the summer, when you can bask in the warm rays of the sun and get a colorful picture. Just for a summer wedding suit absolutely any flowers for the bride's bouquet, the main thing that they were harmoniously combined with the overall style of celebration.

But you can still look at several options Wedding bouquets that are most suitable for the summer pore.

Very touching and charming look to the bride's bouquet of wildflowers, such as cornflowers, daisies, bluebells and many others that emphasize youth and lightness of an image of the bride. If the wedding is held in an exotic location, then there would be appropriate such bright colors as Kala, orchids and lilies, which will give the mystery and luxury image.

And of course, bouquet of roses. They seem to always take first place in any season, as the abundance of colors and forms allow you to create unforgettable masterpieces.

For spring bride's bouquet, especially suitable seasonal flowers such as snowdrops tender, bright tulips, daffodils haughty, stupefying lilies.

In spring bouquet bride usually most common colors of white and green hues. Just imagine how gentle and original will look bouquet of tulips white lilies and snowdrops diluted, and the main emphasis is green satin leaves of the same color. Just magic.

But no less original in the spring wedding will look bright colorful bridal bouquet, consisting of green chrysanthemums, yellow daffodils and purple tulips. And if you add more here lilacs?

Wedding winter fairytale and charming. The same appears to us, and the bride's bouquet. The most common use of winter bridal bouquet of roses. They are none other colors riot of colors bring warmth of their holiday. And most importantly their dignity in the winter season, that they retain their freshness for the whole day. This bridal bouquet can be diluted with pine branches and portbuketnitse decorate gold or silver ribbon.

The main highlight of the autumn bouquet bride getting bolder tone. Autumn bridal bouquet can be orange, red, burgundy, yellow, honey, chocolate, golden hues. The main colors of this season, gerbera, chrysanthemums and asters.

Many women are choosing the flowers for your bouquet on the basis of their symbolic value, but how the criteria were selected not the bride's bouquet, the most important thing it has to stand out from the dress. Photographers always recommend a bouquet of red or orange color that give beauty and richness of photographs and will be a bright accent.

Bouquet of the bride, of course, should be easy, because it needs to "carry" in fragile hands the whole day, and of course in the end of the evening to throw unmarried girls. Nobody do not want to hurt her friends. And most importantly, the bride's bouquet, must be fun its owner. After all, he is the favorite to be next to fill it with positive emotions throughout the wedding day.

Good luck to you in search of the bouquet and happy family life!

 Bridal Bouquet - not without cost, no wedding!

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 Wedding Fashion Spring-Summer 2012: Fashion Trend - dress a-line

Every year, fashion is changing its rules not only in everyday clothes, shoes and accessories. Just changing trends in wedding fashion. Men's wedding suits, wedding dresses, dresses for bridesmaids, too, have the right to change their silhouettes and styles with the arrival of the new season. When studying the subtlest fashion show of wedding dresses from the collection of famous designers can be seen that the fashion trend of the approaching wedding season spring-summer 2012 will be a wedding dress in the style of "Princess" or "A-Line".

It is easy to understand that the name of the silhouette was because of the similarities with the letter "A": tight top and skirt, which diverges from the chest or waist down. Dress continuous line flows from the bust to the hem. Christian Dior in 1955 to describe the silhouette, used the name "A-line", that according to the Russian translation is a "Princess" or "A-Line".

This style wedding dresses are a figure in a favorable light, cleverly hiding the flaws and because nearly every bride fit for any figure. A-Line, consisting of clean lines, can hide a lot of flaws figures, for example, excessive fullness or thinness waist on some specific areas of the body.

Wedding dresses A-line long train and are perfectly suited tall girl. These dresses emphasize the dignity of the figure and give greatness.

For lush designers recommend brides dress A-line, with vertical lines cut and make a figure slimmer and sleeker.

 Wedding Fashion Spring-Summer 2012: Fashion Trend - dress a-line

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 Basic principles of individual image

The woman has long tried to create his own, unique style .  It is no secret that for the fairer sex is an essential part of the image, namely the successful combination of fashion, style and uniqueness .  Currently, fashion is not something - it's definitely a strict, making women alike .  It is no longer required to study fashion magazines every day, in time to catch the news .  It is enough to catch the main fashion trends in clothes, shoes, hairstyles and accessories and try it all expertly combine .  It is no secret that not many women can not afford to regularly update your wardrobe innovations dictated by fashion .  But this does not mean that they look bad .  It is a skillful combination of things already in the locker room with some - or a new piece of clothing is a major strength of the modern woman .  However, we must not forget from time to time to revise your wardrobe to create the dressing base, which will correspond to age-related changes, the status and the figure .  If yesterday you were a student, your outfit based mainly on jeans .  Today you - a business woman, and you need to dress up as required by your status .  But choosing attire must not forget that everything should be in harmony: clothes, shoes, accessories, hair style .

For example, the season spring - summer 2012 collection offers women a number to update your wardrobe, because there is the return of '60s fashion .  Shoes today - a high heel, platform and network .  Returns to our wardrobes shiny clothes and shoes - gold and silver metalic .  Logged into fashion in 2011 wedge looks set to remain for a long time .  Acute toe did not want to leave us for a long time, and in 2012 he was again popular .  Read all the latest fashions available at our online store, as we always have all fashionable and popular .  But before you buy shoes online, think about what you will wear it .  If you like patent leather shoes, remember that these shoes are not always relevant .  But the braids can be bought safely - they would blend in perfectly with fashionable this season long sundresses .  With coloring can also be free to experiment this season .  And do not forget about accessories - massive rings, necklaces, bracelets, style perfectly suited to your outfit .

In our online store you can pick up female sandals that are perfect for any style of clothing. Classic, with a closed pointed toe - for the business woman, the original network - a dress in the style of the 60s. Will delight fashionistas and colors of women's shoes - bright shoes and sandals, with all sorts of delicate inserts and fashionable this season rivets. In order to get a complete picture, you need to think about hair. The basic principle, which is recommended to follow this season - minimalism and give hair a natural shine and beauty.

 Basic principles of individual image