how to remove chewing gum from clothes

Thanks to a large-scale advertising of chewing gum "Orbit" and "Dirol" almost all people chew gum virtually anytime and anywhere. This bad habit for a long time took in a civilized society, the nature of the disaster. Going sometimes on public transport and in front of you is a charming creature, and rhythmically moving jaws to chew the cud. And there is another. A little further again and again. Well, tell me what it is not! Even more depressing this picture looks at the theater or a library. Children - all those chew almost all the polls. But that, as they say, bad. Well, I do not like it, okay. As they say, no problem. I turn away, and I will not watch. I have something for that matter! I guess, yes. Until then, until you run into this same gum, spit it out so sweet creation or stupid child, anywhere. But this is my problem.

The trouble that we will survive!

Certainly, many of us have such trouble. At times, you come out of the theater or bus, and on the sleeve of you, and what is even worse, to ... well, let's say, on the back of jeans icky sticky spot of grayish-white color. The mood plummets. Well, how to remove chewing gum from clothes now? Just like the sticky mass is not scraped off, and, moreover, do not wash out. What to do?

But we can not take your bare hands! Our people have found methods of dealing with this scourge. What is there to do! Do not throw out the nearly new jeans, or, for example, a jacket. Thus, we consider different ways to remove the stain from the gum.

If such trouble happened to you, do not touch this spot had to return home: do not attempt to scrape or scour it with a tissue. Part of the gum as you, of course, clear. Perhaps an even greater part. But you're chewing gum residues such their actions carefully votrete directly into the fabric fibers where clean them completely would be absolutely impossible task. And now getting to the house, immediately take drastic action.

How to remove chewing gum from clothes "cold" manner

There are several ways to remove gum from the clothes. The simplest of these is a good gum stuck to cool and then carefully remove adhering mess with my clothes. To do this, place the spoiled item in a plastic bag in the freezer. After an hour or so, having obtained it from there to work. Froze, chewing gum and crumble easily comes off. If it is more tightly mated with the tissue, and it did not happen, try a pair of tweezers to pick up the cud over the edge and remove it slowly with a tissue.

When you are away from home, and you do not have a freezer, Get a few ice cubes and in the same manner as above, try to get rid of gum stuck. You can try to put a rotten thing under a stream of cold water and scrape gum any toothbrush. To cool the gum stuck, you can use means for cooling chips «Freezer», which is sold in any shop of radio components.

But sometimes even after such measures, not all of the gum is removed from the garment, and it is the spot. What to do in such a case, you remove the stain of gum? For this fit dimethylformamide or dichloroethane. You ask, what is it? Do not worry, this is the usual fuel for cigarette lighters. Before you remove the stain, hold it over the steam to gum softened. Then apply the solvent and soak for 5 minutes. Then cloth collect gum from clothing, wiping away the stain from the center to the edge. By the way, to work with the solvent, check out how it will react to your thing, so as not to spoil it completely. To do this, from the inside to drip a few drops of the fabric and see if it does not change color, and even worse, there appears a hole.

How to clean gum from clothing "hot" method

Experienced people say that to remove chewing gum from clothing, sticky stain is necessary, on the contrary, heat. To do this, you need to iron the place with chewing gum stuck a hot iron through a diaper or paper. The molten gum will remain on paper. Heat the spot, you can use a hair dryer or hot water, and then to clean it with a toothbrush.

There is another original way to remove gum stuck to the clothes. It uses the principle that like cures like. To do this, record chew gum, knead it in his fingers, she began to cling to him, and then clean this ball of gum sticky stain on the clothing: sharp movements, unstick stuck, stuck, unstick. And so until then, until you clean off everything. Or almost everything. A solvent to clean the stain remains.

Well, the best way - hand over the thing dry-cleaned. After the allotted time you pick it as good as new!

 Oh, the gum, or how to remove chewing gum from clothes

 how to choose a laptop

Did you pay attention to how rapidly evolving digital technology? Even some twenty (yes there twenty, ten!) Years ago, a home computer for the majority of Russians remained difficult realizable dream. Today the situation is quite different. Buy a computer is not a problem. The problem is to select the computer. And not just (fixed) and mobile, compact, convenient and trendy laptop. How to choose a laptop, for example, at home or to study or work? Is there a difference between notebooks, designed to "target" or simply use as a home computer? What to look for when buying? How to make a good choice? Let's try to find answers to all these questions.

Purpose Laptop

The starting point for choosing a laptop should be his so-called purpose. That is something for which you need it: as a home computer, as an assistant in the school, as a business tool, or as a "play station". Let's start from the beginning.

The laptop for home use. With the latest advanced compact notebook models could replace stationary home computer. In addition to the compact notebook as a "home computer" has a number of advantages. Firstly, it is mobile and easy to carry from room to room, take with you to the cottage or on a trip. Secondly, it does not need special furniture. Third, it does not require additional equipment sound speakers or a webcam. And that's not all: if you want you can find even a lot of pluses. So if you solve the problem of how to choose a laptop for home, then pay attention to the following parameters:

  • screen size, which should be large, with an aspect ratio of sixteen to nine (this will easily watch HD movies);
  • Drive Blu-ray (the drive for reading and writing CDs in various formats);
  • hard disk space, which should be sufficient to store the photographic and video archives;
  • video card with high performance;
  • connector for external multimedia devices (TV, video): HDMI, S-Video, DVI.

Laptop for school. Small and compact laptop, netbook or rather - is an inseparable part of the image of the modern student. This laptop-baby without problems and will fit in a backpack and handbags. Student notebook must be equipped with a USB slot for flash drives (flash cards), more disks to store training materials, Wi-Fi module for connecting to the Internet, an integrated camera and microphone.

Laptop work acts as a support tool business. It is necessary for business trips and business trips, to show presentations and document storage. In this embodiment, are not as important specifications as the appearance of the notebook. Firstly, it should be easy to avoid burdening your stride and not to delay the arms and shoulders (remember posture!). Secondly, it should be quite stylish, that is strict and spectacular at the same time to emphasize your status and add a plus to business image. So choose the laptop is not heavier than three kilograms, with memory at least two gigabytes (2GB), with a large screen and the module Wi-Fi.

The laptop for gamers. It's kind of the same working tool that must have high performance and excellent video quality. As a gaming notebook with a suitable station or two quad-core processor and amount of memory (RAM) from four to eight gigabytes. In addition it should have a sufficiently large hard drive (HDD) to accommodate modern and rather "heavy" games. Diagonal of the monitor should be at least (and preferably more) seventeen inches, and dual video cards with SLI-connectors, support for DirectX 10 and the memory is not less than two hundred and fifty six gigabytes.

This is all the general requirements to the laptop, depending on what you plan to purchase. But when you select also need to understand the basic technical characteristics of the computer and the requirements that it must meet: the screen, processor, hard disk space, keyboard, and so on and so forth. Let us have a little more.

Laptop screen and form factor

The mobility of a notebook - it obvious advantage. However, not all models are perfect compact. For example, if a laptop is small and perfectly fits in the bag, he has a small screen with a diagonal, and this screen is not very convenient to watch movies. How to choose a middle ground?

Basic requirements for the screen - the resolution, contrast, and brightness. Brightness should be the maximum for notebook designers, photographers and gamers. For home use suitable laptop with a screen average brightness for students and office workers with suitable notebook model is not very bright display. An inertial screen affects the ability of "traceless" rapid movement of objects on the screen. This option is important for watching movies, video games, working with large volumes of texts and long-term presence on the Internet. Screen size affects the weight of the notebook. So take your pick: either heavy laptop with a large screen, lightweight model with a smaller screen.

Form Factor. The proportions of the screen for most standard notebooks. Typically, the ratio of four to three (4: 3) or sixteen to nine (16: 9). The greatest demand (and popular) are models with a widescreen TV. It is believed that it is more convenient for work and for watching movies.

On some models of laptops screen turns one hundred and eighty degrees and fully lowered onto the keyboard. As a result, the laptop transforms into a tablet without a keyboard. Model-transfomery convenient because they can be used as a conventional laptop and a tablet. This feature is important for those who frequently do not need a keyboard or even prevents, for example, while drawing.

 how to choose a laptop for the house

Processor and RAM

CPU - an electronic brain. From his power and memory capacity depends on the performance of the laptop. The more powerful the processor, the more the number of programs you can run simultaneously, and the faster the application will work themselves. CPU power is expressed in the number of cores, cache size and power consumption. The main feature - the number of cores. For text, office applications and "hang" on the Internet only one nucleus. For graphics, videos and photos, as well as for games need a processor with two cores (dual core).

Cache memory - is a mediator between the CPU and RAM, which affects performance. It may be the first and the second level and is denoted, respectively, «L1» or «L2». The higher the level, the better the performance.

RAM notebooks today is sufficient for storing and viewing movies, word processing and office applications and Internet communication. For all this will be enough of the minimum amount of RAM to one gigabyte. For graphics (such as "Photoshop") of this memory is no longer enough, so to perform memory intensive tasks necessary od two to four gigabytes. Well, if you're a man keen to experiment and set up, you will likely need a laptop with a "prospective" memory, that is, with the possibility of increasing its volume up to four (or more) of gigabytes.

Hard Drive

Hard drive (HDD) determines the amount of information that can fit on a laptop: software, text, images, movies, photos, music, and everything else. For home computer need a laptop with a volume of the disc is not less than two hundred fifty gigabytes, for use with office applications - about one hundred and sixty gigabytes, for working with graphics and games need at least four gigabytes. Well, if your laptop will serve only as a "window" to the Internet, before it is sufficient to have a hard drive volume to a hundred gigabytes.

Graphics Card

How to choose a laptop in accordance with this feature? According to this characteristic of all modern graphics laptops can only be of two types: with integrated graphics or retrofitted. Laptops with built-in video card in the process of using their memory, and they are intended for the students, office workers. Tasks, which can easily handle a laptop - working with text, the journey to the Internet, virtual communication. Notebooks with integrated graphics are compact enough and weigh not much.

To work in graphics programs, photo editing, gaming and high-quality movies requires a laptop with a separate (discrete) graphics card. Its advantage is that it is equipped with its own dedicated memory. Advantages of such a card as, the thoroughness and speed of the image transfer. Laptop screen with a separate graphics display the real colors, the picture on them changes more rapidly, and the small details carefully traced.


Unlike desktop computers, where the keyboard - and replaces the external device on all models built laptop keyboard. Therefore, after the acquisition of the mobile computer to change the keyboard you can not. And therefore when choosing a laptop you need to pay attention to this important element of the device.

First of all, look at how clear and sharp legible letters and symbols on the keys are properly characterized the Latin alphabet from Cyrillic. Pay attention to the familiar button layout - it should not be very different from the standard, otherwise you will have to re-learn and get used to the new order of the keys. Slight differences will still be (especially on compact models) so choose this option, which would have nothing to bother.

Check out the key to the "free wheeling" - whether among them sticky or popup. Try typing some text. All right? Then select the model (assuming everything else you too satisfied).

 how to choose a laptop

Cursor control

The touchpad that replaces the notebook mouse, called the touchpad (touchpad). Move your finger on it, you make and move the cursor on the screen. Instead the touchpad on a laptop can be a small stick (trackpoint), which is located right on the keyboard between the keys.

The touchpad is considered more convenient option than the joystick due to the ease of use and management of direct analogy with the mouse. Note the location of the touchpad - most preferably when it is located directly below the space bar, not exactly in the center of the stand.

Also as an alternative to the mouse touchpad or joystick, and most laptops are equipped with a small mouse. If the mouse is not included, you can always buy it.

Connectivity to the network

Probably (except mobility and compactness) the ability to connect to the network wherever and whenever is the main feature of the laptop. The more wired and wireless connections to the Internet can be done with a laptop, the more communicative value it represents.

In addition to its connection optical cable (for example, in the apartment) to any laptop can connect the modem to the mobile Internet (for example, in the country or on the road). In addition, any laptop model (regardless of class) is equipped with a module Wi-Fi. What does it mean? This means that in any cafe, restaurant, hotel or institution where there is Wi-Fi-network, you can surf the Internet with a laptop free of charge or for a small fee.

In addition to the Wi-Fi module in the laptop there is another very useful option (the possibility). This module Bluetooth (bluetooth). With this module, you can quickly access the Internet via mobile phone, transfer (also on the phone) music, photos or videos, and organize all your contacts.

Rapidly developing WiMax technology is not yet very common in laptops. WiMax - is an advanced analogue Wi-Fi, which allows you to connect to a wireless network with a large (six to ten kilometers) distance and in any country in the world, and provides high-speed Internet. So if you have the need for constant access to the network using a laptop, and a way of life you have a mobile, an option in your laptop will not be superfluous.


This is one of the defining characteristics when choosing a laptop. Because the capacity of the battery depends on the amount of time it can operate without recharging.

Standard time in the vast majority of notebooks when they are running on battery power - two or two and a half hours. For home laptop this time is more than enough, given that the source charge (electrical outlet) is literally at your fingertips and in every room. But if you frequently use a laptop outside the home or travel a lot on business trips, you need a "long-playing" battery. With a laptop battery can operate without recharging for five to ten hours. So pay attention to the battery of the laptop to the most inopportune moment you would not have to frantically seek an outlet.

Additional Features and Options

In addition to the basic characteristics of the laptop (CPU, RAM and hard drive, screen size) is taken into account and additional features, which has most of the models. Almost all modern laptops have built-in webcam and microphone (except models of economy class). They can therefore be attributed to the mandatory elements set. Especially that the majority of buyers and does not consider the model without a camera and a microphone. It is important to pay attention to the number of pixels in the camera and power (volume) of the microphone. For almost a must include headphone output, and HDMI (video and audio).

Another addition - the drive (disc drive). Notice what kind of drive on the laptop: read-only or writable. In portable models is usually only "read" drives. And for some models, it can be external, that is, only connect if necessary. So consider when choosing not only the basic parameters of the laptop, but also nice additions.

In general, in order to find an answer to the question "how to choose a laptop", decide, first of all, so what it is you need. Believe that manufacturers take into account the features of laptops that are used for different purposes and fields. Therefore, the seller will ask for what you are going to buy a laptop and suggest the most appropriate model. And you will only select the optimal configuration with which you are sure to handle!

 How to choose a laptop for the house?

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