how to choose a blender

Delicate whipped cream milkshake with air bubbles, diet fruit cream! And yet - chopped (no tears), onions, vegetable puree for baby food, ice finely impaled. In short, everything that you can mix, whip, grind using a single miracle device. And it's all about him, blender. Species of this wonderful hostess assistant in the shop are more than enough to ensure that there was a legitimate question: what is it and how to choose a blender.

In order to make the right choices and get a truly universal helper, you just need to find out more about it. To be more precise about what exactly blenders are and what to look for when buying.

Types blenders, their pros and cons

Immediately, we note that the talk about the good and bad types (types) of this device does not make sense. Since each type designed for specific purposes and handling. However, you need to know about the appointment of a particular type of household appliances, and even more, its advantages and disadvantages. So, all modern blenders presented in stores, divided into three types: fixed, submerged and combined.

Stationary blender - is attached to the pedestal bowl, in which the blades are at the bottom. This type blender for cocktails, sauces and purees, mixing and whisking the soft and liquid products. Its advantage is that it works independently (without the help of your hands), suitable not only for cooking but also for pouring cocktails can be used for mixing the batter (pancake, biscuit), is equipped with a self-cleaning function. The disadvantages of the stationary blender include some awkwardness and possible inability to grind vegetables.

Immersion blender has a metal or plastic housing with a nozzle, which is lowered into the container where you need something to grind or mix. This type of blender is best suited for the grinding of solids preparation of vegetable and fruit mixes, sauces and purees. Its advantages: compactness, ease of use for the grinding of small amounts of food (eg baby food). Disadvantages immersion blender: busy hands, which constantly have to keep the blender and not very suitable destination for cocktails.

Combined blender, probably the most versatile type. Because it combines all the functions of the immersion blender and fixed and offset their advantages and disadvantages. In addition, the combined blender equipped with additional nozzles (with a knife for chopping ice, whisk for whipping, a vacuum pump). So there is no need to talk about the pros and cons of a combination blender: in comparison with previous types they simply do not. Is that the price, which is a combination blender would be much higher.

Capacity (bowl or vessel)

Before choosing a specific type of blender, pay attention to the capacity. Here it is set to the volume and the material of which it is made. Volume - at your discretion. Choose a model bowl which will have sufficient capacity to prepare you for the usual amounts of food.

As for the material, here you have to choose between two options: plastic and glass. Advantages of glass tank: scratch resistance, long life, the preservation of transparency. One disadvantage, but it is essential. The glass bowl can be easily split by a blow or a fall. But with careful handling is a long time and qualitatively.

Reservoirs made of plastic and have a fairly long life. However, when they are washed in a dishwasher, this period may be reduced significantly. Reservoirs made of plastic, in contrast to the glass more durable (it's harder to break). But at the same time, this material is easily scratched and eventually loses its transparency.

So think how frequently and intensely you intend to use a blender, in what way are going to wash and select a model with a plastic or glass container. If any difference as the bowl you do not, then pay attention to the power and the number of rates you liked model.

 choose a blender

Power and speed

How to choose a blender to these characteristics? The power of the blender can be from two hundred to seven hundred watts. The more functions can perform certain model blender, the more power it has. What are you going to do with this device? For whipping cocktails and grinding the most products will be quite soft and very little power. But if your plans cocktails with ice (which need to chop) and grinding fairly hard products (potatoes, carrots, beets), then you need a high power blender.

If you find it difficult to understand the power of the device, then pay attention to the amount of speed, which is directly related to power. For example, a blender, having one or two speeds, will have the smallest capacity. Device average power - from three to five speeds. But if the blender six or more (sometimes up to 12!) Speeds, this means that this model has a very high capacity.

In addition to the amount of speed you should pay attention to their modes: turbo, pulse mode, infinitely variable speed control. The number of rates is, the more opportunities for different operations. For example, it is possible to adjust the size of cut pieces or uniformly mixed mass. However, in practice, the hostess are two to five-speed, which is quite enough for the grinding of products for the preparation of baby puree and whipping cream or cocktails. So it is up to you (depending on the purpose of purchase) as a powerful and high-speed blender you need. And do not forget to pay attention to some unimportant trifles.

Important stuff

Price. When choosing a blender remember that here is working normally, "the most expensive does not mean the best." Think, is it really necessary for you is a powerful and high-speed blender original design. Look better, as far as the stability of its foundation.

Choose a model with a broad and solid foundation. He even at high speed will not vibrate strongly and crawl on the table. The base of the blender can be metal or plastic. Plastic is lighter and cheaper. Metal durability and resistance.

Check out your favorite model at work: whether it noisy. Agree that the quieter will work your blender, the more comfortable the cooking process will be in it products. Especially if you have small children who are usually asleep when my mother needed to use a blender.

Naturally, the design and color for us, women play a crucial, if not, then a very significant role. So choose something that you really like and that fits your aesthetic needs.

Consider not only the appearance and characteristics of the blender, but also for the purpose for which you get it. Go to purchase wisely, because to choose the right blender is not difficult if you know exactly why you need one. Just choose the model that fully meets your requirements, you will be able to extract from the acquisition of the maximum benefit. And, of course, to get moral satisfaction from working with such a wonderful assistant.

 How to choose a blender?

 How to restore the enamel bath

As you know, nothing lasts forever. Sooner or later, everybody grows old, becomes unusable and must be replaced or updated. So what would be a good mistress you are, no matter how watching the cleanliness and order in the house, but there comes a point when the bath becomes a thorn in the eye. It loses its original pristine appearance and has no tricks on your part is not able to return the former beauty bath. That's when you need to acquire a new puzzling plumbing or look for an answer to the question of how to restore the enamel bath.

And how do you do? Buy a new or restore the old? Your bathroom needs to be replaced in the event that it is not subject to restoration. Namely, her deformed body, dents and cracks appeared in place of the drain (or elsewhere) broke away enamel. Another option when it is not necessary to restore the bath - it's just "want a new bathroom." Well, like, so buy. But remember that this procedure (replacement of the bath) will require you spending not only on the bathtub, but most of all, also on pipes and tiles that are sure to suffer in the process of replacement. So, having decided to replace the bath, tune in to a full renovation of all rooms bathroom.

But if the kind of "aged" bath just offends your aesthetic taste, and bath itself while still strong enough, you can simply restore the darkened and lost its shine and smoothness of the enamel. How to do it? Option two: invite experts or take up the case on their own. Yes, there is another option - to use acrylic liner that is inserted directly into the bath. This is a fairly high impact cover a variety of colors and shapes. However, to implement such a setup alone is almost impossible, and it will cost dearly. So we look at the first versions of recovery enamel bath.

Working professionals

Restoration of enamel bath specialists, of course, a convenient option. Firstly, the cost of the restoration work of the master not exceed the cost of installing a new bath. Secondly, you save yourself from more physical work and save your time. Third, if on their own especially not count, then for the services of professional money is not sorry. So look for the coordinates of specialists, call, call and enjoy the results.

However, to this joy it was full, and the excellent quality of the work, listen to some advice.

  1. Do not turn into the first company to you. Call at least a few companies and compare their rates and terms.
  2. Be sure to ask in what way experts degreased surface of the bath.
  3. Ask how long the company is engaged in similar services and can anyone give them a recommendation.

If you think that is not necessary to invite the master, and independently to restore the enamel bath you can afford to, choose the right time and get to work.

Restoring lung damage enamel

If the enamel of your bath to preserve the color, gloss and smoothness, but there are small chips, you can try to restore only the damaged areas.

To do this you need to take a porcelain powder (for example, a porcelain cup or rub saucer), mix it with epoxy and carefully paint over the place of cleavage. After drying, place the restored polish zero sandpaper. Instead of porcelain powder can be used small pieces of porcelain or titanium dioxide. They need to be in advance mixed with "epoxy" (without hardener) and leave for a few days, until the mixture is smooth. Then mix a lot with the hardener, to cover cleavage, the resin to dry and level the surface of the "patches" with a razor blade. True to fully harden the mixture will need about a week of time, during which it will be impossible to use the bathroom.

For the restoration of small chips on the cast iron bath is necessary to clean the damaged area sandpaper, degrease gasoline and paint over whitewash mixed with dry adhesive "BF". This mixture should be applied in several layers with a one hour break. The number of layers depends on the thickness of enamel: depositing them as long as the adhesive equals the enamel layer.

Another way - use white glue and nitroenamels "Supercement." Mix the same amount (in grams) of the components, degrease the restoration of the place with gasoline and paint over the mixture. For drying such mixture needed per day, and if necessary to repeat this procedure will only be possible after twenty four hours.

Well, if you do not have chips, but the enamel has become rough and spongy (this happens with cast-iron tubs), then refurbish her white nitroemalyu. To do this, degrease all the acetone bath, pour into it a little paint and carefully rub into the surface nitroenamels: so you fill in all the cracks and pores in the "aged" enamel. Repeat this procedure several times to remove excess paint dipped in solvent acetone. For good measure, the last layer of staining is best to use spray paint.

 restoring enamel bath

Recovery enamel at home

The work seems difficult only at first glance. In fact, it is quite simple, though time-consuming and takes a lot of time (about five hours). To completely restore the enamel bath on their own need:

  • well cleaned the entire inner surface of the bath of the old enamel any scouring powder without bleach and abrasive stone: Apply powder to clean abrasive wash crumbled enamel;
  • clean up all the irregularities and rust;
  • degrease the whole surface of the bath with acetone, benzene or other solvents;
  • wash solvent by filling the tub with hot water for ten minutes;
  • wipe dry all any hygroscopic lint-free cloth or blow dry;
  • Mix enamel and hardener;
  • Apply the first coat of enamel (or primer) and allow it to dry completely;
  • cover the second bath "parade" layer of enamel, making sure that no formation of bubbles and streaks.

That, indeed, is all. In general, each enamel instruction manual application indicating the mixing ratio of ingredients, the required number of layers, drying time and service life. But to the recovered enamel it lasts as long as possible it is necessary to observe some rules.

Care renovated bathroom

If you follow the rules of the care of the bathroom with the reduced enamel, it will serve you for at least five years. In order not to reduce this period in any case can not be used for washing of bath products that contain bleach or abrasive powders. It is not recommended as it soaked underwear and pour the water from the washing machine, if you use bleach wash. Clean and wash the restored bath facilities are best for washing dishes, using a sponge or soft cloth.

In short, after restore the enamel bath you manage (their own or with the help of the wizard), do not use to care for her any aggressive funds. If it is a liquid agent, it must be free of chlorine and the acid, if the powder, without the abrasives. And then at least another five years of your aesthetic and economic ideals will not suffer from the unsightly condition of the bath and bathe in it would be "a pleasure."

 How to restore the enamel bath? Second Life plumbing