how to wash feather pillow

Down pillows - very cozy and comfortable bedding item. And everything is good, but like her or care for, they still get dirty, soaked with dust and sweat. Sooner or later before any hostess raises the question of how to wash down pillows. You can, of course, pass it to the dry cleaner, but it's not to everyone's taste. Many people prefer to wash their belongings yourself. This applies to the pillows. You can wash them at home. What did our grandmothers and great-grandmothers-centuries. They erased cushion winter, freezing out on the street and down feathers. It was a long and tedious process, but after washing pillows smelled fresh, feathers become soft, and slept on her sweet and strong.

This is only a digression, because today such washing is not possible. But to put in order their own pillows, wash them, can any hostess. You ask how to wash feather pillows? Now we look at this in stages.

First you need to make a new pillow-case, which, incidentally, is changing, ideally once a year. Naperniki better stitching teak. After that it is necessary to make a light fabric such as calico or thick gauze big, twice as many pillow-case, pillow case, in which you'll be pressing and dry fluff. The preparatory phase ended. It's time to start washing.

And down and feather

For this purpose it is necessary to rip a pillow. This is best done indoors, to down and feathers do not fly all over the apartment. Then, prepare a bath or basin with soapy water. Pooh and feathers gradually lowered into the water. If you soak all the fluff immediately, it will be difficult to dry. Soak fluff a couple of hours in a solution of powder that had gone out of him all the smells and dirt. Then drain the water, and then press the down. Drain the water and wring out the fluff can be through a colander.

Now, should wash the fluff directly in a colander under running water, and then you can proceed to the actual washing. Again lower the fluff in the soapy water and thoroughly prostirnite it, rinse and wring out. Now it is possible to dry.

 how to wash feather pillows

How to dry fluff

Put into prepared fluff laundered large pillowcase sew it or tie a strong knot. Now prepared so you can scroll through the fluff centrifuge washing machine to its good squeeze. After that, a good shake their "cushion" to fluff fluffed up a little and distribute evenly throughout the pillow case. Check the touch, there is not any downed lumps down. Now it is necessary to hang the pillow in a dry, preferably purged, ventilated place. During drying, the pillow should be periodically shaking, beating and turning.

Pooh has to dry completely. If he does not dosohnet, the airbag will rot quickly, acquire a distinctive smell of damp, and you have nothing can erode it. Will only throw pillow. Dry lint Transfer to prepared a new pillow-case and sew it. All pillow ready - clean and almost new. Enjoy your sleep on a soft, fresh pillow!

We hope that we have fully explained, can be washed down pillows. Now that you know how to do it, safely down to business. Your pillow will serve you for a long time is now.

 Enjoy your sleep or wash feather pillow

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 what better to buy a gas stove

Experience shows that you can equip the kitchen or as "production", utility room, or as an area for pleasure. Utilitarian approach in the past. It becomes relevant to individualize kitchen space, combining ergonomics, aesthetics, design and comfort. With household appliances can be conceptually alter the interior of the kitchen. After all, it includes a large number of different size and function modules - electric and gas surfaces, grills, hoods, etc., Which can be combined with each other in style in any combination. But the center of all this technological splendor is still stove - a modern version of a home, which since ancient times has been the subject of special attention.

Fire for centuries served the people. Cooking without it is absolutely impossible. Since then, for centuries home has undergone many changes, but little has changed in the fundamental principle: the fire still used for cooking. Today we will talk about what is best to buy a gas stove. What are they, modern pockets? What they have undergone a metamorphosis lately?

Note that we do not talk here about cooking surfaces and ovens, namely gas stoves. So to start is to find out what is the stove. This definition is often used to separate the cooking surface and a structure in which a panel built oven. But the stove - is joined together in a single package in oven and hob.

Blue Light

In accordance with modern standards pipeline can be brought only to those homeowners whose height does not exceed eleven floors. The private country houses such problems. You can bring to the house as a gas from the main gas pipeline, and to buy gas cylinders, in addition to the plate. But then it is necessary to take account of other rules that apply to apartments in urban high-rise buildings. Gas equipment by current regulations can not be installed in rooms where the ceiling height is less than 2, 2 meters. In addition, in this room must be exhaust vent and natural light, the box must be necessarily window. Furthermore, it appears to play a role, and the internal volume of the kitchen. For a stove with two burners, he must be at least 8 cubic meters, and for chetyrehkomforochnoy - 15 m³.

But if your home meets all the above requirements, you will have access to all the advantages of using a gas stove. A main advantage of gas - its low cost compared to electricity. According to statistics users spend gas stoves for their use, on average, ten times less money than the owners of power.

It should immediately be noted that the size of gas stoves are not much different from each other. Their dimensions correspond to the standard and overall dimensions of the kitchen furniture. Their height is typically 85 cm, depth - 50 or 60 cm, and width - from 50 to 90 cm.

Pros and cons of the use of gas stoves

One advantage we have already discussed. It is cheap energy. Another advantage of gas cookers compared to electrical is that no special requirements for the container, which can be used for cooking. For example, electric plates in order to maximize the use of heating is best to use pans with a flat bottom. On the gas stove you can cook in the cauldron that is useful for the preparation of many delicious dishes. An important advantage is the fact that you can, at its discretion to adjust the degree of heating. Well, among other things, food cooked over an open fire, it seems much tastier.

But there are also some disadvantages, which, however, did not outweigh their advantages. Firstly, we must follow when using a gas stove of air quality in the kitchen and safety. Secondly, it is necessary to follow the plastic parts dishes - so they do not fall directly over an open fire. Well, they have to use a little more complicated - they are more difficult to clean than electric.


Burners are the very essence of a gas stove. Their number and power will depend on the performance of your cooking. Burners may be from two to six, and almost all the plates are different in capacity. The smallest - 1 kW average - 1, 75-2, 0 kW and powerful - 2, 7-2, 9 kW. Virtually all two-burner stoves average power alone - and a small one - increased. Burners pass dishes to 58% of heat generated by it, and the rest goes to the actual heating of the room.

The principle of operation of the gas burner is that it mixes in a certain proportion of the combustible gas and air. Gas will burn if its ratio in the mixture is from 5 to 14 3, 2%. In the case of the lower limit of the mixture is called "poor", and in the upper range - "the rich." For the ignition of the gas, of course, we need a spark. The construction of the gas burner such that a low emission of toxic substances, it provides a high efficiency of combustion gas. According to the norms in the combustion products should not be carbon monoxide more than 125 mg / m and nitrogen oxides - more than 200 mg / m³. It's no secret that we are constantly taking place in the gas networks of gas pressure drops. Gas stoves are arranged to take account of these differences: they have to work consistently with changes in gas pressure in the range from 650-1800 Pa rated at a rate of 1,300 Pa.

 how to buy a gas stove

New developments

The principle of operation of modern gas stoves is no different from their predecessors. But, nevertheless, you can not compare them because gas cookers have changed over the last twenty years beyond recognition. Because of their operation the main problem is to provide security, the modernization of this technique and it focuses attention. As a result, today's boards are equipped with a sophisticated system of protection against gas leaks. This so-called "gas-control", which provides automatic gas cut-off, if, for example, the flame will blow wind or flood run away product. We will not consider the principle of operation of the system. Importantly, it protects you from the gas leak, protecting your health and life.

But not all such innovations proved to be to their liking. The fact that the ignition of the gas necessary to keep a few seconds the depressed power switch, which is not very convenient. Gas-control system is required, to burner heated to a certain temperature, so that it is disabled. So some people, not knowing that this is how the system works safe from gas leaks, prefer to buy gas stoves without control, stating that they do not need.

But those who take seriously the issue of their own security by choosing what to buy gas stove, we recommend you take the one that is equipped with a security system. Moreover, the gas-control and is incomplete. For example, it can be controlled only the burner, but no oven. That is, when you buy should be specified what kind of system is gas-control, and that she is subject.

Another innovation was the electric ignition mechanism, which today is no surprise. Lektropod is normal and automatic. On the gas cooker with a conventional ELECTRONIC when turning the knob on the gas necessary to push the ignition button to bring up the spark. Burners with automatic ELECTRONIC lit automatically when you turn the handle.

Very convenient when cooking timer. Gas cookers with a simple timer signal just warn you that the cooking time left. Advanced same timer will activate for a given time, the plate itself on and off. It is very comfortable. For example, using a timer to your awakening will always be ready to breakfast. However, there is little nuance. Timer is set to power frequency of 50 Hz. Our networks do not provide this frequency, so the timer normally or in a hurry or late. Then the plate is not included in the time that you set for the program. Moreover, the error may be up to five minutes.


Gas cooker surface may be coated with enamel or made of polished stainless steel. Enamel famous durability without fear of organic compounds, including acids. But it can appear during operation chipped.

Cover the polished stainless steel, though more expensive, but look more impressive. In addition, steel is practically not scratched long and looks like new. But it is very noticeable fingerprints.

Very convenient ceramic surface. It is easy to clean. But it is fatal sweet liquid. Not long ago, very strongly advertised "gas under glass." Now these plates on sale there.

Wind instrument

The heating elements in the oven gas stove are gas and electric. Recently, manufacturers prefer to produce models of plates, where a gas hob and electric oven. This trend is caused by the electric heaters, firstly, provide a more uniform heat than gas, and secondly, to adjust the temperature of the electrical elements easier.

The heating in the oven depending on the model may be below, above, as well as the top and bottom simultaneously. In addition, there is an infrared heating, convection (heat ventilation), grill and all combinations thereof.

Choosing the oven, you should pay attention to the presence of sliding rails for the trays. It is necessary for safety - less likely that you will burn. Not bad also, if the oven door is insulated - in addition to the main window can be up to four layers of insulated, which also helps to avoid burns.

Those who use the oven, you know that the process of cleaning it - no easy task. The inexpensive models slabs self-cleaning function is not, and it is necessary to clean the old fashioned way - with the help of special tools and washcloths. The new models of gas stoves inside the oven is covered with a special enamel that provides catalytic cleaning of the oven: fats decompose themselves.

Gas chamber

Improper use of gas there are many problems. Everyone knows what threatens a gas leak in the apartment. But even if there are no leaks, gas stove can create other problems. Improper setting of the burner may form carbon monoxide - a toxic gas. Therefore, the correct operation of the burner is very important. Fully whether combusted gas is determined by the color of the flame. If the flame is blue, everything is normal. If the flame is burning low and hissing, then the air more than is necessary, and if the flame reaches up to the appearance of yellow tongues of soot, the air a little. With the release of today's gas stoves manufacturers care about providing the right mix.

We have tried to tell you about a fully modern gas stoves and hope that those who decide what to buy a gas stove, it helps to understand the choices that provide domestic and foreign manufacturers of household appliances.

 The philosophy of kitchen design: what is best to buy a gas stove

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