how to clean up the cabinet

Those housewives who manage to maintain perfect order in the cabinet, can only envy. Apparently, they have a special talent. Because most of us clothes and things are out there and hang "you know how." However, jealousy - a devastating feeling, and we - creatrix rather than a destroyer. So let's not be jealous of anyone, but rather learn how to clean up the mess in the closet, and some of the principles held by those to whom it is easy to manage.

The first principle. Divide and rule

In the first place all the things you need to be divided into necessary and unnecessary. First, sort all the things that you really do not need to (all). Remember that if the thing "nenadevannoy" stayed there in the closet more than a year, then you are unlikely to wear it again. And so - all overboard! It is a pity to throw away? Transfer to another place (a box in the pantry, a suitcase in the attic), but remove it from the cabinet.

Next, divide the principle of all things seasonal "usefulness". That is put in the season - closer that waits for the hour - aside. The main thing is that they are not mixed.

If the cabinet is not only busy with your things, but households and clothes, then divide it by private property. Arrange items on different shelves, hang on hangers and requires that all members of the family to maintain the order that you brought.

Another principle of separation - by type of things. Bedding should not lie down with shorts and T-shirts, jeans - from handkerchiefs and scarves and tights and socks - with T-shirts.

And the last "division" will happen as if by itself during the previous sorting. This division in the clean and very friendly stuff. You know that last sometimes lie around in the closet, and there is no place for them!

 order in closet

The second principle. Locate and enjoy

Place items so that the result is to give pleasure, too, need to mind. There need to know the basic rules of ergonomics and, of course, your personal preferences.

To the interior of the cabinet did not get close, use the box for storing socks and underwear. Sort them by purpose and fold into separate boxes. This will maintain order in your closet, using the entire shelf, including the vertical (usually free) space.

However, instead of boxes can be used and drawers (if available in your closet). As well as socks and underwear in boxes convenient to store shoes. Put one to the other, place the shoe boxes in a large cabinet compartment.

Knitted things supposed to be stored in a folded - on the shoulders, they can lose their shape. Fold into separate piles of T-shirts, sweaters and other knitwear. And if you're confused by the prospect of Education crumpled folds and creases on the things that keep them rolled up in rolls. In remote places place that has got less, and the most popular things should be "at hand". Therefore, they are reserved for the middle shelf.

How to clean up the cabinet if ties, belts and scarves and strive to be in the most inappropriate places and find them at the right time is just not possible? Keep all these little things on a special rack on the back of the door. If such a hanger is not, then do it yourself by screwing onto the door hanger for towels or conventional Velcro hooks. So they always be in full view (with door open) and look for them you do not have.

In a large office closet on hangers hang skirts, trousers, dresses, blouses, and the rest of the clothes that are going to keep in the closet. For the purchase order in the closet, not only the traditional hanger, but also the special racks of skirts and pants, as well as garments from stretch fabric.

 perfect order in the closet

The third principle. Remember Home

The main thing - this is the order that bring simple enough, but much more difficult to maintain. The absence of "extra" things and comfortable accommodation for you clothes will help keep order in the closet. Do not remove the cabinet crumpled thing, do not store dirty clothes there, put every thing on "his" place. To heighten the effect, put on the shelves aromatic sachets, dry spirits or just a piece of "delicious" soap: you may not want to clutter up the fragrant wardrobe.

Think own rules, such as those:

  • belts, bags, ties, scarves - on the inner sides of the doors;
  • rarely used things - on the upper shelves;
  • socks, tights and underwear - in boxes on the lower shelves or in drawers;
  • shoes - in boxes in large cabinet compartment;
  • Long clothing - on hangers.

This, of course, "truths", but fundamentally important. If at first to force myself to follow them, then these principles will soon be a habit. A habit, as it is known, is second nature. Believe me, that ideal order in the closet is achievable if you follow uncomplicated rules and from time to time direct the audit repository. The intended target and follow it - that's the key to success of any undertaking. So begins!

 How to clean up the mess in the closet? "Urgent" issue

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 How to choose laminate

The popularity of laminate flooring in the finishing of the floor is gaining tremendous momentum, and a huge variety of colors and varieties presented decors of this material is able to please anyone, even the most exacting taste. Therefore, in order to answer the question of how to choose laminate requires some knowledge of its advantages over other materials, and the ability to understand the performance characteristics of the coating.

Advantages of the laminate

Laminate really has so many advantages: it does not fade in the sun, eco-friendly, spots of different origin can be easily removed from the surface by a conventional acetone. The laminate coating completely no harmful substances for man, so people with high allergenicity feel most comfortable in the rooms, the floor of which is decorated with this material.

Laminate flooring is typical very large margin, he was not afraid of any mechanical effects. On the floor with a laminate can walk on his heels, moving furniture, dropping cigarette butts - no trace at the same time it does not remain. Another undeniable advantage to the material such as flooring, is that it requires no special handling - no varnishing or polishing or tsiklevaniya.

The laminated cover is very easy to assemble, which is done by a simple click of panels interconnected by cutting the tongue and groove. This cover can easily be dismantled in the event of, for example, moving to a new residence.
The design of the laminate

In the method of production and the type of feedstock used laminate different manufacturers may vary somewhat, but in any case the structure of the laminate includes at least four layers: a base (plate-based fiberboard or particle board), the surface of which is covered with a decorative layer, a protective layer and a lowermost - stabilizing layer . Also possible to use various additional layers.

Depending on different specifications, the thickness of the upper layer and the amount of melamine resin in the composition varies considerably durability of the laminate and its scope.

 How to choose laminate color

Classes of operation

Choosing the right laminate is a snap if you have an idea of ​​its classification performance. The laminate is subjected to various tests to 18 tests for abrasion resistance, scratch resistance, impact resistance, light resistance, water resistance, etc.
Based on the results of these tests laminate assigned a class operation. According to the type of application identified two main groups of laminate - for the public (commercial) and residential buildings.

For commercial use in places with high traffic of people used 31, 32 and 33 classes of operation. The highest wear class 33 of the laminate, it can be used in airports, shopping malls and other large public institutions. Laminate 31 class is quite suitable for rooms in hotels and small offices.

For residential uses the laminate 21, 22 and 23 classes, the operation of which must not exceed 5-6-year period. The greatest burden falls on the floor in such rooms as hallways and kitchens, so here it is advisable to use 23 grade. Less than passable and children are living so they can use laminate 22 classes. At the same offices, bedrooms and home libraries load floor is quite small, so you can apply the laminate 21 classes.

Meanwhile, to increase the life of the laminate professionals recommend use for home use cover a group of commercial premises. This is achieved by increasing the duration of its operation several times. The service life of the laminate under these conditions of use can be 15-20, and even 25 years. Therefore, some manufacturers offer a lifetime warranty on its products.

Laminate Thickness

When choosing a laminate is very important to consider its thickness, since it affects the behavior of the floor under load and thermal conductivity. The optimum thickness of 8 mm is considered to be, but if you want to save, you can choose a laminate thickness of not less than 7 mm. However, when using the laminated coating together with its heating systems require a smaller thickness and a smaller amount of heat for heating. But at the same time, it is worth considering that the thickness of a laminate of more than 8 mm, it is more resistant to various stresses.

 choose the right laminate

Disadvantages of laminate

In fairness it should be noted and disadvantages of laminate, but in fact they are relatively few. Perhaps its main disadvantage can be called low water resistance, long-term contact with water covering laminate may undergo significant changes in appearance.
It should be noted that the important thing is not to mix with water resistance moisture resistance of this material, as provided relatively constant humidity it can last for quite a long time. The laminate may be subjected to wet cleaning, the only thing you need to be careful and use for this special fluid.

Another serious drawback is its gulkost laminate, which is associated with a large resonating ability chipboard panel on which it is based. When walking and falling objects may cause a loud enough sound, but what can fairly quickly get used to. To some extent, this inconvenience can save the noise insulating substrate, which produce many of the company supplying the laminate market.

Another drawback can be rather subjective call artificiality of finishing material. Laminate is difficult to compete with parquet flooring and solid wood planks of wood, but it is absolutely safe for health and environmentally friendly materials.

Selection laminate by color

How to choose laminate color? This issue is really important for those people who carry out repairs in the apartment without the help of a designer. Let's try together to deal with this problem.

From the correct color and texture laminate flooring depends largely on the perception of the interior as a whole. Therefore, take this to be a serious, premeditated all aspects related to its goals. Do not blindly follow fashion, and listen to the advice of many friends in the selection of cover for your own home.

Most often, the laminate is selected based on the color of the door that you plan to purchase. Also it is necessary to focus on the general concept of the interior, because the laminated coating, chosen in contrast to the furniture looks in the interior is also particularly advantageous.

Today, the most popular are the types of laminate simulating valuable breeds tree- beech, oak, walnut. Dark laminate is often bought for hallways and living rooms with bright furniture, but it should be borne in mind that on the surface is very noticeable dust and dirt. Bright, contrasting types of invoices are suitable for the living room and the children's registration, and the bedroom is more appropriate laminate with soft color transitions.

 How to choose a laminate?

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