how to choose a dog

Finding your way in a huge variety of breeds and types of dogs is difficult, so the choice of the dog should be taken very seriously. How to choose a dog, and what criteria it should be guided by - the answers to these questions we will try to understand this article.

Absolutely versatile breed does not exist, and that then there was no regrets about choosing the perfect, you need to first of all define the same time, why do you need a dog. Let's start with a definition of types of dogs, there are three major groups of rocks - is hunting, utility and decorative dogs. Each of them will talk in more detail below.

Decorative dogs

Decorative dogs are small and medium in size and very different temperaments and nervous types. Because of their physical features powerful defender in their face you can hardly gain, but as a live signal, they should be fine. For example, when trying to penetrate into the apartment outside, a small lap dog starts barking at the first sign of fuss on a staircase near the door of her hosts. With such a small and nimble protectors can be very difficult to handle, so the attacker has to be cleaned more often than back home in good time. In general, to have such a small "security system" can be very useful, especially if the owners of apartments are not wealthy elderly.

Another useful argument in favor of small dogs is that with it you absolutely ensured frequent walks in the fresh air. And people suffering from many diseases such exercise are essential to maintain health, but to promote themselves on the regularity of such trips outside or to the park is quite difficult. When there is an animal in the apartment, which, willy-nilly it is necessary to walk at least two to three times a day in all weather conditions, it becomes a necessity.

However, it must be remembered that even a decorative little dog - it's like a dog and take care of her need to constantly and in full. Therefore, if you are allergic to wool, it is necessary to restrict the institution or short-haired breed, either without the coat, as in the moulting of the small dog is a lot more hair than even larger.

Often seen as the decorative use of dogs other specializations, such as hunting. It would be quite burdensome for you, if you are not ready for a long forced march several kilometers instead of the fifteen-minute walk. However, the use of certain hunting species of rodents as fighters and home guards can be very helpful. It may be, for example, varieties of pinscher, taxi or fox terriers.

Poodles can also perfectly fulfill the role of "living alarm", but can often bark without cause, such as cats, dogs and other boys in the yard. In addition, they are very artistic, well trainable and able to give their owners a lot of positive emotions.

 choose a dog

Hunting dogs

About a hunting dog can be a lot of detail and write, but in a review article that does not make much sense, tell them only two terms. All hunting dogs are divided into specialty. For example, burrowing can not be used as pointers, beagles - as burrowing etc. Choose a hunting dog is quite simple, the main thing we should remember that it is working dogs and have to spend a lot of time to their education and training. This dog can be the perfect companion for walking and another for children, but it is unlikely to be able to protect you adequately.

Dog guards

What to choose as a dog guard his house? This question is often given by the owners of small and large houses and gardens. Small mongrel dog may be able to play the role of an alarm, alerting owners to visit their territory uninvited guest, and in the event of an attack can grab the leg.

To protect a large area with many different buildings much more difficult. One dog here would not be enough, because it can be easily distracted. Two to three dogs if they are placed at several locations, securely block the portion of the perimeter, but they can not protect its host, if necessary, or to move to another point.

To protect the gardens of medium size located on them houses optimal number of dogs would be two or three, one of which must necessarily be female (they are smart and sensitive). The team will need to train and coach. It is desirable that the dog passed as a general course of training, and the individual.

For once not find what you knowingly feed their dogs better advance funds to take care of their additional training. For service in the garden or courtyard is well suited to large-sized dog developed a woolen cloak. Even in winter these dogs for a stay in the fresh air will bring only benefits. However, there are moments that are worth paying attention to.

To supply a team of several dogs need to build a whole kitchen, and expenses will be quite large. For such a guard will also have to continuously monitor, track the status of dogs treated for ticks, worms and so on. D. If the dogs are placed on the block - the posts, you should regularly observe without podtopilo Whether booth, do not get confused whether the chains and leashes, and so on. N.

In order to protect the apartments and cars, as well as for the use of personal bodyguards are most suitable short-haired or rough-breed dog, have a strong constitution, excellent intelligence and sensitivity, easy to train. A more powerful dog with increased excitability or too inhibited can create a lot of problems when it is used as a guard.

 how to choose a dog

What to look for when choosing a dog?

To answer the question of how to choose a dog like you need to match their requirements and features of his personality, the character of the opportunities and needs of their future pet.

So, if you - a man who has very little free time, and you rarely spend it at home, you need a pet that does not raise the entire apartment, "upside down" and not get bored alone. In such a situation it is better to choose a dog, loving to soak up and lie, which does not require a lot of movement. For example, one of the species is considered to be lazy bassethaund.

If we imagine the reverse situation, that on the contrary a person has plenty of spare time, he will approach a dog that will become a constant companion in all sorts of walks and travels. This dog is unlikely to get tired quickly and freeze in the cold day, and a long walk will not be a burden to her. Such rocks at least half of the total amount, so the choice is varied.

For a person with a weak physical preparation will be difficult to cope with the huge and powerful dog, so to dog you always obeyed, better to choose a toy poodle, Italian greyhound, or Yorkshire.

How to choose a dog a family man?

If you have a family with small children, it is important to choose a dog that will be able to tolerate handling and twitching tail of your baby. The best choice in this case would be the large size calm dog with a good temperament. Because it is big enough, it will be easy to resist the onslaught of children, and because of its reasonableness, it will be very indulgent to pranks of children. In this situation, we can advise a diver with his all known good character, though it must be properly educated. Perfectly suited for a large family hunting dogs, because thanks to a good education, they are very restrained and patient, and their loyalty is not in doubt.

For inveterate dandy mod and perfect little lapdog. The most popular of ornamental breeds are now all over the world is a Yorkshire - Terrier. Another favorite - the baby can become for you a Chihuahua, but it is worth considering that the nature of it is quite capricious, and often tries to have his own. You can also recommend dog, lap dog or a Pekingese, they are no less than other fashionable now.

What kind of dog to choose lonely and defenseless man?

Indeed, in this case, you need not only a great defender and devoted friend, but also tolerant of permanent visits guest dog. For this purpose the best miniature poodle as a best friend and understands you do not find a companion. Choose a dog of this breed - it means to acquire not only a faithful companion, but also a very positive and able to lift the mood pet. After dwarf poodles constantly entertained his master, doing a variety of tricks and can deliver a lot of fun minutes. However, it should be remembered that the dogs of this breed is very badly transfer loneliness and may be nervous in the company of strangers.

And as a good and reliable protection is better to buy a Great Dane, as he has sufficient power and strength. Although many consider it rather phlegmatic and cold-blooded creature, in fact he is very emotional to end the life of a child is having a pure heart and a naive soul.

Dog for an elderly person is better to choose not large, because this dog has decent power and constant care for her needs sufficient physical capacity. In this situation, a great option is a dog of small or medium-sized, for example, a small dog or a hunting breed terrier. It is also well suited for a middle-aged man miniature poodle, chihuahua, dachshund, Tibetan Terrier and Maltese. They have a calm disposition, and not so mobile, why not require long and extensive walks. Coping with them is also much easier than, for example, a shepherd, having strong will and great physical strength.

 How to choose the right dog?

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