How to choose a monitor for your computer

Notebooks, netbooks, laptops and PDAs more confidently enter into our lives, making the usual desktop computers to make room. But! Undisputed benefits of this digital device left him a lot of chances to compete. And we continue to buy the house is such computers. Especially that equip it with all the components can be on your own. Here, for example, how to choose a monitor for your computer?

It is understood that tube monitors - this is the last (if not the day before yesterday) the day, but in the shops they will not find. So let's see, what to when choosing a very "today", and therefore the most accessible and inexpensive LCD monitor: the guide the choice and what to pay attention to the nuances.

Place of purchase

Given that the LCD monitor will serve you for a very long time and will not need to be improved, it does not skimp on costs. And so the monitor should be sent only in specialized and large stores, where you will be given almost unlimited freedom of choice. In addition, these stores operate Competent (usually) consultants who can give good advice and answers to many questions related to the selection of the monitor.

You can still use the services of online shops. However, in this case, firstly, from the virtual store must have a good reputation, and secondly, you have to know exactly what kind of monitor you need. Because modern online stores offer a wide range of no less than ordinary. So, we arm the necessary knowledge about the subject of purchase.

Outward appearance

This is the first thing we are interested in selecting the monitor. Of course, a wide variety of color LCD monitors do not differ. All that can offer you the modern manufacturers, it's black, silver, black and silver, white and (in rare cases) dark blue color. However, we are still a long think and choose. Do not bother. Choose what you like, that is better suited to your interior - image quality color monitor is not affected. It is better to pay attention to its diagonal and format.

You have to choose among models with a diagonal from fifteen to thirty inches. The larger the diagonal, the more detailed the image on the monitor. The most "running" models - Nineteen (and a little more), and a clear picture, and the picture does not slow down. In general, guided by their needs. For professional graphics work or for play, it is desirable to choose a large monitor for a more prosaic goals fit the screen and at a diagonal.

The format of modern monitors can be square or rectangular. Rectangular also called widescreen monitors. Habit 4: 3 today supplanted by models with a 16: 9 or 16:10. This, in general, is understandable. It is believed that for a widescreen monitor is easier to work and play or watch movies.

 How to choose an LCD monitor for your computer

Specifications affecting the image quality

From that, what are the technical parameters of the estimated quality of the monitor also does not hurt to find out. After all, you want to buy high-quality and convenient monitor? Therefore, it is desirable to ask when buying its brightness and contrast, resolution, viewing angle, speed and response time. How to choose an LCD monitor for your computer, taking into account these characteristics?

Brightness. This is not a particularly important parameter. But if you have to work with the materials that were initially not sufficiently bright, the monitor settings will enable it to increase. However, the constant increase in the brightness can shorten the life of the monitor, and your vision will affect not the best way. Standard brightness of the LCD monitor is three hundred candelas per square meter (cd / m2). Contrast also affects the image quality, but adjusted to suit your own needs. However, the abuse of viewing images on a monitor with a maximum contrast setting will also reduce battery life.

Angle determines how well you will be able to see the image on the monitor is not just sitting in front of him, but more on the side. For example, sitting in a chair or lying on the couch while watching a movie. The important thing is that the larger the angle, the better. And its standard size - sixty degrees.

Screen resolution - a characteristic of the so-called "density" of the image. The higher the resolution, the more detailed the picture appears on the monitor. In addition, monitors with higher resolution can increase the area of ​​the "desktop" on your computer and place it on the set of working folders and shortcuts. And the quality of the graphics files or games on this monitor is better. So the higher the resolution of the monitor, the better.

The frequency and response time. This is probably the most obscure technical parameters. But in reality, everything is quite simple. Response time - amount of time it takes to change the image. That is, the time during which a pixel on the screen changes color. The shorter the interval, the change is less noticeable image. Although current models of monitors, this option is no longer relevant. Manufacturers have ensured that any "object" moving across the screen without a visible plume. Frequency - the characteristic flickering or twitching of the screen image. This parameter is adjusted according to your own request to the picture quality.

Other specifications and features

Energy consumption. This characteristic is important for the budget conscious buyers. The economical monitor, the less will have to pay for electricity. Note that you can not only monitor location on the table, but also on the wall. Many models are equipped with additional brackets for wall mounting. See how "dynamic" chosen your monitor, that is, whether it has the ability to rotate at different angles (up-down, right-left).

Ask whether there is a built-in monitor additional devices. For example, mounted speakers, not only will save you from having to buy the speakers, but will not clutter up the table. A built-in TV tuner will turn into a real TV monitor. Well, if you really in your monitor will be built-in speakers, it would be nice to have both a microphone.

It is desirable that your new monitor is connected to the processor via a digital interface and DVI-connector, designed especially for video transmission from the processor to the screen. Built-in video camera also will not be superfluous for a short communication over the Internet: video on Skype, online games, video conference. But the most-advanced models - it monitors with 3D images. You might be interested, and such innovation.

Yet another important option you selected monitor - safety. What are the security requirements apply to the monitor?

  • Ergonomics. Visual brightness and contrast, aspect ratio, color reproduction, image stability. Ergonomics: the ability to turn the monitor at different angles.
  • Radiation of electric and magnetic fields, static electricity, noise produced by the monitor (if it has a cooling system).
  • Electrical Safety: protection against electric shock.
  • Environmentally friendly: the permissible content of harmful substances in materials and where the monitor is made.
  • Energy saving.

All these (and some other) requirements are regulated by standards TCO and MPR. So, if your monitor has a future nakleechka such abbreviations, it's okay - it is safe.

Control shot

Determined finally to model and find out all the technical specifications, you will make a "control shot". Namely - to check the monitor on the defective pixels. How to do it? Alternately, to change the desktop image on a monochrome background. If a certain color screen is clean and it is not observed the black (or other colors) points, everything is fine. In fact, many manufacturers are quite admit the presence of the monitor no more than three non-working (dead) pixels and do not consider such a product is defective. In this case, you will need to just see another instance of the same model.

Well? How to choose a monitor for a computer to understand? Terms such as "response time», «DVI-connector" and "dead pixel" You do not scare? So make the right choices and successful purchase you must succeed!

 How to choose a monitor for your computer?

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 How to clean blinds

That seemed to be what is useful, convenient and hassle-free device - blinds. Excellent protection from the sun, the interior "modernize", but up to a certain time. At one point, blinds somehow suddenly immediately lose its luster and shine, they become visible dust and dirt, but it still fat and smoke (if in the kitchen). "So much to - do you think - should be washed! ". But how to wash the blinds, if they have never made, and indeed, if such a prospect is not very happy?

Do not be afraid, do not be discouraged - you are not the first, not you last. It's not so scary and not so difficult. Fortunately, the experience of cleaning and washing the blinds mistresses accumulated considerable. And you just have to learn from this experience, the most useful and necessary and, therefore, put it all into practice. Well? We begin to draw?

What are the blinds can be washed, and which can not?

In fact, you can wash any blinds. Although manufacturers blinds made of wood and straw do not recommend this method of care, some particularly zealous mistress manage to wash even these blinds.

Yet you can not wash the blinds with special impregnation. The water will be collected on them dirty droplets slide, leaving ugly divorce, then that would be difficult to clean off. These blinds should be cleaned by dry method.

As for the other species, the most trustworthy material for washing shutters considered plastic. His and wash something really optional, enough to wipe with a cloth soaked in soapy water. The most versatile material - fiberglass. These blinds can be vacuumed and clean, dry cloth and wipe with a damp sponge, and if not washed like normal curtains.

Metal blinds are easy to clean and without washing, but strong pollution quietly tolerate washing in water with special means. Wooden blinds can be washed only when absolutely necessary, because the tree is a tree, and under the influence of moisture may swell and lose shape.

The most capricious considered fabric blinds. Most manufacturers of blinds only warn about the possibility of a dry cleaning, while the fabric often requires washing it. But, as experience shows, our hostess desperate successfully wash that can not be washed and washed that washed prohibited. The secret is how to do it.

Options washing

Well, there's little we have no choice: either we do my shed, or remove from the window and then my, or even wash (by hand!). Again, as experience shows, the second option is preferable. Well, judge for yourself, without having to remove from the window blinds can easily be vacuumed or wiped with a damp cloth or brush to clean. But washing (currently with water and detergent) is fraught with the fact that in the course of such a radical cleansing will become clear only the blinds. But the window, walls, window sills, and more just the opposite - stained dirty drops of soapy foam and spray.

If the prospect does not frighten you, then try to wash the blinds canopy (oh and a lot of the time it takes you!). To wash the horizontal blinds, and lower open them and wash each reechku separately. Vertical blinds have also spread and open, and then, putting on hand and keeping each individual tape to wash them all in turn.

Variants with the means by which the blinds can be washed, not much more. As a rule, women use ordinary dishwashing detergent or a solution of soap and shampoo. Some are content with window cleaner. But the latter is more suited for plastic horizontal blinds, which are washed without removing from the window.

In general, if we talk about the options Wash blinds, then the option "right on the box" is acceptable for light where you need to remove dust and small dirt. If suddenly your blinds have become such that "it is easier to buy a new", the first option "is not a ride." Then either buy new, or remove the blinds from the window and go straight to the bathroom.

 what means you can wash blinds

My shot blinds

First, the vertical. Remove them is not difficult, as well, and wash. First you need to wash the dust from them, then soak for a while in the soapy water, and then gently wash the brush or sponge. The same can not do is rub, "zhmakat" and rumple. Then you have to wipe the towel and hang the blinds in place.

Horizontal blinds (slats) and remove and wash more complicated. How to do it?

  • Raise slats up to the eaves.
  • Supporting hand shutters, move the boxes to the right and the brackets themselves.
  • It is easy to pull the blinds down and forward and remove them from the bracket.
  • Spreads and close the shutters removed.
  • Alternately, each side of my soapy water and rinsed out of the shower jet (under pressure).
  • We give to drain the water, hang in place.
  • Unraveling the blinds and every reechku wipe with a dry cloth.
  • A day again we remove the blinds and put the ends of the strips and cornices plugs
  • Grease steering gear racks.

Useful tips

  • If you need it in the wash and vacuum cleaner is inconvenient, try to sweep away the dust with a dry paint brush or a piece of sheepskin.
  • Blinds with relief pattern, try cleaning with a soft toothbrush.
  • Washed blinds wipe with a soft, lint-free cloth.
  • For lubrication of rotating mechanism is more convenient to use a spray lubricant for your car or sewing machine oil.
  • Metal blinds should not be too often brushed - it will lead to the fact that with time they will get dirty faster and stronger.

In general, such blinds require you particularly reverent attitude, because it is necessary to wash the metal shutters with caution: be sure to dry, be sure to rub and leave no chance of rust and corrosion. Yes, and any other blinds should be treated with care, without sacrificing the quality of cleanliness. Let them serve you long and true.

 How to clean blinds? Tips experienced hostesses

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