yellow sweat stains

Anyone at least sometimes, but sweating. What can you do, it is so constituted. And in the heat or during intense physical stress on the body can stand up to three liters of sweat per day. And nowhere on it does not go. With the evaporation of sweat in the human body is in the process of thermoregulation. True, the thermoregulation of the body - it's not the only purpose of the sweat glands. From then transferred to a biologically-active substances and pheromones, which play a significant role in the socio-biological processes.

But today, it will be a different story. Pot, which contains in its composition a salt and organic substance absorbed into clothing, leaves on it over time unsightly stains. Most of these yellow spots of sweat formed on the clothes - in the armpits, and sometimes on the back.

Sweat stains on their clothes not only look ugly but also have an unpleasant odor. Especially noticeable stains on the white, standing out on him their yellowness. Of course, one thing and throw away, buying himself another. But, firstly, it is not economical, and secondly, this thing can be very loved, and from it just do not want to give up. Therefore, it is often asked question of how to bring the yellow stains of sweat.

 how to wash yellow stains under the armpits

A few tips on how to get sweat stains from clothes

Fresh stains from sweat can be quite easy to wash, but the inveterate stains often remain on clothes after washing. What should I do in this case is to wash the yellow stains under the armpits? We offer you a selection of tips from people who have dealt with this scourge. These methods are tried by many people, and work reliably.

Gasoline and ammonia

Stale sweat stains on clothing can be removed with the help of gasoline and ammonia solution. To do this, you must first treat the stain with gasoline, and then carefully wipe it with a cloth or sponge soaked in a solution of ammonia. Particular care is necessary to process the contours of spots, because if they do not scrub as it should, after drying, they can reappear. After processing the item should extend into the detergent.

Hydrogen peroxide

Light yellowish sweat stains can be treated with a three-percent hydrogen peroxide solution. To do this, a cloth soaked in such a solution, the entire area should be treated with sweat stains. Next thing should be rinsed in water and hang to dry in the sun.

Acetylsalicylic acid (aspirin)

Stains can be derived from the sweat of acetylsalicylic acid solution. To do this, take two aspirin, grind them into powder and stir in half a glass of warm water. Gently wipe the stain of sweat cloth soaked in this solution and leave the thing so soak a couple of hours. Then it prostirnite solution of detergent conventional manner. Stains will disappear.

Ammonium chloride and sodium chloride

With linen and cotton fabrics from perspiration stains can be derived using ammonia and salt. In a glass of water, dissolve one teaspoon of salt and ammonia and soak the stain in this solution. After a while, rinse the item in warm water and prostirnite usual way.


Particularly affected by sweat silk and woolen items. Silk - a very delicate fabric. In order to bring a silk fabric with sweat stains, take a hypo, which is sold in photographic supplies, or ordinary table salt. One tablespoon of salt and one teaspoon of hypo dissolve in a glass of water and wipe with a cloth in place of pollution cloth, well soaked in this solution. Leave a little thing to lie, and then rinse it in lukewarm water. I must say that in such a solution can be rinsed thing, even if it is not affected by sweat. Thus, you can freshen up the paint on silk fabric and restore its luster.

Soap solution and oxalic acid

For light colored woolen clothes and use different methods of cleaning the stains of sweat. For light things, prepare a soap solution and a soft brush thoroughly, but gently rub the stain. Then rinse with warm water thing a few times, went to all the soap solution. Then, dissolve in a glass of water one teaspoon of oxalic acid, and this solution soak the stain with sweat. Let things lie. Then rinse it with warm water several times and hang to dry.

White spirit

Colored wool products are cleared from the sweat using ammonia and mineral spirits. Mix four parts white spirit to two parts ammonia and treat the stain with this mixture. Once treated in this thing is a little lie down, it must be thoroughly rinsed several times with warm water.

In the same way it is possible to deduce from the sweat stains from light or white silk, but the dosage in this case is different: white spirit and ammonia mixed in equal amounts in small portions. This way you can clean and silk lining.

 Yellow stains of sweat. How to wash things?

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 how to choose a ceiling lamp

No one will argue that the pace of life constantly increasing. And the more we need to rest at home. This need sociologists call "desire to hide." And the house should be comfortable for him to become a vacation spot. A comfortable home without good lighting is inconceivable.

Light extends our day - dim lights for evening relaxation by the fireplace, good bright light for the meal, soft light for the job. Good light accents and gives us a sense of security. And vice versa - misused or bad light hampers perception of the world. Tension causes of headache, violates the mental comfort. Most annoying glare direct light bright light or improperly selected fixtures. Only harmonious correct light distribution can ensure visual comfort and good visibility - you will not annoy nor gloom nor monotonous brightness. How to choose a ceiling light? This issue affects a balanced ratio of shadow and light facilitates orientation in the house, emphasizes the shape of objects.

How to choose the right lamp? It turns out that this is a very important task. First, let's deal with terms that no further misunderstandings. Very often, people confuse the concepts of lighting fixtures and lamps. The lamp or light, as it is called in the people - a source of light. The fixture is - this is the whole light unit that protects the lamp, which directs and distributes its light.

Lamp Selection Rules

Most often, when a person has a need to buy a lamp, he went to the store and choose from his point of view, the most beautiful, or the one that is best suited to the interior style. And then, at home, there are problems: to read without straining your eyes, we have to include all the lighting in the room; in the bathroom can not be any make up or shave; and those guests gathered at the table, acquire an unhealthy shade of earthy.

Undoubtedly, the appearance of the lamp is very important, but its main purpose - this coverage. And it must be right. To fulfill this requirement, it is necessary to know in advance what the task performs a lamp, what should be its light.

Lamps are usually available for each type of light distribution:

  • Straight

The light must be directed entirely to one side. Directed light beam for precise directional lighting.

  • Predominantly straight

The main, large part of the light is directed downwards, and smaller - dissipated gently upwards, providing a uniform illumination. The light is distributed evenly in all directions. Usually this light transparent material. For example, frosted glass. This creates an even light background.

  • Chance of scattered

In this case, the light is directed at the ceiling lamp and reflected from it. This lower part of the light accents and emphasizes the shape of the lamp.

  • Diffused

The light is directed only at the reflective surface of the ceiling and walls.

 select a lamp

Space and light

Our perception interior mainly depends on the distribution of color and brightness between objects and elements of the interior decoration. Room size can be adjusted by varying the brightness of the color, because a change in its visual perception is changing facilities and its proportions.

It turns out that the distribution of shadows produced on the subject and the brightness of the surface depends on the individual and how we perceive the shape of the object. This means that the light is "managing" the shape of the object, increases or decreases their expressiveness. It depends on how the chosen direction of the luminous flux. It should be remembered that the sharply contrasting brightness enhanced visual fatigue, but also monotonous lighting also not the best solution.

Harmonious, comfortable lighting is achieved through a combination of lamps with different light distribution. It is difficult to say where and what better use of fixtures. When asked how to choose a lamp, experts recommend only adhere to the basic rules of lighting in the apartment.


In the hallway, where the need for constant light, you should choose lighting in general lighting with compact fluorescent lamp.

Living room

This space is intended for various purposes: welcome guests here, going the whole family watching TV, reading and talking, and sometimes work. Therefore, the main rule here is the need for good lighting her lamp for each function. This means that there must create multiple light sources.

Lamps should be placed at different levels. Not bad, if they are provided with a rheostat. This will allow them to adjust the brightness of the luminous flux and hence the illumination. At dusk, it is necessary to do more intense. Near sofas and armchairs make sense to place floor lamps or mobile lamp that can isolate the area. Background - diffused even light - can help create a floor lamps, lampshades are made in the form of a cup upward. These architectural elements like arches, columns or niches will look mysterious and impressive, if illuminate them from below. The individual zones can be built to illuminate the ceiling spotlights. What to choose built-in lights, it's up to you - today's market offers a wide range of them.

If you can not build in lighting fixtures, you can choose low-voltage busbar trunking systems. It is for the living room will be a great solution. With these systems you can play with light and create different lighting scenes. If we talk about light bulbs, that are suitable for the living room or incandescent bulbs or halogen lamps. In no case can not be used for fluorescent lamps living room.

The Cabinet

Ideal scheme to light this room - a common lamp that does not give shadows and additional light in the workplace. The first is recommended to use floor lamp with diffused light, not mnogorozhkovuyu chandelier. Avoid in the study of contrasts of light and directional light, because the sharp transitions from shadow to light tire.

Working lights can not be original - it suggests the monotony. For the workplace - a lamp with an adjustable flow of light on the joints or flexible rod. For the office more suitable incandescent lamps than halogen. Accent lighting desk and indirect lighting of the room and recommending when working at the computer.


In this room the same laws as for the cabinet: possible here apply lamps with diffuse light that does not dazzle. Very handy solution when small halogen bulbs built into the kitchen furniture.

For quality cooking in the work area should be active coverage countertops. This is desirable neutral light bulb, so it does not distort the natural look of products.

Dining table - a place for the whole family that is found. With pendant lights can be turned into a cute island of light. This lamp should be positioned slightly above the eye level, that is, not less than sixty centimeters from the surface of the table. The light from this lamp should provide delicious meals and a nice view. Soft subdued lighting creates a comfortable atmosphere for dinner everyday, and for the celebratory family meal.


The light here is to have different centers - the cabinet and the bed. The top light is not necessary. Who has not encountered such a situation: while you want to read before going to bed, your partner is already asleep. This problem is solved very simply - luminaire with subdued light on the bedside table, illuminating only one side of the bed. For this purpose, well suited lamp with shade and, if possible, on a flexible "foot."

If the bedroom is the wardrobe, it must be well deliberated. For this ideal point embedded down light. Coped with this task low-voltage halogen lamps mounted on the walls. Overall light in the bedroom can be created using local sources located evenly. The basic rule here is the absence of light batter's eye, and directed the sources used to create the reflected light.

Properly selecting and combining different fixtures, you can create in your home is not only a comfortable lighting, and will attach special expressiveness interior.

 Let there be light! How to choose a ceiling light?

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