Cleaning the washing machine with citric acid

Everyone has seen the ads where the master, who came to repair the washing machine, it mercilessly saws and pulls out for everyone to see the heating element, thickly covered with flakes of scale. And then, as a panacea for the scourge, the screen close-up appears on the scale means that it is strongly recommended to add at each wash. But the master does not warn that the price of the vehicle is such that the money spent on it for a couple of years, will buy a new washing machine. He does not tell the master and how this tool works.

But if you carefully read the composition of the package, it is clear that a major component of acid, which reacts with the salts that make up the scale. It turns out that any funds from the scale to replace cleaning washing machine with citric acid. Before we talk about how this process works, let's try to understand what scale and where it comes from.

There exists a water feature as its rigidity - a set of physical and chemical properties of water, which are related to the content of dissolved alkali metals - calcium and magnesium. The more of these salts in water, the higher the ratio of its rigidity.

And so much the worse for the washing machine. Because the heating elements when heating of water, these salts decomposed into carbon dioxide and the precipitate which is scum. Manufacturers tout detergents that prevent the formation of lime deposits. These powders soften the water, because they contain the acid in its composition. It is during washing it reacts with and dissolves limescale.

Cleaning the washing machine from scale citric acid - an effective way to clean the heaters from scale. Cleaning takes place at a blank scroll machine cleaners. This method is much cheaper, but no less effective. Clean the washing machine with citric acid is very simple: fill up the tank for linen, two hundred grams of citric acid and put the main wash program, including with the maximum temperature. When the machine is in this mode, the citric acid is not only cleanses the heating element, but also the surface of the drum and the tank. Citric acid, with scum entering into a chemical reaction, the salt dissolves, and the heating element is cleaned.

For added effect, you can add there is also two hundred grams of bleach (whites). In this case, it is desirable at the time of the machine to open all the windows in the apartment to ensure good ventilation. Because there is a rapid release of corrosive chlorine fumes that irritate the respiratory tract. But after such a cleaning your car will shine pristine splendor and underwear, you will then be washed in your machine will not zastiryvatsya and acquire a grayish hue. Such a procedure, experts recommend repeating every two months. The only "but": not only destroys the acid lime, but gradually erodes rubber parts of the washing machine.

Using filters

You can clean the washing machine and other methods. The physical method is based on the use of different water softeners. As such plasticizers can use filters, water softeners and water transducers mounted on a water pipe.

Magnetic softener is intended to remove from the water the calcium and magnesium salts, thereby preventing the occurrence of scale on the walls of the tank and PETN. Magnetic softeners digested molecules of these salts influence of strong magnets. When heated, the water treated in this way there is no formation of scale.

The disadvantage of this method can be considered as its relative high cost. But the advantages of this method outweigh this disadvantage. The method is simple and easy to use - in fact setting in my house water softener, you forget about the problems for a long time, which results in hard water.

Another means of a water softener is a mechanical cleaning of the filter with a replaceable cartridge, which is also called a sediment filter water. It is used for water purification from various impurities: rust, sand and so on. This prevents clogging of the pipes, plumbing wear, broken household appliances.

The extent of the heating element on the scale depends on the degree of heating water. This allows for manufacturers of washing machines. Therefore, development of new washing program, that operate at 40-50 ° C. Furthermore, such programs are not only to prevent scale formation on the heating elements, but also to save power. Durability and heating element depends on the load, which runs a washing machine.

When washing the laundry of an old dilapidated heating elements scum grows much faster. This happens because tiny particles of fabrics create a fertile ground for lime. In addition, the market there are many counterfeit washing powder, which causes damage not only to the heating element, but also all the washing machine as a whole.

If you want to save money on repair of washing machines, and along with electricity - choose to wash things regimes with minimal optimal heating temperature. Use certified detergent and water softener filter.

 Cleaning the washing machine from scale citric acid

Fungus and mold in the washing machine

Black fungus and mold in the washing machine - a serious problem and need to get rid of it. At the first sign of mold in the washing machine, wipe down the inside surface of a soda solution. To do this, mix a glass of soda in a glass of water. If this remedy does not work, try using household chemicals.

Add a washing machine, any chlorine-containing substance and a half hour set boiling mode. Typically, chlorine helps remove fungus spores. For these purposes can be used and vitriol. If none of the resources does not help, it is necessary to replace elements of the washing machine, infected by fungus, to prevent it from spreading throughout the unit. This can be done in specialized shops.

Caring for a washing machine

Washing machines should not only clean from scale, but also to take care of all of its parts. One of the most common problems is a clogging of the mesh through which the water is fed into the machine. To fix it, turn off the water supply to the washing machine, disconnect the supply hose and brush clean the grid. Then assemble the structure back, carefully controlling the correct installation of the hose and the grid.

It should be cleaned regularly and drain pump. He clogged small foreign objects - feathers, pile and so on. Downloading the laundry in the washing machine, be sure to remove the debris from the pockets of clothing, and of duvet covers and pillow cases - feathers and down. When the drain pump is clogged, clean it immediately. For these purposes in the body of the machine has a special opening for cleaning the pump. To clean it must be after full completion of the wash and drain the water out of the car.

External cleaning of the washing machine is a soap solution or any other soft means. Never use for this purpose the solvents, chlorinated chemicals, abrasive powders. With soft materials housing of your washing machine and its control panel can be saved in excellent condition. Clean the machine from scale, dirt, rust and dust, wipe the surface with a soft cloth.

With proper care, your washing machine will serve you for a long time and you do not have to make costly repairs.

 Home care assistant: cleaning washing machine

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 what to do with the old stuff

Everyone in the house there are things that cause a variety of memories: a cute little thing hearts which presented favorite souvenirs that you brought back from trips, university picture in a frame, toys, trinkets and much more. Of course, the things that cause you have positive emotions.

But apart from these cherished trinkets, everyone has and others: old clothes, which hangs in the closet for years, the books you have purchased for the occasion and are not going to read, cracked cup and so on. All of them accumulate over the years, in an apartment occupied more space. And sooner or later, of course, the question arises: what to do with the old stuff?

Getting rid of the past

Esoteric say that deposits of old things close access to our new life. There are various ways to treat this: believe it or not, but the laws of the universe has not been canceled. No wonder people say that the holy place is never empty. He was echoed by the expression belonging to the ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle: "Nature abhors a vacuum." This applies to all spheres of life, and in this case means that come into our lives new experiences, new people and new things only when they make room for. And if you have all the space littered with piles of useless things, then the new you do not shine.

Think about whether you are ready to let the new in your life, to forget all the sad or unpleasant events of the past? Would you like to go further and would prefer to live, holding on past experiences and memories? Cross out the past! Forget about the bad. Start a new life.

But pointless to start a new life in a lot of cluttered garage apartment, because all of them will return you back. There is nothing strange, because you still live among the old things from the past life. In your world, nothing has changed, nothing says that you are willing to let the new in your life. Leaving the old things accumulated in the house, you run the risk of freeze in the old life, like a fly in amber. Why build yourself barriers complicate your life?

 what to do with the old stuff

Make cleaning the apartment

If you plan to bring order to your life, to start, place the order at home. And even better - make at least some permutation to at least visually break the established way of life. Try to change anything in the design of the apartment and somehow draw his room, hang on the walls and reminders slogans calling for a new life.

Open your closet and remove from it everything. You will see what a mountain of things meet. Now loop through the pile, and place it into two: one fold those things that you were the last time, and the other - those not dressed for at least a year. You will see how dramatically will be different this heap size. Moreover, much less is one that consists of constantly used items.

All we keep the old sweaters, shirts, blouses, and much more. We think that in some things we will walk around the house, while others hope to take the country, leave some things for a rainy day, and then cry when that rainy day comes.

Many Europeans adhere to such rules, if there are things in the locker room, they never for a year not to wear, it is considered that they will never need, and can be safely disposed of. Of course, we have not yet reached the European level of well-being, and therefore regret to throw things. I do not always because they hope to once wear. And just because it is a pity to throw away. So they lie for years, and we do not know what to do with the old stuff.

Do not be sorry. If you find it difficult to throw things, then loop through them and put unnecessary. All of them find a new use. Firstly, you should immediately get rid of frank junk - old boxes, unnecessary packaging, empty bottles, bales of old newspapers and magazines deposits. At the same time, you are not immune to surprises - can find the Lost or forgotten things. Only once it is necessary to test them for the need for a new life. Having endured all of the apartments, you will see how much usable space in it immediately available.

Now sort all the old stuff in the house, you need to deal with the legacy of the past. Naturally, the question arises, what to do with the old stuff. Some of the things that really can be used in the country, just gather in a bag, and at the first opportunity brought there. Frank collect trash in bags and carry up to the trash. All that can be very quickly disassemble the homeless. Those things that were thoroughly revised and leave yourself just what you'll actually wear. The rest - clothes, hats, shoes, bags, of course, in good condition, thanks to the organization of social protection take various charities, orphanages, homes for the disabled and so on. You will warm the soul to realize that you do not need things to someone it is very useful.

Unnecessary furniture, of course, not shabby and not broken, appliances, old computers can be distributed to the neighbors and acquaintances. It is enough to throw a shout - there are always wishes. If it does not, you can put an ad in the newspaper or on the Internet. Sometimes, for such things can be even more to gain some money. Oh, and free them from you for sure will be taken. In principle, the same ad may be advisable to give with regard to things. The question is, what to do with the old stuff will disappear by itself.

There is another way of using unnecessary things - you can use the old things in a new way. There a lot of variants. Old furniture with new techniques such as decoupage or cracelures, you can give a new life, creating an exclusive model, a unique interior decoration. You can update and decoration items such as picture frames and photos. There just does not exist today receptions!

From outmoded clothes can make a variety of things needed in the economy. For example, you can sew a dress or apron kitchen potholders. Today is a very popular technique of patchwork. Cut the clothes of bright fabrics to shreds and create with their hands, or a plaid blanket, and at worst, a small panel or the same tack in the kitchen. All of these things will decorate your interior and will serve you faithfully. It is to serve and not clutter closets.

Well, in conclusion, that from everything that can not be used in some way, ruthlessly dispose and do it regularly, once a year or two. You will feel as free and easy to breathe, and now lives in your apartment.

 Start a new life: what to do with the old stuff?

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