how to choose a netbook

The netbook can make life easier for many of today's young ladies, who do not see themselves without advanced technologies and, above all, without the Internet. This device can take with you in the cafe or restaurant where there is a wireless access point WI-FI, or by purchasing a wireless modem to go online at any convenient location: public transport, parks, etc.

Many business woman using a netbook to work, because their power is most often more than enough for many applications and programs. For example, architects or designers often show their customers by elements of the future of the project by simply opening a miniature laptop in your respective application. And if you need to make adjustments, it is possible to produce them on the spot. Accordingly, there is no need constantly to print certain images and documents. This device will also come in handy in case if you worked as a teacher, manager, lawyer, etc. However, despite this endemic popularity of these small devices, very few people know how to choose a netbook - the most convenient and at the same time meets all your requirements.

Size and dimensions

The main advantage of netbooks to their older "brothers" laptops in their small weight and size. Because of this, they easily fit in a purse, and therefore, if necessary, will always be at your fingertips. At the same time, their weight is practically no discomfort because you have to wear is a powerful technological device: Unlike laptops are not pulled his shoulder, and they can even take the usual walk.

Netbooks may have different dimensions: their weight and size depends largely on the diagonal of the screen. Devices with the smallest diagonal, respectively, the most miniaturized and lightweight. However, the smallest model is not always convenient to use, especially if your plans include more than just access to the Internet and reading electronic books. Furthermore, the most miniature model and are typically several times more expensive than similar devices of larger size. Therefore, ideal for the modern woman, I feel like a fish in water in the fast rhythm of life - a netbook with a screen diagonal of 10-12 inches. Such device is quite comfortable keyboard, a powerful processor, optimized cost and weight of not more than one and a half kilograms, so particularly noticeable your handbags are not weighted.

If you do decide to buy a netbook very small size, be prepared for the fact that it will take a while before you get used to it and will use it as comfortable as a home laptop or desktop.

Maximum time without recharging

Features of this device class are responsible for the fact that netbooks are often where there is no possibility to recharge them from the network. That is why one of the most important characteristics that must be considered when you choose a netbook - a maximum time of its battery life.

Average time of such devices on a single charge - 4-6 hours. However, modern developers believe that excellence has no limits, so if you spend a little time, you can find models, independent operating time of which is 11 and sometimes even 14 hours. It's over, these models are not cheap, but in his beloved better not to save, the more so that the benefits of such netbooks you will appreciate quickly enough, for example, while traveling or in a traffic jam.

Internal indicators

Many netbooks are based on the processor Intel Atom, which are not very power, but rather consume energy. At the same time such a processor is more than enough for you to meet your needs for online communication and to ensure the work of office programs. Of course, Intel Atom will not be enough to, for example, to play the latest version of some popular computer game, but in its essence, and netbooks are not designed for this.

However, today, many manufacturers produce cars that are far more quickly and efficiently the same notebook. These netbooks will allow you to edit photos, play games that require quite high performance computer and even watch videos. Normally powerful netbooks is very popular among people of creative professions, and if you consider yourself to that, you can safely choose the most powerful (which, by the way, does not mean that the most expensive) laptop of this type.

If you are going to choose a netbook that will be the main computing device, and which is expected to be kept sufficiently large amount of information, it is better to buy a car with the volume of 250 GB hard disk. On this laptop, you can store your favorite movies and your collection of audio recordings. As the other way in such a situation, you can use a removable hard disk. But if you intend to use the netbook as the only portable device that will complement the stationary computer or laptop, you will be quite enough 160 GB hard disk memory.

 choose a netbook

Internet where you need it

If, say, you liked the two models, which are practically the same characteristics described above, and you do not know how to choose a netbook, look for them to such a feature as the type of devices that may connect to this nasty computer.

As noted above, the netbook can be used to access the Internet in a variety of places, whether at home or cafes around the square where you want to get some fresh air, without being distracted by the deeds. That is why it is important that your little one can connect to different access points and allows you to use all the capabilities of the virtual goods.

In connection with this the perfect netbook should have not only the ability to connect to the internet via WI-FI, and connections to other devices via Bluetooth, but the network adapter LAN, the ability to connect a VGA and HDMI.

Pay attention to these figures when you choose the model netbook for Internet access.

The operating system of your assistant

Depending on the manufacturer netbook may have a different operating system. You can pick up the device already installed and you familiar control system, and then you will not have to spend time learning a new one. However, if you're strapped for cash and want to buy a stylish and powerful notebook at a reasonable price, you can opt for a device with a free operating system, eg, DOS. After purchase you can refer to the familiar, versed in computers, or call the master at home. Generally, students of the respective faculties and programmers often work part time to help you reinstall the operating system, leaving home for the client. This service will cost you much cheaper than buying a netbook with an installed control system.

Pay attention to the fact that very often expensive netbooks have operating systems, virtually unused in our country. Such models are often attracted shoppers appearance, but in practice, they are useless. You may not be able to open a standard document or, for example, create a connection to the wired Internet. Reinstall as such a system may be problematic due to the fact that by its presence within a certain period of time depends on the ability to provide you with a guarantee in case of breakage. Today is a very popular netbooks with the operating system Android. These laptops are usually lighter than other similar models and more powerful. However, if the device is such a system, change it to the usual for many Windows is simply impossible.

That is why, thinking about how to choose a netbook, remember that special attention should be paid not only to its technical characteristics, but also the set of software that provides for his work.

Keyboard and Touchpad

Keyboard and wireless control system mouse on netbooks - is one of the weak points. The fact that the keys on these devices are small enough, and the touchpad, which due to the mobility of the device you have to use often, not always located ergonomically. If you buy a netbook in a specialized shop, try finger layout. Of course, this criterion may not be decisive: to any keyboard you will eventually get used to. But the possibility is to choose a netbook with convenient navigation.

Very many users like the function "multitouch", with which you can scroll through documents and pages in the browser, spending on the touchpad in the appropriate direction. This function also allows you to replace the right-click blow three fingers on the touchpad field.

Meet on clothes

Girls, in contrast to the representatives of the strong half of humanity are concerned not only the technical capabilities and efficiency of computing devices, but also their appearance. Many women want to buy a portable device that will be a kind of accessory and will complement their image. That is why the fair sex, wondering how to choose a netbook to think about how it will be in harmony with her outfit.

The easiest way to buy stylish netbook - buy a model with an unusual bright color prints. Color solution for such devices can be quite varied: it is possible to find a netbook aquamarine, gold, silver, with floral or leopard print. These design models cost several times more expensive than the classic black, but if you do not regret anything to create your image, you're sure to pick up the device that will satisfy you not only their technical characteristics, but also externally.

If your funds do not allow to buy designer clothes, you can buy several original handbags Netbook different images, good range of similar goods in the shops gives full freedom to your imagination.

 How to choose a netbook, or a guide for beginners