the best food on the work of her husband


  • Taste preferences of men
  • Working conditions and the food
  • Hot meals
  • Food without plates and without a spoon
  • Salads
  • Finished Products

The men are gentle and sensitive. And they are ridiculously naive. Some husbands are sincerely convinced that they are the breadwinners. Naive. But are they breadwinners? Miners - yes. But do not breadwinners. These nurse we - soft and weak, but such careful. No wonder that the wife is considered the guardian of the hearth, and the food prepared by her hands - the best food for her husband.

And while his wife at home, keeping eyelids routine ritual prepares feeds (feeds, in a word), the husband feels the king and God. But should stop this ritual as a man is lost, it falls into melancholy and becomes the razneschastnym creature in the world. That's why we're going to work on all the wings in time for dinner and whirl around their beloved ritual dances. The main thing that he was fed, happy and satisfied with life.

All this, of course, right at home. And at work? We can not work on it to please her husband, serving as excellent cook and helpful waitress. And they would like it. But, alas, not all cat carnival. And men working time not only break from their wives, but frankly suffer without food home. But, believe me, all fixable. And if your man pathologically dependent on your kitchen, in order to preserve his mental and physical health, it is necessary to begin to prepare meals. So what foods can be the best and most convenient (for him and for you). Let's face it.

Taste preferences of men

Of course, it is for them in the first place and have to navigate. What food he like best? He can not do without hot? Or your man is a fan of delicious sandwiches? Or maybe he loves homemade cakes? Or do not imagine life without meat? In any case, you need to take into account the husband's culinary preferences.

  • The first variant. First, as food for work husband

Do not worry - it's not so scary. If your man without complexes, and dearer to him than his own stomach opinion, then you can safely cook her husband a job first courses. Nobody argues that such food for men - the best. And if the working conditions and allow more warm soup, this is the compromise option. Uncomfortable to wear (carry). What is also true. But, first, you can buy a special compact thermos for soups, and secondly, you can prepare soups, which are thicker and often tastier ordinary soup.

  •   You can not live without meat in the world ...

Your husband does not imagine its existence without a juicy steak? What a score. Yes, do not be surprised. Meat, such as food for work to her husband - a very convenient option, especially for you. Well, firstly, burgers - economically, hearty, delicious. All kinds of chops and splints - quickly and prestigious. And just a piece of boiled meat will not leave you hungry and unhappy man.

  •   I - Sausage King

He loves sausage your faithful? Then cook him lunch to work - a trifling matter. Cut a piece of sausage, a loaf of fresh loaf - and here it is, the food is on the job to her husband. However, you can diversify buterbrodik and cheese, and fresh vegetables, as we and it's not hard - would have been pretty full.

  • Pyrozhkov happiness

If you know and love the oven, then lucky your man doubly and beautiful wife, and her hands were golden. And the problems with the preparation of lunch to work her husband will not be today - meat pies, tomorrow - pies with cabbage, and the next day - with fish pies. However, such food in the near future and will make your husband look like a donut sdobny. So what? You still love him be?

 best food for work

Working conditions and the food

Of course, tastes differ. Therefore, love your beloved may be anything, and prepare it, "whatever" you also. However, not all of our culinary preferences relevant to the working conditions. Therefore, choosing what food will be served by you as a business lunch, to clarify the situation.

Your man - office worker. If a decent dining room or canteen nearby is not observed, the husband would have to wear a dinner "in the portfolio." In many advanced office has a "home" kitchen, or just microwave. Then you can safely cook him meals that need to eat hot - soup, goulash, soups and so on and so forth. As an option - not specially prepare and give with what has already been prepared for lunch or dinner there after. However, there is one "but". Still, not every man is willing to give a damn about the opinions of others and dine right in the office, taking sudochki, jars and bags.

Therefore, if your husband is such a esthete, limit, for example, a hot sandwich, a piece of meat casseroles and hearty salad in an airtight food containers. By the way, to recognize that this food is most suitable husband for a meal at lunch time, it is necessary and if your man is not able to warm food.

Your man is not an office worker. That is her husband have to work in conditions to say the least, uncomfortable. Again, if you have the opportunity to eat in the dining room (and if the food is quite edible), then convince a man that is best to dine there. If he insists on the home dinner, it is best to get a special thermos and learn to bake. Hot first meal certainly brighten his already heavy work days, and homemade cakes will give strength and lift your spirits. And do not forget about the fact that her husband should be with them not only food, but also hygiene (paper and hand wipes, garbage bag, etc.).

That is, you will have to choose from two options. Whether you cook with her husband to work hot and delicious lunch, or at least tasty dishes that can be eaten and cold.

Hot meals

The first thing that comes to mind - a soup and borscht. Yes, of course, is a great option if your man prefers to eat at work these are the dishes. Do not be old-fashioned and discard in this case from the glass jars with lids. Purchase a special thermos for hot dishes or airtight container. Suggest to her husband to hire instead of bread, crackers or homemade croutons for soup. And try to cook at least once soup. After all, these soup recipes there are so many.

And another disaster such dinners - the ability to quickly turning sour. So try to food, cooked her husband's job was not perishable ingredients. For example, without the carrot soup. Boil it, of course, possible with carrots. But put it in the whole broth, and then simply remove the soup.

From a hot second, prefer sausages or sausages, chops or cutlets with any garnish: mashed potatoes, beans, pasta (about how men love pasta!), Rice or buckwheat. You can make her husband a job casserole meat or vegetable casseroles and even pasta.

Unfortunately (or fortunately) to bring to the work of soup dare not every man. Therefore, most of the best food - not liquid soups and even mashed potatoes and porridge. Most often, a man prefers to eat at lunchtime that can be eaten without plates and without a spoon.

 delicious food for work husband

Food without plates and without a spoon

To prepare this, the husband did not bother with the dishes? Naturally, sandwiches. Usual cheese and sausage - is, of course, convenient. But it will not be every day to feed her husband only such sandwiches. Therefore, as an option for lunch at work - sandwiches with fillings. Firstly, it is possible to prepare special Spreads example liver pate. Spread this paste two slices of bread and add one to the other so that both the top and bottom of the bread was not "shaving brushes." Yet another option - a sandwich-type shawarma. Take a long baguette, cut away the tips, remove them from the bread crumb and put into any toppings (meat with vegetables, for example).

Another option is to work the food her husband - a sandwich in a pita. Make any appropriate toppings (sausage, cheese and mayonnaise, chicken and ketchup) and wrap it in a pita. And you can spend an evening and bake pancakes mountain. Then you need to cook pancakes with different fillings for egg with rice, ground beef, cheese. Then navertite pancakes future and send them in the refrigerator. And you will only advance (in the evening), remove pancakes from the freezer, and the next morning her husband to supply such a home and a delicious lunch.

And, of course, cakes and pies. Believe me, no sane man will not give up a snack in the afternoon homemade cakes. Moreover, pies husband to work can be done with a completely different fillings, they can be fried or baked in the oven. However, a lot of pies for the future does not wilt. And this is perhaps the only disadvantage for you.

In addition to pies and pancakes, try to offer her husband to take a job cheesecakes or pancakes. Cook the meat in batter or just boil the chicken or veal - boiled meat is tasty and cold. Incidentally, the batter can still cook sea fish or cauliflower, cheese or chicken.


For some men, this food can be a complete meal, for others - a supplement to the main dish. Try to make her husband a job hearty salads with potatoes or meat, salads with chicken (smoked or cooked), salads with cheese, salad with ham, salad with crab sticks. It may be well-known to any interpretation of Olivier and herring under a fur coat, and "mimosa".

As a complement, and to diversify suhomyatku, cook her husband to work vegetable salad: cabbage, beet, carrot. Cook them with the mayonnaise, vegetable oil, mustard, but without the onions and garlic. In general, try not to put in salads, strong-smelling foods, you do not want your faithful for the rest of the day would be afraid to open your mouth.

Alternatively salads - roll or envelopes of pita stuffed with lettuce. Very convenient food, so that it can be taken with you and eat salad once already with bread. And the complexity of preparation - this is an excuse for the lazy. If all the ingredients for salads prepared in advance (boil and cut) and keep in the refrigerator in separate sudochki, the morning will only mix and season salad.

 ready meal husband to work

Finished Products

God forbid you immediately think of the Chinese, "an instant" noodles or mashed same. No and no again! It's unhealthy food, even if it's like your man (and among them there are such). Ready-made products - a yogurt, cottage cheese, yogurt, apples, bananas, cookies, cakes ...

However, we are talking about men, and such food is unlikely to be a hearty meal for all of them. And yet offered to take her husband to work and such products, for example, as a dessert. And do not forget that the best food is that which you have prepared - tender, caring and loving.

Love and be loved!

 The best food for work to her husband - a wife with love