How to choose the perfect mattress

Sure, you can make love (and should!), Not only in the horizontal position and not just in bed. We have this and do not call; However, be that as it may, the main witness of lovemaking is the marriage bed. That's about it, to be exact, about choosing a mattress for a bed - below.

With or without springs?

You should start with the selection of the design: there are mattresses with springs and without them, with the combined group in the springs and independent springs, each of which is a separate cell.

If you choose not only a mattress to sleep on it alone, springless option is preferable. Firstly, there is no spring - break nothing; secondly, squeaking in unison movements - not the best accompaniment; Third, the bed of love should not be like a trampoline. Of course, there are also high-quality spring products that do not creak, not break, and sex has nothing to do with risky jumps on a trampoline. But to find such a model is not so simple. However, who purposefully looking for - he will always find.

Hard, soft, elastic?

Rigidity - one of the most important indicators of the mattress, in this you are sure to experience in the first night and not alone. Strive to select either soft or rigid model: the key to choosing the right - a reasonable compromise.

Many manufacturers make products targeted to certain weight classes - be sure to pay attention to this parameter. Choose a stock: the likelihood that the bed be tested dual-mass is quite large; Accordingly, the safety factor can not hurt.

Shape and size

Oval, circle or rectangle - it does not matter, but the length and width are essential. Stretched out full length, you should not feel uncomfortable because of the dangling legs or into something abutting stop.

The wider mattresses, so they are more expensive, but save on the width is not necessary: ​​it is better to overpay a little bit, and this clings to the edge of the bed, at the risk of falling down at the crucial moment. However, many argue that the narrower the bed - the warmer the relationship, because sleep embraced - it is so romantic!

Attention guarantee!

Alas, but take the goods for a test drive and even more so to subject it to crash-tests will not let you, so you have to trust the words of consultants and their own experiences. However, many manufacturers provide certain guarantees that even if the product something happens, you can request a replacement or refund of the amount paid.

We dare to hope that the above tips will help you make a choice and to buy exactly the thing that will have the liking to you and ... it does not matter who - husband, lover or friend. And even if your purchase is faithfully for years, keeping perfect shape and original properties.

 How to choose the perfect mattress: rigidity, size and other tips

 how to brew green tea


  • What is green tea?
  • Proper water
  • Correct Maker
  • Proper hot water
  • Right Process
  • Useful tips

We will not be repeated and talk about the benefits of green tea. What is really there! What about this is written, and the excess weight with the help of rounded up and prolong youth and treat various diseases. Yes it is. Only here about the benefits of something they know everything, and how to brew green tea is known to many.

But to the tea actually benefited, that benefit from it must be skillfully removed. And if you think that the daily tea with boiling water from the tap, and a bag of green (even the most expensive) tea curb free radicals and your metabolism will bounce back, then you are deeply mistaken.

For green tea, a special approach is needed, and brew it - the whole science. Of course, learned the art of traditional tea ceremony (as in Japan or in China), we will not. This needs to be trained long and hard. But on the rules of brewing green tea talk. The more so because the rules are easy to learn. So, let's begin.

What is green tea?

To begin with let us look at the features of green tea. Many people believe that green tea - a special grade of the tea bush. However, this is not so. Both black and green (and even white and yellow) can grow (a miracle!) At the same tea bush. And the thing only in the stages of growth of the bush and the ways of processing tea leaves.

Like all plants, without exception, the tea bush is growing, and in the process of growth throws more and more new kidney. Young buds with three or four leaves are called flushes and it is from them prepare the most expensive and elite tea. With the tea bush more impressive size (average age) collect leaves for the production of cheaper, but not the most low-grade tea. But the old leaves of the tea bush are the raw material for the cheapest and most common tea, which proudly called big leaf.

And then it all depends on the processing technology. If the tea leaves or tea buds to dry quickly, the result is a green or white tea. If the leaves are fermented, the obtained black, yellow, red and blue tea. During the fermentation the oxidation of biologically active substances which lose their useful properties (biological activity). But the increased concentration of tannins, which are globally recognized as carcinogens.

Now you understand why green tea has anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer and antioxidant activity? It merely to maximally protect the biologically active agents (e.g., green tea vitamin C is ten times higher than in black). But black tea extract all the easier it preserved nutrients - filled with boiling water, and voila! Green tea gives them hard, so you need to brew it in cunning. That is what we will try to learn.

 green tea how to brew

Proper water

For good and the "right" of green tea need soft water. Therefore, water from the tap (with various impurities) for tea is not suitable. How to solve this problem? First, a soft natural water can be bought. The store is easy to find bottled spring or artesian water. Secondly, it can be mitigated and the water that flows from the faucet. It can be filtered using domestic filter, but it is possible to do otherwise.

Pour water in a plastic bottle and put it in the freezer. The water will begin to freeze on the walls of the bottle, and as soon as the ice on the walls will be the two-centimetric, pour the whole bottle of unfrozen water. It remains to let the ice melt and use the melt water for tea.

Correct Maker

The correct teapot for green tea - it warmed teapot. To warm you can simply pour over boiling water. Ice Maker will take some of the heat from the water for brewing, and it will spoil the first brew: useful trace elements and essential oils simply do not have time to stand out from the tea leaves.

The perfect teapot for green tea to be clay. Clay brewed sheet will "breathe", and in addition it is chemically neutral and retains heat well. In addition to clay teapot for green tea is suitable porcelain, earthenware and glassware, although it brew will not be able to breathe. And in any case do not take to brew green tea metal or plastic kettles.

 How to brew green tea

Proper hot water

Actually on the boiling water out of the question. If you want to make a truly healing drink, the water should not be given to boil (boiling occurs at a hundred degrees Celsius). So how much is necessary to heat the water? Enough heat to ninety-five degrees. It is clear that to stand with thermometer over teapot you will not, so learn how to determine the optimum temperature for the external features.

The temperature of ninety-five degrees (almost a hundred and almost boiling), when it is from the bottom of the kettle bubbles begin to rise, that is, leaving the oxygen. At this point, remove the bowl from the heat and let the water cool slightly. The ideal water temperature for brewing green tea - from sixty to ninety degrees. Too hot water is not so much spoil the aroma and taste of tea, how much will destroy the nutrients.

Right Process

Thus, water and teapot are ready, now it is necessary to make the tea according to the rules:

  • Clean, dry spoon to pour teapot green tea. Pour the tea leaves with water and immediately drain the water.
  • Then pour in the tea right amount of water. How much water to pour? Approximate ratio - a teaspoon of leaves on a part-glass of water, but the exact ratio is usually indicated on the packaging of tea.
  • Cover the kettle with a lid and let the tea brew for the right amount of time: how long it takes to brew, as indicated on the package. But if no such instructions, then soak the tea for about three minutes. If you brew green tea too long, it starts to taste bitter and make it again is no longer available.
  • Now, pour the tea into the cup. If you are cooking several servings of tea (for some people), fill the cup slowly, evenly, in a circle. So you ensure that all the tea cups will be the same taste and the same concentration. And enjoy a pleasant and useful tea.

 how to brew green tea

Useful tips

  1. Know that green tea can be brewed several times. Each welding "pulls" from the tea more and more nutrients. How many times can brew green tea? The optimum amount of brewed green tea - three or four times.
  2. When brewing is not guided by the color of tea. Teas of different varieties can have different colors - from clear to amber honey.
  3. Never drink cold green tea (at least, to the restoration). Cold tea loses its beneficial properties.
  4. Keep dry green tea in a sealed opaque containers (cans, wooden boxes). Do not use for storing paper bags and boxes: they tea loses flavor.
  5. To promote the use of tea, add a little sugar in it - it increases the amount of water-soluble glycosides that help resist colds and strengthen immunity.

Now you know the rules of brewing green tea. How to drink green tea? Brew the tea as much as you can drink. Drink tea hot or warm. Drink tea with milk and sugar (it is not forbidden). And drink at your leisure! Enjoy your tea and good health!

 How to brew green tea

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