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  • The smell of a new fridge
  • Be warned odor

Refrigerator in the kitchen - a gentleman! Continuously collects tribute from us, filling their insatiable insides. However, we note the good lord - how took so much and gave. However, sometimes - capricious. That product returns tarnished, and sometimes, if not tarnished, then some strange sniffy. And how to remove the smell in the fridge? Or rather, how to prevent its occurrence? Let's face it.

The smell of a new fridge

If you think that a brand new, just out of the refrigerator package does not smell, you are mistaken. Any new thing (especially household appliances) has a specific technical odor. So, buying a new refrigerator, you have to remove the smell. Otherwise, the technical flavor acquire products placed in the womb of the unit.

First of all, the refrigerator must be properly cleaned. Use this for any detergent, just do not use abrasives. Another possible solution is to make the usual baking soda and wash it with a solution of a brand new fridge. By the way, do not forget that you need not only to wash the internal walls, but also all the accessories: lattice and glass shelves, boxes for fruit and vegetable containers. Rinse and wipe the entire fridge outside, with special attention to the rear wall.

Then again (or even twice), rinse the refrigerator clean water and wipe dry with a soft clean cloth. After water treatment, leave the refrigerator ventilated by opening the door to the refrigerator itself, and in the freezer. After two or three hours, you can start to operate its new acquisition. Typically, these procedures are sufficient to eliminate the smell in a new refrigerator.

But most importantly, be careful when buying a refrigerator. Once in the store pay attention not only on appearance, packaging and price of the unit, but do not be lazy to open the door and smell. Suppose also that you will look a little strange, but you are going to spend their money and, therefore, your desire to buy a quality thing would explain such a strange behavior. Many manufacturers are using cheap polymer materials, emits a sharp odor. Of course, this smell then can disappear without a trace, but it is possible that you can not get rid of it. By the way, the presence of flavor in a new refrigerator you must also guard: Well, not to be high-quality household appliances emit a smell that needed flavor.

 how to eliminate the smell in the fridge yourself

Be warned odor

Having dealt with a new refrigerator, try to do everything so that it does not appear strange smell. That smell in the refrigerator or arises as a result of improper food storage or as a result of poor care refrigerator. Therefore, always store the products by placing them in sealed containers. Of course, this applies above all those products that smell strongly. For example, cheeses, sausages, pickles, salted and smoked. A strong (and very pleasant) smell has onions, garlic, cabbage. Pleasant, but also a very strong smell, able to convey other products from celery, apple, lemon, banana peppers. Not always a good smell left behind, and stored in the refrigerator ready meals.

Because - only pots with well-fitting lids, food film and sealed containers can help you prevent the occurrence of external odors in the refrigerator. But fruits and vegetables in any case can not be packed in plastic - in the film, they begin to "choke", rot and rot. Just make sure they are clean and dry.

In addition, it should carefully monitor the shelf life of products, often perform the audit for the presence of sour milk in the fridge, rotten vegetables and fruits, which became slippery cheese, moldy jam or fermented juice. Sometimes a spoiled piece of cheese or yogurt overdue able to issue such a twang that get rid of it later is quite problematic.

Each wash refrigerator, pay attention to the drain melt water: when blockages odor is inevitable. If necessary, wash with warm soapy water hoses, and the refrigerator, wipe with a damp sponge or cloth soaked in vinegar or ammonia. Never keep the refrigerator door open for a long time, make sure that it has always been firmly closed. At the slightest suspicion of the appearance musty smell quickly thaw, wash and thoroughly ventilate the refrigerator.

Indeed, compliance with the rules of operation, good storage products and timely defrost refrigerator and washing will help you prevent the occurrence of an unpleasant smell. Well, if it does occur, it is necessary to apply special measures. But that's a different story.

 How to eliminate the smell in the fridge? Preventive measures

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 smell in refrigerator


  • The smell of invisibility
  • The smell of food
  • Technical smell
  • The smell of decay

Kitchen - the heart of every home, as banal as it may sound. True, modern hearth, in contrast to the focus of our foremothers, improved so that if there had been our great-great in the kitchen in a modern apartment usual, it would lose the power of speech. However, assess the merits of household appliances are unlikely to be able to, and many would consider Soup Kitchen is clearly unnecessary. But one unit, they certainly have left unattended to. And this machine - familiar to us refrigerator.

Is it absolutely indispensable accessory in every home, but not in every house he is in perfect condition. Even perfectly clean and serviceable refrigerator can present a frustrating nuisance as inappropriate, and often unpleasant odor. Where does the smell in the fridge? What makes us disdainfully wrinkle nose, opening the door smug handsome? Let's try to understand.

The smell of invisibility

Even if you are sure that your refrigerator inside perfectly pure and the air in it is devoid of any odors, do not hurry to rejoice. Spend for the start of the experiment - and suddenly in your refrigerator smell of invisible lives. Take a pack of butter and cut off from her two small pieces. One experimental model put on a saucer, and the second parchment and carefully wrap cling film or put it in a sealed container.

Experimental samples of leave in the refrigerator for a couple of days. Oh, and the piece that is on the saucer, no cover. Two days later, remove the two pieces of butter, and try them on taste. Ideally, the two pieces must be identical in taste. If the oil is on the saucer taste different from what was packed, so the smell in your fridge is still there. Just you either feel it, or used to the fact that the fridge the smell. And in this case, and when the refrigerator is clearly present "visible" to our noses smell, it is necessary to try to determine its source. And what can cause odor in the refrigerator?

 unpleasant smell in the refrigerator

The smell of food

Of course, food is stored in the refrigerator and even a ready meal. Therefore, the source of the odor in the refrigerator in the first place, they become. To start audited content of his refrigerator. Odors publish missing or spoiled foods, especially if they are not hidden in a container or lie in an open container. Look, you do not stray on the shelf where a piece of cheese, half cut onion, peeled garlic clove, if not sour milk in a bag, you have not begun to rot vegetables and fruits in the lower compartment.

It smells delicious ready meals, mixing, too, can become a cause of not very pleasant smell in the refrigerator. For example, soup in a saucepan and balances goulash in a skillet. They are covered with a lid? So what? Cover-it is usually not very tight or fitted with a special hole for the steam. That's the smell of your refrigerator with a mixture of soup and goulash. Strong smell of burgers, grilled meat and fish, herring, pickled and salted vegetables, braised cabbage. By the way, even the fresh cabbage sure your refrigerator will provide a specific smell. So try to keep the remains of ready meals only in a sealed container, carefully packaged sausage, cheese (and other special fragrant foods), and as often as possible, check the freshness of food stored in the refrigerator.

Technical smell

This odor is usually kept for a long time in a new refrigerator. And the reason for that - his plastic "stuffing." After all, many of the details of the refrigerator is made of plastic, which by its nature is a source of particular odor, perceived by us as technical, but actually having a chemical nature.

Refrigerators outdated models, which continue to faithfully serve their masters, may also find a technical foul odor. The reason for this becomes even smell the easiest refrigerant leakage. However, we note that the current model of the refrigerator coolants do not have the smell.

If you refrigerate medicines, it is likely the cause of the odor they became technical. Many plastic bags or plastic cover able to miss the smell of strong-smelling drugs (especially liquid). Publish odor of ointment, medicine, drops of tincture. And even the packaging of drugs can easily become a source of specific technical odor.

 nasty smell in the refrigerator

The smell of decay

The hardest and most unpleasant smelling refrigerator case - putrid smell. This scent appears in case of an emergency defrost the refrigerator, which contained raw meat or fish. If the refrigerator in your absence (or with your connivance) has long been disconnected from the power supply condition, stored in a freezer products could melt and leak. And the blood dripping from them (ichor) or juice (from fish).

It is this fluid then begins to emit a stench, we call putrid smell. In fact, the way it is - it's the smell of decaying flesh. Not so bad if the blood natekla between the seal and the door of the refrigerator: it can all be easily cleaned. But if the liquid has time natech through the cracks in the walls of the refrigerator empty, then down the drain. Independently of this you will not get rid of the smell. No help, no special tools or folk odor removal or thorough cleaning of the refrigerator. It would have to dismantle, remove insulation, wash the wall and put a new clean thermal insulating material. So without the help of an expert here you can not do.

Therefore, carefully follow the operating status of your refrigerator, try to avoid its accidental defrosting, but especially to defrost the refrigerator and washing must be at least three times a year. This, of course, concerns the latest models, and more rare refrigerators should be defrosted and washed at least once a month. Then the smell of meat (with time acquires a putrid smell) will not be held in the freezer and your fridge will not smell.

By the way, the reason for the bad smell in the refrigerator can be a blockage in the system and automatic defrosting or hindered condensate drain. So that prevention, timely revision of the contents of the refrigerator and the basic rules of kitchen hygiene will help you prevent odor in the refrigerator. Be carefull!

 Odor in the refrigerator. Where did he come from?

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