Choose a coffee machine

Winter frosty morning ... Outside, cold, dark, and only hear the wipers to clear the way ... So you do not want to wake up! And what can you do, someone has to rush to work, take the kids to school, and just take the time on important matters. What will help bring myself to working condition at such an early time? Maybe someone makes a strong tea - but in our northern, almost polar latitudes coffee acts rather, according to some coffee drinkers make up 73% of the population, which is a significant percentage, agree.

There are many ways to prepare this noble drink, but what if you do not have much time? In aid of the wonders of technology - Coffee maker. Interesting fact - the same coffee made in different coffee makers, distinguished by its taste and quality. Consider the most popular models.

French press (French Press)

This is the most simple and affordable coffee. Yes, and brewing coffee it is very easy - just fill ground coffee, pour hot water (temperature of about 90 degrees) and leave to infuse for a while. Further, by pushing the rod passing in the middle of the container to lower the strainer, which separates the beverage from the coffee grounds. And you can pour into cups.

Using the French press should be aware that coffee made in a way to be strong enough, and not all types of coffee can reveal its taste when brewed like.

Filter coffee maker ...

... Or drip type coffee maker. Water flows down the heating circuit and drips onto the ground coffee in a filtration bag located further finished beverage flows down into the special kofeynichek. This method of cooking is usually called American.

It seems to be easy, but! While the water flows on the coffee, and then into the tank, it cools down a bit, it does not give enough coffee brew and to reach their full flavor.

Espresso coffee maker (espresso machine bean type)

This option is brewing was invented by Italian artists, and is named "espresso" - which can be translated as "ot hardened, compressed". The required amount of coffee powder poured into the plastic or metal horns, after which it was necessary to "ram". Then, hot water at high pressure (9 bar) fast enough for 20-30 seconds, passes through the resulting "coffee tablet" - and the coffee is ready.

Usually coffee in these coffee makers get strong enough, but its quality and strength directly depends on the variety of coffee, and from tog

Oh, how good you are "stamped" coffee powder horn. But this may not always happen at the untrained person.

 Choose a coffee machine

Capsule coffee machine (capsule system)

Everything is simple. Coffee is not used coffee grounds, and even grain. You will need special capsules filled already ground, roasted coffee. Sealed vacuum packaging allows 100 percent to maintain the taste and aroma of coffee svezhepomolotogo. One capsule contains 6 grams. coffee and is designed for one cup. After inserting the capsule is pierced by the espresso machine and special pins into it under pressure into hot water; By the way, it is believed that the water pressure (in bars) is greater the more high-end your coffee. Cooking time drink - no more than half a minute. And your cup is already full of coffee!

It should be noted that the capsule coffee machine can safely be considered the most modern - various designs and colors will please the most discerning buyer. In addition, they are quite compact - winning compared to other types of models is very significant. Rapidity coffee as they lead: an absolute record belongs to the Swiss manufacturer Cremesso - capsule coffee machines of this brand are able to cook a classic espresso in just 15 seconds!

But, of course, the main advantage of the capsule system - is easy to use. Forget about cleaning the filters, "ramming" coffee, the beverage of the technology. Just insert the capsule suitable to your mood, press - and excellent flavored coffee ready.

And good morning to you!

 Choose a coffee machine

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 how to remove the smell from the refrigerator

  • Absorb odors
  • We interrupt the smell

Life is full of surprises, pleasant and not. Something is perfect for us as a surprise, but something quite predictable. And this applies to all spheres of our life, both outside the home and within its walls. And if the flood, arranged on top of the neighbors, it is a complete surprise, then, for example, the appearance of a strange smell in the refrigerator is understandable, but in some cases is to be expected.

But as the practice of life, pleasant surprises have to be happy to accept, and unpleasant - to eliminate. Therefore, if suddenly your sensitive nose caught in the fridge which is not very pleasant smell, or just once, you should immediately eliminate the odor. Ideally, clean and serviceable refrigerator should not smell anything. But we do not always properly store food, and sometimes not very good care of the fridge.

It so happens that the cause of the bad smell in it becoming spoiled food (oh, this abundance!), And it happens that the smell issue and quite fresh, but just very flavorful food (cheese or meatballs, for example). By the way, not all the good smell of fresh vegetables: onion or garlic, for example, easily make a stink refrigerator. So keep all foods and ready meals is necessary only in sealed packages. And, of course, need to wash more often or at least wipe the inside of the refrigerator and freezer. Incidentally, in the refrigerator it is inappropriate not only unpleasant, but also quite tolerant of the smell of food. Therefore, if there still appeared, try to remove it.

 how to remove the smell from the refrigerator for a long time

Absorb odors

This is the first of the best known ways to remove odors from the refrigerator. You know that many products available and handy tools are able to absorb the smell. If such magic "sponge" to put in the fridge, it simply will incorporate all the existing odors. First zealous hostess used a homegrown adsorbents, and then they (and us too!) The ability to use industrial odor absorbers, or as they are called, converters. So, we suggest that you first list of popular ways to eliminate odors in the refrigerator. For this purpose, any suitable adsorbents are available in your home.

  • activated carbon

Take out your medicine cabinet (or buy at your local pharmacy) several packs of this wonderful means. For subsequent manipulations you need about twenty to forty pills. These tablets should be crushed into powder, pour in some ploshechku and refrigerate. Instantly the smell does not go away, but the next day it will be less noticeable. Such charcoal odor absorber regularly "works" for two weeks. Then it must be replaced with a new or the same powder was calcined in an oven (about ten minutes at a temperature of 180 ° C). And another important point. The more open surface coal powder, the faster it will cope with the task.

  • Black bread

It acts like activated carbon, but is less effective. Suitable in case of not very strong smell, or as a preventive measure. Just slice of rye bread small pieces and place them on the shelves of the refrigerator.

  • Tea (baking) soda

Also very good adsorbent. Its efficiency is lower than that of the activated carbon, but higher than that of rye bread. Take a small container for foodstuffs, or any suitable sized plastic box. Fill it with soda and put in the fridge. This box can be kept in the refrigerator is constant, but varying from time to time its filler. This tool will help you to not only remove the unpleasant smell from the refrigerator, but also to prevent its occurrence.

Similarly, these tools are at hand, and other adsorbents are: sugar, salt, flour or starch. But they are soft enough to remove odor resistant. But help prevent its occurrence.

  • Industrial odor absorbers

They can be found in hardware stores, or among related goods in the shops of home appliances. The price range for industrial odor absorbers is large enough. You can buy and cheaper model, more expensive copy. Absorbers are filled with the same activated carbon or have a safe filling of mineral or a special gel. Existing industrial odor absorbers for about two months.

 how to remove the smell from the refrigerator correctly

We interrupt the smell

The second method, which can remove the smell from the refrigerator - is its replacement by other, stronger and more pleasant smell. Strictly speaking, this method in practice is conventional deodorizing inner space of the refrigerator. Here in the course are already tested and proven improvised deodorants.

  • Lime

It is known for its unique ability to interrupt and neutralize any odors, even the smell of garlic and onions. No wonder that almost all manufacturers of household chemical use lemon flavor as flavoring agents for their products. You are free to make such a remedy, mix the lemon and vodka on a teaspoon of lemon juice ten tablespoons of vodka. And if you do not want to dilute the lemon juice with vodka, then mix it with water: one of the two parts of lemon water. This means wipe inside the refrigerator, Dampen a mixture of citric cloth or sponge.

  • Vinegar

Also used as an odor neutralizer and removes it from the refrigerator. By analogy with the mixture of citric do vinegar solution by mixing vinegar with six percent water in equal proportions. Or simply add the warm clear water a few drops of vinegar, and then wash with this water refrigerator. If the smell was too strong, after water treatments leave in the refrigerator cotton wool soaked in vinegar or a glass of vinegar, and then thoroughly ventilate the refrigerator.

  • Ammonia

Just like vinegar or lemon, helps to remove from the refrigerator of any foreign smell. The mixture of ammonia and water, wipe the refrigerator, after having washed it. Then again been washed with pure water. For this procedure, a tablespoon of ammonia diluted in one liter of water.

In short, to remove the smell from the refrigerator, you can even using improvised means or acquired for this purpose a special odor absorber. But the best time to clean out the refrigerator began to sour foods store all the contents in the containers or packages, and wash time to defrost the refrigerator. By the way, odor absorbers (industrial or assistants) can be used as a preventive measure. Then no unnecessary flavor you will not leave a single chance!

 How to remove the smell from the refrigerator? Useful tips

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