For fashionistas, absolutely and eternally young, as well as for shopping in Wildberries mods are not empty words in a different way and can not be, we are talking about the largest in RuNet store clothing, accessories and footwear. Here is a more than a thousand known and not too brand shoes and clothing, some collections containing hundreds of thousands of models and customer care, which has always been the main principle of the company, founded by the spouses Bakalchuk, made Wildberries number one on the list of places online shopping all and sundry in our country.


Client-company proved long ago and "train" the first sign of it, perhaps, was the know-how Wildberries, namely the emergence of points of shipment to the dressing room. Also ongoing operating free courier delivery and the ability to give up things, even if it was delivered to you by courier, but also the speed dovozit purchases once again confirms Wildberries care about customers. I would also like clock work shop and the possibility of buying on credit, which also attracts many. Is not it tempting? Of course, here are shoppingovat people giving their preference Wildberries instead of other web shops with different risks.

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 FAQ about shopping in Wildberries: prices, discounts, Promotional codes

Cooperation with enables customers to trendy shops always get fresh in Vayldberris Promotional codes that are so fun to use for shopping. - a site that focused and conveniently structured all relevant codes and promotional offers a variety of shops you'll ever need. Here you will find offers bargains Vayldberries not only on, but also many other supermarkets.

 FAQ about shopping in Wildberries: prices, discounts, Promotional codes


Women's clothes, even the most modest wardrobe and shopping is not subject mania of the fair sex (yes, they exist), it consists of a lot of different things: mandatory (basic) and more, without which, in principle, it is possible and necessary. For example, necessarily - a pencil skirt, a white blouse and shoes pumps. In addition: vest, blouse, wide belt, and so on. D.

One of these required items - leather jacket. Included in the ladies' fashion about 80 years ago, it is absolutely not going to take the position, but only modified and modernized, keeping pace with the times.

What are the jackets?

Women's leather jackets sample 2013-2014, the so dazzling variety of styles and colors that classify them on some basis is difficult, however, try:

  • Insulated jackets with fur can be attributed to winter clothes. They can safely walk even in a small cold, much to the unstable weather of spring and autumn and at all difficult to come up with something more suitable.
  • Classic demi jacket.
  • Ultra-short, lightweight leather jacket that you can throw even a cool summer day.

Sew jacket from bovine or buffalo skin (the strongest, but also the most expensive), sheepskin or lamb skin (good quality at an affordable price), and pig skin (cheap, but not very practical option).


How to choose?

Choosing leather jacket, the focus should be paid to the quality of the skin. A good tanning skin is soft to the touch, it should not rustle, not its surface should be scuffs, wrinkles or creases (if they are not done deliberately, "design ideas" so to speak) when rubbed jacket with a handkerchief, then it should not be there are traces of paint.

To be sure of the quality of the purchased items, you need to buy it from reliable, well-proven sellers. For example, an online store fur and leather clothing ( offers domestic products (factory Kalyaev) and foreign producers, having all necessary certificates of quality and compliance with health standards.

And yet, buy is conveniently illustrated catalog with a detailed description of each model is equipped with a search system based on a variety of parameters: size, color, price, and other trim parts. For all your questions gladly answer online consultant.


When and what to wear?

As already mentioned, the jacket - a universal thing and you can wear it with almost anything. Warm winter leather jacket with fur perfectly with pants or a long skirt, original knitted caps and scarves volume.

More recently put on a leather jacket with the same trousers or a skirt was clearly a mistake, "bad manners". But this season, designers are a combination of leather skin is not only relevant, but also recommended. Feel free to wear tight leather pants and jacket, black leather jackets, but do not overdo it with studs, leather gloves and bright make-up and you'll be like the heroine of one of German films for adults.

Another trend of the season - a set of rocker jackets and dresses in the style of baby doll, lace skirts or little shorts. The combination of brutal leather and feminine dresses looks very cute.

 Leather jackets - worn necessarily!


Not far off is the time when the gentle spring sun melts the snow drifts with its rays, the trees will bud, and the air is filled with freshness. This is when the breast is easy to breathe and no one dream does not seem unattainable. Women remove from their shoulders the heavy winter clothes and clothe the light flowing fabrics ... In order to meet the spring fully armed, you need to prepare for it now. International fashion houses have already presented their collections and fashion trends formed the Spring-Summer 2014. Do not deviate from them, and the Russian fashion-house. The famous designer from St. Petersburg Svetlana Zotov presented her spring-summer collection, which was called "The truth about women."

The main feature of the coming season - femininity. Colours became brighter and juicier, and the most fashionable colors of the season found the bright blue, calm blue, all shades of purple, orange, sand and noble gray-green. Spring and feminine colors are used to create even office style - so looks capsule "colleagues", which opens a new collection of clothes Svetlana Zotov.

The capsule "Neighbours" presented casual wear for women. It found its place and ethnic motifs - is especially popular this season prints "safari" and retro-chic - floral prints on cotton dresses and fabrics imitating jeans. The main rule of the capsule - free and unconstrained way, painted with light natural colors.


Clothing for weekends is a separate capsule, "Gossip Girl." This stylish and bright things that just do not go unnoticed. The capsule is widely used bicolor (in addition to the classic black and white represented trendy combination of white with light purple clematis) and graphic design (cell, polka dots, geometric shapes). Clothes for rest provided lighter fabrics, and the widespread use of ethnic motives, so it allocated a separate capsule "Girlfriends."

The latest capsule, called "Rivals" is clothing for various holidays. Bright suits and dresses made from a variety of tissues and in a variety of media. So, many of them equipped with adjustable drawstring on his shoulders, so that you can create a more modest way, and openly defiant.

As you can see, the new fashion season is flexible enough: no matter what is selected - retro, futurism, layering or dry minimalism; if the dress emphasizes your femininity and natural attraction - you are on the crest of the fashion wave and at the peak of success!

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 Fashion trends spring-summer 2014 as an example of a new collection of Svetlana Zotova