how to take care of nubuck shoes


  • What is nubuck?
  • How to take care of nubuck shoes?
  • How to clean nubuck special means?
  • What nubuck afraid?

How quickly something else entirely new, strange and unusual becomes commonplace. For example, shoes nubuck twenty years ago was a sign of great wealth and great opportunities. In addition, buying such shoes do not all wealthy people. And you know why? Because the flawless beauty of the material quickly faded, and special facilities for the care of shoes nubuck was not. But now these shoes are in almost every home, and its people are quite different wealth and social status. Yes, and means to care for her not so little.

However, thanks to the experience of our predecessors, we have not only special tools, but armed with information about the rules of prolonging life and preserve the beauty of both practical and elegant shoes. Strictly speaking, this is what we offer to you and - learn how to care for shoes nubuck as extend its life than to clean and how to properly store. And let us still find out what kind of material is - nubuck?

What is nubuck?

This nubuck - a high-quality leather. Its main difference from the smooth leather - melkovorsistaya surface. The main difference from nubuck suede - polished surface and the use of other types of skin. As a rule, they are made of nubuck leather from cattle, which is subjected to grinding and chrome tanned.

Nubuck largely inferior smooth skin moisture resistance ratio, but significantly exceeds the ratio of suede. In short, nubuck - a special leather tanning, which is a kind of intermediate material between the smooth tanned leather and suede. Today, shoes are made of nubuck different types:

  • Natural nubuck - material of animal origin (leather). It is breathable, but exacting care.
  • Artificial nubuck - synthetic material (artificial leather). It is similar in appearance to natural nubuck, more wear-resistant, does not absorb moisture, but not breathable.
  • Nubuck-Oil - the material of natural origin. Natural nubuck, held more moisture proof treatment. Different vlazhnovatoy the touch surface, high durability and simplicity of natural nubuck comparisonwith.

 shoe care nubuck

How to take care of nubuck shoes?

Thus, no matter from what is your shoes made nubuck care, it is reduced to some basic rules. By the way, contrary to popular opinion about the capricious nature nubuck shoes care it is not so much difficult as delicate. First of all, you need to take care of these shoes from moisture and dirt. So try not to wear it in a very rainy and muddy weather. Poor effect on nubuck and various reagents that are sprinkled with snow-covered streets. But nubuck frosty weather is not terrible. However, in the off-season, when there is heavy rainfall, from nubuck shoes, too, should not give up.

The main thing - time to start to take care of nubuck. If you do not, then the material will lose its already are not the best quality moisture will begin to get wet, and wear out quickly. For the care of nubuck shoes do not fit the traditional shoe polish - it requires special treatment and aerosols. Therefore, by purchasing these shoes, please be sure and special means to care for her. Choosing aerosols and cream paint, be sure to check their labeling, which must indicate that the tool is suitable for nubuck.

In addition to the special funds for the care of nubuck and you need a special brush. This brush does not just cleans the dirt, but also retains a special fuzzy surface nubuck. Remember that it can be used for leather-covered parts of the shoe. But to clean soles and heels is better to buy one additional brush.

Just bought boots, shoes or other footwear from nubuck be treated special impregnation. And it must be done before the first exit to the street. This procedure will increase the water-repellent properties of nubuck and prolong its life. First clean properly carried out in several stages, abundantly wetting the shoes impregnating agent. Edit impregnation new shoes advisable three times, giving nubuck dry completely before the next cleaning. If you wear nemerevaetes nubuck shoes and in rainy weather or in the slush, before going out treat it the same way.

How to clean nubuck special means?

Almost all manufacturers of shoe care offer foam, paint and adhesives for cleaning nubuck. Among them are such brands as, for example, Collonil, Salton Professional, All Combi, Kiwi, Sitil, Saphir and bar. It is advisable to buy sponges and brushes with the same brand, which itself cleaner. Be sure that such special means your nubuck shoes you do not mess up.

First, dry brush with shoe removes dirt and dust. If a special brush, it will not damage the villi and remove dirt even in the seams. After dry cleaning the entire surface of the shoe is uniformly applied layer of spray for nubuck. It is important to choose a spray, a suitable color to your shoes. This procedure will not only protect nubuck from getting wet, but also to restore its color.

If nubuck shoes soiled badly, the only one spray and brush can not cope with pollution. In this case it can be cleaned with a soft nubuck sponge moistened with a few drops of ammonia. After this wet procedure that returns still attractive nubuck shoes should be thoroughly dried. And then you can hold shoes on the ferry, which will deal villae. And only after that you can clean nubuck spray or cream paint and brush.

In the winter season there are any shoe divorce from the salt contained in the reactants. Such white stains and spots scraped off with a damp sponge that absorbs dirt and salt. After that shoes are also dried and treated with a reducing color spray.

 how to care for nubuck shoes

What nubuck afraid?

Shoe care nubuck delicate. Therefore, it is necessary to take care of not only the right, but carefully. Remember that it is impossible to clean nubuck wet! Be sure to let the shoes dry naturally or with a special dryer. Nor drying nubuck shoes on a central heating radiator or near a heater. Afraid of nubuck and traditional creams to clean leather shoes. Such creams if it will not cause significant harm to the quality of nubuck, it will spoil its elegantly refined look. Just the usual fat cream "kill" velvety nubuck surface.

He does not like this stuff, and soap. And indeed all the water treatments with nubuck shoes should be carried out very, very delicately. It can not be washed in any case. It allowed only a shoe wipe with a damp sponge. As for seasonal storage, it is not recommended to hide nubuck shoes in plastic bags. It needs to shift the soft paper or wrapped in cotton cloth and put into a shoebox.

That, indeed, is all. If you take care of nubuck shoes properly, only use special tools and do not wear it in a very wet or muddy weather, it will serve you for such shoes is not worse than normal leather. Of course, it depends also on the initial quality of shoes, the responsibility for which lies entirely on the conscience of manufacturers. Do not forget the truism that the miser pays twice. Honey quality nubuck shoes will not cause you unnecessary trouble, provided competent care. So everything is in your hands. Good luck!

 How to take care of nubuck shoes?

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 How to choose a coffee machine for home


  • Coffee Press
  • Geyser coffee
  • Drip coffee maker
  • Locust bean coffee
  • Capsule coffee makers
  • Coffee machines

Coffee invaded our life not so long ago. But this time found a huge following around the world. Although today many people prefer strong coffee traditional tea, juice or milk. Nevertheless, almost every home begins with a morning cup of coffee brewing. True gourmet continue to brew coffee pots over an open fire or in the hot sand. Lovers of all kinds of devices run the coffee machine. But most prefer the middle ground and brews coffee in a coffee machine. And at the moment it is still the most popular coffee makers commodity among lovers of natural coffee.

How to choose a coffee maker for the house? The question is not idle, because the number of types and brands of home appliances is so great that to understand them is very problematic. However, all is not hopeless. In fact, choose a coffee maker you can easily, if you know the principle of operation of its various forms. So, we offer you a small educational program.

Coffee Press

This is perhaps the easiest to date device for brewing coffee. Of course, this is not furnished, but it can be called a coffee maker, but coffee does not brew it, and it is brewed. It operates with a coffee press, even easier than with the pots (the Turks).

This device for brewing coffee is also known as a French press or plunger coffee maker. It is a cylindrical glass vessel (flask wide) with a mesh piston. In the capacity of pre-ground coffee, which is then poured boiling water. After a few minutes, the piston is lowered gently and poured coffee without grounds. In fact, this piston serves as a filter, leaving the bottom of the grind coffee beans. The very same process is largely similar to the so-called brewing "in the scorer" when it is poured into a cup and pour boiling water.

The advantage of this device - the ease and speed of brewing. In addition, he successfully replace traditional coffee maker where there is no electricity or plate (for example, in nature). As the office version of the French press coffee maker is also quite acceptable. Its main weaknesses - the inability to prepare a cappuccino or espresso, and the complete lack of automation of the brewing process. But the coffee-press can be used for brewing loose tea and herbs.

 choose a coffee machine for home

Geyser coffee

One of the first models of coffee makers. Initially the geyser coffee makers were not electric, and drink them prepared, having set up the device on the stove. The heating element, which are provided with current models of coffee machines are absent. However, this is probably the only difference. The rest of the new generation geyser coffee makers work the same as their predecessors.

Such coffee consists of two or three compartments. One of them is filled with water, and then it is inserted into a vertical tube which is put on the ground coffee container. Heated, the water rises in the tube, and coffee spills. Brewed with boiling water (geyser) coffee is collected in a special container. In some models, the hot water passes through the coffee several times and some only once.

On average, the process of brewing coffee machine beverage geyser takes five to seven minutes. On the one hand it is good (because the fast), and the other not. The fact that the geyser coffeemaker cook really strong and aromatic drink is not possible. However, its undeniable advantage can be called a simple device and the availability of parts that do not wear out too quickly. So, this coffee will last for a long time without significant damage and without loss of quality.

Power geyser coffee machines varies from four hundred to one thousand watts and depends on the volume: the more volume, the stronger the coffee. Its volume can be calculated on the preparation and audio portions and even eighteen. When choosing should also pay attention to the additional features:

  • LED;
  • control beverage strength;
  • auto shut-off;
  • delayed switch;
  • the thermostat.

Drip coffee maker

It is these coffee makers are most common in our homes. And the reason for that - their low cost, which undoubtedly can be attributed to the advantages of this machine. Coffee in preparing their filtering method. Poured into the tank water is heated almost to boiling, and then begins to flow a drop at ground coffee poured into a special mesh filter. After going through the coffee, the water flows into the coffee or just a cup. The processing time depends on the amount of coffee that you are going to cook. The more you pour the water in the machine, the longer it will fill the container because it drains into literally dropwise.

Power drip coffee makers, also depends on the volume. However, lovers of strong coffee should choose low-powered drip coffee makers. The fact that the smaller capacity, the longer brewed coffee and then get stronger. A minimum capacity of about eight hundred units of watts.

Choosing this model, pay attention to the presence in it of a drip system that blocks the unit when it is removed from the coffee. This allows you to pour yourself a cup of coffee before the completion of the entire process. And choose the coffee machine, depending on the filter, which is provided with. Nylon filters are designed around sixty brewing. The nylon filters with titanium coating last longer, but are more expensive. These filters should be cleaned after each brewing, and change over time. Very easy to use disposable paper filters, which after use are sent to the bin.

Locust bean coffee

It is intended for the preparation of espresso and cappuccino. Drink in such a machine is ready for the impact of high pressure steam. Its name, this unit has received because of the presence therein of a special horn, made of metal or plastic. It is in this horn is filled with ground coffee. Locust bean coffee makers today are considered the most optimal combination of price and quality. Are they, of course, more expensive than drip coffee makers and a geyser, but the possibilities for making coffee are much more.

Locust bean coffee makers come in two classes: Pump-Espresso and Steam-Espresso. The latter are the elementary grades, are cheaper and brewed coffee under low pressure. In such coffee machines Water is poured into a sealed container where after boiling opens a special valve. Passing through it, the water and brew the coffee flows into the outstretched under a horn cup. Pump action coffeemakers class Pump-Espresso are not only a higher price, but the quality of the prepared beverage. In them, the water is heated to a higher temperature and pressure to create a powerful (fifteen bar).

Choosing carob coffee maker, focuses primarily on its class and other characteristics:

  • power pressure;
  • spumatore model;
  • horn material (metal considered better);
  • volume.

 how to choose the right coffee maker for the house

Capsule coffee makers

These coffee machines intended for brewing coffee pressed into capsules. Such a capsule is first pierced in three places, and then charged in a coffee maker. Under the influence of a powerful jet of coffee in the capsule is mixed, and then the chamber with coffee powder enters the water, which is supplied under pressure. Due to the tightness of plastic or metal capsule perfectly preserved the aroma and taste of coffee. Furthermore, in the capsule coffee makers can whisking milk for cappuccino.

The lack of similar models - limited choice of varieties of coffee to brew, as you can use only what manufacturers offer coffee capsules. Prepare freshly ground coffee or mix into the capsule coffee machine you can not. And the cost of this unit is fairly high.

Coffee machines

The most modern and most expensive type of coffee machines. The process of making coffee here is fully automated. A model of this know-how so much that they can devote a separate article. We note only that they are designed, as a rule, for cooking large amounts of coffee and are commonly used in coffee shops, restaurants, bars and offices. However, for home use coffee machines also acquire. It is thought that made them get the most delicious coffee. But this assertion is debatable.

Many will never give up the possibility to brew freshly ground coffee in the old way, using pots, while others prefer to buy a coffee maker or coffee machine. How to choose a coffee machine for home, it depends only on your preferences and ideas about a real taste of coffee, as well as financial capabilities. And to choose today is from what! So the most important thing - to decide on the type of coffee machines, which we have tried to help you and understand. Good luck choice and a pleasant shopping!

 How to choose a coffee maker for the house? Educational program for the coffee

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