How to choose a washing machine and dryers


  • Properties of washing machines and dryers
  • Capacity
  • Types and control panel
  • Pressing and drying
  • Protection system and self-test
  • Innovation
  • Conclusion

Of course, the position of modern hostesses in comparison with their predecessors more than winning. Such a number of household appliances our grandmothers and mothers do not even dreamed of! Why are there number! Even some twenty years ago washing machine for domestic housekeepers were an unaffordable luxury. Whether it is now! However, we are not so simple as it seems. Today we have another problem - to choose.

For example, the same miracle-unit laundry. It would seem that what could be easier - came into the store, compare prices, choose a washing machine, I bought and satisfied with the purchase went home. But no. The choice is not only among the models and prices. We still have to take into account the size of their own homes, because not all of what is in shopping pavilions just as easily fit in our house. But the hosts have modest apartments to choose from. But you need to choose a washing machine and dryers. As this is a washing machine, and what to look for when choosing? Let's face it.

Properties of washing machines and dryers

As you know, the main feature of the washing machines and dryers - the location of the hatch. If machines with front loading hatch located on the front wall of the housing, then it is located on the second top cover. This makes it very convenient for small spaces where to move the front door hatch does not have enough space. However, washing machines and dryers can not hide in the closet, in a cabinet or countertop. Therefore, to place it, for example, in the kitchen you are unlikely to succeed. But in a small and narrow bathroom just for such a machine would be enough space.

By the number of modes of washing and spinning machines and dryers are usually inferior to the washing machine with a front hatch. However, the latest models can compete with the front and a washing machine. In all other respects, these automatic machines are the same. All processes are carried out in automatic mode: Gulf water, draining, heating, soaking, washing, rinsing, spinning and drying laundry. You just download the dirty laundry, pour detergent, rinse and pour the wash cycle start.

If we consider both types of machines from the technical side, the main feature of the washing machines and dryers is the location of the bearing with respect to the tank. In front-loading machines are located at the back of the tank, while the machines with vertical loading on its sides. So that did not even last one bearing assembly, but two. And it is this, according to some experts, does the washing machine more reliable. However, this statement is quite debatable.

 how to choose washing machines and dryers


Say at once capacity machines and dryers in terms of its size. Such a machine can be a super compact. Its minimum width is only forty centimeters. Depth of such cars is standard and sixty centimeters (sometimes sixty two). The height varies from eighty-five to ninety centimeters. Design features (vertical loading and a small width) allows you to move up a washing machine to the wall not only to the back panel, but also sideways.

There are more dimensional models of washing machines and dryers. These machines belong to the activator type and are designed for large rooms. Depth activator vertikalok reaches almost seventy and seventy-two centimeters width. But the height can be quite compact and does not exceed those of seventy centimeters. But there is a pattern and a height of over a meter.

With regard to the loading capacity of the washing machines, it is usually standard. Six to seven kilograms of laundry will take this machine per load. Less capacity it is designed for a smaller number - four-five kilograms. But activator machine can wash the vertical load at a time more than ten kilos of your belongings.

Types and control panel

Before you choose your favorite model, find out what type of control at this washing machine. Type of washing machines and dryers can be electronic, mechanical and combined.

  1. Electronic control type. This type of machines have an electronic programmer (electronic control panel). You choose the wash cycle and a given program, and all the rest - washing phase, the temperature of the water, the duration of each cycle - adjusted automatically.
  2. Mechanical control type. Machines with mechanical type control requires manual installation of all the parameters of washing. Implemented control switches that regulate the washing, water temperature and spin speed washing.
  3. Electron-mechanical control combines the previous types. These machines are equipped with electronic keys and panel responsible for additional parameters of washing.

The control panel in vertical washing machines more compact and is located behind a cover on a small hill (steps). Due to the slope of the step plate is clearly visible. However, some models are equipped with a control panel located in front of the hatch. Often, customers confused the small size of the control panel in vertical washing machines. However, the small panel does not mean restriction of washing modes and additional functions. Most often, it is the car with such panels and are electro-mechanical type with additional programming.

Vertical washing machines are usually equipped with a standard set of wash programs: Cotton, wool, synthetics, delicates. In addition, these machines are often provided and additional programs: delicate and hand wash, soak, extra rinse, pre-wash, easy ironing. In general, a set of basic programs and additional functions vertical machines no way inferior to the popular front-loading washing machine. Just looks a bit different panel.

 How to choose a washing machine with vertical load correctly

Pressing and drying

To choose the right washing machine, you need to ask not only the washing, but the maximum spin speed, as well as the presence of a function of drying laundry. Note that if you choose a car without this feature, you need to focus precisely on the spin speed. After all, if you can not dry the laundry in the washing machine directly, then it must be overcome as best as possible.

The construction of vertical washing machines is that they spin is far easier as compared with the front washing machines. However, such high spin speeds are not available. 1800 and 2000 rpm - generally unattainable speed for vertikalka. And the highest spin speed at the machines available on the market, - 1400 rpm. But, as practice shows, for home washing machine even this spinning speed is more than adequate. As a rule, housewives prefer to spin the clothes at speeds from 600 to 1000 rpm. And be prepared for the fact that the vertical washing machines step change speeds equal to 100 RPM, while at the front, he is 200 rpm.

Function dryer at vertical machines is extremely rare, and such machines are manufactured by only two companies: Brandt and Blomberg. These models are uniformly dried laundry, loading and drying does not exceed two and a half kilograms. True, there are such vertikalka almost the twice as expensive.

Protection system and self-test

Today, choose a machine without a system of protection against leaks is almost impossible. So from this error, you are guaranteed to insured. But you must still figure out what the system is and how it works. Machines and dryers are equipped with the system of protection against leaks, the corresponding brand. That is, the vertical front and a washing machine one brand will have the same protection system. But the system itself may be different. In most cases, washing machines and dryers are protected on the body. This partial protection, carried out by the double hose with automatic shut-off valves or float in the tray, make contact drain pump. On machines with full protection has two components, sensors and sensors control water filling valve.

Some are equipped with washing machines and self-diagnosis system, which helps to understand the cause of the malfunction of the machine. Such a system is only for cars with display, where and displays information about the cause of the fault. This information is given in the form of code that can be decoded according to the table in the attached instructions. However, the vertical machines with a system of self-diagnosis is not much.


Despite its apparent simplicity, modern vertical washing machines are manufactured based on innovative technologies. You may want to choose this improved model. What is interesting and useful things can be for these washing machines?

  1. Brushless motor inverter. It works a lot quieter, allows to equip the machine accurate washing programs, it is much longer.
  2. Induction motor. Structurally, the easier its predecessors, has acoustic panels, which reduce the noise level is more reliable.
  3. The engine with direct drive. It has a compact size, low vibration and noise, is more efficient and uses less electricity.
  4. The steam generator. It provides treatment of laundry with steam, to straighten out the fabric fibers and facilitates care of things after drying.
  5. Detergent dispenser. Specifies the number of means, depending on the weight of the loaded laundry.

Among other innovative features of vertical washing machines can be noted, for example, a system of complete consumption of detergent, a system of six additional rinses and cell drum. In short, every manufacturer tries to keep pace with the times and use the latest technological advances.


Choosing a washing machine and dryers, focuses primarily on their own needs and pushes on the size and appearance of the model. Incidentally, most of the models in our stores are produced in Europe. And this is, as you know, about the quality of the washing machines. Among these units can not be found on the Asian and Turkish companies (as opposed to the front of washing machines).

Already determine the size, pay attention to the type of control, the number of modes of washing, spin speed and options. Note that most buyers prefer averaged model of the washing machines and dryers. But such a model looks as follows:

  • White color,
  • Standard dimensions,
  • loading up to five kilograms,
  • e-governance,
  • Spin 800 rpm,
  • partial protection against leaks,
  • 52 liters of water flow,
  • price from 12 to 22 thousand.

Believe me, the choice is easy to do, if you know what it is and what to choose. Good luck choice and a pleasant shopping!

 How to choose a washing machine and dryers

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