How to properly and efficiently to iron men's shirts

It is no secret that many men do not like to wear a shirt. Nevertheless, this type of clothing is required to have each of them in the wardrobe. Modern business style involves neatness of dress. But not every man knows how to stroke men's shirt. How to do it right?

Undoubtedly, if the iron things every day, you can learn to do it very quickly. But fast is not always good. To quality pet shirt for men, it is best to comply with simple rules:

  • For each type of fabric filter recommended mode.
  • Dark shirts should be ironed on the reverse side. In the same way ironed things with embroidery, applique, stamping. Determine the composition of the tissue, if you decide to buy a white shirt. Defects of ironing on a light fabric will be very difficult to disguise.
  • Dry shirt, especially of cotton and linen, you should first carefully sprinkle a little water. It should be remembered that the products and natural silk and viscose better iron through a damp cotton cloth.
  • Use iron only distilled water.
  • Always start with the collar. He stroked necessarily twice - first from the bottom, then top. And iron direct from the corners to the center. So you can avoid wrinkles in the most conspicuous places. Fold in the neck can be left untouched. During socks he will take the natural form.
  • Then otglazhivayut cuff twice - from the inside and the front side.
  • From cuff to move sleeves. First, they are folded so that the seam is in the middle, and then - at the seam. This operation is necessary to work iron from the bottom up, directing it from the center to the edges. Do not forget to turn the sleeves to be ironed them as well from the bottom and from the top side. Remember that the shirt - this is not the trousers and the side of the arrow on the sleeves are not allowed.
  • When ironing the front part should always begin with the right shelves, moving down to the hem of his shirt. If you have a strap on the shelves, they also like a collar and cuffs ironed inside out even further. Carefully pass the distance between the nose of the iron hinges. To avoid burns of the fingers, not much pull the fabric between the loops.
  • The back is smoothed easiest. It focuses on the side seams. Begin the process by the right side seam, then move on to the back along the seam and yoke. Complete men's shirts ironed study of the left side seam. Shoulders and coquette otutyuzhivayutsya very well when pulling the fabric in the narrow edge of the ironing board.
  • Also keep in mind that a good iron is also of great importance. The more a useful function - the easier and better the process of ironing.
 How to properly and efficiently to iron men's shirts

 How to care for suede boots


  • Tricks in the care of footwear pile of leather: preventive measures
  • Direct care for shoes made of suede in the autumn-winter period
  • Emergency Measures

On the question of what shoes men find female legs particularly attractive and sexy, the majority of boys gave one answer - in shoes or boots made of suede. And this is not unusual, because noble and sophisticated look of this material really gives some subtle refinement and elegance to our appearance emphasizes grace and is a testament to good taste.

Matt velvety suede attracts the eye and the hand itself stretches store it in such shoes. This occurs even if the disappointment of socks or shoes boots plunges into despair over the fact that they are too quickly lost its original appearance. "Anything more than ever! From now on, only smooth skin! "- We renounce, and, nevertheless, a planned trip to the shoe boutique for many women re-acquisition of another end pair of suede boots or shoes.

And it is not at all contradictory nature notorious representatives of the beautiful half of humanity, in which we are so fond of blaming men. No, we are simply unable to resist the charming elegance of suede, so instantly silent voice of reason, and before the mind's eye is already a picture of their own slender legs that wrap around the boots so beautiful frosted noble material. In order not to get upset about the problems with this whimsical leather derivative, it is important to understand two things:

  • this winter, spring and autumn shoes are not designed for daily wear;
  • Suede does not tolerate neglect, but never disappoint those of us who know how to properly take care of it.

Before you commit to all the subtleties and nuances of operation of such a noble shoe material and talk about what needs to be a certain way to protect and clean for a start let's see what this is also a popular nap. Surely you have heard often from sellers of footwear phrase "natural suede" and "artificial suede."

In the first case it is a derivative of the skins of sheep and goats, or deer. In fact, it is the same leather, but treated special method. It is soft and porous and therefore ideal for tailoring footwear, because of toe boots, shod for the season, I never sweat. But this material is moisture from the outside, although as it swells, becomes impermeable. Due to the special vychinke suede has a short nap. If your boots are made from the skins of goats, the spending on them hand and you will feel the velvety softness that distinguishes them from the shoe leather of another animal.

But for the second type of so-called Suede - artificial - use as many as two ways. The first of them - the fabric. It ensures the quality of the material, but is relatively high cost. The technology uses microfiber yarn therefrom specially woven fabric. It was then treated with a special machine, which cleaves the fiber naps, and the result is a substitute very reminiscent of its natural counterpart. And the similarity depends on the time required to process the material, and its initial weight and density.

A method for producing non-woven synthetic suede is added during the manufacture of special fabric hinge yarns, which are then converted into the pile, or in a more simple method - adhered to the base of ready-hairs imitating natural analogue form. Typically, in this case to distinguish one from another is not particularly difficult.

Tricks in the care of footwear pile of leather: preventive measures

As you know, the trouble is sometimes easier to prevent than to deal with their consequences. So first we try to determine for themselves the impact of preventive measures to prevent the loss of your shoes attractive appearance. And it will be about how to properly care for natural suede boots - winter, spring and autumn - so loved the weaker sex. After all, before they were cleaned and lamenting the loss of color, it is best to apply the preventive measure of protection. Here are some of them and will be discussed further.

In autumn, when everything is covered with dust from the fallen leaves, which had not yet primochit torrential rains, shoes for just a couple of hours' walk is covered with gray bloom. In winter, your fashionable suede boots are threatened by the harmful effects of snow, mud and salt, mixed with chemical reagents, which, unfortunately, it's not enough to combat the obstruction of sidewalks, but enough to spoil a pretty expensive shoes.

Therefore, to avoid wasting crush on another, which lost all its beauty, a pair of noble suede prudently protect your boots. To do this, treat them with special protective surface nanospreem. It covers a whimsical pile transparent invisible layer to prevent water, dirt and chemicals. In this simple way you how to make boots vaccination, increases their resistance to harmful influences from the outside, and facilitate follow-up care. Shoes will be much less dirty, clean it would be easier, so it will please you with its invulnerability even in the most unpredictable weather.

But do not think that it is enough just a couple of times "pshiknut" from a container and rely on the result of the above magic with suede boots. And here and there. In this connection, your attention is the number one trick called "treatment in three stages":

  • Spray-up, paying particular attention to the bottom of the shoe.
  • Leave the boots to dry away from the battery and repeat the procedure with the treatment spray.
  • Make sure it is completely absorbed, and apply protection for the third time.

After the shoes completely dry, you can go out. Another, equally important prevention measure will be a procedure that will refresh your suede boots after the first walk, because care is better to start at once. They must be cleaned special rigid porous sponge and means for suede as a foam. In this simple way you can easily remove the shoe from the surface of all the dust. In the future, you need to buy an eraser to remove the fatty plaque and stubborn stains, which often covered boots in winter and autumn. Replace it can instrument with teeth made of rubber or rubber, which performs the same function.

But as suede boots should not only clean from dirt and stains, but also to update the upper layer of the material, returning it a natural velvety, also buy a special crepe brush. By the way, you can often find two-way variation of this important device with an eraser or rubber teeth further. This instrument has a small size, so it is very convenient to carry in a handbag to always have the opportunity to remove any contaminants, such as at work, do not delay care and then leaving dirt likely to spoil the delicate structure of the diaper material.

 How to care for suede winter boots

Direct care for shoes made of suede in the autumn-winter period

A lover of wearing suede boots are often faced with the fact that the wet weather contributes to the emergence of specific shoe on white streaks. Indeed, slushy and snow season shoes skin spoils pile of salt and a mixture of chemicals, that it leaves those very stubborn stains eats and damages the very fabric suede. Therefore, avoid wearing a pair during heavy rainfall. If your suede boots similar trouble has occurred, use the special refreshing spray that can usually paint defects appearing.

But in this case, the proper care of the pile skin boots is impossible without preventive measures. In autumn and winter you should use a special liquid cream, which improves moisture resistance suede. Do not defeat this measure, so you do not regret. In addition, in recent years in the range of products that help care for shoes, appeared very effective impregnation. They are specially formulated to protect the boots and shoes on wet mud, snow porridge, and the harmful effects of salt mixture.

The treatment of footwear pile of skin should also be carried out in three stages: spray, wait for drying, repeat the procedure once again give time to soak in the composition and apply it for the third time. But in this case it should be done well in advance, not on the day when you plan to "walk the" its fashionable suede boots. This is the second trick that allows you to facilitate the care of footwear pile spectacular skin.

What to do if you happen to such trouble as getting a large amount of mud and dry it straight to your boots? First, carefully shake off the part that easily crumbles. You can wipe the surface suffered a flannel cloth, but it should be easy, in any case not pushing dirt residues in soft suede. Then the shoes must be clean, but carefully and gently. To do this, take a little of the usual laundry detergent (without bleaching properties!), Dissolve it in warm water and get soapy water gently rub the suede surface.

Then walk around the pile of shoes wet cloth, and as the final stage as if a piece of dry sand the silk fabric. All insert into boots special wooden (plastic) pads or put inside the crumpled newspaper and let it dry, but not under the battery. If, after washing and drying chamois has several "licked" appearance, then go over it with a brush and a few minutes the victim hold a pair of capacitance with boiling water. But always remember the main thing: "combing" the pile of leather boots is necessary only when they are dry.

Currently, you can clean suede shoes and using office machines. If there is one you have at work, instant effect will reach with the most coarse brush bristles. Proponents of the popular methods are advised to take care of suede boots the old-fashioned way - a crust of bread, occasionally wiping her damaged surface. If desired, you can check out all the techniques and choose the most appropriate and effective.

Shoe Care with natural bristles is not only timely removal of dirt and stains, but also in preventing it zagrubeniya. This will help you clear a versatile spray, which should be regularly impregnated suede boots. If you wear a pair of long lost its bright color and faded tint, use the same composition of the desired shade. By the way, the owner of a brown winter and demi-season shoes can generally dispense materials at hand - they are quite as necessary, clean it with a brush, previously soaked in the remnants of natural coffee. Color nap at the same time will always be a bright and deep.

 in the winter to take care of suede boots

Emergency Measures

If your wardrobe is always present suede boots to wear in autumn or winter, you probably noticed a few unpleasant moments, indicating that favorite pair begins to deteriorate. Attentive hostess always notice the first signs of significant wear surface and immediately try to rebuild the original form, but how to do it correctly?

If you are faced with the fact that the toes of his boots suddenly zalosnilis, do not rush to worry, because this will help you to handle nuisance ordinary soda, a teaspoon of which should be dissolved in two hundred grams of warmed milk and wipe it with a solution of the problem areas. Freshen suede shoes can be, and other home technique. Cook the composition of hundred grams of water, and twenty-five grams of vinegar and a cotton bud carefully walk on zalosnivshimsya sites. Then treat them with clean water and fix the result of a weak solution of one teaspoon of vinegar per gallon of water.

If you're coming from the street into suede boots soaking wet, immediately provide them proper care. To do this, I will put crumpled newspaper and let shoes dry, and then go over the surface with a brush. Appeared grease stains should be treated with kerosene or gasoline. They can also sprinkle talcum powder and a couple of hours later, remove the remnants of wire sponge. To avoid streaks of light, dirty suede boots are advised to brush soaked in soapy water with a small amount of ammonia. Remains of the staff removed the usual cold water, and the surface is polished boots of silk cloth.

But to avoid most of these problems and significantly extend the life of the shoe made of natural material pile can only respect for her. Therefore, when buying boots Winter, spring and autumn are not limited to one pair - it is better to have a change from the usual smooth skin. Then, in the wet slushy weather, you do not have to compromise your favorite pair of elegant suede, worrying about the loss of its original attractive appearance.

As noted above, the shoe care a natural bristle brush should be done only on a dry surface. Never attempt to touch up boots with a conventional shoe cream - for this there are special formulations designed exclusively for suede or nubuck. During the autumn rain and snowfall during the winter do not neglect the use of surface treatments that prevent the penetration of moisture into the fiber. As the water completely out of the shoes after at least twenty hours, try to arrange your vacation small shoes to ventilate it properly and sufficiently dry. Do not store your suede boots in plastic bags.

After the end of the season, remove the remnants of the surface dust and dirt, and the available spots try to remove one of the methods described above. Then, soak shoes composition preventing zagrubeniyu, put into plastic or wooden blocks (crumpled newsprint) and place for storage in a cardboard box. If during the season you observe all measures and properly cared for boots made of suede, with the onset of cold weather once again pleased to be able to wear your favorite pair, and show off in it, no worrying about appearance.

 How to care for suede boots: the subtleties and secrets of operation of the pile shoe leather

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