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Home, sweet home. ... How do you want it to be nice to go back to work, to feel the warmth and tranquility that even the walls waiting for you to understand and uplifting. Unfortunately, not everyone can say about your home such words. Often it happens that we belong to the place in which we live, as a temporary shelter, and inducing coziness did not raise their hands.

This happens for various reasons, mostly because of dissatisfaction with their own housing. For example, you dream of a spacious private house, and has to live in a small studio apartment. How can there be a comfort? Hurry to save money and to fulfill their dream! But money is not willing to accumulate, time passes and no spacious house or a comfortable, albeit small apartments. You start to feel irritation, frustration, and return home transformed into an obligation for you, rather than desire.

And one day you realize you can not continue to live like this, you need to do something, to change the principles, forget about the dream and try to live in the present. And then the question arises - how to create the comfort of home? How to make sure that the house was not just a place to spend the night, and something more, something necessary ...


The notion that comfort depends on the square meters of housing, from the chic repair and expensive furniture - incorrectly. Acting according to the following tips, you will make your home cozy, even if it's just a room in a communal apartment. The first step towards the transformation will have the choice of textiles. Sure, it's an important part of home decor. Pay attention to the windows - not good if you have curtains on them have not changed for several years.

Do not rush to buy the blinds, they will not help you achieve the desired result. On which side do not look, and blinds - it's still an office style. Even the most simple and inexpensive but tasteful curtains, can drastically change the look of the room. In addition, they reliably protect us from prying eyes and the outside world.

Get a beautiful tablecloth for the dining table, a blanket for a double bed or a soft blanket - a very useful thing in the economy multifunctional. After all, he is not only warm in cold winter evenings, but is able to hide from prying unsightly places at the same time delighting the eyes of others, their attractive coloring. Try to choose the right colors for textiles. No need to have your home iridescent. An exception here can only be a children's room. Think about this question very carefully. Make the room was bright things. But they must not destroy the overall atmosphere.

 pleasant comfort of home


A few words should be said about the light. In addition to the top light must also acquire a number of local sources of illumination. For example, a nice desk lamp or floor lamp suitable for both work at a computer, and for easy night reading. Especially that such elegant things are indispensable in creating a comfortable home environment.


Houseplants. Their role in a home environment is very important. Violets on the window sill, climbing plants in pots on the walls or in the bottom pot ficus - all this can make the room a freshness and vitality. If a special love for the colors you do not feel, or you have no time to care for them, you can buy a beautiful artificial plants, since today they sold a great many, and some of them are quite difficult to distinguish from the real thing.


Change the old furniture! No need to chase the fashion and style of the room to create "operating" with the shiny and metallic surfaces. Well, you think about what could be better than a soft comfortable chair located next to the bookshelf. Here you can relax, read your favorite book, enjoy a cup of coffee and forget about the diet, eat delicious chocolate!

 how to create home comfort


Kitchen - a place where we go most often: family breakfasts and dinners, chatting with a friend over a glass of wine, novelistic evening with her husband. Therefore, pay attention to the kitchen environment is necessary not less than the living room. Get rid of the old dishes, even among her favorite cup and have flowered, from which you drink for five years and do not think without her morning coffee. Buy a new one, it will soon also become a favorite! And at the same time acquire a nice dish for the other family members.

Hang bright curtains, a couple of pots of flowers set on the windowsill, and never allow to accumulate in the kitchen old kitchen towels! They spoil the general view of most. Bright, sunny kitchen potholders, napkins to match the curtain, sugar bowl with polka dots, such as salt. ... Everything - your kitchen become unrecognizable!

It is important that the interior of the apartment became just "your". Each room should have some little things that are inherent in the owners house. Photo with the image of near and dear to you people or cherished places reminding about important events of your life, not only to decorate the interior of the room, but also give a sense of what is really at home, and walls help. Children's drawings in makeshift framework herbarium, given the child on March 8 or the layout of the ship, collected her son, of course, not without the help of the Pope ...

All of these tips will help to transform the apartment beyond recognition. You'll be happy to return to it in the evenings, and all the friends and acquaintances come to visit, be sure to note the changes and exclaim - how do you cozy!

 How to create the comfort of home?

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 Interior children's room girl


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We give to your children all the information we have love and, of course, we want them to have only the best. The child must be surrounded by a beautiful and comfortable clothes, comfortable environment. So, if your intention is to issue a new nursery, approach to this matter scrupulously, with the entire portion of responsibility.

Very often parents, decorating the nursery, opt for the complex design. However, very quickly, within a year or two, it has to change. After all, your baby will soon grow up and will feel uncomfortable in a room for the newborn. Then it is necessary to radically change the overall design of the room, ranging from large and small parts finishing decor. And you wonder how much will change as the child grows?

Therefore, initially, decorated interior nursery is good to take a decision that will further allow without any changes to perform every year a small correction design. Initially, well-chosen interior will help to save the family budget and avoid unnecessary costs.

 Interior nursery for girls

Preparing for repair

The room is designed for children, should be light and airy, that it is more convenient to play and frolic. It is usually assumed that the ideal room for a boy - is made in blue and blue colors, but for the girls - in pale pink. If you have two children, then it can be divided into two zones. Today, however, most of the designers, and ordinary parents, departs from these classical solutions. Therefore, when planning the repair, refer to your taste, wishes of the child and, of course, the advice of experts.

Fragile psyche of the child reacts to the environment: the space, the completeness of lighting, colors, furniture design, and the like. Therefore, not all the finishing materials can be used to repair the nursery. They should be selected very carefully, after consulting with the seller and after reading about the composition of a product.

At the initial stage, be sure to take into account all the factors: age and sex of the baby, his hobbies and preferences. If you have two or more children, think of the "zoning" areas. Carefully designed design, you can divide the space into several parts, each having issued in his unique style - with this approach, each child will have their own corner.

Some parents make the mistake of choosing children's expensive fashionable wallpaper and furniture masters of the latest developments of the case. However, in the world of kids normality and mediation - strange matter. Here there are very different rules and laws.

Children - this is a country of dreams and dreams, full of imagination and ideas, unknown to adults. If possible, better to buy furniture in neutral colors. After all, colorful toys or, for example, for school supplies on a bright desk can distract a child from school, prevented him from concentrating, cause disharmony. Some experts called the best color light green, which does not irritate the nervous system and calming effect on a young body.

When planning the design of children's note that doctors recommend to refrain from using large amounts of shiny surfaces and objects, such as mirrors, glass vases or tables, plastic chairs. Since, in their view, these elements can lead to sleep disorders in the baby. Some experts advise even the walls of the room painted entirely matte rather than glossy paint.

In his room, the child not only sleeps and plays, and learns. To process data that vary in purpose, as well as emotional and psychological content, proceeded calmly, and the baby feel comfortable, not tired and annoyed, you need each zone to identify occupations (for example, using light effects). Ideally, the design of the game, and sleeping space for training will be carried out in different colors floor or wall coverings.

However, remember that no matter what you may have painted the interior in his imagination, functional areas in the room for kids should take into account the anatomical structure of the girls. Pay attention to it! After all, children's furniture is significantly different from the adult, not only in size, but the proportions - it should be simple shapes with large elements (headboard, arms of the chair). Also, avoid sharp corners and protruding parts traumatic, pick a smooth surface.

The child's life should be filled with positive emotions that appear during the game, the study of furniture and its contents, and the like. So the main thing in a piece of furniture, which is surrounded by a growing baby - reliability, versatility and stability. A loud knock on the fallen chair or rickety hangers capable of traumatic impact on the child, scare him. Therefore, its space should be filled with strong, robust construction. Some psychologists even recommend the release of things top shelf cabinets and shelves in order to prevent them from falling.

A useful purchase will be a special game furniture. It is produced in the form of houses or closed sections for entertainment. Children - is a world where your child learns the surrounding reality, allows all sorts of everyday situations and simulates them. And to him it was quiet and safe around must be appropriate to the age, character and intelligence subjects.

 Interior nursery for girls


If you develop a design and plan to upgrade the nursery, to launch a review of the overall layout of the apartment. Perhaps you have seen bad insolation rooms, there is a lot of bearing walls, a few corridors and the like. If we approach the matter with the mind, you can always find options that will help to properly dispose of the premises and to ensure that your child was not crowded.

Be sure to pay special attention to the lighting of the room. Worth highlighting to make not only on the ceiling and on the desktop baby, but also to consolidate additional lights in the play area, in some interior items (eg, pictures). Pre-examine the standards accepted in medicine that provide a level of illumination of child depending on the child's age. By the way, changing the brightness of the glare from the ceiling, floor and walls, you can visually influence the volume of the room - it increases the reflected light and make the room visually less possible by placing lamps on the ceiling so that their beams were directed at the wall.

Child's room for a girl to be created, based on the desires and preferences of your baby. If the child is conscious age, ask what she would like to see their abode. Many people have a favorite cartoon characters, fairy tales, you can decorate a room paintings with their image.

Many moms dress their daughters in pink dresses, so, considering the design of the room for them to give preference to the same shades. Do not be afraid to move away from the classical canons. Today it is fashionable to paint the walls of a nursery in light, moderate tone: young leaves, sky blue, beige, peach, and so on. If you choose a restrained colors, then give the room a cheerful mood will help bright accents: catchy pictures, made by the hands of your child panels, flowers or stars on the ceiling, and more. The main thing that the materials themselves are non-flammable, with a high level Ekozashchita.

Children Furniture should be functional and comfortable, and most importantly, suitable for the baby age. Today, its design is diverse: bed-cars or sleeper-ship, with the muzzle of the animal in the head, and the like. As for the cabinets, then make sure that they are well open the door, and the shelves were roomy - this, incidentally, is important, because all the girls are born fashionista. Do not forget to hang a mirror so that it in harmony with the overall interior design, you can sew it in a beautiful frame and paint it yourself.

As for the floor, the better, of course, do have heated floors. They are more expensive than regular siding, but your child will never freeze! Kids - the creation of active and very mobile: they are always something to drop, spill. Therefore, in terms of harvesting the best option - parquet, laminates, or more cost-effective alternative - linoleum. If you prefer carpet, then, according to medical opinion, it should not occupy the entire floor area, as an additional source of dust, which particularly affects children, allergy-prone.

In addition to the standard set of furniture (beds, wardrobes, tables and chairs) can buy, for example, a small children's bed, where the child will be comfortable not only read the book, but also to chat with her friends. The design of the room can vary podium structures. They are used mainly to highlight the work area, such decisions look quite impressive and interesting.

To make repairs correctly, listen to the advice of experts:

  • Do not choose wallpaper with bright children's drawings. The best option - plain wall with a few bright accents. Then, as children get older you do not have wallpaper glue, it will be enough just to update the decor child using pictures selected baby.
  • Curtains for children's best to choose shades of rich, in which there are at least 4-5 colors. Typically, these curtains in their colors necessarily suited to the interior renovation.
  • Choosing carpets and bedspreads, prefer neutral colors, because themed paintings very quickly bored, and replacing them requires additional costs.
  • The furniture in the nursery, choose one that will "grow" on the basis of the child's growth, along with him. Beds that are extended, cabinets - are built, and the table - changes its growth.
 Interior children's room girl

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