curtain in oriental style

East, as we know, is a delicate matter. And this thing bright, colorful and somewhat exotic (at least for Europeans). Oriental motifs have become part of the European Design art in the nineteenth century, when it was marked by the fact of the universality of the interior in oriental style. It is surprising, but they fit perfectly into the design of any dwelling. One of these elements of the interior - curtains in the Oriental style.

Oriental style is historically (and geographically) is divided into two areas: the Arab East and the Buddhist East. In the first case - a bright, flowery and pompous opulence, contrasting shades and patterns. In the second - brevity is close to minimalism, neutral, peaceful and pastel colors. Accordingly, the curtains in the Oriental style - it is either Japanese and Chinese traditions, or the atmosphere of the Arabian Nights.

Arabic version

Blinds of the tales of Scheherazade is above all, soft flowing fabrics: damask, muslin, silk, moire, brocade and velvet. This elegant, three-dimensional and multi-layered curtains, which are conducive to rest and relaxation. Colours such curtains - rich dark red, blue tones, shades of gold. Fabric-color or patterned. Drawing - flower pattern, curly stem spiral jacquard, monogram. Additional decorations - gold, cords, fringe, tassels, sequins, crystals, mother of pearl, gold finishing tape.

Shape combines curly curtains, draperies, Holders. Curtains in the Arabic version of oriental style create an atmosphere of solemnity, elegance and at the same time intimate. Most of this option for windows in the living room or bedroom.

 curtains oriental style

Chinese version

That simplicity, brevity and lack of spare parts distinguish shades of oriental style in the Chinese version. Such curtains - just simply cut to the size of the window a piece of cloth with garters. Chinese blinds are raised and lowered by hand and fixed with a ribbon or braid. Despite the simplicity of design and execution, the Chinese curtains look quite stylish.

They are made of expensive and beautiful fabrics of all colors and patterns. For them suitable for almost any tissue. But the best look Chinese curtains made of translucent colored fabric. As an impressive look of garters ribbons of contrasting color. As a decorating accessories used decorative ribbons, glass beads, fringe. Such drapes can be made from multiple webs tied with at different heights.

Chinese curtains organically fit into any room - kitchen, bedroom, nursery. And they go well with the laws and methods of many interior styles.

The Japanese version

Japanese panel curtains - the most concise version of the Oriental curtains. At first glance, they are too simple - smooth fabric of whole piece of fabric stretched over a two bar. But precisely because of its simplicity of Japanese curtains gained worldwide recognition. They appear as light screens on the windows or blinds.

Curtains in Eastern style in this embodiment may be made from multiple webs may be entirely transparent or particularly dense. Colours, patterns and textures of fabrics are allowed absolutely any. Especially effective for them looks the picture that is not lost in the folds of cloth. Japanese curtains used in the design of large and spacious rooms or in the interior in the style of minimalism.

It is the size of the room, its purpose and the overall style prompt, how to arrange the curtains in the oriental style and with their help to give your home a bright personality and a special mood.

 The curtains in the Oriental style. Three versions

 cosiness in the house with his own hands


  • The smell in the house
  • Cleanliness home
  • Color in the house
  • Plants in the house
  • Lovely stuff

About the house to be warm and welcoming, dreaming, perhaps every woman. And every woman known (even if it does not know about it) little secrets and tricks to help you achieve the desired effect. Of course, you can use the services of a professional designer to do a grand renovation, upgrade furniture, well and in general ... But to create comfort with their own hands, do not repair it sets out a global and not spending a lot of money - a real art.

If you want your home was comfortable to all its inhabitants feel comfortable at home, so that the house guests come with pleasure, try to follow the advice of designers and psychologists. And we must all learn something only some of the rules and make this his skillful hands.

The smell in the house

The smell - is the easiest way to make the house more comfortable. And it is not about all kinds of air fresheners and chemical flavors and smells of the natural, able to create a special cozy atmosphere. Here, for example, the smell of freshly brewed coffee. It is believed that the smell is able to reduce the impact of stress and to save people from their symptoms. By the way, these findings are made in the course of special laboratory experiments. So, the aroma of coffee beans affects the brain and nervous system, but also has antioxidant properties. That is the smell of coffee is able to cause the body to produce substances that protect the nervous system. And if in your apartment soars coffee aroma, that is in the house of people will feel comfortable and cozy.

The smell of fresh pastries ... Oh that smell homemade cakes and buns! Can there be a more intimate flavor? However, only a smell of cooking and make your home cozy, but the rest of the flavors of the kitchen, for example, the smell of fried potatoes and chicken, you need to drive away, otherwise your house will look like, rather, a public canteen than a cozy nest. Durable settling on furniture, curtains and wallpaper, so the smell will soon lose its appetizing appeal, becoming a dubious smell of rancid fat. So hood, open window and basic kitchen ventilation will help you avoid such a disappointing outlook.

However, we urge you not to constantly bake pies and cakes, day and night cast over the Turks with coffee, trying to fill the house cozy scents: everything is good in moderation. If you absolutely do not like the furnace, and are not a fan of invigorating coffee, you can use Aromalamps. And who said that inviting only can smell food? Domestic, warm and inviting considered as flavors of cinnamon, lavender and citrus. Essential oils today there are abundant (for all tastes and, just in case), and each of them has special properties and helps to create a special atmosphere.

But, speaking about the smell in the house, one can not be said about their absence. Or rather, the absence of unpleasant odors. For example, the smell of dust, the smell of dirty shoes, the smell of stale bedding (and indeed all too clean and fresh) is able to negate all of your efforts to create a homelike environment. Therefore, such a smell in the house is not the place. And here we are gradually moved to another part of a cozy house. Clean!

 comfort of their own hands

Cleanliness home

A cozy house with their own hands - a clean house. In fact, to maintain cleanliness and order in the apartment require basic rules of hygiene. But, as you know, mess and mud have not only the visual effect of discomfort, but it is the olfactory properties. Bad smells complete trash, unwashed dishes, dusty curtains, upholstered furniture greasy long indelible blankets. Now imagine that your house is all (or at least part of this outrage) takes place. So what? In this house you will be comfortable?

But in a clean apartment, even a light disorder would be home and even cozy. In fact - not in a museum, we live! By the way, psychologists say that the ideal order in the house makes this house the dead. In such a house people will subconsciously feel uncomfortable. But do not rejoice justified opportunity to throw things and leave the bed unmade unharvested winter clothes in the summer: once again, everything is good in moderation. Cosy mess - a mess "on-line", ie traces of the person (s) at home at the moment. So in a lovely house to be spotless cleanliness and order is maintained constantly, but without fanaticism. It is in your hands, as the other component of home comfort - color solution.

Color in the house

Warm colors in the interior and added comfort, beige and green colors of calm and warm shades of red and yellow and brown - will warm. Not necessarily change the furniture or wallpaper, you can add these colors in accessories - curtains, pillows, candles and any items that are in the house.

The main rule - to choose such colors that will make the house bright, but not faded. So be sure to dilute the overall light color palette of bright saturated colors: contrasting tone or a combination. Try to use the psychological properties of colors. For example, it is believed that the dark ceiling causes negative emotions, and the pink and blue walls of calm and relaxing. Red stimulates, yellow and orange elevates mood, green gives a feeling of harmony with the environment. In general, experiment with color, which will help to make your home cozy.

Plants in the house

Features and an essential element of a cozy house - living plants. No one questioned their favor: clean air and oxygen to have healing properties, helps to cope with stress or to get out of depression, and just pleasing to the eye! How exactly do you prefer plants - your business. You can settle in his apartment ornamental deciduous masterpieces indoor flower or a beautiful flowering specimens. You can choose a plant-mascots (money tree, for example, or a flower Female happiness). You can go and begin collecting cactus plant. You can extract specific benefit by planting a mini-garden, or by placing a box of herbs on the windowsill in the kitchen. You can all!

Well, if you live houseplants does not appeal, then let it be man-made, such as a pot of violets of felt or bouquet of plastic or cold porcelain. Let it be a symbolic tree of happiness (Topiary), made from coffee beans or the tissue colors. However, Topiary - it is, as they say, another story.

 comfort in the apartment with his hands

Lovely stuff

Finally, we come to the very, very important - cute little things that will make any home comfortable and unique. Especially if these little things made by hand. For example, interior textiles. Of course, especially skillful masters able to almost a feat in the name of comfort in your home, but because brandishing as much a patchwork bedspreads and window curtains. But you can go for smaller prey (we're talking about time expenses) and limit patchwork cushions or sofas kitchen tack. Cute, very cute, and so comfortable at home will look like these accessories. In general, textiles and knitwear - the most comfortable material. Therefore, all kinds of dumochki, napkins, curtains, skaterochki, nikidochki, cheholchiki and others like them have always been associated with a cozy home. Know how to sew or knit - then everything is in your hands.

Do not forget about the other cute little things. Useful and simply decorative home furnishings for a cozy house, you can do with your hands: the housekeeper and boxes, photo frames and pictures, murals and pictures, boxes and wicker baskets, vases and figurines. All can do it any one of us, if our hands are not crooks, but quite the contrary, and thus we know what decoupage, paper mache, sculpture, macramé, quilling, stained glass ... But you never know needlework techniques can be adapted for their own purposes creating comfort in the apartment! Believe me, to create comfort in the house with his own hands is not difficult. As they say, there is a will, there will be a possibility. Desire, to all appearances, we have, so look for opportunities! Good luck!

 Comfort in the house with their hands - it's easier than you think

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