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Any woman trying to make your house nicer and cozier. And the best weapon to get rid of the routine and boredom in the house - a variety of interior all kinds of decorative elements. However, do not always make it so easy. Tragically, the vast majority of families forced to live in small apartments. And that means that food is very, very small - especially on them and not razverneshsya. Yet space for designer fantasies can be found in a small kitchen - there is a will and some knowledge.

Moreover - even in a small kitchen of any apartment is quite possible to change the interior so that the kitchen was not only beautiful and comfortable, but also very functional. That's what we talk about today - because if you're reading this, then the problem is probably for you is highly relevant.

Reconstruction of the kitchen

It was a small kitchen area and a major problem mistresses. However, it can be quite successfully solved. And themselves in various ways - from a simple rearrangement of furniture and ending with the demolition of one of the walls. Already scared? And in vain - at times it is the only way to choose the best design.

Many designers are advised to get rid of the wall between the kitchen and one of the adjacent rooms. However, remember that this reconstruction can be carried out only after thorough preparation. In particular, you will need the permission of relevant construction authority. Yes, and the demolition of the wall will cost you a round sum. So think carefully about all the details before proceeding. It is known to break - not to build. And in a small apartment, any redevelopment will be a cardinal.

 kitchen design in a small apartment

Furniture and decoration in the kitchen

If so radically change the design of the kitchen, you do not want to try to change the furniture in the kitchen. For example, buy a kitchen, where there is space for built-in appliances. Discard the kitchenette in favor of the so-called bar or folding tables and chairs. Believe me - this will allow you to free up some space in a small kitchen.

Also, you should think about the color scheme, which will be executed design small kitchen. The colors must be chosen very carefully. Choosing flooring and wallpaper, pay attention to warm, neutral tones. Bright combinations, alas, you can not afford, as they reduce the space visually. But low-contrast colors, contrast, expanding the boundaries of the kitchen and create the illusion of a spacious room.

But even the materials of neutral colors are special requirements. They are in any case there should be no major figures - be it geometric shapes or floral motifs. They also make the kitchen less - and this is precisely what we are trying to avoid.

But before starting the global changes in their small kitchen, in particular - to change the wallpaper, it is worth remembering that ordinary wallpaper in the kitchen is not suitable. Due to the fact that the kitchen - a room with a variable humidity, the traditional paper wallpaper will have to give. The only valid option - a washable wallpaper or as they are called washable. Perfect fit vinyl wallpaper or wallpaper made of fiberglass. These wallpapers will quickly get rid of the dirt, the spray oil randomly, they are resistant to moisture and even to the fire. But they are not so cheap.

But even if you are low on finances, should not get upset. The cheapest option considered vinyl wallpaper. They have a wide range of colors, glossy and shiny surface specific embossing. But wallpaper fiberglass bit more expensive, but in texture reminiscent of the fabric that makes its flavor to the interior. Both types of wallpaper well washed and will not disappoint mistress.

 Design a small kitchen in the apartment

Interior Features

With elements with which to create a design small kitchen, also need to be careful. For example - the curtains. Heavy and massive curtain in a small kitchen will look ridiculous in the extreme. And the visual space also conceals very strong.

That is why the small kitchen is best to hang translucent curtains of light material. In this way you will achieve a visual extension small kitchen. Firstly, due to the fact that the translucent fabric looks almost weightless, and takes up very little space. And secondly, these curtains do not delay natural light. And it is very, very important - in natural light indoors kitchen will look much more spacious than the artificial.

If you look in the kitchen of our hostesses, almost each of them can find a variety of trinkets dear to the heart - pictures, vases, small magnets. Of course, any interior becomes more warm and homey. But do not forget that this is not just about design, while the interior is small kitchens. In that fit all these little things can not always.

But if you give them all of you can not, make sure you consider the overall design of the kitchen. All decorations should match the overall style and colors, which made the interior. For example, if the general interior is decorated in country style, it is hardly appropriate to the kitchen will look decorative elements, in the style of hi-tech.

If you select the kitchen design, made in warm colors, do not get involved with dark décor. Otherwise, pastel shades will play against you, at times visually reduce the room the kitchen. It is not necessary to hang on the kitchen wall of large paintings, or enjoy massive vases - the effect is the same.

In addition, special care must be amateurs houseplants. Tragically, no matter how you choose designs, colors from the kitchen you have to give. Flowers occupy too much space - in fact we are fighting for each square centimeter, is not it? Some housewives are finding a way out of this situation, and considering kitchen design include wall racks for houseplants. However, in this case, the kitchen is visually seem smaller. Typically, designers are advised to choose only one flower, fit into the interior kitchen. And pay attention to the design of a flower pot - it must also be suitable.

In the event that a lot of mirrors in the apartment, the interior of the kitchen can also diversify mirrors. In that case you will prefer mirrored doors kitchen cabinets, or place a mirror over the dining table, kitchen visually increase significantly.

As you can see, to cope with such a task is possible. Although, of course, it is not so simple. But as you know, easily, and some fish from the pond do not pull, not to mention such an important matter as the creation of a beautiful, comfortable and functional kitchen.

 Interior of a small kitchen in the apartment

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 modular furniture for living room

Living in the house, usually a common room where households spend their free time together, take guests, celebrate holidays. So the room you can call it special, and consequently, it should draw up a special way. The design of the living room should be carefully considered, and the room itself to meet all functional requirements and reflect the aesthetic preferences of the owners.

When it comes to living room furniture, the way one might a standard set: a wall, a sofa, armchairs, a coffee or dining table. Of course, this set is quite justified, as meets our ideas about the convenience and comfort of the living room. However, even a room with a typical set of furniture will make the individual modular furniture for the living room, without which it is simply impossible to imagine modern apartment. What it owes this popularity, and how does it differ from previous models of furniture? Should I opt for the main rooms of the house is such furniture, and if yes, why? Let's find out.

What is the modular furniture?

In everyday life we ​​are cluttered with a lot of things in which there is a daily necessity. Yes, and constantly demand things require storage space. That's just for this purpose, and we came up with modular furniture, which was made for the fact that it was convenient to keep things even in a small space. Numerous cupboards and cabinets, chests and dressers, shelves and shelves firmly taken its place in our homes. A more recent time they were replaced by living monolithic suites, and is associated with the stereotype that the situation of the main room of the house.

But man - being restless, who are constantly striving to ensure that their lives do not only comfortable, but also beautiful. In addition, although we all follow the fashion, but we wish to preserve the individuality (and his own, and his home). It is to break the stereotype of the situation and the living room was invented modular furniture.

She is like a child's constructor, which of the same parts can be created each time something new. Therefore, modular furniture allows different ways to assemble the elements and as a result do original and unique interior. Each element of the modular furniture (module) - it is a finished product, which may act as an independent piece of furniture. At the same time combined with each other modules can be different, allowing you to create an interior in accordance with the features of the room and tastes of the owner.

 modular furniture for the living room corner

From the history of modular furniture

As you know, at the beginning of furniture manufacturing and production is not there. It was a laborious, painstaking work that requires great skill, and sometimes well-known artists of talent. Production of furniture products does not involve massive (and even more in-line) character, because every piece of furniture has been unique. Such furniture is considered antiques today not so much because of the high cost of natural materials, but because of the personality and the special master handwriting.

It is clear that time does not stand still, everything changes: the needs, capabilities and technologies. Now is the time when demand for furniture increased so much that it became necessary to mass production. And contribute to this development of the industry: to replace the furniture workshop came furniture factories and furniture manufacturing has been in-line. We began mass-produced cabinets, chests of drawers, shelves, and behind them and finished furniture walls, hallways and kitchen sets. The main advantage of such furniture was the accessibility: reasonable price at quite tolerable quality. The main drawback - the same and standardization.

Remember the story of the heroes of the film "Irony of Fate, or Enjoy Your Bath! ": Furnished apartment completely identical furniture lost all individuality. The same furniture wall can be seen not only in their own homes, but many neighbors, relatives and friends. Besides the standard sizes of such furniture is not always allowed to organically to place it in the apartment, and the functionality of the serial production of living room sets suffered. In addition, the rigid configuration of the furniture did not leave any chances to the interior design.
So many furniture manufacturing began to move furniture, consisting of individual modules, so today we were able to make a living set to your liking and according to their needs.

The advantages of modular furniture

Modular furniture for the living room has a feature as the lack of a rigid configuration. Perhaps, this feature can be called the main advantage of modular furniture. Judge for yourself: a normal seating suite (wall) grow old, out of fashion, but will remain unchanged - in the form in which the designer conceived (or, as we now say, the designer) furniture. The maximum that you can do with it is to update the facade or swap wardrobes. Modular furniture offers a chance not only to create the desired interior design, but if necessary, change it and even to upgrade. All items of this headset is strictly adjusted to each other. Consequently, the order in which elements would not have been located, they will always appear as a single entity. This significantly increases the efficiency and seating space.

Another distinct advantage of modular furniture - an unlimited number of items. By purchasing this set, the buyer decides how many and which ones cabinets, shelves and cabinets will go into it. The finished modular system of your choice will complement additional elements being dubbed or existing objects. By the way, these modular systems can not only vary the packaging, and even change the color of the facades and panels.

Commonality of modular systems is also one of the advantages of such furniture. Due to this quality modular furniture will cost much cheaper than the furniture made to order. In addition, standardized modular systems can fit into any stop, and therefore, they are not afraid of change of the interior. For example, if the modular furniture for the living room corner, it is convenient not only arranged in one particular part of the room, but also to adjust the living space. Moreover, by changing the design of such a system-tranformer allow to do without the purchase of new furniture.

 modular systems furniture for living room

Distinctive features

What are the differences between the modular furniture from the usual and still top of the walls, on change which it came? Strictly speaking, the wall is a set of cabinets oversight of close to each other and along the walls. Cases have different purposes and different widths, but the same height and depth. Modular furniture can be composed of elements of different heights and different depths.

In addition, any set of modular furniture can be increased, that is, to add new modules to it. In addition to this niche under the TV set, you can then change both in depth and width and height. Yet, unlike the walls of modular furniture sets are not equipped with wardrobes (but if you want the buyer may be complemented by them).

In general, the model allows to save the furniture, replace or additional purchasing necessary items. And with all of its advantages and features, such furniture can be regarded as a modern alternative to boring and outdated walls, but also a tool of transformation interior. Experiment and look for options for your living space. A modular furniture for the living room will become for you to be among the best assistants in this not easy, but this exciting business.

 Modular furniture for the living room - renaissance of the XXI century