TV in the interior

To TV can be treated differently. You can curse on was worth, and argue about its harmful effects on the minds and psyche of young fragile organisms. You can enjoy the day and night watching your favorite TV shows, or include it in the background. But enthusiasm can watch your favorite movies on the air or on the disk. And whatever emotions caused no TV, inescapable truth is that in every home it certainly given a place. Moreover, both literally and figuratively. About the figurative sense, we have already had their say television today is in every house, and in many - and not one. Let's talk about the literal: the place of the TV in your home.

In each living room he is given almost a central place. Many have a TV in the office, in the bedroom, it is installed even in the nursery or kitchen. Today, when the organization of the living space in the house is given so much importance, anyone want to see every detail of the interior is in place as an integral part into a coherent picture. This, in particular, concerns apparatus and television - in particular. I would like to style was respected in every detail, from A to Z.

How nice to write a television in the modern interior of your own home - a question and simple and complex simultaneously. It all depends on the overall style of the interior, on the size of the TV, and how often you use them at all. For some, the TV - a family member and best friend, for others - just an unfortunate necessity, required the application of modern life.

To begin with, a separate room for your home theater - a very rare phenomenon for a very simple reason: in an apartment for that it does not have enough space. Yes, and there is no special need because the TV in the living room - the place. A living today are almost in every home. Most often, the TV can easily fit into any modern interior, but it happens that the issue of the place where you want to install the TV requires special attention.

 interior with niches under the TV picture

Place the TV in a variety of interiors

Today there are a large number of styles, and among them there are those who do not accept certain items, especially items from another era, such as the Empire style, with his curls, trinkets and gilded. TV it will look alien element, disfiguring and distorting the picture. In general, this applies to all interior styles that have come to us from past centuries. This problem can be solved using various design and architectural tricks. For example, in the interior in the style of Louis XIV, the TV can be installed in a special niche, which closes the painting in a gilt frame. Such interior with niches for TV, photos that are in many design magazines, you can do both in the apartment or house and in offices.

A classic interiors with their refined elegance hide a variety of technological advances, such as TV, video and audio equipment, carved doors of the wardrobes of oak, cherry and yew. There will be a place and a collection of CDs. Even an antique cupboard instead of the usual gilded tableware fine porcelain can hide in its bosom ultramodern video system. But it's only a few cases.

TV in the modern wall

Most of the TV to enter the interior of modern apartment is not difficult. He often becomes part of the decor, where all components are selected, respectively, under standard furniture. Or, put in the living room custom-made furniture for a certain technique wall. Natural wood combined with beautiful silver and black hardware. If desired, the apparatus itself, and you can choose the color of the furniture. It all depends on the overall style and design ideas.

Praise progress and new technologies! Thanks to them, steel flat TVs. Furniture manufacturers immediately responded to and supported this trend. Flat furniture wall of the new generation, graceful and elegant, with a spectacular finish from wood veneer with shallow shelves will themselves be the best location for the TV. But other than that, they will decorate a design of the apartment.

 Interior TV

TV on the wall and in niches

The most simple and effective solution - is to put a plasma screen on the wall. Thanks to minimalist design and large size television often dominates the modern interiors. But long gone are the days when TV was the central element of the living room. Today, not all want to obey the style of your home this monster of modern technology. In this case, you can turn the plasma display into the picture, inserting it into a baguette and place it among the photos or pictures. Or, for example, is specially made to resemble the portal can not just frame for the paintings, but the arch or fireplace. In this case, the presence in the interior of the TV is leveled. Today, frames for TV panels produced a wide variety of firms.

Usually whole perception of all the equipment home theater wall, near where it will be placed, isolated by another material or color. For large areas relevant panels are expensive types of wood or natural stone.

Modern TV requires for themselves high-tech style. To get away from it, you can create an artificial contrast of textures and materials, making the wall, which will be located the TV, from the materials that simulate the rough stone.

Demand dictates offer, and today there are several ways of placing the PDP in the apartment. One of them - a special stand for the plasma. This is probably the easiest option. You can use the stand on wheels. This mobile design is indispensable for those who have there is a need to change the location of the TV occasionally. From the point of view of the interior design is important that the strut for placement in the interior of the TV can be made of different materials in different colors, which as a blend with the overall interior palette, and if deliberately contrast with it.

Another design approach - a rack under the TV as an easel painter. In a modern apartment it looks creative, fresh and artistic. You too can join the art - to create on his "canvas" painting, you do not even need a brush, you just press the button TV remote.

Construction niches - a great way to successful placement of the television area. Very modern interior looks of the TV with niches photos which can be viewed in various design magazines. Spectacular solutions can be created with the help of hidden, running as if from the walls, lights. This is an excellent design option "two in one" - recessed lighting and lamps with wires hidden behind the elegant facade of a tree and the wall looks great.

True fans of video culture is quite satisfied with the TV in the interior, installed on the floor. It is important to them, not as it is, and it shows. A design solution is a frame from colorful packages of video cassettes around the big screen.

A perfect solution would be placing the TV in the rotary core, which is located in the construction of walls. This allows you to watch TV in any sector of the living room. The modern interior is very technological solution.

Thus, the flat shape of the modern plasma panels bring them closer to art objects. What else do we progress and preparing the designs?

 TV in the interior: good decisions

 decorative pillows

The cherished little things hidden sense of enjoyment and happiness. Just one, but well-chosen decorative elements, and nothing unremarkable interior is filled with harmony, comes to life and becomes an original. This fully applies to decorative pillows, so that decorate the interior of our house and help him acquire individuality.

Decorative little things make any home comfortable. Sometimes a particularly successful decorations pull the entire interior and being a bright spot, distracting attention from the less successful items of furniture or decoration of the room. Decorative pillows can become such décor that will enliven even the most cold and inhospitable interior. And they are good because they allow at the lowest cost sometimes radically change the face of the housing.

Spread out on the couches, chairs, and even on the floor, beautiful cushions give the house habitable finished appearance. Thanks to the huge selection of materials, prints and handmade creative possibilities we can ensure that this accessory is suitable for any style decision interior.

Colour decorative pillows can be very diverse. Eye of the house owner and his guests will be pleased with floral prints, geometric shapes, abstract sketches. Performed using characters in oriental style cushions and decorated with slogans and symbols can be successfully combined with almost any décor - from the Japanese minimalism to the strict classics. Any - silk, lace, velvet, tapestry, leather, fur, and performed in the style of patchwork, embroidery and knitting - Cushions find a place in your home. You can always choose the option that will satisfy even the most demanding and sophisticated tastes.

For those who love individuality in all, exclusive cushion with elements of embroidery or a wide range of hand-decorated - from the beads and lace-up applications and macrame, will not only be part of the decor, but the subject, which can incarnate artistic ideas and personal skills. With these decorative pillows interior mood can be changed beyond recognition. Just a few pillows, decorative in their execution, give the room a completely different appearance.

As you know, decorative pillows attached great importance in the Arab world. From there they came to us precisely as an element of decor. Today, the eastern interior style is quite popular with Europeans, and it assigned a major role cushions, decorative and exotic in appearance. They are placed on beds, on sofas, and even on the floor. As befits an oriental decorative pillows, this bright, gorgeous, richly adorned items. In this style, the dominant colors are all shades of red and gold. If we talk about the shape, it is difficult to determine the differences between oriental style cushions from our usual European. Pillows, decorative shape, a great many. They may be small or large, square, rectangular, in the form of flowers, beads and even toys.

Classic interior tends to decorative pillows of velvet and tapestry with complex color schemes or vice versa - to the simplicity of contrast. For the "country" style is characterized discreet natural colors in the decor. The surroundings in the form of decorative pillows pale yellow, pale pink, greenish or bluish color will fit into such an interior perfectly. And the most suitable pattern for decorative pillows designed for such a style - a cell, strip, floral motifs. Good decoration decorative pillows in the style of "country" will patchwork, embroidery and lace.

 Decorative pillows

Fashion Trends

The main purpose of decorative pillows - Interior decoration and addition. They are the pleasant things that not only provide a good rest, but also give the room a unique look and comfortable feel. These types of indoor decorative accessories should not be treated with disdain. They must be chosen so that they are functional. For example, in the interior of the room, where the respected fashion today the principles of feng shui, color therapy are assumed to be essential elements in the form of pillows, decorative color - soft and rich natural colors.

If we talk about decorative pillows, made of smooth or textured natural and synthetic fabrics - satin, velvet, leather, fur, silk, tapestry, knitted fabrics, they can carry the load of the main stylistic in the living room. Always in fashion decorative pillows plain colors and colors with floral ornaments, ethnic elements, with a geometric pattern and transferred to the canvas photos. You can use pillows to decorative embroidery, applique, decorate their laces, ruffles, bows, lace, decorative cords and tassels. Making decorative pillows with their hands in the course can be sent all that is at hand - scraps of cloth, bits of fur and leather, jewelry, sequins, rhinestones and so on and so forth. The form can also be what you want. To change in fashion today decorative pillows and standards - in vogue sets ordinary pillows with rollers.

Without cute delicate decorative pillows will not do, and a children's room. It can be pillows with cartoon pictures or cushions - miniature toys made in the form of charming little animals, soft stylized typewriters for boys and so forth.

Significant fines

As a filler for decorative pillows use mainly polyester fiber or sintepon. It allows you to cushion any shape and size. Design decorative pillows should be fully combined with both the overall interior design, and design curtains, bedspreads, tablecloths and upholstery.

You can please the decorative pillows and their loved ones, if you can do them at present. A nice gift for young girls will cushion - hearts, romantic lace pillows, as well as any decorative pillows in the shape of flowers or with a fabric made to print your favorite stars. A man can give a suede or leather decorative pillows, which it can, for example, put in the car. In any case, this issue should be guided by the taste of the person for whom preparing gift.

 Cushions in the interior: the little things dear to the heart

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