aquarium in the interior of the apartment

There are not many in the world of phenomena, behind which you can watch in fascination for hours. Flames and choppy water are among them in the first place. No wonder the fireplace has become a symbol of comfort and relaxation in a modern interior. Sit frosty night, curl up under a warm blanket, have fun spark crackling wood fire and watch the flames - what could be more comfortable! Perhaps, only spectacle frolicking in a large aquarium of colorful fish outlandish. The underwater world of the aquarium is fascinating no less than the kind of tamed fire: shiny scales of tropical fish in the dim light of the backlight smoothly swaying algae produce peaceful mood. Potted plants, miniature fountains, aquariums in any interior comfort is added to it, create a special atmosphere, have a beneficial effect on the psyche.

Water element, in which a beautiful exotic fish swim and grow unusual plants can become an ornament of any interior. Even in the smallest apartment there is a place for a small aquarium that will be a highlight in the design, delighting the owners and their guests.

Aquarium - element of the interior, which immediately attracted everyone's attention, so it can serve as a decorative ornament of the room. Aquarium will become a fragment of nature that will please the eye and lift the mood. Combining elements such as water, light, shiny metal, clear glass, soothing movement of aquatic plants and beautiful fish, the aquarium has beneficial effects on the psychological atmosphere in the house.

The aesthetic pleasure derived from the type of aquarium can be put at the service of beauty, combining business with pleasure at the same time: an aquarium can be successfully beat, placing it as a specific design solution in the interior of the apartment or house. Aquarium in the interior of the apartment can fit harmoniously in almost any style and be part of the zoning living space or night lighting source. Aquarium will help fill the void in a variety of interior - furniture shelf, a large niche, a blank wall. When zoning premises using clear water aquarium fish tank helps keep a sense of spaciousness.

Floor tanks

Today there are a wide variety of home aquariums - floor, hanging, embedded, etc. The most common, convenient and affordable option is the outdoor aquariums. The simplicity of design and ease of maintenance makes them very popular. Outdoor Aquarium is just a water tank on a stand-cabinet, lid closed fixtures. Most often, the height ranges between half a meter and seventy centimeters, while the width is not more than half a meter. As for the length, it all depends on your ability. This aquarium can reach a length of two or even more meters. Moreover, and shape can be very diverse - from the familiar to the box to the cylinder. But this is considered to be the ideal aquarium, the extent of which take into account the proportions of the golden section.

The mass of water in the aquarium may greatly exceed half a ton, so stand under it must be stable. Normally used as a stand cabinet, behind closed doors, which can accommodate all that is needed to care for the aquarium and its inhabitants, and on open shelves to place a variety of souvenirs and trinkets, reminiscent of the sea, for example, exotic shells or coral bizarre. What good outdoor aquarium that they can, if desired, or change the interior rearranged in any other place, of course, after draining the water.

Floor aquariums in the interior of the living room can be beat as a coffee table, stand for itself when the table is the tank, the lives of the fish which can be seen not only through the side walls, but also through the glass tabletop. By the way, does not necessarily fill a tank with water and fish to inhabit. You can simply create a certain collage for the corresponding interior design.

Cabinet with high aquarium floor can serve as a barrier to delimit a common space in the sector, separating, for example, the area of ​​the hallway from the living room. The mass of options. It all depends on your imagination and the imagination of the designer, designed the interior of the premises.

 aquariums in the interior

Models for all tastes

The most popular model - a traditional rectangular models. They have a number of advantages, one of the most important of which is that in them due to the lack of effect of the refraction of light is no distortion of the internal clearance.

Equally popular aquariums, dioramas, which are both floor and built. The concave front glass of the aquarium creates the effect of immersion in the underwater world, which looks stylish and original.

There aquariums pan which is a rectangular tank with chamfered corners. It is visually expands the viewing angle and increases its area. These aquariums can be used instead of the screen, if the room is necessary to differentiate into functional areas.

Aquariums tower type may be a usual parallelepiped shape, and in any other form of polyhedron or even cylinder. Location of the aquarium - the center of the room or for an overall review of various kinds of niches. Decorate aquarium towers the same way. Of stone and decorative elements at the bottom of the composition is constructed in the center of which is usually planted artificial plants, because due to lack of lighting living plants grow poorly. If a tank is installed in a corner, it is best to use a colored background, for example, drawing a coral reef

Under the concrete room and the interior can be custom-made aquarium. A large aquarium with thick glasses arc can be delivered as a partition. Then review it will be opened in two rooms. But for this you will need an aquarium stand with a special metal frame, as it is quite heavy. The very same stand can be decorated to the style and color of both premises.

Aquarium can also be used as a bar in the kitchen, and it does not have to be big. So it does not distract the attention, external and internal design can be done in soothing colors. The equipment is required to care for the aquarium, you can hide inside the bar.

  Built-in tanks

Aquariums-painting - also an interesting solution to the aquarium in the interior design. They are usually small-capacity fixed in the niche with brackets and framed baguette. For such a small aquarium to find a place in the interior is simple. To him it was easier to care for, the box is made of laminated chipboard, and the aquarium - glass. To fit the sleek frame moldings, but you can pick up and decorative profile, which is suitable to a particular style. Through the wall of the aquarium perfectly visible background, so it is better to issue accordingly. For background, you can choose any design sketches on the theme of the sea. To highlight the "pattern" set fluorescent lamp.

A good solution aquarium use in interior design is to fill it with the help of various niches as a constructive feature of the room and specially equipped. In this case, the width of the tank does not exceed thirty-five centimeters, but the length can reach three meters. Moreover, it is not necessary to populate the fish. To create an appropriate interior can simply simulate the rocky seabed with shells and dry the stars, complemented by branches of coral and aquatic plants. Landscape for a cozy interior is ready! This aquarium does not require special care and looks great in a bedroom or office. If the design complement backlit, it will become a source of night lighting.

  Making aquarium

Making an aquarium, especially large, are best left to a specialist who knows how to use various elements for design. You can certainly try to do it myself, but then it is better to start with a small aquarium. To place an aquarium in the interior using volcanic tuff, which is suitable for the construction of ornamental rocks and caves. Universal construction material for decoration design aquarium is a white Kenyan stone. For registration, use the bottom of coral chips - fragments of natural coral of different factions, to break in to a smooth state. Between them you can pour coral sand.

To decorate, you can use sea shells and skeletons of natural coral. Additional decorations can serve as artificial decorations are made of environmentally friendly materials. It can be used in the design of the pieces of the natural coral reef. This will help to recreate the picture of the natural reef, and simultaneously provide the biological filtration of water, reducing the negative impact of modern premises on aquatic organisms.

It only remains to add that the aquarium can serve as a great decoration and complement any interior. And what role your tank will perform in a room it is up to you whether it would be only an element of decor or it will perform practical functions. But in any case provided for in the interior of the room where the aquarium will be installed, sitting area, where you can fully enjoy admiring this magnificence.

 How to position the aquarium in the interior of the apartment

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