how to visually enlarge the room

Each of us dreams of a comfortable home free, but not everyone has such capabilities. No problem! Any dwelling, even the smallest, can be made comfortable and visually enlarge the existing space. You just need to know the impact of certain laws of color and texture of different surfaces in the visual formation of the spatial structure. If you are interested in how to visually enlarge the room, how to make a ceiling visually higher, which also affects the formation of the space, we offer you a selection of tips from designers and architects.

Visually raise the ceiling

There are some effective ways in which you can create a visual illusion, if not indefinitely, the high ceiling. This feeling can be accessed by using a variety of techniques.

  • The ceiling, which has a glossy surface, visually looks higher. In order to "lift" a low ceiling, it can be painted with gloss paint. Better yet, install a glossy stretch ceiling fixtures which will built point. In a room with low ceilings and large chandeliers eat up space.
  • You can make a multilevel plasterboard ceiling structure, in which the recess should be darker than the rest of the ceiling. This design creates a visual deception higher ceiling.
  • To visually increase the height of the ceiling, for example, living in the neighboring areas, such as in the hallway and in the kitchen ceiling needs to be done shortly. Then, when viewed from the hallway into the living room will create the impression of greater volume and height of the space.
  • Well, the most radical and thus a win-win increase the height of the room - is to cover the ceiling mirror surface. This method gives the illusion of leaving up the ceiling.

The effect of colors

Using different colors can effectively solve the problem of limited space. Designers are advised to use in small spaces bright colors - beige, light pink, pale blue, pale light green, etc. In short, it should be any pastel palette that does not irritate the eyes. In small rooms should be used cautiously flashy colors, striking contrasts, heavy dark color.

Different colors create different visual sensations. It is known, for example, that the color blue visually removes several items. A warm colors, such as orange, on the contrary brings them visually. Therefore, if you want to create the impression of more space without losing the feeling of comfort, from the bright and warm colors have to give. In addition, it should be avoided and large paintings on the walls.

If the decor of its walls you choose the wallpaper, then you need to know how to combine them in different colors and patterns:

  • Close drawing on the wallpaper narrows the space is very noticeable.
  • Monochrome wallpaper with vertical stripes or vertical pattern visually make the room already mentioned.
  • Wallpapers of different colors separated by a border, make the room smaller and narrower.
  • The border along the top edge and colorful wallpaper will lower the height and reduce space.
  • Wallpapers finely patterned and solid-color light wallpaper visually enlarge a small room.
  • If you use the wallpaper on one wall with a larger pattern than the other walls, the space visually expand.
  • To revive a dark room, you need the least-lit wall wallpaper paste over the same color as the rest of the wall, but on the lighter shade.

If you are interested in how to visually enlarge the children's room, it should be borne in mind that the gentle pastel colors - pale green, pale pink, pale blue - calm and relaxing, adjusting to the sweet dream. That is why they are very relevant in the nursery.

Warm colors such as beige, yellow, apricot, cream, green, create comfort. They look good in the dining room and living room. Bright colors and fiery colors, such as burgundy, orange banish fatigue and energize. Designers recommend to use them in a home gym or office.

Mirrors and Space

Many people wonder how to visually enlarge a small room. Experience the way of expansion of any room is to use a mirror on the wall. This method always gives the expected effect, but it requires special care. Of course, you can decorate one wall of the large mirror sheets. But in this case your room will look like a dance hall in which only lacks a ballet machine.

Therefore, intending to use mirrors in the decor of the room, you should consult with a designer. He will recommend how to decorate a wall mirror, how to mitigate it with a cloth, to create a sense of transition into the next room. Keep in mind that you will have to get used to that your guests will be constantly distracted by his reflection.

By the way, "push" the wall is possible not only by means of mirrors, but also using false niche. Not necessarily make it deep. Gglubinu niche itself can be increased with the help of illumination directed toward the wall, which is situated on the contour. This will give your niche volume, thereby increasing the visual space of the room.

 how to visually enlarge the children's room

Question from the floor

Enlarge the space of a small room can be at the expense of the floor. Here we apply the same laws that we have considered for the wall: a dark floor visually reduces the space and vice versa. Visually lengthen the room is possible due to the longitudinal arrangement of the floorboards or parquet. If you want to expand the kitchen, use of glossy bright tiles. The light is reflected in it, fill the room air will make the kitchen easier and more vivid.

On the bright lacquered flooring is not necessary to lay a massive carpet that covers the entire floor. In this case it is better to use a small mat delicate flowers. The combination of light walls, ceiling and floor will make the room visually larger. Moreover, with the help of lower illumination can be light, which adds spaciousness of the rooms.

Accessories and furniture for a small room

It is not necessary in a room isolated from the general interior furniture. In this case it is better if it is to merge with the curtains and walls. As the bright spot it, "eat" space. The shape of the furniture is to choose a modest and soft furnishings - without armrests. Instead, you can use all the chairs comfy ottomans and chairs from the refuse.

With regards to the placement of furniture is best placed in corners or along walls. Established in the middle of the room a piece of furniture will divide the space into parts, that in a small room is not desirable. Well ordered built-in wardrobes, which will be mirrored doors. For books is better to use open shelves, which can take up to the ceiling. They can be replaced and shelves, freeing up space on the floor. This will increase the room.

In the nursery, choose a set of furniture, which is composed of bed with closet, and under it - a table. If the baby is designed for two people, it is better to buy a bunk bed. Again, instead of sofas and armchairs is better to put toys pillows and ottomans.

When equipping the room, you're going to buy a new TV, then no doubt, purchase a flat. And no thumbs. Just mount on the wall. The same applies to the computer. Buy a laptop. Though he is a bit more expensive, but, as in the case of television, for it is not necessary to purchase additional furniture.

You can decorate the wall of a medium-sized painting. A good supplement can be skillfully executed tapestry that will be combined with the color of your walls. It will attract due attention, adding comfort room. In the farthest corner of the room designers are advised to place a bright beautiful thing. This may be an old or unusual flower vase. This subject will attract the attention of visitors at once, and they will create the impression of great prospects.

Visually make the room more free help coffee tables - mirror or glass, glass shelves and frosted glass doors. Hidden spot lights, spotlights, installed professionally, will create additional lights and shades, reflected in the glass surfaces and mirrors. From the top of the central lighting will have to give. The softness of the room give a light that will emanate from the lamp standing on the floor.

Open shelves is better not to clutter up the trinkets. And in general, it is better to use vertical storage cabinets, cupboards, which are drawn up space. Unnecessary items to hide tables, cabinets, remove from the surface of the kitchen appliances and utensils.

Blinds and curtains in the small room

To a small room visually appear larger, it is necessary to highlight, to put it the light of day. Therefore, the window is better to decorate the airy, light curtains. Using a very long curtains that are nicely spread out on the floor beneath them, you will not only decorate the room, but also create the impression that it is higher.

If you need to visually expand the space of the room, the curtains should be hung so as to cover them also part of the wall. Roman blinds "eat" space is much smaller than the full-length curtains. Keep in mind when you select the fabric for curtains that figure located vertically makes the room above, and the horizontal - visually reduces and expands the space.

Using all these tips given by experts, using techniques that operate in a small room, remember the main law of the designers: in spite of everything, do not be afraid to experiment and play with different shades, combining sometimes incongruous materials. The main thing you have to ensure that in the space created by your imagination, you were bored, comfortable and cozy.

 Expanding the space, or how to visually enlarge the room

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