Art parquet

Art parquet has long been considered one of the elements of luxury. Assembled in intricate patterns and ornaments from different types of wood, the floor is beautiful and surprisingly similar to the rich hand-woven carpets. In addition, it is eco-friendly and durable. Like hundreds of years ago, today it is a testament to the owners of refined taste and a symbol of their prestige.

Art parquet is a story or ornamental composition made of different in color and shape of elements of several types of wood. With it creates as a geometrically stringent designs ("basket", "square", "square", "mosaic", etc.) and the most complex drawings - floral patterns, realistic, abstract subjects, and even reproductions of famous paintings.

In artistic dance floor is used most often two or more species of trees, but there are exceptions. For example, the unique pattern of exotic woods such as merbau, teak and rosewood, allows you to create masterpieces, and from one type of wood. Thanks to new technologies became possible inlaid parquet other materials - metal, stone, and combine it with tiles and liquid floors.

Parquet composition, whether it is simple or complex, developed in accordance with the general style of design space and can either cover the entire surface of the floor or fragments of artistic parquet - outlet and curbs. Copies of historical samples of palace furnishings, modern styling in the spirit of high-tech, avant-garde, etnodizayna and so on. N., And the author's decision, which reflects the fancy decorator and client - this is not a complete list of the aesthetic possibilities of art parquet, bring it to the product Art.

 elite art parquet

Palette trees

In order to create a unique pattern of the parquet, the wizard uses a variety of tree species. Familiar, traditional for our area species - oak, maple, beech, ash, walnut, birch, etc., Of course, differ decorative variety. But without the insertion of fragments of exotic trees it is not always possible to create an interesting composition. By the "exotics" are trees growing in Africa, Southeast Asia and South America such as merbau, teak, rosewood, Kempas, Duss, cashew, Jatoba, wenge, iroko and others.

For a "palace" parquet manufacturers use up to seventy different types of wood, preferring oak, maple, ash, rosewood, merbau, and tic. It should be noted that the wood of native species compared to the "Exotics" is more resistant to environmental influences, different hardness and soft, calm tones. But exotic woods are rich in textures and colors. These shades reflect almost entirely the whole spectrum of sunny yellow (iroko) and red (merbau) to purple (amaranth) and chocolate (Sucupira).

This extensive palette gives designers unlimited possibilities. Artsy art parquet, sockets which are decorated with large rooms, decorated in a classic style. For the average interior in a classic style suitable traditional solution - parquet "Edelweiss" from several varieties of mahogany, or a combination with other woods saturated colors. And the interior is decorated in country style, ideal for coating of light woods "Tornado" and "Cleo". Sleek modern decorate the "Northern Lights" rosewood with its violet-purple palette.

 Artistic parquet Rosette

Rosettes, medallions, borders

The most common decorative element artistic parquet - or a medallion. They are a multi-colored pattern, enclosed in a geometric shape oval, circle, diamond, square, polygon. With their help, you can create an elite artistic parquet a carpet pattern. In adjacent rooms or different areas of the room, you can create various carpet pattern - it will emphasize their logical isolation. If the area of ​​the room allows, you can experiment with forms created in the center of a large oval track, and the rest of the area - parquet background.

Another method of decorating parquet - curbs, or freezes, which are patterned strip. They will help to effectively divide and allocate functional areas in the room. Today the popular so-called studio - kitchen and living room combined in one room. It is appropriate to use two types of flooring: tiles in the working area of ​​the kitchen and parquet flooring in the rest of the floor area.

Create a masterpiece

Integrity of perception can be achieved by repeating the floor in the composition, for example, stucco ceiling decorations, murals, or the contours of the fire line of furniture. Masters of art parquet can play not only standard designs, but also masterpieces of the great artists. They can become a real decoration of your home. Of course, the work of such complexity should be trusted only to highly skilled professionals-handlers.

 Art parquet: the creation of a masterpiece

 trendy wallpaper

We decided to change life for the better? Start with the interior. Who said that the four walls - it's boring? In the rubric of "House" opens the hunt for trendy wallpaper 2012. To make your interior a fashionable, there are several trends that manufacturers recommend for 2012. Designers offer to seek their own style, not only in his own locker room, but also in the interior. One can only add that the variety of colors and patterns of modern wallpaper everyone can find yourself something to their liking.

If we talk about the color, in the coming year the most fashionable wallpaper for the walls are blue and all its shades. In addition to blue, berry-red color - it will also be very popular. Also fashionable Flemish different shades of colors - a pink, blue and cream color with a few shades of gray. Juicy natural colors - bright or soft - are relevant for any space. Do not be afraid to experiment - monochrome thing of the past. So stay a little artists! In fashion large flowers, wall photos in the interior, different contrasts, the combination of black and white. Bold recommendations designers - a combination of several textures in one room - the fur and fabric, animal skin, imitation tile.

 the most fashionable wallpaper wall

The most fashionable and beautiful wallpaper

And now the best news of the season. Here is a very stylish collection. It allows you to combine different colors, including black and white. In principle, fashion wallpaper comes in with the highest podium. For example, the wallpaper can be traced as the Scottish cell came from a high catwalk in clothes, and then in the wallpaper. Dress up your wall in a fashionable tweed goose foot silk ornament or expensive velvet. This season, textiles - your ally. Even traditional wallpaper can pick spectacular decorative touches.

  • Trend №1. Noble luxury

The latest novelty - a kollektsiyaItalian Sollection. This is the most expensive real classic, which is made in fashion trends. Background Collection of gold, and is used for drawing the fabric - velor, making this collection of luxurious.

  • Trend №2. Dress up in fur

The unexpected decision will wallpaper with noble fur imitation. Mix and match different shades or create a decorative panel on the wall, and your room will be a work of art.

  • Trend №3. Safari

Lovers of bold experiments fit new this season - fashion vinyl wallpaper, which is the main motive panels depicting the rhino in natural colors, which are taken from nature, a life-size - a 3, 5 m. If you complete your home interior in this style, you follow all the latest trends.

 fashionable vinyl wallpaper

  • Trend №4. Close Picture

On the crest of popularity - a major figure. Widely uses the latest coating and contrasting colors. Walls must involve not less, if not more, attention than the pieces of furniture and accessories. Masterly selection of elements is determined by the richness of the interior.

  • Trend №5. Plaque time

The selection of color nuances consistently popular medallions and scrolls is overwhelmed antiquity: the aged noble figure blends into the background, but it looks elegant.

  • Trend №6. New patterns

Remains a popular and patterns on any background - a traditional area in the wall design wallpaper. Moreover, each producer solves this problem in its own way. New modern printing technology, fashion and basics of paint complement the work of designers actual texture.

  • Trend №7. Bright individuality

Personal Wallpaper? It's real! Leading manufacturers can provide you with an individual interior with specially issued exclusive collections.

 the most fashionable wallpaper 2012 wall

  • Trend №8. Abstraction

Choose from an extensive range of drawing on an abstract theme or motif of art, nature and architecture, even use a picture taken with his own.

  • Trend №9. The energy of life

Create a room atmosphere of creative ideas that will inspire you and nourish the energy, you can use the graphic pattern on the walls. Fluctuating or sweeping lines, deriving their ideas in textbooks on quantum physics or modern architectural sketches, vizuano change the dimensions of the room, giving rise to visual effects.

  • Trend №10. Style Metallic

To create this style using metallic wallpaper. They are decorated aluminum foil on non-woven backing, which is applied on top of the drawing.

 fashionable vinyl wallpaper on the wall

  • Trend №11. Floral design

Outside, the seasons are changing each other one by one, and the summers in your room is in the picture wallpaper. Tenderness bud, forcing the heart to contract, saturation, and brightness of colors - that recalls the lush garden, still popular in interior design.

  • Trend №12. Romantic mood

Naive and gentle atmosphere of romance in the house can be created using the wallpaper with delicate buds and bouquets, as well as fancy beaters.

  • Trend №13. Ecology and Life

In harmony with the environment and with help textures and themes borrowed from nature. Images of plants and animals, sometimes stylized Photoshop, can be easily integrated into almost all modern styles.

Exclusive wallpaper will create the world around you a special, an atmosphere of comfort and elegance. In choosing wallpaper is quite possible to adhere to the principle of Coco Chanel: "Fashion passes - style remains."

 Fashionable wallpaper that advise designers

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