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What girl does not dream from childhood of a prince on a white horse, and the most beautiful dress? Probably, such does not exist. But time does not stand still and dreamy little girl has long been turned into a beautiful lady and the prince made a welcome proposal. Now her main question - how to choose a wedding dress on a figure, because the need to meet the bridegroom and be a princess in a day!

Choosing a wedding dress - is the most important and responsible action among all the other trouble. Organization of the event can be entrusted to relatives or close friends, but should pick up a dress the bride.

Many believe that at the current range with a choice of attire may not be difficult. That's right, the options are numerous, but they are more difficult to navigate, and in fact to do so and tasteful, and the figure, and is not like everyone else. But let's try to understand more the topic, how to choose a wedding dress on a figure.

Choosing a wedding dress on a figure

It's no secret that with the help of a particular clothing can skillfully emphasize strengths and hide weaknesses. Before you go for a dress, look in the mirror again and determine the type of shape: pear, hourglass, apple, inverted triangle. This is very important because you have to shine on his own triumph. Also remember that you need to know exactly the size of your clothes, because the main mistake many brides - is the choice of dress for a couple of sizes larger or smaller. But if you want to enhance the beauty, you need to pick up outfit strictly your size.

Wedding Dress for full ladies

  • If you are the owner of magnificent forms, most likely you know the desire to hide the fullness. The most common option for the occasion - a corset. But the main fact which you must remember - do not tighten it too much. The fact is that the lacing on corsets conceived as a decorative addition, so it is hardly designed for serious loads. Unable to withstand the most unexpected and important moment, she may just burst.
  • According to experts, ideal for full ladies - this A-line dress with vertical brim. Forget about fitting or worse, tight outfits, as well as about the wide sleeves and lace flounces. It is best to choose a model from matte fabric, because the glossy (eg satin) dresses accentuate your every flaw.
  • If your choice still fell on corsetry dress, and you have a large bust, then you need to pay attention to styles with wide straps or sleeves. Distribute the load on the shoulders, otherwise may break the corset.

 how to choose a wedding dress on a figure

How to choose a wedding dress for growth?

Selecting a solemn wardrobe, you should definitely take into account the aspect of the growth of girls. For example, a dress with a high waist and a plunging neckline that will suit a lady of small stature. Few people know about the fact that some complementary accessories also work wonders, and with their help you can visually add a few centimeters of growth. That long gloves lengthen the silhouette. This effect is easiest to achieve, if you pick up outfit with short sleeves or without them.

The girls of average height is easiest in this case, because it suits them all. But the woman with above-average growth should pay attention to skin-tight outfit that will highlight all your inherent beauty. If this is you do not like, then select a dress with low waist, wide belt and puffed sleeves. High brides are most suitable finery with a variety of decorative elements such as ruffles and drapes in the shoulder, chest and hips. Other options may be fitting gown of satin, velvet and moire.

Choose a style wedding dress

Empire style

This model came into vogue since the days of Natasha. Characterized by a high-waisted dress, which is slightly below the breast and becomes narrow or flared skirt.

This style is most common of light fabric such as brocade top and skirt made of satin. Running the model presented with straps or no, and winter is usually a wide or long sleeves. Empire dress is perfect for future mothers or low, full of girls. This dress is perfectly hides all the flaws. It is also a great option for women with type figure "apple" or "pear".

For owners of small breasts, you can choose the model with the air-fitting top made of thick fabric. If the bride has a large bust, it does not mean that this style does not fit her. For example, due to the cutout in the form of a square chest can be visually reduced.


Lines such style smooth and straight, resembling the letter "A". More such models are called "Keystone" or "Princess." In addition, it is worth noting that while A-line maximum flexibility, because suitable for any type and shape of any holiday.

If little change style details, such as its length and waist line, it is possible to hide some of the disadvantages and advantages, conversely, highlight and select. For example, girls with type figure "apple" should pay attention to long trapezoidal dress with a high waist. In this case, the line of the abdomen gently tucked and not stand out. But the lady with the figure in the form of a pear is better to choose outfit, emphasizing the waist.


The peculiarity of this style is characterized by straight lines, wrap-around every bend. This style is quite simple, but due to different decorating accents can be improved indefinitely.

Those who want to look attractive and sexy, it is better to pay attention to dress strapless organza or silk light. To create a romantic image, you can choose a straight silhouette with long sleeves and neckline of the "boat".


More this model is called the "ballroom" or "fairy tale." These dresses look beautiful on slender girl. They also look great on the ladies with large breasts, because using the bulk skirt can easily level the bottom and top, bringing the figure to the ideal settings.

Ballroom option attire suitable for brides of all sizes. The fluffy skirt hide wide hips and a small tummy, emphasizing the waist. If you need to select the top, look for patterns, embroidered or beaded. Also, for such a dress that will suit train of any length.


Ever wanted to emphasize that in addition to this style will suit not every bride. Perfect "mermaid" for ladies with chiseled figure is closer to the type of "hourglass", and growth does not play any role.

In addition, it is important to pay attention to some of the features of such a model. Undoubtedly, this style of fashion, but you must remember that used for sewing lightweight, translucent fabric and therefore as a dress to the knees line fitting, then all will be able to observe the outline of underwear. Also do not forget that this characteristic along narrower lines, so it will be a little bit your movements shackled.

 wedding dress on a figure

What color wedding dress is right for you?

It is no secret that the traditional color for this occasion - white. But, as a famous comic character, traditions, like plates, which sometimes is split. The modern understanding of fashion is so multifaceted that today can be found a bride in a pink and black dress. Therefore, to give advice about a particular color is not practical based on nothing, we will not. It is better to consider the options of selection of models in accordance with the personal tsvetotip:

  • For girls with blond hair and skin the best fit outfit rich apricot, golden or white.
  • Owners of gray eyes and blond hair, experts advise to choose the styles of white color with various shades such as green, purple or pink.
  • Redheaded bride should pay attention to the model of a cream-colored or champagne.
  • Ladies with dark hair and fair skin will look better in a dress of pale pink or silver-gray hue.
  • For burning brunettes suitable dresses cream, white, red and golden tones.

The upcoming wedding always brings a lot of trouble, but the selection of dresses - it is not only the most important of them, but the most pleasant, trembling. Remember that choosing a wedding dress on the type of figure and personal tsvetotipu not only possible, but necessary, nothing is forgotten in such a crucial moment.

 How to choose a wedding dress on a figure: different styles of dresses

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