Design room with a bay window

«Erker» - so, in the "French style" and I want to say that word. Although the word "bay" in German means "ledge in the wall." Erker - architectural delights, the extra space in the room. Moreover, the space is quite small and not always functionally justified. Therefore, if you become the owner of the apartment, the design of the room with a bay window may cause some difficulties. How it (this extra space) to equip, beneath that adapt? And indeed, there are any rules in this regard, and how to dispose of room with a bay window?

In fact, you are lucky enough. Because today a bay at the peak of popularity. Fashionable apartments with bay windows designed necessarily and old apartments are equipped with bay windows, a remake, equipped from the combined bathroom with loggias. Still, there's something enticing foreign-that the Russian people has attractive, downright mystical powers. So let's look at some ideas for a room with a bay window.

Bay window itself

Typically, this semi-circular or polyhedral projection in the wall with a window. Outside of such an architectural element emphasizes the general appearance of the facade, creating the mood of the person and of the whole building. In German, the word still has value "Lantern", which is not surprising, given the similarity of the bay window, the windows of which is a light with a lit lantern.

A coined (oddly enough) a bay window was not to decorate the facade of the buildings, and specifically to improve the interior. Firstly, it allows you to maximize the natural lighting of the room, "expands" the wall and makes the whole room more light. Secondly, and even provides additional special zone in the room or around the house. Third, the bay becomes a real attraction of your home. Well, in the end, you can adjust it beneath anything. It all depends on where in the room it is a bay window, from its area, the size and number of windows and how easy your design idea.

 room with a bay window

Rules Design bay

This particular element of the room layout and the relationship to his special needs. But this does not mean that the whole design of the room should be subordinated to the idea of ​​registration of a bay window. It can become a part of - fit harmoniously into the overall style and functionality. Or, on the contrary, it is completely independent location or completely visually "physically" isolated from the common space.

If you want to make an extra bay area justified the appointment of the room, then use the laws of the style in which formalized the entire room. Place in a bay window that will complement the room functional. If this is the kitchen, the bay can be a dining area if the bedroom, it can turn into a quiet alcove or passionate. If the bay is in the child, then it is possible to make a game or training (working) area or a mini bedroom.

If a bay window in your view should perform an auxiliary function, it can be "separated" from the room, for example, partitions, screens or curtains. In any case, a bay window requires you to self-design solutions, which either emphasize its commonality with the entire bathroom, or isolate from it.

Variants of using a bay window

The bay window in the cabinet will if he has enough area to contain (at least) a table and chair. The best option here will accommodate also the shelf or cabinet. You agree that a sufficient amount of light, a kind of privacy and views are able to brighten up any monotonous work. By the way on health impact is also positive.

Beautiful dining area in room with a bay window, even if the room is not a kitchen, but, for example, living room. The first option, of course, more appropriate, but small dining room in the living room - not too bad. Chairs or benches on the perimeter of the bay, in the center of the table, light curtains or blinds - here and ready to dining area. To emphasize this feature of the room, you can make a small podium or place the bar-partition.

The bay window in the winter garden as well triple any admirer houseplants. On the wide and long window sills perfectly located collection of cacti and flowering violet, fuchsia, cyclamen. Flowers in hanging pots occupy a worthy place on the windows, and multilevel podium or flower stand will be a good place to rest green pets. Effectively, nice and comfortable (comfortable to you, and color).

The bay window alcove will require you to first of all, efforts to insulation of windows - bed with so many windows in danger of becoming a zone of drafts. But, nevertheless, in the insulation of windows and correct selection of curtains bay window alcove would be the best solution and perfectly fit into the interior of the bedroom or children's room.

Strictly speaking, such a non-standard additional space in any room you can find a decent application. Turn it sitting area, sofa placed there or a high podium with lots of pillows, and ottomans. Arrange it in a home theater or audio equipment place. Set fountain or a large aquarium, in a word, everything will seem appropriate in a room with a bay window. The main thing - to properly arrange all.

 room with bay window design

Making bay

The difficulties in the design of a bay window can occur not only with what to fill it, but how to make. Actually, in addition to the furniture, which is located in the bay window, great value for its design and interior attributes it is: the same "clothes" that ordinary protrusion in the wall turned into a real bay.

Clothing for the bay - is cornices and curtains (blinds). The most convenient for the bay windows are considered eaves profile, which can buckle under the perimeter of the room (a broken line or arc). In addition to his great windows "will be arranged" decorative cornices with a special swivel adapter. Fix the eaves can be on the wall and the ceiling.

In general, strict rules for decorating windows bay window there. It all depends on your tastes and the general style of the room. For example, for the office or winter garden can be hung on the window blinds. Heavy and thick curtains curtain window alcove or home "cinema", as light and transparent - a dining area or sitting area. Laconic Roman or Japanese curtains would be a great alternative to blinds if they in turn do not match the style of the room.

In addition to the bay window curtains for decoration designers are advised to use mirrors, paintings and murals, as well as interesting finishing materials and fabrics. In short, a room with a bay window design involves a diverse but harmonious. Separate, but stylistically appropriate. Functional, but aesthetically restrained. The case for small - to put these rules into practice.

 Design room with a bay window - follow the rules

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 Marine style in the interior

Nautical style interior is very popular because it is lightweight, unobtrusive style, which consists of bright, fresh color combinations and a variety of furniture and accessories nautical theme. On the creation of the interior you can inspire a trip to the sea or seen somewhere handouts with floating on the waves boat. Nautical style is always fashionable, because it really romantic and attractive.

This style of a large number of variations - from naval interior based on a combination of dark blue (the color of the old forms of cadets) to the avant-garde with a white interior in the style of the coast, the decision on the shades of blue, sky-blue color and the color of sand and pebbles. Create the interior in this style can be one for you a pleasure and an interesting adventure.

The main features of the style

  • Dyed or bleached batten of wood or carpet with a pronounced texture neutral shades
  • Wall lining (imitation plating ship)
  • Blinds, light curtains or blinds on the windows to create a simple decor
  • Driftwood and pebbles to create a sense of open sea coast
  • Dyeing or bleaching composition of treated wood furniture, which produces the impression faded in the sun
  • Simple bright colors and the main combination of blue and white - are the two most key palette of this style

Is this your style?

If you are inspired by nature and the sea, and you love to bring home all kinds of souvenirs from vacation, then this style is definitely for you. But for you it is absolutely contraindicated if you live in an urban housing and marine interiors feel very pretentious and showy. Also, this style does not suit you, if you think too much boring blue and white interior scheme.

 Interior decor in nautical style

Marine color palette

The main inspiration for this style is, of course, seascapes, so the main gamma-ray is blue, green, and neutral colors of different hue and saturation. The whole range of shades of sea style is divided into two sub-groups, given the fact that someone likes the more traditional colors, and someone not averse to experiment with bolder color combinations.

For a traditional maritime style more characteristic of the classic contrast of white and dark blue, which can be supplemented with bright accents. To create the interior of this species of sea style enough to use three or four contrasting colors. This color scheme is ideal for refined classic or modern interior in the spirit of the sea. There will also be an organic look to it a carpet of sand and cream shades, roller blinds or curtains with stripes and brass or silver accessories.

Modern marine style in the interior uses in his palette, a much larger number of similar shades, but a comparatively small doses to create a harmonious image with soft color transitions. White color in the modern approach to this style is of limited use, but to create the impression of your stay in the open air. Whitewashed with special formulations furniture will be the perfect complement to this style, as well as the muslin curtains and the usual floor board.

Wall design in marine style

The walls are covered with fine - textured paint, rough plaster and paneling - these are the three main wall decor, the most suitable maritime style. The walls must be absolutely smooth, without a pattern, but if you still want to bring some ornament, use it only in the design of the curb.

Wall paneling in the hallway can be applied to the height of the cap for finishing bedside niches or around the fireplace. The kitchen and the bathroom, it will also have to place and will look very organic. The ideal would be finding any irregularities wall, because painted brickwork and rough plaster - very organic surface marine style.

 interior room in a nautical theme

Finishing floors in marine style

Nautical style home interior involves a lot of different flooring options, but the only clear rule - sex should be simple and not to attract attention. The traditional blue and white interiors require delicate surfaces - glossy laminate, wood, for example, bleached oak, pine or birch. It is also perfectly fit into such an interior carpeting Direct sheared or twisted pile.

For interior decoration in the style of the coast fit checkered floor or floor, decorated with friezes of nashtampovat it seashells or starfish. The main thing to avoid with the same pattern on the walls - Marine style does not tolerate busting in the decor.

Textiles in the design of marine style

Decor in a marine style involves the use of harsh, strong and practical fabrics, mostly plain, is only possible to add a small amount of material in a rare strip. Organically fit into such an interior unbleached linen and cotton harsh and matting, is particularly relevant in the curtains.

To create a modern interior in maritime style you will definitely come in handy velvet, organza and chenille fabrics, as well as possible the image forming tropical home. Drawing on the tissues may be classical, ie in the form of anchors and ships. But it is important to remember that the abundance of symbolism - is the path to the model and faceless interior, it is permissible except in the children's room.

The kitchen is in a marine style

Especially good fit Marine style interior kuhonek small, because they are also cramped, as the galley on the boat. Blue and white colors combined with wood to help create a fresh and stylish interior. The doors of the facades for a kitchen is better to choose from painted pine with whitening effect. The windows are best decorated cage curtains in the middle, at the same time fit and blinds.

If there is room for a small table, then pick up to him and pine chairs with cane seats. Above the table is a perfect look of brass lamp in the form of a fishing lamp also lights can be placed on a table or hang on hooks on the wall, they are themselves are great accessories.

 Marine style in home interior

Living room in a nautical theme

Interior room in a nautical theme - a wicker or rattan chairs, painted furniture, coffee tables unusual form, for example, trunks, suitcases and photos with sea views. All furniture should look like the old, well-worn and faded in the sun. Muslin curtains create a romantic mood in the room, and in the cold winter evenings you will warm cotton curtains.

Very important in the marine interior element such as a fireplace, and it can be decorated lining of rough boards or concrete, because the interior of the sea should not look licked as a brand. On open shelves next to the fireplace accessories can be arranged with a maritime theme.

Bedroom in nautical style

Ask bedroom interior Maritime style can be pretty easy if you use it in furniture, painted with glue paint. In such furniture wood pattern stands out better. So, the main components of the environment in marine style bedroom - the bed of pine or bleached wood, painted with glue paint locker and standalone wardrobe. It will also come to a place in the interior wicker or rattan chests for clothes, a separate chair and ceiling lights in the form of fishing lights.

Such interior is the best fit underwear in a large white - blue mesh or strip and Roman blinds made of twill. If somewhere there is space, place it vanity or dresser put on a ceramic bowl with a pitcher. Nautical style interior involves the use of a simple and sex in the bedroom. It can be virtually any floor covering natural color and texture of weaving. All together it will create the impression of a simple fisherman's house.

Bathroom in a marine style

The interior of the bathroom in a nautical theme, you can give full play to their imagination, because this room is directly linked to water. You can even paint the walls of the elements of the sea to pick symbols or amusing accessories in the form of small yachts. The main terms of style in the bathroom would bathtub on feet, plinth of the walls lining, with pedestal sinks, faucets and taps in the retro style, vinyl or wood flooring board, lacquered.

 Marine style interior - a piece of your summer!

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