planning a small kitchen

The problem of lack of space in the kitchen is facing every family that lives in the old houses. In this case, there is no room for the imagination, for creative ideas. After all, "Khrushchev" of the same type, and their six-meter dishes not put anything other than a table and a refrigerator. Where here to turn around? How to plan a space to have room for the whole family, and that cooking has become a real creative process? When all at your fingertips, all in their places - and pleasant to cook and dishes are delicious. It would seem that the problem is unsolvable, but even in this situation there is a way out.

Considering options for planning a small kitchen, it is desirable to give preference to the method of the angular arrangement of kitchen cabinets, refrigerator, built-in stove. Reasonable to arrange the furniture in a way that it was only about two adjacent walls. In this kitchen looks great folding table, which is in the folded state takes up less space and does not interfere with the hostess in cooking. You can also set an elegant bar, where provided for flip-dining surface. Such a small kitchen layout is optimal.

If you prefer planning kitchens in one line, you can all the items of kitchen furniture to place along one wall. In this case, first think well, what place can be distinguished for the refrigerator, and then decide where it will be made in the form of desktop cabinet for dishes and all kinds of products. When the project of arrangement of furniture in the kitchen room is ready, proceed to the installation of an electric or gas stove and sink for dishes that are desirable to divide up the cabinet with a working surface.

 plan kitchen small

The selection and placement of furniture in a small kitchen

Do not forget about the functional use of each and every centimeter of the internal space of the room. The best option would be built-in closets and collapsible furniture, which includes wheels and all kinds of folding elements, as it does not "eat" space, and will help to visually enlarge the size of a small kitchen.

If furniture for small kitchens chosen correctly and optimally placed, the modern housewife can solve all the problems associated with a significant shortage of space. A dining table, stove and sink for dishes is best to combine into a single unit using the countertop. However, in this case, all objects have the same level. Since the selection of modern shops huge plates, when planning your kitchen is best to buy hobs and ovens individually, which are then integrated into an elegant kitchen cupboard.

A massive purchase of gas stoves try to abstain because, otherwise, this appliance takes a large part of the kitchen space and will not leave you any free space, no room for further creativity. Buying low-fridge will be another plus for a small kitchen, so its surface can then be used as a cutting table. And if the kitchen area of ​​the room allows, make a convenient closet, where fit and utensils, and a lot of kitchen appliances.

Available corner tabletops allow the hosts to keep all necessary items at hand, including the jars with spices and cutlery, modern facilities and a tea stand for knives. Instead of dining table, it is desirable to use the original bar rack and place it on a solid metal system consisting of hooks and hangers comfortable. Such a system will allow to store cups, ceramic cups and crystal glasses, you can remove the hooks right at lunch time, not even getting up from a chair.

Creating an interior small kitchen, the use of soft kitchen corner did not refuse - he will be the main highlight of your interior, and a model of the furniture with reclining seats are the most advantageous. Under the seat sitting area, you can store the jars with pickles, supplies and all kinds of kitchen appliances that will not catch the eye and visual overload the space of the room.

Built-in kitchen appliances, which is the latest trend of our time, it will help to create a small kitchen perfect interior, as both stove and oven, dishwasher and can be placed in lockers or under a single countertop that looks pretty harmonious. Do not forget that wash round shape is very roomy, but it will have to be integrated in the table with a retractable compartments and integrated container. In this case, you will be able to get any items stored under the sink, including a trash can, quickly and easily.

When selecting lower cabinets, it is desirable to buy a model with increased depth, while no upper cabinets easy to do, and if you do they will certainly be needed, it is best to purchase a variation with glass door leaves. However, this furniture is more characteristic for the kitchen in the style of hi-tech or country, but in the classical design of the room looks harmoniously enough. For dishes necessary to provide drawers or shelves, but will need additional partitions to the motion plate is not broken. Remember that placing pans on the walls in the clear characteristic only for the country style, so in other cases, for their storage needs special locker.

 small kitchen layout

How to plan your dining area?

Place for a meal is a key to every modern kitchen, especially in apartments where the dining room is not available. It is therefore important to make this a comfortable zone. If the rest of the kitchen furniture and used appliances placed compact, then for the dining table will be enough space.

When planning a small kitchen table instead of the massive use folding dining table with retractable sides, conveniently transformed when guests arrive. This table will look optimal in the interior of the kitchen, if you put it in the window. You can buy a model with wheels, and if desired, you can easily move the table in any place kitchen space. Folding table with casters suitable as a working dinner table and at the same time, freeing housewives from purchasing unnecessary furniture. Another option for small kitchens become collapsible or extendable dining table, "accrued" to the windowsill.

Lighting in small kitchens

Thinking small kitchen layout, special attention should be paid to lighting. The options here too there may be several. One idea involves placing bright light fixtures directly over the dining table and working areas, with better light bulbs built into kitchen cabinets and hood lights illuminate good allow an unused hob.

In addition to the working area with built-in lights, suitable for illuminating decorative lamps and turns, with their help you will be able to cover the situation of the desired zone. In the case where the lining of the walls used wallpaper or paint bright colors, simply strengthen the overhead lighting, providing central lamp more powerful lamp.

Choosing functional furniture, built-in appliances, creating a suitable lighting system, you will turn even the smallest kitchen in a comfortable room. And it does not seem to be uncomfortable, on the contrary, it will look neat and tasteful.

 Planning a small kitchen - the idea of ​​a comfortable interior

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 Design small apartments


  • Ideas solutions "housing problem"
  • Methods to resolve the "housing problem"
  • Terms solutions "housing problem"
  • One bedroom apartment
  • Two-roomed flat

The housing problem, more tormented heroes Bulgakov's novels, and to this day remains urgent and vital. What to do - not everyone is lucky to get a spacious apartment. And the best (and not the worst) of the population throughout the territory of the former USSR continued to be content with his legacy - close Khruschev and modest apartment in a panel high-rise buildings. Therefore the design of small apartments, or rather his ideas occupy the minds of most of the population day and night. After all, you want to live, if not in a large apartment, then at least in a very comfortable, beautiful and fashionable.

Meanwhile, designers and artists, catching the mood of potential customers who are seriously engaged in the development of rules for design of small apartments. And, to their credit, they are very successful in this. Moreover, it is not skimping, they share design ideas "compact" of the interior and on the pages of specialized publications and television programs, and (of course!) On the Internet. And if fate would have it, you have to live in a small one-room or two-room apartment, these ideas and rules will be useful for you.

Ideas solutions "housing problem"

Without exception, all design projects small apartments are subject to a dual purpose: a visual extension of the living space and functional improvements. The most common and popular can rightly be called the idea of ​​creating a studio apartment. When you create a studio designers work exclusively with horizontal space apartments, combining into a single entity all its premises (except for places of solitude). Moreover, such a focus (the transformation of an ordinary apartment in the studio) they are able to do both in a studio and a one bedroom apartment.

The second well, but less common idea can be considered interior design small apartment with its free vertical space. In this case the apartments are equipped with so-called "second floor". However, this trick is possible only in apartments with high ceilings.

However, in practice, both these variants is quite difficult to implement. When you create a studio requires the dismantling of the wall, even in one-room apartments. This is called re-planning and requires approval by the relevant authorities. In the second case, of course, no permissions for the device podiums and second tiers you do not need. But imagine how much money will have to spend on such an embodiment of design ideas, even in one of the rooms one-bedroom apartment.

However, if you are determined, you can start a grand renovation to the collapse of the walls, or the alignment of a double room. As a result, your apartment will become a very fashionable and stylish home, albeit small. But there are less drastic ways in which design small apartments will be as fashionable and no less stylish.

 Design small apartments

Methods to resolve the "housing problem"

The conversion of a one-room or larger, but also a very small apartment in a vast apartment impossible. But it is possible to create the illusion of a larger space than it actually is. One of the ways of the successful "cheating" will be zoning, when the room visually divided into specific areas: living room, dining room, bedroom and workspace. This is possible due to the successful harping texture and color of floor and wall coverings. In addition, designers offer used in all kinds of light zoning screens, curtains, shelves. And they are actively apply for the effect of multi-level zoning of the floor and ceiling - the process is very effective.

The opposite technique - combining functional areas where living area becomes a bedroom by night, and the dining room, if necessary, is converted into an office. That is, the same furnishings perform different functions at the request of the host. However, this technique has long been used by the majority of owners of very small flats. Although perhaps you have your ideas and solving the puzzles.

Another way to expand the space of a small living space - the rational use of "dead zones": through passes, places near the door, the space near the windows. But these seemingly hopeless cases, designers are quite acceptable solutions. Sills, they are converted to desks, doors replaced with arches, and around the table instead of chairs are arranged under a retractable stool.

In addition to this very successful design project meant a tiny apartment interesting the idea of ​​using its "hidden reserves": niche, bay windows, mezzanine, as well as multi-functional and folding furniture. For example, the niche can become a dressing room, linen box in the couch is able to replace part of the chest or cabinet, and a bay window be sleeping - ideas can be the most unusual.

Terms solutions "housing problem"

For a small apartment interior design should be developed according to certain rules. In any case, it is thus the rules followed by professional designers.

  1. Use only in an atmosphere of large volume interior and furniture.
  2. If possible, give up the window shades or replace them with compact blinds or shutters - is visually increase the floor area.
  3. Use mounted and built-in furniture, which occupies the wall, but leaves the floor free.
  4. Swing room sliding door of the hall to replace.
  5. Use a mirror, mirror panels and mirrored doors.
  6. Do not get involved in decorative items and small accessories.
  7. Give preference to lighter shades of furniture and decorative materials.
  8. Combine different light sources (and lots of it).

These are the simple rules. Now consider the specific examples.

One bedroom apartment

In that case you will have to solve the problem with the studio apartment, you may need the following tips that can greatly facilitate the task. So:

  • Partitions

If you live in a studio apartment two generations - parents and children - is very important for everyone to identify their personal space. Then can come to the aid of bilateral cases - a compartment that is used for visual zoning apartment.

  • Shelves

The home studio should not lose sight of the various shelves. They are not only visually highlight living and sleeping areas, but also help to solve the problem with a lot of things. After all, as a rule, their location is always the real headache housewives living in a studio apartment.

 Design small apartments

Two-roomed flat

Well, if you're lucky and you're a happy owner of two-room apartments, space for your imagination even more. After all, you have access to those elements of decor that are one-room dwelling not realized. Let's find out what it is - because good advice more than ever will be.

  • Decoration Materials

The two-room apartment can be dispensed with screens and zoned space with the help of finishing materials. For example, parquet tiles replaced and flooring - carpet or linoleum. The same applies to the wallpaper - give preference to a variety of colors and textures. It goes without saying that the combination of colors must be chosen very carefully.

  • Podiums

In addition, one-bedroom apartment can be successfully used so-called podium. Although, in fairness, for the studio, they are not contraindicated, but still in the bedroom much more opportunities. For example, on the podium in the hall bedroom apartments you can put a sofa and coffee table, and in the bedroom - a bed. If you live in a two room apartment the children in their room on a podium you can do the game space.

  • Mirrors

Designers recommend the use of one-bedroom apartment in the interior as much as possible mirrors. Mirrors are largely visually expand the space and create the illusion of a large space.

Professionals say that the design of a small apartment for them is no less interesting than the design of large and multi-residential premises - you can realize the most daring ideas. After all, here we have to deal with more complex "housing problem". And this problem is quite them on the shoulder. So maybe you these interesting ideas and useful tips on interior design very small apartments (or not so little, but still close) to help find the best solution. In what form do you stop it: the creation of a one-room studio, building tiers and harmonious design without redevelopment? Look for her, an exclusive solution to the eternal "housing problem"! After all, you have probably already occurred original ideas?

 Design small apartments, or Big "housing problem"

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