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  • Basic Rules
  • The main style

The surrounding area can influence a person's life. For example, comfort and delight, or vice versa - to irritate and excite. Modern interior of the hall, which is part of our surrounding space - a business card of the house, which tells visitors about the status of its owner. Therefore, modern design living room takes on great importance today.

Everyone, sooner or later begin to equip their own housing. And he has to deal with the issues of creating an interior. The average person can be guided with only his taste and intuition, are not always the right solution. For such experiments do not become too expensive for you, you try to uncover the secrets of the professionals. Especially if we are talking about the design of the room in a small apartment. After all, in a small room capabilities are more limited than in a large room.

Especially hard for the owners of one-bedroom apartment. As you know, the conditions studio dictate their conditions. Walk-in then one! A need and a bedroom, and living room. How to be? But in this situation, the owners of one-bedroom apartment may well find the optimal solution. And the output is simple - in a studio apartment will have to combine the function room and bedroom in the same room. Not an easy task, but it is doable. Typically, this can be done easily, if one-bedroom apartment in the family lives without children. Otherwise it will have to tinker.

Basic Rules

Not all people have the opportunity, making out your home, consult a professional. But many people want to make modern design rooms, their home has become not only comfortable, but also beautiful. How to make housing such that it lived well and liked everything to us and living with us humans? There are basic rules of modern design living rooms, which can help you find the right solution.

The following simple rules will form the basis for the proper formation of the design of your room.

  • The first rule

Housing should be made the most functional. This rule applies to the hall. Because the room is already a confined space, you must try not to exacerbate the disadvantage of turning your home into an exhibition of achievements of digital technology and the furniture industry, and himself make the application for him. As a basis you have to take the postulate that there is a home for you, not you for it. Therefore, making out the design of the hall, you have to adapt it specifically as possible for themselves.

All components of your home - from the front door, the roof and walls to the pictures on the wall, chair and clubs - should serve you as much as possible. This means that your home should primarily be functional and as fully as possible to meet your spiritual and physiological needs. Therefore, everything in it must be appropriate.

In the hall of the family spends a lot of time. Think about that each family member found him a place. And about the guests should not be forgotten - in fact you'll take them just in the room, is not it?

  • The second rule

The aesthetics of the premises should not dominate the functionality of your room. This means that it should be as functional, and then beautiful. Beautiful, but impractical, uncomfortable and irrational - not a place in your home. The perfect combination of beauty and comfort, of course, great, but if you need to make a choice, you should still stay on convenience. For example, before you make an expensive art parquet in a room, think about whether you have the financial capacity, time and energy for its maintenance.

And this rule applies to absolutely everything, even sculptures, paintings, vases and so on. Although these things and do not have a purely practical value, they can satisfy the human need for a sense of beauty. Moreover, by diverting the attention of such things can smooth out the disadvantages of the interior, giving the ass comfort and create a certain mood of people living in the house.

  • The third rule

Dimensions of things you need should be weighed against the size of your room. For example, a beautiful and comfortable sofa can totally look in the room where it will clutter up most of the space, and too large TV is simply impossible to watch. The interior should be well thought out to the smallest detail.

 modern design apartments

The main style

All of these rules clearly define the conditions of registration of the hall. And if you put them into practice will be properly applied, the optimal and functional improvement of your room you provided. But in addition to these basic rules in a modern architectural design has developed several basic styles of interior. Therefore, modern living designs are made in accordance with the canons inherent in this style. Chief among them are such styles as European, classical, avant-garde style of the interior, as well as the styles of expressionism, Country, Scandinavian and so on. Every interior is good in its own way, so consider all options before making a decision.

  • European style

European-style interior decoration of the hall is inherent in a studio. As a rule, it preferred the modern generation. Often in such cases, room and kitchen are combined by the demolition of the common wall. Of course, if it is not the carrier. Otherwise, you just do not get a permit. Incidentally, such a decision is the best way to create a kind of living in a studio apartment. But the interior will have to choose the appropriate one.

  • Classic style

Demanding to themselves and to others people, serious, discreet and slightly conservative, prefer classic interiors.

  • The avant-garde style

A person with innovative thinking and original taste, preferring independence and freedom in all the avant-garde interior fit.

  • Other styles

A more romantic, impressionable man like the style of Expressionism. For those who tire urban style, and who want to feel closer to nature, there is a country style. If you like simplicity, naturalness and natural, then you will surely enjoy its Scandinavian style with a certain severity and restraint, as well as a silent respect and love for nature.

If you want to restore and maintain harmony in your life, try to trim the interior of your living room is not only in accordance with his taste and temperament, but also taking into account the above mentioned rules. Then your house will be for you a real island of their own personal space, which will bring you joy and rest from life's storms. And the design of the hall in a small apartment will not be an unsolvable problem.

 The design of the room in a small apartment

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 stucco in the interior

Plaster molding in interior - it has come down to our days the ancient architectural tradition, known for thousands of years. As once in ancient Rome and ancient Greece, in the age of Classicism and Rococo, Empire and Baroque stucco and exquisite patterns, there is little one can remain indifferent to. And that's why more people are turning to this ancient way of interior decoration.

The variety of forms allows stucco moldings to draw not only classical interiors and modern minimalist. With stucco interior achieve harmony in the formation of space. For example, using asymmetrically located stucco can reverse the irregular shape of the room. Stucco moldings help to split into separate sections wall surface, thereby straightening the proportions of the room. Made of stucco cornices for concealed lighting at the top of the walls, you can create the effect of "floating ceiling."

Stucco interior designers are often used as architectural elements that can hide the risers or pipes extending in an inconvenient place. Often decorated with stucco and fake electric fireplaces, making out her fireplace portals, chimneys, shelves. Plaster molding in interior decoration is repeated on the ceiling, walls, furniture and doors, creates the stylistic unity of the room, giving it a respectable appearance, at the same time creates the atmosphere and gentility, and comfort. Modern decorators use a large variety of molded parts: borders, rosettes, cornices, niches, pedestals, items to decorate the doorways and windows, and furniture.

 Polyurethane moldings in interior

Methods of use of stucco in the interior

Plaster cornices can not only beautify the perimeter of the ceiling, but also to mask possible irregularities at the junction of wall and ceiling. Ceiling outlet usually constitute the main part of the composition of the ceiling and frame the most chandeliers. They can have a variety of shapes and sizes. Harmoniously matched with stucco cornices and moldings, they give a complete view of the ceiling. As you can see, the interior moldings often hides flaws builders.

Completely transform a room and create the illusion of infinity may stucco ceiling of the dome. Arched elements help to effectively formalize the space inside niches, as well as emphasize the bookshelves or bar. A solemn room give false stucco panels on the doors.

Niche - another element of the stucco decoration - mounted into the wall. Picking them frame, you can get something like a small scene, which sets a variety of decorative items. Such niches decorated with beautiful lighting, will be a magnificent setting for a vase or sculpture, candlestick or conventional flowerpot with flowers, which will be looked at very festive stucco pedestal.

 moldings in a modern interior


The most popular and familiar in the interior plaster moldings, which for centuries adorned the building. But the plaster is quite brittle and hard material that may eventually crumble and crumble. Today, manufacturers and decorators offer stucco from other more modern materials: this foam and polyurethane. Polyurethane moldings compared to the foam more resistant and rigid, so decorators prefer to use it in the design of buildings.

Stucco molding made of polyurethane in the interior, painted with modern colors, appearance is no different from the classical one. The ease of the material makes it possible to easily attach moldings of polyurethane in the interior using any adhesive. It can be used, unlike plaster and wet areas - such as bathrooms or swimming pools.

The use of stucco in the modern interior gives the opportunity to highlight the splendor of any style - from minimalism to the classics. In addition, the moldings in a modern interior ennobles and smoothes dull squareness current architecture provides a unique opportunity to visually divide the space into separate functional areas. However, experts advise not to forget that in the interior stucco small apartments are not always appropriate. Massive decorations of stucco can lead to a decrease in visual apartments.

 Plaster molding in interior: modern classics