how to decorate the room with their hands

Sooner or later there comes a time when the interior of the apartment starts to waft you melancholy. I want something new, unusual, and even exclusive. In this case, it is not necessary to run to the store for a new sofa. After all, old is not so bad, right? Just pay attention to the little things that make up the design of a particular room. That they are able to completely change her look, and therefore your mood, too. Therefore, the purchase of the sofa is postponed until better times, and reflect on how to decorate the room with his hands.

Firstly, to update the look of the room. To do this, you can just change the upholstery on the chairs and stools. Sew the special cases of the bright and beautiful materials - and your room will shine in a new way. Make is not difficult. Cut squares of fabric, corresponding to the size of stool or chair. Leave extra on the edges of two centimeters on the allowances. Now tuck the edge of the workpiece twice by one centimeter, then gently prostrochite on the sewing machine. On the corners of the squares Sew the ribbons with which you will strengthen the new clothes on the chairs. Such cases are not only beautiful, but also comfortable. After all, they can be changed depending on the mood or the extent of contamination.

Multi-colored pillowcases for pillows also able to revive the interior. Pick the right fabric. It can be colorful or monochrome. Nasheyte pillowcase on the original application. In short, let your imagination run wild and dreams come true. Small items that you do not use every day, can be folded into a beautifully designed cardboard box. The design will depend on your taste. Use rhinestones, satin ribbons, beads, colored paper. As such a "store" box is perfect, the rest of the purchased shoes. Do not want to mess with glue - remember that many of the details can be mounted using double-sided tape.

How to decorate the room with his hands so as to give it an original look? Very simple - turn one wall in the booth for photos. Pick those frames which play a special role in your life: marriage, birth of a child, anniversary husband, vacation in Cyprus. Yes, anything! If only these images carry only positive emotions and happy memories.

Decoration for children's room

Children's room - the best room for creative experimentation. After seeing all the children in the fairy tale. Therefore, it is possible to realize any fantasy as your and your children. So, how to decorate the children's room with his hands? For a start look around and think about what you would like to change? But what he wants the owner of the room? The baby should be sure to consult.

For example, the same boxes for a variety of small things can be issued in the form of houses or chests. Glue or draw a picture on their windows, doors, balconies, masonry or metal locks. Let your child keeps these "chests" their treasures. In addition, this decoration can be your assistant. Namely, to teach a child to order. Believe me, the kid will be much more interesting to put toys in pirate chest than the usual cardboard box.

Kids in the age of three very different like origami, suspended from the ceiling on the line. This can be a Crane or airplane, maybe star or comet. In general, here is your imagination get a lot of space for its expression. In addition, you can even come up with clouds of cotton, the moon or the sun, which will perfectly complement the entire picture.

And why not change the design of children's every week? In this issue you will help washable paint. On any given day, you can decorate the walls of the room in completely different colors to paint your favorite heroes kid, and even entire scenes from fairy tales. Then wash it all safely. The child himself with the help of a paint can paint the walls. And who knows, maybe he grow a great artist!

 How to decorate the nursery with their hands

Decorate bathroom

Let's talk about how to decorate the bathroom with their hands. Many people are lost when it comes to the design of this room. But here for the decor options abound. For example, you can buy in a store labels on tiles with marine paintings, and use them to emphasize the style of your bathroom, make it original. Now the room will give you a "sea" mood of the entire year. Or maybe you want to give it a bit of romance? Then do not do without the scented candles. Pick the best place for them, and so the decor will be not only an ornament, but also help you to relax after a hard day.

Make panels of sea shells and pebbles. Stick them suitable fabric and hang on the wall free. Marine motifs will bring variety to an abundance of toiletries. If the size of the room allows the room to settle in any water-loving plants such as azaleas. In general, if you pofantaziruete, you can transform your bathroom into that wish. The sea cove or island of the ocean depths. Your home - a measure of your creativity, so make every corner the way you see it in my dreams. And then in this house you will be really happy!

 How to decorate the room with his hands creative lady?

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 design a small room

Not all of us can boast of large, spacious rooms. Most often, people have to be content with modest dimensions of space in the apartment. But both want to live in a comfortable, cozy, and most importantly, a beautiful space! Design a small room - an art that requires specific knowledge and practical skills. Fortunately, when you consider some of the highlights in the design of small spaces, it is possible to cope with this task and make your home functional and aesthetically appealing.

Simple design very small room in the first place aims to make the room spacious, light and harmonious. It is important to use the maximum natural light, while at the same time not forgetting about artificial. Appropriate in a small bedroom or nursery will undoubtedly be built into the ceiling lights or hidden lights. To create a sense of the presence of nature, you can add on a windowsill beautiful flowering plants. They will be a source of oxygen and bring the interior of the living tone.

Design of a small child's room, it is important not only to build on the basis of practical considerations and planning, but also taking into account the environmental component of the interior. It is recommended to select such finishing materials and furniture accessories that do not cause allergies, and therefore will be safe for your child.

 simple design very small rooms

More? Less? Just right!

There are a few basic rules of visual perception of space with which to cheat and visually change the proportions of the room up or down. It should be remembered that the lighter shades increase the size of the room and visually bring us closer to the object, and the dark, on the contrary, visually reduce and postpone things. A small room provided benefits that it the minimum number of pieces of furniture and furnishings, they must be relatively small in size. When placing large pieces of furniture in the space and all the space visually contrasting spots decreases.

To increase the room, because this problem is a priority in the presence of a small space, you should follow a few basic rules.

It is preferable to use light colors and pastel colors (light blue, pale pink, apricot, cream, etc.), as they expand the space and avoid bright, contrasting transitions between colors.

Design win a small room in the presence of light furniture. Although it can not be called and practical to use, but it does not eat space as furniture contrasting colors.

The minimum number of pieces of furniture and objects. A large variety of items visually conceals precious centimeters. This also contributes to any confusion, even on a desk.

A large number of natural sunlight makes the space more spacious, as if revealing it. It is also important to use the built-in light.

But if this is not possible because of the small height of the room, you can put floor lamps, floor lamps or low.

Choosing between large and small sofa, combined with a couple of chairs, preference should be given to the second embodiment, as large objects makes eye small space even more closely.

 small children's room design

In the selection of materials for the floor and ceiling, remember that the use of shades of the same colors you've chosen for the walls, making the spatial perception of your room is much more advantageous. Indeed, in this case, the boundary between the walls, floor and ceiling almost erased, and therefore impression of space.

Erasing borders and promotes the use of mirrors in the interior, because due to multiple reflections of light and color space, as reflected in them multiplied. However, do not forget about the sense of psychological comfort - if the room is planned as a bedroom, the mirror will is not very appropriate, and may interfere with healthy sleep.

The big picture for a small room, oddly enough, rather than several small ones. The fact that the horizontally elongated picture enlarges perspective view. However, it is important to remember that the highest pattern make the room below, so in this case it is better not to use.

When choosing furniture it is important to remember that the abundance of deaf surfaces able to conceal the space, and an open and light transmitting plane make it more spacious. With the play of light, reflections and glare can transform a room and make it much easier, light and airy, so it is possible to use the pieces of furniture or decor pieces of glass or mirrors.

In the case of a small room more advantageous arrangement of furniture is its placement along the walls, as if to put it in the center, it will be visually divide an already small room.

Limit the use of low furniture, as, for example, high-backed chair reduces the visual size and depth of the room. At the same time used in furnishing closet to the ceiling with a light or a mirror facade make it virtually weightless.

Extension of light space can be achieved by the use of plastic windows with narrower frames or balcony doors with glass cloth for the rest of its height. It is important to use the most lightweight and unobtrusive window decoration. If it curtains, they must be of a light and a translucent material, since in that case they will penetrate through more light and air. For use at night, you can take advantage of the more dense curtains of light fabric, as well as roll-out curtains and Roman blinds.

If you use patterns in the finish, it is important that they are simple and monotonous, then the room will seem airy. While the use of complex and colorful patterns can turn your room into a heavy and stifling.

For increasing the visual space, place the most colorful and eye-catching object in the far corner of the room. This increases the prospect, because look glides on without clinging thus for closer objects.

 Design a small room - a compromise or a field for experimentation?

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