Interior design apartments with their own hands


  • Colours in the interior
  • If a small living room ...
  • Equips study
  • Entrance hall ... It is not a small and compact

When it comes to interior design flats, each of us is your home differently. For someone in the first place is the elegance and richness of the situation, and in fact already is it important? Is not it better to create such conditions in the apartment, what would you and your family was cozy and warm? And that is the place you can truly call home - a home with a capital letter.

Sure, and comfort, and comfort is directly dependent on how well-planned and arranged by your apartment, especially if its size is small. And the psychological aspect plays a significant role. Color, texture, material, shape - all this greatly affects the person could give him both positive and negative emotions. Therefore, intending to create the interior design of the apartment with his hands, it is necessary to approach this matter with the utmost seriousness and care.

Colours in the interior

Do not run after fashionable colors and popular design solutions. Try to withstand every room in certain colors. Whether it's the color of aqua, deep red or soft beige, everything should be in moderation.

Bedrooms are known to be designed in soft colors, but for the living room, you can choose the color more intense. But here, too, there are some nuances. When choosing colors and furniture design of a particular room, you need to be based not only on his desire, but also on the size of the room.

If the dimensions allow room, you can choose almost any shades, as long as they liked you. But what about when the size of the room left much to be desired? There are certain points that need to be considered.

 interior design with their own hands

If a small living room ...

Despite all the doubts, even a small room can be made as convenient as well as to achieve visual expanding the boundaries of the room. And this is not so difficult, as suggested by many. You should begin with a color solution. No bright contrasts, but calm tones. Cream, sky blue, light green, pink, white - it's your color. Light furniture is not so practical, but it is your living room will look spacious and filled with air.

All unnecessary items and bulky accessories should be removed. After all, if you think well, they do not decorate the room and create some inconvenience. To achieve visual increasing the area, it is best to use small-sized furniture. Small armchair, a small sofa and coffee table, placed along the walls of the room will create the impression of surround space. And in order to achieve an even stronger effect, you can use a mirror or mirrored wall decor furniture.

The ceiling and floor are made out in the same colors as the walls. So the room will seem more spacious. It is not advisable to use heavy curtains or drapes. The path in your home will be more light, for it is well suited Roman blinds.

Equips study

What thoughts come to your mind when hearing office? Surely, one imagines a large room with a massive table and lots of bookshelves. Now many people prefer to work at home for one reason or another, and for a child, a student at the school, the workplace is necessary. So, to create a home office for three square meters is quite real, and it will be no less functional than office space.

Interior design their own hands implies not only beauty, but also convenience. For the home office, this fact plays a special role. Equip this area can be anywhere, depending on its purpose. If you only need a computer, it is enough to a very small table. Select a free corner of the room where you will not interfere with television and where the children almost do not look. The main thing is to take care of the right light and find a comfortable chair. You should be comfortable at any time of the day.

If your area is needed for your child to do homework, and space is sorely lacking, do not despair - the problem can be solved with the help of the sill. Expand it, you form a full table, and niche underneath is perfect for storing books and office supplies. On each side of the window can be mounted open shelves - here even more space for books, documents and other relevant work items.

Entrance hall ... It is not a small, compact, easy

Many residents of city apartments the old familiar problem lay close hallway. And the main thing here is not even the lack of space and lack of natural light that can make this room visually more. Therefore, choosing lighting for the hall, stop for a fluorescent lamp. The color scheme of the walls and ceiling must be bedding tones. As in the case of the living room, it will help to make the room bigger and bigger.

If you are going to create a home interior design soimi hands, or rather the interior hallway, pre-think over the placement of furniture. What we need in this room? Of course, a wardrobe, bedside cabinet for shoes, a mirror and a small chest of drawers for gloves, umbrellas and other stuff that is needed almost every day. So where did all this to place, while maintaining room for movement?

For a small entrance hall is best to choose a narrow but deep closet. And if there is a possibility - it is better built. He occupies less space, and can accommodate a lot more things. But the space is practically steals. By the way, having a built-in wardrobe, you can abandon the shelves for shoes, and on the chest because there is enough space for all things.

Order the wardrobe with a mirror on the front side. It is able to visually enlarge the space, besides the problem of the placement of the desired object in the hallway would have been solved. In fact, many settle the question by placing a mirror on the front door. Very good option for very tiny hallway.

As you can see, even the small rooms of city apartments can be made comfortable. The main thing is not to think about how to put things over and ruthlessly clutter the space already close housing, and how to better and more correct to use this space.

 Interior design of the apartment with his hands

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 design of the room with his hands

  • Design a child's room for a boy and a girl
  • Making room for the little princess
  • Create bathroom interior for children

"All the best - to children! "We all remember the slogan from Soviet times. However, today there is ample opportunity to put it into practice. We strive to give the kids the very best from the world of adults, since the creation of let small, but such a wonderful corner - children's room. This is truly an exciting and entertaining process usually carries all households, including grandparents. How to give the kids a story and make their room was the most beautiful and beloved? Let's try to figure out how to make the design of the room with his hands.

Of course, all mothers and fathers would prefer to do for each child a separate nursery. However, in practice this is unfortunately not always possible. And if living conditions do not allow to allocate a separate room for each child, it is necessary to proceed from the fact that there is. After all, there is a common room for boys and girls also have a lot of advantages. Design a child's room with his hands folded in the first place the understanding of the differences between the kids, which implies the need to create a comfortable and cozy habitat for each of them.

Design a child's room for a boy and a girl

What is ideal for girls may not like the boy, so you should look for some compromise solution that will suit both children. For walls, you can choose neutral colors such as beige, light gray, pale blue or light green. In the interior, it is not necessary to focus on things for a boy or girl. Curtains, paintings and clocks are also better suited to do for each of them. If you want to draw pictures on the walls, they also do not have to represent princesses and cars. It is best to choose a picture that will be the unifying element of the whole room.

Individual features typical of a boy and a girl, you can give the bed and bedside tables. On the bed lay a little princess can bract delicate colors with ruffles, and on the bedside table to put a lamp in the girls' category, for example, with the fairies. For a boy the same approach as a nightlight soccer ball and blue bedspread. It is important to link all of these items in the general solution of the room.

Create a comfortable coexistence in the same area two children help competent design of the room with his hands. In the creation of rooms for boys and girls, it is important to use the techniques of zoning spaces. One solution to this issue is a visual distinction between kids sleeping areas, but a place to play in this case, on the contrary, it is desirable to make general. To save precious space can be used as a bunk bed, which helps to organize competently dream boy and a girl, even in large rooms. For such beds provide additional privacy and isolation of children as they sleep not in sight of one another.

Desk can be common to both children, thus it is better to put the box in order to not there is a shortage of sunlight. Psychologists believe that people tend to know each other better in the event that they are often face to face. This is very useful for the proper psychological development of children. That is why the location of the tables next to each other is another interesting option plan and functional nursery for boys and girls.

Packaging furnishing a child's room can not be imagined without wardrobe. It can be made common to both children, it will save space and will help children learn how to get out of the conflicts peacefully and equitably share all things together. The contemporary furniture solutions for children are also invited to embed in bunk beds, cabinets, it can be very beneficial in order to release more space for games. For the girls have a little handy dressing table where she could smarten up and "direct beauty." For the boy also useful for the development of his physical abilities will be located in the sports room wall.

 bathroom design with their own hands

Design rooms for the girls with their hands

Making room for the little princess

Design a child's room for a girl involves the creation of a simple, convenient, and most importantly, a beautiful space. For the life of a young princess must take place in the interior, contributes to its cheerful mood, taste education and the emergence of an optimistic attitude towards life.

An important role in the design of children's plays for the girl's color. It is not necessary to paint all the walls in order to all podnadoevshy girly pink. It is appropriate to be neutral light shades - apricot milk, baked milk, light blue, pale yellow, cream. Against the background of bright walls will be most advantageous to look bright interior details - furniture, curtains, large toys. You can make one wall a bright color, then it becomes compositional emphasis on it will be possible to hang paintings girls.

Particularly important is the choice of style design girl's nursery. The modern approach to the organization of the interior is based on practicality, comfort and of course the beauty. Therefore, you should avoid bright and fanciful designs, abundance of decor and ornaments. Let the main components of the design of the space will be open space and natural light. You should also pay special attention to the selection of artificial lighting.

Bed room girls are preferably arranged so that it is visible with the door. At the same time the girl's mistress can see everyone who enters her little kingdom. Also need a wardrobe, desk, ottoman for receiving guests, bookshelves. Small table definitely need for the baby, because she could for him to engage in developmental activities and play with dolls - to conduct impromptu tea parties, all kinds of performances and even give them "lessons".

Already in pre-school age girl should be taught to the order, so you should allocate space to store toys - Cabinets, shelves or a basket for toys. With a huge variety of furniture for children, you can go to its choice of very creative, thus completely transforming the interior with an unusual shape of the cabinet or bright colors in its decoration. From an early age almost all the baby become interested in makeup and cosmetics. Therefore, it is important for every girl to have their own, albeit small dressing table with mirror. In the future, when the little princess grows up, it will help her to always feel confident.

Create bathroom interior for children

Select a private bathroom for the children can be, perhaps, only in big houses, and not in the current model of small apartments. In a small apartment in an ordinary town house can only decorate the children's theme elements common to all the bathroom. The design of the bathroom with his own hands made up of color solutions and taking into account all the details in the general solution of the interior.

Psychologists are advised to arrange a children's bathroom in bright colors. It would create the boy or girl joyous and festive mood every time the baby will go into their water kingdom. Each child will be more pleasant in the morning to see a picture of a smiling cartoon characters, rather than the dark gloomy wall colors. In addition to the pictures in the children's bathroom decor can use figure mirror over the sink, the shower curtain with children's themes, or colorful rugs on the floor.

There are collections of ceramic tiles, designed specifically for children. But you can use and it is neutral white tiles, adding bright accents using, for example, colored plexiglass panels. Another option nursery design may be bathroom multicolored mosaic, with which you can create all sorts of colorful panels on child-related issues.

Thus, the scope for imagination in the design of children's rooms handwritten practically unlimited by any framework, the main approach to the creative process and avoid standard techniques of decoration. And then the happy eyes and mischievous laughter of your children will be the best reward for your efforts.

 The design of the room with his hands for young children

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