Design a one-room apartment in the panel house


  • Sacrifice: necessary and unnecessary things
  • Choose your style
  • Disposition

Panel houses now occupy the lion's share of the total housing stock of our long-suffering country. We managed to adjust the panels in secular times, so much so that more than one generation of post-Soviet citizens have to settle for just such housing (Khrushchev did begin to slowly demolish). Even today continue to build prefab houses, however, have a more modern layout. And if multiroom apartment in the panel house largely satisfied with its inhabitants, something about this one-bedroom apartment will not say.

Therefore, layout and design is one-bedroom apartments of prefabricated houses today are more relevant than, for example, interior design studio in Khrushchev or design of any three-bedroom apartment. And despite the fact that the panel panel strife that planning (and area) in one-bedroom apartments are different, there are common design features one-bedroom apartment in any (old or new) panel house. Therefore, starting to develop their own design project, you need to start from the general postulates.

Sacrifice: necessary and unnecessary things

Do not worry. The slaughter will have to send a few things and maybe some of their habits. But this sacrifice is still necessary: ​​one bedroom apartment - a bedroom and living room (at best), and then another, and children, and an office in the same room. Like all combine to result in the room remained suitable to housing, and it turned out to design a modern and stylish at the same time?

We'll have to make sacrifices and make a list of things and objects that you are vital, and those from which you can not refuse. If the one-room apartment in the panel house is designed for a young family, then this apartment is required to place a minimum bed for parents, child bed, large wardrobe, washing machine, a refrigerator, a minimum set of kitchen furniture and utensils.

Conventionally, the necessary things that can be replaced by a mini-analogues or move from room to kitchen (built-in wardrobe, hall, etc.): TV, computer, fitness equipment, dressing table, chest of drawers. By the way, sometimes you can do without painful sacrifices, a well-chosen furniture and a spacious room furnished in a niche. However, from that (the division of things on the necessary and optional) is necessary to begin the design studio.

 design studio Khrushchev

Choose your style

Stylistic decision general basis of interior design. However, for an apartment in the panel house is not for every style of interior. Strongly contraindicated for such apartments classic styles that are designed for large spaces. And where you place a massive furniture, curtains or multilayer huge mirrors not in the palace, still inhabited.

The most suitable styles for one-room apartment (in the panel and Khrushchev) - varieties of country style, minimalism, and some ethnic styles. The fact that all country-style came from rural life and were originally intended for the construction and design of small village houses. Therefore, it is inherent in these styles "tricks" to help save the living space, and techniques to visually expand the space. In particular, any and all country-style homes typical of design in light of "natural" colors. And that's especially true for the design studio.

Designed in the style of minimalism - a solution to meet modern trends of interior fashion. For the studio, this style also fits perfectly: maximum functionality with a minimum set of furniture. Maximum release space at the competent planning - is not that we are trying to achieve by coming up with the design studio?


It's the last thing you need to decide when starting to design. Here you have options not too much but not too little. First, one-bedroom apartments in prefabricated houses have a loggia and sometimes niche. This makes it possible to arrange an extra room, or an isolated functional area.

Second, the kitchen area in modern prefabricated homes decent enough to convert it into a separate bedroom or nursery, and the kitchen at the same time to move to the hallway or storeroom. Third, the footage of the living room also allows you to build more walls and turn one-room apartment in a two-room.

Actually, quite a large area of ​​the living room - a great start to the zonal design studio. Zoning of the room - a favorite method of modern interior designers, so why should not we follow their example?

And one more, not less fashionable option plan (redevelopment) - the transformation of one-bedroom apartment in the studio apartment. However, such alterations will require the dismantling of the wall and, as a rule, coordination of the process by the relevant authorities.

So, being the owner of a one-room apartment in the panel house and conceiving new design that most apartments, you should start with addressing the three main issues:

  • choice of mandatory items and furniture,
  • choice of interior style
  • variety of options plan apartments.

And then proceed to the very design and bring to life your project. Successful initiatives!

 Design a one-room apartment in the panel house: where to start?

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 the interior of a small apartment


  • Remove or replace
  • Invisible space
  • Furniture transformer
  • Use visual effect
  • Merge

As they say, someone soup empty, and someone pearl chalk. And when it comes to the size of the home, many complain of his small size. And no matter what I mean, really tiny odnushki or Multi, but cramped apartments of the old plan. So if you think your home is not particularly spacious, probably, should know the rules of the organization of the interior of small apartments. Moreover, these rules apply both to individual rooms are very small, and for a really modest in size apartments.

The main task of the designer in this case - the maximum (as possible) to expand the living space. And we must try not only to expand it visually, but also furniture to choose and place so that it does not clutter the already small room. Let's find out how to solve this problem by professional designers and what tricks are used in interior design small apartments.

Remove or replace

All that can be removed in a small (and even more so in a very small) apartment must be removed! For example, interior doors. Most often, the door we have, but we use them rarely. In the sense that usually the door wide open: we intuitively tried thus expand the space. Open leaf swing doors "eat" utility meters.

Therefore, if necessary behind closed doors you do not, they can be simply removed, while enhancing the doorway or turning it into an elegant arch. In the event that the door is still needed, they should be replaced by sliding models. And, you can close the door fabric or bamboo curtain. By the way, some of the interior styles even welcome such a decision.

To expand a little space of a small room, you can change and radiators. This is true in the event that your apartment has old bulky battery. They can be replaced with modern flat model, which not only release a certain amount of space, but also look to be much more aesthetic earlier.

What else can be replaced in a very small apartment? For example, a bath in the shower curtains to blinds, cooker hob on, TV on plasma screens and a bulky desktop computer to a compact notebook. By the way, the presence of the plasma panel and laptop save you from having to DVD-player, music center and even an alarm clock.

Also, get rid of all the trash, even if this stuff does not seem odd to you. For example, old magazines and books. Of course, calling them blasphemous trash (especially books), but because your apartment is already small. So that provide the function of storing print media libraries (by the way, is the nearest library you can give all his books) and buy yourself book-reader (e-book), which will fit in at least a hundred dear to your heart and mind books.

No regrets rasstantes with old clothes and all sorts of trinkets and souvenirs. Need for old clothes and even not worth discussing - you just do not wear it, then you do not need. Various figurines, vases, boxes and others like them ... I'm sure you can find a lot of these gizmos, once received as a gift (for yourself you are unlikely to buy it). Think about whether so you need them? Keep only the most-most, only what is truly dear to you as a memory. Everything else - overboard! After such an audit to see how increased scarce space.

 beautiful interiors of small apartments

Invisible space

In fact, the free space in your small apartment is not so little. You just can not see it: unused space under wide window sills, corners, walls. Corner shelves, bookcases, shelves, and indeed every corner furniture is the best fit for a small room. The walls can also be used to the maximum: the shelves and niches (open and closed) perfectly fit into the interior, leaving free the floor, where there will be other furniture (sofa, bed, desk, chest of drawers).

By the way, racks and shelves can be used very creatively. Closed shelf, for example, can be accommodated on the perimeter of the room directly under the ceiling. Narrow high rack can be placed perpendicular to the wall and use it to distinguish between the different functional areas. Shelves niches made of gipsokartna generally become part of the wall and will save you from having to buy a ready-mounted racks or shelves.

Furniture transformer

Furniture-transformer or simply folding furniture will also help free up the maximum space of a small room. Naturally, the first thing comes to mind the idea of ​​a sofa bed. It really is an excellent solution suitable for the optimization of the interior of small apartments. Just give up the idea of ​​acquiring large and bulky models. How would they not look pretty in the furniture store, in a very small apartment a sofa will look ridiculous, and eventually begin to annoy.

Incidentally, the sofa can be put not only in the living room: in the bedroom, he successfully replace a large double bed and even in the kitchen sometimes be quite appropriate. Of course, the sofa in the kitchen for most of us just a luxury. More often than not have to settle for a more modest and less overall furniture.

As for sofas, beds, chairs, beds or just a bed, a small room for the ideal solution would be such furniture, which serves as a sleeping place at night and during the day is removed in the closet. And this is the furniture-transformer. The folding bed suitable for a child's room, and master bedroom, and even in her one-room apartment there is a place. And collect the linen with the beds are not required.

Sectional (modular) furniture give the opportunity to fill an entire wall, but a large space is not going to take. By the way, change the interior of the room with the furniture, very easy, and additional costs such changes would be required. The same can be said about the furniture-designer for the children's room: bed, folding tables, permuted section - simply irreplaceable solution for small spaces.

 Interior small apartments

Use visual effect

The visual effect is more spacious room is achieved through some tricks:

  1. More light

    Of course, clean the window (it is cleaner than the more light passes), the rejection of heavy and thick curtains or replacing them with blinds. Also add more light room glass furniture, which also seems to be less cumbersome. The same effect has and light furniture.

  2. Colour

    The fact that light colors have the ability to increase and expand, it is known to all. But for some reason, not all use this effect to design a small room. It is not necessary to stop the choice only in white or beige in the design of walls and ceilings. All pastel shades of any color will add your apartment missing space (visually, of course).

  3. Mirrors

    The possibility is not visual expansion space, especially if the mirrors hang next to each other? The effect can be truly spectacular. The same applies to any reflective surfaces (glossy furniture and the ceiling, for example).

  4. Artificial lighting

    The better lit room, so it seems more and more sources of illumination, the more light. Output is only one - for small rooms need a lot of different lamps. Suppose you have a large and chandelier and sconces, and floor lamp. And even more will give greater effect spotlights or lights (ceiling, furniture, floor).

  5. Laconic

    Design a small room should be concise: as little as possible medley, small parts and put up on display household items. The same applies to the pattern on the wallpaper and curtains. It is best to use beautiful fabrics and wallpapers without any pattern or with unobtrusive design.


This advice is quite controversial and even disputes. For example, many designers are advised to use zoning in the design of small apartments. This method is useful for organizing space in a studio apartment. However, for very small two- or three-bedroom apartments, there is a more appropriate visual effect of combining different rooms space. This effect is achievable, for example, by using the same wallpaper for the room and the hallway or in the adjacent rooms.

Besides combining different rooms space is achieved by eliminating the doors, the use of mirrors or furniture style. You can also combine the box and piers: the longer and higher ledge, the more it seems room. You can also combine the wall cabinets and shelves to the wall, having painted all in the same color. Then cabinets "merge" with walls and become almost invisible. And for a more radical unification will only demolish the walls, combining two rooms into one, or turning his small apartment in the studio apartment. But this is a completely different rules of interior design.

So even a very small apartment - is not the reason for the experience. In contrast, here is where to turn creative ideas and wit. Believe me, in the field of interior design intractable situation just does not happen. It is only necessary with the mind (and some financial stocks) approach to solving their housing problem. And you certainly will!

 Interior small apartments - five useful tips

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