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Today, "to think for three" have to be the worthy members of society, not just wishing hangover marginal. In our case, this consideration is the arrangement of a one-room apartment when it is necessary to plan the interior so that it felt like a comfortable family of three. The fact is, that young families are often forced to live in a long time odnushku until izyschut opportunities to expand their living space.

Imagine a young couple finally gets a long-awaited single living space (in most cases, this one-bedroom apartment), and enjoy the pleasures of life. Then there is the kid ... As long as the baby is quite small, harmonious family lives in one room. But time is running out and the children grow up. And there comes a point when parents have to plan the interior so as to be able to escape (at least at night) from the all-seeing eyes of children.

If living in a studio apartment is delayed, the child has time to go to school, you need to have at least a semblance of a separate room for the schoolboy. In any case, the design studio for the three divisions means room for child and adult half, or turning it into a one bedroom apartment. Let's look at the possible options for such a plan, as well as the rules under which such a design is to be implemented.


To develop a design based on redevelopment is easy enough. It is more difficult to implement this project in life. Highlight a separate children's or parents' bedroom is possible, for example, by moving the kitchen. The question is, where exactly it endure? In fact, only need to move the plate, but the sink. Where? The large closet in the hallway, or (why not, if the area allows)? In the end, the kitchen can be placed in the main room, fenced off its shelves or interior walls. The main difficulty of such redevelopment - the transfer of communication.

I do not want to move the kitchen, but you want one more separate room? Perhaps this room is obtained from the loggia (at least, for a child there is enough space). Well it warm, hold the light and central heating - and here you have a compact children's room. However, not all one-bedroom apartments have a loggia or pantry. Then you can try to divide the main room.

For owners of the corner one-bedroom apartments simpler task. As a rule, these apartments have two windows on different walls. Then there is only to build another wall and turn odnushku in kopeck piece with a small but separate rooms. However, one of them will pass, but each room will look outside its own window. If the room is only one window, the option of an additional wall it is hardly suitable hosts. Then it is necessary to design a different scenario.

 Interior room apartment for three

Use shelves

Using a rack - less troublesome way than alterations in which have to completely redraw the entire interior. After racking essentially the same partition, but more functional. Firstly, it is moveable partitions that can be moved from place to place, planning the interior design of the room and changing the right "on the fly", and secondly, they can be used for storage. However, to place racks in the way we want, after all it is impossible, namely:

  • do not place racks directly opposite the entrance to the room - they violate the integrity of its space and serve as a barrier, which will have to do;
  • do not place racks so that they are obscured by the window, especially if it is a window into a single copy.

Conceived and design involves selection of a particular model of racks. If your room is predominantly wooden furniture, the shelves should be chosen and the same. Metal racks are good as through walls, shelves, as well as for the rooms, decorated in the style of high-tech or minimalism. Transverse rack preferably in dark rooms or in the same room with a single window. Shelves with muffled rear wall perfectly cope with the role of the wall dividing the room into two parts. In any case, it is the design of the room determines the choice of the model and method of placement of racks.

 Interior room apartment


Interior room apartment (as well as any other) can be updated without major repairs, no erection or demolition of walls, without redevelopment and even without changing the trim. Such an update is called magic reluking (image change). Thereby changing the interior in case relukinga? This, above all, moving furniture, adding to the interior of the bright parts, replacement of fixtures, changing curtains. In our case reluking should turn a whole room into a kind of one-bedroom apartment. Either zoned interior so that each zone was not only functional, but also visible (different from the other).

Here is one example relukinga:

  1. The room is divided into two equal (or almost equal) parts: the children and the parent zone. The parent zone is usually combined with a sitting area and is separated from the "child" two-way rack put perpendicular to the long wall.
  2. The parents' room is located bunk (it is also a place of rest). Typically, this is a sofa bed which is put back to the shelf-partition. Opposite the sofa, the wall can be placed uphill or set of modular furniture with cupboards, tables and shelves.
  3. Between the sofa and coffee table is a hill and on the free wall, if there is no window - mirror. This design will make the room visually more spacious and brighter.
  4. In the children's area is also located bed and desk or computer table (if it is necessary) can replace one of the shelves of the rack, or a windowsill. Ideal reluking happens if interior of the apartment in this area involves the window right in front of the rack-partitions.
  5. Each zone is provided with an additional individual lights (sconces, floor lamps), and bright furnishings: carpet on the floor, pictures or posters on the walls.

So without much hassle (or, conversely, with the known forces) can change the interior of a studio apartment for three. And if we advance to design, the result is sure to fulfill all your expectations.

 Design studio for three - looking for opportunities

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 planning design studio


  • Zoning apartment
  • From one room to the bedroom
  • Studio

One-bedroom apartments now, perhaps the most affordable housing. And the price, and they have a relatively modest, and the real estate market they are in abundance. Yes, and let (the known forces) can afford such a purchase, and young families and former students. However, to purchase a one-room apartment (have money), but turn it into a comfortable housing is much more difficult. But, as the saying goes, do not have a hundred rubles, and have ...

In our case it is useful to have the skills of design or architectural design. For example, planning a successful studio in fact will make her life comfortable and enjoyable (at least, until better times). So let's talk about the layout, but rather a one-room apartment redevelopment. What it is possible to find ways and how to organize the living space?

Zoning apartment

At first glance, the zoning change is already predetermined difficult. What do we have in a studio apartment? Room, kitchen, hallway, bathroom yes (usually combined). However, some options are possible. Redevelopment is feasible either by reducing the amount of space, or by its increase. Third, alas, is not given.

In the first case will have to sacrifice existing in the apartment walls (or one of them). In a second embodiment redevelopment is possible due to the construction of additional walls that divide the room. By the way, does not necessarily sacrifice walls: the wall can be done conditionally transparent, cut through it a great arch. And more walls may not be necessary if the original layout implies the presence in the apartment and a small storage area, or conversely, a large loggia. So, consider some options of redevelopment studio.

 layout design studio

From one room to the bedroom

Do you think it's out of science fiction? In vain! Such planning is quite feasible. And one of the options: the kitchen moved to the pantry, and in its place is equipped with a new room (eg bedroom or children). All the walls are in place, and spend the nerves in the coordination of the project will not have to. However, difficulties arise otherwise.

The extension of the kitchen requires you to transfer or supply of communication (water, gas, electricity). To build sewer and water communications, it may be necessary the construction stages or podiums, which will raise the level of the floor and hide extra pipes and hoses. Moreover, the new structure should be as comfortable and safe. In addition, moving the kitchen to another room will require additional ventilation where it has not previously been available. This in turn causes the need for new communication on the ceiling and walls.

But gas stove transfer will be very difficult: to hide the gas pipes in the walls is impossible, and pull them through the entire apartment - is problematic. But electric stove easy to "move" in any place. But all of these difficulties as compared with the new room! However, such difficulties can be avoided if your new layout will be carried out alternatively.

The design of the two-storey apartment! As you are such an idea? Such planning is possible in apartments with high ceilings. If you build a residential loft, then they easily accommodate the bedroom or nursery, library or office. And another (most common) option - the construction of additional walls. And it is not necessary to build the main wall. You can use ready-made interior walls or erect a wall of silicate or gypsum blocks.

 planning studio


This is just one option when planning requires a new alignment or movement of existing zones and the design studio allows us to implement a very bold imagination. For example, the wall that separates the kitchen and the room is cleaned at all, or just transferred to a new location. In this case, you can allocate a separate area for the bed or a children's corner and move the kitchen into the center of the room. You can leave the kitchen on the ground, the wall "clean" due to the wide and spacious arch and thereby carry out design studios without troublesome dismantling.

A good help in this redevelopment will and loggia, which must be warm, to be held in its central heating system and then remove window unit. Your apartment will be more spacious, and its design will be similar to one of the following studios.

By the way, warmed loggia with left window units could easily turn and extra room. But again this version of the conversion studio in the bedroom. In short, go ahead, plan and reschedule, but not broken, please, requirements of various building codes. Believe me, in our life everything is possible (and even if not everything, then a lot). In any case, a new layout and a comfortable one-room apartment and its stylish design are possible. One has only to want.

 Disposition of the studio: the design of the new "kopeck piece"

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