Design studio with a niche


  • The possibility of using a niche
  • Common rules of drawing room with a niche
  • Registration of residential areas in the niche

When people talk about the design studio with a niche, you usually have in mind the well-known plan apartment, located in a panel high-rise buildings. It's quite spacious corner apartment with two windows and a large balcony. "Highlight" of the apartment became a niche - small "hand" in the room, one wall of which faces the street, bordered by a second bathroom, and a third (end) - with the landing.

"Native" the interior design of such apartments, as well as its original layout, the location means in this niche bed. However, the possibilities of modern design allow the use of such a gift architects and other purposes. Let's find out what we offer master of interior design.

The possibility of using a niche

First of all, the option of using a niche in a studio apartment depends on who lives in the same apartment. If it lives one person, then most likely, the entire interior design will be subject to his lifestyle, his enthusiasm, and it was his idea of ​​comfort.

For a married couple (of any age) interior niches will be a wonderful bedroom: let a small but private and comfortable, and most importantly - is almost complete. For a family with a child wise to convert a niche in the children's area, and with sufficient size niche and a separate children's room. Other uses for the niche:

  • kitchen
  • cabinet
  • dressing room
  • dinner Zone
  • home gym

Will you convert a niche into a separate room, building partition, or simply arrange it interior as a separate zone, depends on the area that this niche takes on the presence (or absence) of a window in the area, and on your financial capabilities and stylistic preferences.

If the dimensions allow you to turn into an independent niche small room, it is one of the options of interior design. If the niche is simply assigned a specific area (and often happens that way), the main design task - to arrange this area as a separate room.

 Interior room apartment with a niche

Common rules of drawing room with a niche

For a one-room apartment with a niche interior should be made out of the prevailing rules. Its interior can be made in one of the many options offered by modern designers, but you can come up with fashionable and stylish design their own, guided by certain rules.

  1. The living space should give the impression of a solid interior, decorated in the same style (or styles related).
  2. Functional areas should be as delineated by the use of mobile partitions, furniture or decorative materials.
  3. Niche issued only two options: contrastly overall color scheme of the room, or at the most "fitting" in her.
  4. Niche should not be artificially darkened, and must have an independent source of illumination (ceiling lamps, side artificial lighting).
  5. Form niche often determines the furniture for the room. Interior design studio apartment with a horizontal niche means choosing a low, long, squat furniture. The interior of the one-room apartment with a vertical niche perfectly fit tall and narrow furniture.

But in any case, a niche should not determine the overall design studio. Niche a distinct addition to the interior, pushing the total space of the apartment. A niche is necessary to register in accordance with the function assigned to her area.

 interior design studio with a niche

Registration of residential areas in the niche

As we have already said, a niche in a studio apartment, it is desirable to allocate a specific functional area. Accordingly, your decision must be selected and designed the interior design of the living area. Consider the possible design options for living areas in the niche.

  • Children's area in the niche

Construction of a children's corner and a children's room in a niche - the perfect version of the design studio with a niche. After all, it is convenient not only for the child, which "acquire" their personal space, but also for the parents who will be able to "isolate" their child even at night.

To make out the interior of the children's area is necessary, given the few highlights. Firstly, the niche-children should always be with a window, which will be organized workplace schoolboy. Appropriate in the children's area are shelves and shelves where you can put toys and books. Cross-cutting racks can be partially insulate the entrance in a niche or used for this curtain on the ceiling cornice. Not bad for a niche partition becomes a child and wall bars.

For very young children it is best to use ready-made children's corners, combining a bed and a place for games or activities. And of course, you must arrange the interior, taking into account the fact that in this part of the apartment the child will live. So, use natural materials, comfortable furniture, game elements and other attributes of a child's life.

  • Sleeping niche

The second (if not first) common variant of interior design studio. There is already some advice to give hard. However, the presence of a niche - the perfect opportunity to use as a marital bed a real bed, not a sofa. Perfectly fits into the interior of the bedroom-niche, and a dressing table, chest of drawers, and even (if space allows).

And when equipped with a niche in the bedroom for a young family with a baby, the crib or cradle will not spoil the interior of the master bedroom. In this case, it is desirable to use curtains, fenced off the entrance to the niche, but also to equip it with additional lights.

  • Cabinet in the niche

If your lifestyle involves work at home, the workplace is also equipped with convenient niche. Especially when in this part of the apartment has a window. Written or computer desk, shelves, racks, cabinets. In this case, just be sure to organize a good coverage in the area, arranging workplace window niche and provide additional fixtures with fluorescent lamps. Shelves and cabinets can isolate the interior of the working area of ​​the total living space of the apartment (in this embodiment, the curtains - not the best option).

  • The recreation area in the niche

The design of the interior, where a niche is converted into a recreation area, suggests that the most open part of the apartment. Of course, this area should be separated, but is best used for this low furniture. For example, a sofa, which is the long side of the angle of the wall will fall in the niche, and its short side partially blocking the entrance to it.

No additional partitions, in the best case - through a rack with an aquarium or plants. By the way, a relaxation area, in this case can be combined with a dining area, located in the alcove table with chairs or sofa and a high sliding table.

  • Dressing or a home gym in a niche

It is also a good idea to resettlement niche in a studio apartment. In this embodiment, the interior design provides complete isolation (if possible) of the zone of the total area of ​​the apartment. This can be done with the help of wardrobe or sliding door. This design is suitable even for the niche in which there is no window, only enough to build a good artificial lighting. And the design of the interior niches also require you to certain stylistic solutions - everything must be subordinated to a functional purpose of this zone.

These are the popular choices of design studio with a niche. So decide what niche to turn in his apartment, how to decorate the interior and what kind of design to choose. The main thing is that you feel comfortable and comfortable even in a studio apartment.

 Design studio with a niche - the options

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 Design a small studio apartment


  • The meaning and value of design studios
  • Ability to create studio apartments
  • Disposition studio apartments
  • Design studios

That's why we are not all wrong? As soon fall on our fertile seed of another fetus of Western culture, we intend to turn it into something quite exotic, and certainly not what was sown. For example, the notorious studio apartments. If such a design was initially designed exclusively for small apartments of economy class, then we make out in this manner is the most elite housing and luxury apartments. Gradually, however, everything comes back to normal, and we are finally beginning to understand the true value of this notion.

The meaning and value of design studios

Apartments Studio - a product of Western (ie American) lifestyle. Primarily a design of apartments intended for housing design creative professionals. That is why the apartment was called not just an apartment, a studio apartment combines a place to live and work at the same time. At the same time, and quite independently like the interior design began to be practiced in Japan, with its total deficit of residential meters in the large cities. Gradually, the studios began to build (build it, not to rebuild) and in Western Europe as the economy class housing for young people (students, young specialists, young married couples).

The main value of this kind of design - in combining living and working zones apartment in a common space in the expansion of its visual layout and free. And when fashion studios finally came before us, we feverishly seized upon the idea and began to implement it where possible (and where it is impossible - too). As a result, today we have a lot of one-bedroom apartments, reworked in the studio as well as a huge number of high-grade multi-room property, which almost ruined the interior of this design.

However, everyone is free to arrange your living space according to their own notions of beauty and comfort. But we will focus on the design of small apartments studios, given the prevalence of small-sized housing and relevance of such a design.

 small studio apartment design

Ability to create studio apartments

The first option - you get ready studio apartment, which has built itself or reschedule accordingly. I have to say that this is one the most successful option. In this case, you do not have to carry out dismantling and will be engaged exclusively interior design by choosing your style, the appropriate finishing materials and furniture.

The second option is also quite simple. This is when your property becomes an open-plan apartment with only hints of the possible walls and partitions. Design and layout in this case more costly, but more Multivariate. However, communications (water, gas, sewerage) are already planned in advance, but still not as conservative. That is the opportunity to change the interior of the studio, sliding the kitchen or bathroom in the right place you are likely to be (but this is not true!).

And the third option - the purchase of standard single or two-bedroom apartments, which can be converted into a small (or not so little) studio apartment. Here the owners have to really work hard: to clean up the extra walls, erect additional partitions, move communications, in short, completely redraw the finished interior. And with this option is most often encountered most potential owners studios. But there are pluses here: such housing can be secondary (ie not new) and will cost much cheaper than new building.

But do not rush to change the interior, immediately destroying all the walls in a row. First, in any case can not break the load-bearing walls - it is fraught with trouble not only legal, but also simply catastrophic. Second, even in a small studio apartment still can (and should be) some partitions separating at least WC from the living space. And thirdly, a kitchen in a studio apartment can be located behind the conventional wall-arch. So even if you do not want to plan the interior design, appealing to professional designers, specialized services (ICE, for example) you still have to address.

Only after approval and obtaining special permits, you can start planning or redevelopment studio apartment. Typically, such an apartment converted living space, resulting after the merger of the room, kitchen and hallway. And even put it all together into one, you can not lose certain functional areas, and therefore they still remain, but will be required to fit harmoniously into the interior.

Disposition studio apartments

Residence can not do without food. Even if you eat only in restaurants or cafes, kitchen area in your studio apartment is needed. For fans of home cooking such cuisine is best to isolate the part. Agree that smells of preparing meals are only relevant in the kitchen, and partial isolation of the area and help to neutralize odors. Another thing is a dining area, which easily fit into the interior, and will not need additional partitions. However, the solution to this problem (the smell of food) can become a modern equipment: air conditioning with the relevant function or a powerful extractor.

The same applies to the area of ​​privacy: a bathroom in your apartment studio, of course, will remain behind the walls that break down and move the tub to the toilet you are unlikely to succeed. Often it is the bathroom becomes a stumbling block when planning studio apartments: one-bedroom apartments in the old interior planned so that the bathroom is often found between the kitchen and the hallway. Newer odnushki planned much more convenient: the unification of the kitchen and hallway to the living room is nothing to prevent.

Sleeping area. There are two possibilities: combine the bed with a sitting area, or to organize it in a ready-built or niche. By the way, as this niche can be a bay window or balcony, devoid of the window unit, and also a niche-boudoir can be constructed from drywall. But most owners of studio apartments just become comfortable sofa bed that night turn into bed. Design area hallway in an apartment-studio, is usually limited by the presence of capacious closet and mirrors.

Immediately reservation that fashion design studio apartment is not suitable for large family. In a flat to live alone, a maximum of two people. Therefore, do not try to remake his small apartment in the studio, if it is intended for a few people. It is better to choose a different interior design and other planning options.

 the interior of a small studio apartment

Design studios

For a truly stylish property should fill the interior in a certain style. The most fashionable and up-to-date, considered design, made in the style of high-tech modernism, minimalism, constructivism, and the Scandinavian and Japanese design. In addition to the right of stylistic solutions also need to comply with the rules of design apartments, reworked in the studio.

  • Zoning

    Required trick to divide the common space of the small studio apartment in the separate areas (living room, bedroom, dining, working, cooking and so on.). The visual distinction is possible through the use of different floor and wall coverings (a different color and texture), and with the help of light and mobile partitions (racks, screens). For small apartments more acceptable first option. By the way multilevel design of the floor in this case may also be a good and convenient.

  • Furniture

    The interior of a small studio apartment fits not every furniture. In the first place refuse massive and monolithic structures, except may only be a large sofa. Then, stop your choice on furniture made of metal and glass: it looks easier and less clutter the space. And, finally, prefer furniture that is able to transform and develop. By the way for small apartments all very comfortable built-in furniture and appliances.

  • Color and lighting

    Designers recommend to give when you make small apartments from the bright and dark colors of finishing materials and interior items. At the same time, some striking elements of the contrary are welcome. Specific colors are chosen according to the overall style and lighting. By the way, lighting design small apartments also highly relevant, especially if the studio converted from a standard apartment. Important and sufficient natural light and the presence of lamps that can illuminate as the entire studio at once, and its separate areas.

  • Originality

    Modern design can not be stereotyped. Of course, one should not completely abandon the traditional (and, in principle, it is impossible), but to avoid monotony and repetition is still necessary. By the way, a small apartment - the most profitable base for the original design. A studio apartment for inertia and conservatism in general unacceptable, especially if it is small.

Not only design the interior of the studio in a certain style and in compliance with all the rules: be creative (or use the services of a creative designer). Only then will your home look stylish and stay in this apartment will be a comfortable and pleasant. Good luck beginnings, interesting ideas and good help!

 Design of a small studio apartment: simple options

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