How to create comfort in the house


  • Cleanliness and tidiness
  • Smell
  • Style and Interior
  • Light and color
  • Houseplants
  • Textiles
  • Individuality

Comfort - the concept of non-specific, largely intangible, and even imperceptible. Getting into a comfortable home, we just know that here comfortably, and explain why - we can not. We are just good, comfortable, warm and light. And after all that interesting. Many, even the richest and most stylish houses are not always comfortable, and sometimes in a small and cramped apartment, decorated without any frills, the person feels quite comfortable and happy. What is the secret of comfort, and how to create comfort in the house? Let's try to understand.

The explanatory dictionary of the word "comfort" is explained as the quality of the living environment. The distinctive characteristics of this quality are called comfort, convenience, kindness and warmth. And the most important quality in a comfortable housing is considered to be adapted to the particular person, his way of life and thoughts. By the way, so naturally cozy accommodation for anyone that tourists will soon stop paying attention, perceiving it as a matter of course. And here at home, where lack of comfort, people feel "at ease", feels the anxiety and discomfort becomes too irritable, or falls into a depression. So cozy house largely determines the quality of life itself. We suggest you use a good housewife seven commandments that will help make the home truly comfortable.

Cleanliness and tidiness

Not by chance the house clean is considered the first commandment of a good housewife. A dirty house can not be comfortable. We do not encourage you to make a fetish of cleanliness and seek in his house the sterile chamber (although in some places such sterility would not be superfluous). Still, the purity is necessary not only to direct from time to time, but try to keep the time.

Yes, this is the theme of "sick" for many women: time and we lack, and tired at work - all this is so. However, if we're talking about comfort in the house, without the cleanliness and order here can not do. And it's not just about the time the dishes washed, and hastily wiped the floors. Cleanliness must be present! This means that for blinds or curtains should not hide murky glass windows, and dust must be wiped, not only within the reach of the eye, but on top of shelves and cabinets. By the way, behind closed doors, cabinets and order should prevail.

And now look at the door and walls: soiled jambs, door handles perverted by alien influences, not very clean switch on the wall - all this also adds comfort to your home, as well as the departed somewhere wallpaper or underlined dust plaster relief. By the way should be clear and curtains on the windows, and upholstery fabric upholstered furniture. In general, any textile in your home should always be clean: tissue easily absorb odors and even if not outwardly seem mired may add a substantial drop of poison into your barrel of honey. Incidentally, the smell in the house - as an important component of comfort.


The smell of any house is composed of a variety of flavors, as well as neutral or even a not very pleasant smell. If you maintain the cleanliness, the unpleasant odors (from the bin, the toilet, the cat's tray) in your house should not be. However, the source of this odor may become stale and the towels in the bathroom and a wet rag in the kitchen, and "asphyxiated" umbrella in the hallway, and long-unwashed curtains on the windows, gathering dust in closets and books. In short, almost any object, located in your home, easily become a source of odor. So - cleanliness and purity again.

In addition to good natural smell of the house, his "olfactory" image, and can be supplemented by other flavors. Use the ordinary and air fresheners, and special devices (sachets, fragrant candles, essential oils, etc.). The most cozy and warm smells of fragrances considered vanilla, bergamot, mint, lemon or grapefruit, and the smell of cinnamon, verbena, fresh wood and coffee. And, of course, the smell of baking, which can not compete any other (even the most refined) flavor. But all of the other is desirable to neutralize the smell of cooking. By the way, do an excellent job with this task hood, and will help get rid of the smell of rancid fat, as well as from the fatty plaque and grime on the walls and kitchen furniture.

 to create comfort in the house

Style and Interior

Interior design in the same style - not fashion feature. Note that almost all interior styles evolved over many decades (or even centuries!), Taking into account the living conditions of people in different regions, in regions with different climates and with their cultural traditions. So every style - a sort of complete and perfect example of harmonious interior design.

Choose the style, of course, need to subject their personal tastes and their own notions of beauty and comfort of the living space. However, it adheres to the design of their home law of a certain style - half the success in the task of creating a cozy interior.

And it's true that can only be called cozy house, whose interior is designed in some unpretentious rustic style with ruffles on the curtains and cushions on the couch. Fashionable loft-style, high-tech, minimalism is also entitled to claim to be cozy, if the people living in these interiors are comfortable and happy.

Light and color

Cozy home should be bright and warm. Bright - in the sense of good and well-lit and warm - in the sense decorated in warm colors. Speaking of warm colors. Oddly enough, but the traditionally warm color palette is not always able to make the house comfortable. There are more important to their presence in the colors of the house and a harmonious combination with any other colors. And even quite nekrasochny black and white interior can look not only stylish, but also quite comfortable.

Cozy is considered such colors as blue, beige, sand, green, terracotta, lilac. Too bright colors as many colors make the interior of your home memorable and catchy, but hardly cozy. Although the presence of bright colors as separate spots accent welcomed by many interior designers. Well, everyone has their vision of the artist's aesthetic perfection, and each host their own idea of ​​convenience. Therefore, the main rule of the primary selection of the interior - it was pleasant to the eye and heart with joy.

About light as an important component of a cozy house, a lot of talking is not necessary. Everything is clear - a comfortable house should be light. Therefore, no dim or burned out light bulbs and lampshades dirty. And it is desirable that in every room in the house was not the only one chandelier from the ceiling, and at least two sources of lighting.


Live green plants in the house - another indispensable element of a cozy interior. Why do you think all reputable offices try to decorate the interior of plants (though more often - artificial)? Yes, because they create an atmosphere of comfort, make people feel comfortable in the workplace, and hence will work better.

What can we say about the living room? Naturally, indoor plants will not only decorate the interior, but also bring undoubted benefits. First, indoor plants are able to clean the air and positively influence on energy at home. Secondly, the plants in the house can become a healer of physical and mental ailments. And thirdly, indoor plants can act as talismans.

 how to create a cosiness


Home textiles no more likely to resemble an office than a dwelling. Fabric - a substance "live", breathable and able to keep the smells of your home (not just a good way). So really cozy home just need to be decorated textile elements. This is all kinds of pads and dumochki, curtains, tablecloths, napkins, bedspreads. And, moreover, the fabric may be used for finishing walls, creating a decorative panels or other interior elements.

Naturally, the fabric should be natural, and all textile decoration clean. This applies not only decorative elements, or upholstery fabric on upholstered furniture, but things very practical purpose (towels, sheets, blankets, rugs).


If you are in your home safely, convenient and pleasant, so your house can safely be called comfortable, because it responds to one of the main conditions of comfortable housing - the adaptation to the habits, character and lifestyle of the individual. And each particular person - an individual, so cozy house must be different personality. What does it mean? So it is that the interior of your home, not only should not be a copy of some other (albeit very stylish) furniture, but have its own "face" and "character." What? It depends on who is living in the home.

Comfort - a good mood, tranquility and contentment with life. By and large, comfort - it is a feeling of happiness, happiness to have her home. This is the main secret of comfort, and how to create comfort in the house, you probably already know. Act!

 How to create comfort in the house? Seven Commandments good housewife

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