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  • According to psychologists
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We all come from childhood. Of course, one can argue about the indelible imprint on the reality surrounding the child his whole life. After extravagant fashionista sixties of the last century - a girl baby boomers who grew up in a life of ruin and starvation, and many writers, musicians, artists and actors spent their childhood in deprived sophistication and aesthetics and communal barracks.

However, modern (good - other times now!) Not only parents that are trying to equip their children for a separate territory life private, so to speak, living space, but also trying to arrange this space according to the rules. And what are these rules? The need to guide the design of children's interior? What do the professionals in this regard? Let's find out.

According to the designer

Interior designers say nursery one of the most interesting objects in their work. However, the design of the room for the baby they are guided by the basic immutable principles:

  • Versatility

The territory of the children's room should contain at least three zones: sleeping area activities, recreation and entertainment area. The principle of zoning is relevant for children's single occupant, and for the room, which will co-exist two or three children. Only in this case, the zoning should be functional and individual.

  • Individuality

Another important principle of interior design a child's room - compliance with its conditions the nature and habits of the child (ren). By the way, this principle underlies the creation of a cozy interior. Designers are also trying to take into account the child's sex, age and temperament. And it's not only the selection of furniture and colors of the room, but important for the child's details, down to the height of the placement of door handles and wall switches.

  • Multifaceted lighting

In the children's room should be a few light sources: the main ceiling lamp, night light and the light in the working (playing) zone. It is also important daylight nursery. But its intensity depends not only on the location and size of the window, but also the shapes and densities of window curtains.

  • Easy architecture

Oddly enough, but the designers are not advised (and do not use) in the design of children's room complex shapes and multilevel surfaces. The exception becomes the only popular among interior designers podium. This method (the construction of the podium) allows you to visually zoned room and enhance its functionality. This is possible through the use of space under the podium for storage.

 Children interiors

According to psychologists

In many ways, the work of designers is subject to psychological laws and postulates. For example, the principle of zoning areas and its organization in accordance with the individual characteristics of the child is fully compliant with child psychology. But the vision of color solution of interior designers and psychologists are often very different. Therefore, in the interior of the children's consider, first of all, the psychology of color.

  • Red stimulates, increases blood pressure, contributes to headaches and restless sleep

    It is undesirable color for a child's room.

  • Blue colour

    It relieves muscle tension, reduces sensitivity to pain. However, the presence in the children's room blue permissible only in small quantities. The dominant color of this should not be. It is best to use it to design dream zone.

  • Yellow - one the most preferred colors in the design of a child's room

    Yellow positive effect on visual acuity and perceptual speed, activates the brain and improves mood. However, hyperactive and excitable children, this color is undesirable.

  • Green color

    It evokes a feeling of harmony with the environment and beneficial effect on eyesight. It is a good color for a child's room decoration.

  • Orange color

    The abundance of this color can cause fatigue and dizziness in the child. However, his moderate and careful use of beneficial effects on the child's psyche.

  • Pastel shades

    Ideal pastel colors for the decoration of children's rooms psychologists consider options pale yellow, green, pink and blue. Welcome psychologists purple shades, ivory, warm milk and beige.

In addition, psychologists recommend to do the walls in the nursery with colorful and sure to hang on the walls of children's drawings. Stimulation of creative activity of the child and also contribute to put up a prominent place his own hand crafts.

Another important piece of advice from psychologists - not a children's room in an isolated corner of the house. The child must be able to "unite" with the other inhabitants of the house, just opened the door of his room. At the same time at the closed door of his room should create a feeling of complete security.

 beautiful kids interior

Opinion builders

So you think, where most child spends free time by staying in his room? On the couch or on the bed? And that's not guessed. Children love to sit and lie on the floor. Not to mention that almost all the children's games take place on the floor, the children even prefer to paint here than on the table. Therefore, the main decoration material in the nursery - a floor covering. Making interior room for the baby, do not forget, first of all, about the sustainability used for the purpose of materials.

  • Parquet - the most durable of all natural materials. In addition, it looks very beautiful and ornate, easily repaired and restored, but at the same time and is not cheap.
  • Parquet board - a more democratic version of the parquet, which is not less environmentally friendly and durable, but it has a more low price. And in laying this material will be easier.
  • Cork. This is also a natural tree. From its merits professionals note the high heat and sound insulation, and of the shortcomings - the ability to accumulate static electricity.
  • Laminate flooring. Very popular today flooring because of its excellent quality and relatively low price. Shock-proof, but not respond well to high humidity. With regard to environmental laminate - it is a suitable material for a child's room.
  • Sisal and wool. From the standpoint of environmental coverage is unrivaled, as made from natural vegetable fiber and very pleasant to the touch. However, it needs daily treatment with a vacuum cleaner and not very well react to moisture.
  • Carpets. Carpets made of natural materials is quite suitable for a child's room, but only if he has a soft pile. The main advantage of this material - a variety of color options, as well as the design floor covering with an ornament or a picture. Disadvantage - the ability to accumulate dirt and dust.
  • Linoleum. Many designers categorically reject it entirely democratic flooring. The pier and the synthetic nature of the material, and it does not fit into the fashion trends of interior design. However, modern linoleum manufacturers offer a very high quality and safe variety of coatings. So do not ignore the linoleum as a possible material for a child's room.

And do not forget that in addition to the flooring material for the walls in the nursery should also be eco-friendly and safe. Avoid using plastic or other synthetic finishing materials. And when choosing natural stone coverings give up - in the children's room has no place. And, of course, all linens in the room for the baby, too, should be only natural. Eventually, your child's health more important than any design concept.

So it focuses not only on the fashion trends of interior design. For registration of children's interior leadership is not fashion, and expediency. A child in his room must be, above all, comfortable. And your task - to make the room comfortable, safe and beautiful at the same time. Successful ventures!

 Children's interior - expert opinion

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 Interior bedroom for girls


  • General design rules
  • Romantic bedroom
  • Bedroom in cottage style
  • The bedroom in the glamorous style
  • Bedroom in a philosophical style

Girls are different. With their priorities in life, their hobbies and their ideas of beauty and comfort. Different girls fall in love with different men, choose different professions and different equip your home. And even the holy of holies of every girl - sleeping, not desecrated constant brutal male presence - with different girls, too, are different. After the interior of the bedroom for the girl is able to tell a lot about the character, and even the possible and the probable future development of its life. Because it was in a bedroom different girls finally shed their masks out of the role imposed on life and become real.

And so otvyaznoy bedroom rocker, for example, can hit you with their sentimental and romantic style, and the interior bedroom nondescript office worker will understand that in the near future, it is at least, will head the office. Although most of the interior of the girl's bedroom exactly corresponds to its psycho, its nature, lifestyle and way of thinking. So, what can be the interior design of the girl's bedroom? Consider the options.

General design rules

Bedroom - a place of rest. And at the same time, bedroom - a special private space where strangers hardly allowed. As a rule, setting a bedroom for the girl consists of a bed (couch), wardrobe (wardrobe) and a dressing table. Additional elements of the interior are a bedroom dresser, ottoman or chair, bedside table. In addition, a bedroom modern girl can combine still and study. Then it is supplemented in writing (computer) table or a corner (place) for needlework.

Of course, to have a workplace in the bedroom is not desirable, but the reality of our desires is not considered. So try to plan a place as far away from the bed, and even better to fence off its rack or through the partition. If space allows, put in the bedroom large closet that will not even full, but still replacing dressing room, which is lacking in many young ladies.

On the window in the bedroom must have curtains or blinds that hide the internal space of the room from prying eyes. And in the bedroom have to have at least two sources of artificial light, large light and nightlight. And you choose to design a bedroom can be different styles.

 interiors bedrooms for the girls

Romantic bedroom

Note that the romantic bedroom for the girl - the established and well-proven style. Most (not absolute, of course not!) The girls will be delighted by the idea of ​​the romantic style, because most (perhaps absolute) of them have not lost the ability to dream. But the romantic style - it is nothing more than a dream materialized form. So, for the dreamer bedroom, decorated according to the canons of the romantic style of the interior.

This design involves the use of light colors for interior textiles, furniture and walls. The most popular colors of the interior in a romantic style: lilac, peach, beige, light green, blue, pink. Classic theme colors - floral patterns. Openwork welcomed in any manifestation, ranging from lace and textile finishing openwork furniture. Rounded and twisted form - also an indispensable attribute of this interior: the rounded headboard, oval mirror, twisted legs of the dressing table.

Design bedroom in a romantic style also means an abundance of textiles: bedspreads and blankets, decorative pillows, napkins, curtains, or even flowing canopy over the bed. Mandatory element - a lot of small details, such as statuettes, vases, jewelry boxes. If you keep all of the above together, the romantic bedroom design is for a girl:

  • Pastel colors and fruit;
  • no sharp angles and straightness;
  • floral patterns;
  • lace and openwork furniture;
  • an abundance of fabrics;
  • many small accessories.

The main theme of this style - elegance and modesty. So the design should not be a chur luxurious or too modest: everything is good in moderation.

Bedroom in cottage style

Cottage - Country-style option. By analogy with the fact that the village house, adapted to urban living conditions is referred to as cottages, urbanized country-style has the same name. The interior design in this style creates a sense of joie de vivre, lightness and practicality. Bedroom cottage-style furniture and it heralded a major stable, always practical, or even better - a multifunctional. For example, the bed can be replaced with a comfortable sofa bed with drawer, performing the role of the chest, dresser or combine with a dressing table.

Stylistic color scheme of the interior - a combination of concise white and juicy, but not too bright colors. White becomes dominant, and any saturated - color accent. If you stand in a similar design colors, the room will light, but not boring, and it will provide a good mood and a sense of its inmates large space. Not allowed dark colors - even the furniture should be light (or better - the white). Welcome large patterns (curtains, bed linen and blankets), linen and cotton fabrics, applications, panels, and large accessories (baskets, boxes, curtain, lights).

In general design style cottage is:

  • practical capacious white furniture;
  • white linens with bright pattern;
  • textiles patchwork technique;
  • linen and cotton curtains and bedspreads;
  • bright walls and floor;
  • bright color accents.

 bedroom interior design for girls

  The bedroom in the glamorous style

The word glamor has now become almost a dirty word. However, glamorous style - it's not bad and tasteless. Translated into Russian glamor translates to charm, charisma, charm. And in our minds glamor associated with luxury and carefree lifestyle. So it is understandable attraction to young girls around the glamorous and like bedroom design certainly many of them have the heart.

Glamorous bedroom is very feminine. Luxury tenderness - that is what first comes to mind when you see this room. What creates that impression? First of all, it is light-colored decoration, furniture and accessories with a combination of texture and relief. Therefore welcomes the glamorous design textured plaster or embossed wallpaper on the walls, quilted bedspreads, duvets and soft furnishings.

Contributes to the feeling of tenderness luxurious silk, satin and fur (albeit artificial). Welcomed the combination of both of these invoices, for example, silk bedspreads and soft fluffy carpet on the floor or silk wallpaper and a fur blanket. An obligatory element of this style is a piece of furniture, distracting from the overall style, but elegant form and light color, or even made from glass. The item can be, for example, a dressing table.

Interior design in the glamorous style allows rich color palette boudoir: crimson, burgundy, gray, dark beige. Only these colors should be dominant, and complements the overall light colors. Small accessories, as well as the usual trinkets are not welcome, but the colors (natural and artificial) in a bedroom should be many. So it glamorous style:

  • pastel boudoir and the contrast of colors;
  • the combination of smooth and fluffy texture;
  • individual pieces of furniture, is a common style;
  • quilted textiles;
  • live or artificial flowers.

  Bedroom in a philosophical style

If a young lady is extremely loaded on the robot or school, you should stay on the philosophical style to the bedroom, which is suitable and balanced nature. By the philosophical style of the interior can be safely attributed minimalist style or Japanese style. The main condition of this design - a lot of free space, soothing colors and natural materials advantage. Furniture for a bedroom is selected low, strong and comfortable, the decor is virtually nonexistent. Bedrooms decorated in the style of philosophy should be, above all, a place of recreation.

Therefore, such a design implies a soft light, laconic (minimum) decor, soothing colors and natural materials for decoration (wood, bamboo, cork). Fabrics, naturally there will also be present (bedroom after all), but also natural: linen, wool, cotton. By the way, you can hang a window and a Japanese silk curtains or opt for bamboo blinds. Harmoniously fit into such an interior, and live plants.

Of course, you need to choose a style in keeping with its internal state. The main thing is that in the interior of a bedroom for the girl allowed her dweller feel comfortable. A style of the interior so much that any young lady will be able to choose something suitable for her. After all, girls are different, but the interior style is also not the same. Choose!

 Interior bedroom for the girl - choose style

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