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Each era has its own style, its notions of beauty and comfort. Why are these representations change, you do not tell anybody. But that's why fashion is changeable, which is why things around us will eventually become old-fashioned or unmodern. And our house is no exception. What yesterday seemed trendy and super popular today it is no longer relevant. And the reason for this change in fashion trends in interior design.

Yielding to the spirit of the times, we begin immediately to redo your home, looking for perfect modern style and the corresponding furniture and accessories. And if the living room or the kitchen everything is clear, from the design of the bedroom in a modern style problems. Somehow we have already become accustomed to the traditional view of the premises and not less than the traditional set of furniture. Still ... Still like stylish interior and modern style. But you can not get out of the bedroom general mood of the fashion house? Therefore it is necessary to make out the interior of the bedroom in a modern style. And how to do it? And that generally represent modern styles of interior design? How should look like a modern interior bedroom? Let's face it.

It features a modern bedroom

We note at once, some particular stylistic requirements for the design of the bedroom in a modern interior design no. On request, a designer can be any style. However, one feature is still there. The main condition for modern bedrooms - full compliance with their functional purpose.

Even if the force of circumstances and the size of the apartment have to combine the bedroom, for example, with a cabinet or closet, this room should be, above all, a place of rest. And another requirement to the modern design of the bedroom - the maximum possible release of space. Not welcome in this unnecessary details and furnishings, excessive decoration and bright colors.

Modern interior of a bedroom are kept, usually in soft colors, while their design is used monochrome or two-colored solution. Of course, this does not mean that no other colors in the bedroom is no place. Just dominant should be only one or only two colors in a variety of shades.

Much attention is paid to lighting design. Welcomes the various lighting: ceiling, wall, floor. A particularly advanced designers offer even lighting furniture. The preference to natural materials, as well as a common stylistic decision.

 modern bedroom interior

Modern style interior

Fashion, of course, dictates the conditions. The interior design is also changing fashion trends, there are trends that determine the direction of the design and choice of styles. Most popular today:

  • minimalism,
  • Art Deco,
  • Ecostyle,
  • Techno,
  • high tech,
  • Contemporary,
  • pop Art,
  • Nouveau.

What are they?

  • Modern

It dates back to the late nineteenth century. It is known under the names: Art Nouveau, Liberty, yungendstil, Secession. The characteristic features of this style for decoration Bedrooms: forged furniture, and metal parts (or all the furniture: a bed, for example), ornamental or floral patterns, natural motifs. Preferred materials and finishes: decorative plaster, textured wallpaper, solid wood or parquet. Of the additional interior carpets are relevant on the floor, Tapestry kovrotkanye or paintings on the walls.

  • Art Deco

It appeared in the early twentieth century. The basis of the style are the foundations of Cubism, Neoclassicism and aircraft design. The living space is built around composite center (for the bedroom is the bed). The interior is made in accordance with the strict geometry. For the furniture is characterized by massive, dark colors and flowing shapes. The walls are plain, painted in soft pastel colors. Bright accents of green, orange and red. The abundance of textiles and lamps.

  • Pop Art

It appeared in the middle of the twentieth century as a reflection of trends in popular art. A characteristic feature of the style - shocking. Furniture plastic, instead of cabinets - a niche or even a dressing room. Combining multiple colors and textures for walls, neon lights. Additional interior items - watches, photos and posters, candle holders and figurines.

  • Minimalism

One of the most popular styles today. A distinctive feature - brevity and functionality. The maximum release of the space, a minimum set of furniture, furnishings and simple geometric shapes. To furnish used both natural and metallic materials. Monochrome colors or contrasting colors.

  • Ecostyle

Maximum ecological interior design: natural materials, natural colors. The main element of style - wood, extra - brick and stone. Welcome details of the interior, and handmade accessories, live indoor plants, wicker furniture, natural rugs and textiles.

  • High tech

Tech style, seeking to use technological advances. The main feature - functionality. Colours: basic white, complete with beige, cream, gray, black and metallic. Preference is given to textured surfaces, ranging from natural wood and finishing brickwork. Furniture made of metal, glass and plastic, ceilings, spotlights, halogen lamps. The main element of decor - mirrors.

  • Contemporary

It is a new trend in interior design. Tasks style - make the room comfortable, functional. Unassuming style and is available to almost everyone. Furniture designer delights no different, but the most functional. The color scheme of the room - the taste of its inhabitants. Finishing materials, natural and artificial. In general, Contemporary - the most democratic of all modern styles.

In addition, in modern interior design for the bedroom, experts recommend retro-style industrial style, and even the kitsch. As we have already said, clear guidelines on this issue no. If your bedroom is decorated in ethnic or classic style, it will still be subject to empty is modern and functional. And if you're using with the fashion trends, then you can safely call his bedchamber today.

 modern bedroom interiors

Fashion trends

What's fashionable in design and decoration of the bedroom?

  • False ceilings. It is relatively affordable, modern and aesthetically pleasing.
  • Bed-podium. Fashionable and functional: the lower space of the podium replaces a cabinet or chest of drawers.
  • Beds in niches. News for children's bedrooms and bathrooms with one master. Use niche provided by the project, or raising them further.
  • Cloakrooms and toilets in the bedroom. Implementation of this trend is possible only if a sufficiently large area. If the bedroom is small, it is necessary to restrict a spacious wardrobe.
  • Handmade. Handmade products today at the peak of popularity. Therefore, sleeping became fashionable patchwork blankets, woven rugs, handmade decorative panels.
  • Custom furniture. Glass tables and shelves, inflatable beds and metal shelving, partitions make your bedroom a trendy and modern.
  • Multilevel ceilings and floors. They do not lose their relevance for several years and is likely to be a long time in fashion.
  • Built-in light. In place of the fashionable in the recent past, floor lamps, wall lamps and lamps on bedside tables prichli spotlights and neon lights.
  • Environmentally friendly. Finally, we have the true value of natural materials used in interior design. Wood and cork, bamboo and sisal are slowly but surely being squeezed out of our homes and synthetic plastics. Bedroom - this is the most "useful" trend.

As you can see, nothing complicated in the creation of the modern interior bedroom is not. It is enough to do a little redecorating, get rid of junk (or restore furniture) and consider the requirements of a particular style. And let the reigns in your home warmth and comfort. Believe me, this is achieved without any material costs, which, however can not be said about the time and mental abilities. All in our hands. Good luck!

 Bedroom interior in contemporary style, fashion and Interior

 Fabulous design of children

In the life of the little man plays an important role space surrounding it. From the very first days of the child beginning to form associative thinking, different types of memory, figurative imagination, speech and spatial adaptation. All this will contribute to the environment is. Thinking design of children, it must be remembered that the baby room should be bright, light, easy to mental perception.

Modern parents have the luxury of a room to issue your baby so that it settled atmosphere and carefree childhood - paint the walls fantastic scenes. And painting the walls - is not just a fad or a whim of another tireless designers, as an additional element to the overall development of the child's intellectual and psychological qualities. At some stage in the life painting walls can be much better and more interesting than the usual pasting wallpaper. And you can decorate the room as a whole or in part, by dividing the home space to visual areas.

Wallpaper does concede such a creative design. Firstly, it is difficult to pick them up so that it turned out that image is like a child. Secondly, the wallpaper pattern is repeated, and not have the effect, both on the full composition, painted on the wall the whole or part of it. A children's design should be thought that each of its components evolved in a harmonious and positive picture.

Now about the themes and designs for boys and girls. Of course, cartoons are universal enough. However, boys still appreciate the greater adventure Cars Pixar or brave Lion King, and the girls - Snow White delicate or Fairy Dinh Dinh. Cartoons Disney classics, as well as the heroes of Russian fairy tales - different themes for the murals in the children's room. If the room is designed for boys and girls, you can personally decorate the walls near their beds or playing area. Incidentally important point. Not everything cartoon composition suitable as a design. The fact that the color range is able to inhibit or excite the child's psyche. Considering that the child will spend much time in your room, it is important to consider the balance of colors in the image.

Another valuable time. Making nursery painting is done manually, and this work is invaluable! Colors are chosen bright, but totally harmless after drying, so the home is not worth worrying about ecology. Of course, parents want to provide their children with something special and interesting, since childhood so quickly passes ... Just for the fact that the child will have a happy gleam in his eyes, and then remain good memories and positive emotions and vivid pictures, you can give anything ! Growing Together with fantastic heroes - it's very touching and nice. The children will have the opportunity to get used to the beauty unconsciously, to develop good taste and just feel like full-fledged children fabulous life!

 Fabulous design of children, or expensive creative ideas!